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free shopify themes reddit

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

Install Debutify Free Theme | DonkEcom Free Course 20/125 🔥 FREE Shopify Dropshipping & POD Course!

all right. so our next step is to download our theme. now. i'm going to strongly recommend the debutify theme. it's a free theme at the base level. it is absolutely awesome. and then it's got options that you can pay for add-ons and once you start using the add-ons, the theme becomes super, super powerful and it's actually really affordable when you compare how much the add-ons are versus how much most of the add-ons are in apps that are separate to the theme. so please use the link for this one. it's down below again: affiliate link. you know the deal. you're not paying anything extra. i get a small commission and i'll even use the affiliate link on my own store. so i'm just going to open up a new browser. that's the link there. hit enter and it's going to take you to this page here, and then what you're going to do is you're going to click free download and once you download, you just enter your name and your email. so i've just put my name here and i've put my bushido code email here and i'm just gonna click the free download now button and now we're gonna have to copy our store name. so we just come back to here and we're just gonna copy this section, paste it in there and then click free download now. and now it's going to download the theme to our store. we're gonna have to authentikate it. here you can read all this, but you know it doesn't really take much. it just takes your shopify account data, like your personal phone number, email address and everything, as any app does, and it manages your online store theme section. so we click this button, install the app. so theme installs as an app, and they did this as a way to make it super easy for you guys to install the theme, and i think it's. you know it's pretty simple. how to do it? um, it's not on the theme store. you'd have to worry about buying it, getting a zip folder or anything like that just downloads a thing straight to your store as an app and then you can go ahead and use it like a normal theme. once it loads up, you're going to see this plans page. now it's completely up to you which plan you want to use. um, obviously, zero dollars. a month is completely free, and you get access to the theme and they'll invite you to the facebook group, which you'll get via email, and then you get nothing else. when it comes to the starter plan, which is the one that i recommend you start on. um, it's 15 per month. um, that's us dollars. you get the base level theme, which is definitely worth the 108 dollars that they say is. you also get some more support. so you've got your facebook group. you get email support and live chat support. you're not a priority on this level um. however, they do generally get back to you within 24 hours and then you get to pick between three add-ons so you can pick any of these add-ons that you want. okay, i'll go through these in a second, but you can pick three of them to add to your store. so it's definitely worth getting this theme: 15 a month. it's, trust me, these add-ons you're going to be using probably closer to 50 a month to add some of these um, if not more. and obviously, if you want to go for the hustler, which is the one that i'll generally upgrade to once i make my store live, it's 47 a month. you get a bit more um support, so your support becomes more priority. and then you get access to 22 add-ons, so you get all of the add-ons here, which is a massive, massive thing. integrations will be coming soon, which i think is a product research tool if you're using um, aliexpress drop shipping- as your method and then if you want to go to the next level, um, this theme is endorsed by an australian dropshipper by the name of ricky hayes. now i haven't done any of his courses, but he seems like a very genuine guy. i don't know exactly how much affiliation he has with debutifier, whether he just works for them as a very strong endorser and affiliate or he actually owns a share of it, but i know that he really promotes this theme and you know that's how i heard about it and i don't blame him. this theme is awesome and by joining this level, which is 97 per month, you get access to the support group. you get priority live chat, which is pretty much instant replies. you get all of the add-ons and then you get mentoring. so you get a private mentoring facebook group and then you get the chance to win the one-on-one with ricky. you get, you know, 10 free weekly winning products chosen by ricky. plus you get access to his facebook course and a whole bunch of other stuff. so if you want that- and you know you're happy to pay that- you get access to another course. now me and ricky might teach the same things. we might not, but the main thing is, i believe ricky is a genuine person. he's very honest, very down to earth. i've messaged him a couple of times on facebook and you know we've had a chat here and there and he seems like he knows exactly what he's toking about. he seems to be an excellent marketer- and, again, i haven't done any of his course work or anything like that, but i do believe that he's one of the genuine people out there that's really good at this and, um, he does have a paid course and all that kind of stuff. but it's completely up to you whether you want to go down that path. but, like i said, i strongly recommend you go for the starter theme, but a free trial where you can cancel within 30 days if you don't like the add-ons or whatever the case is, and you'll get your money back. but for 15 bucks you're really not wasting too much money and it's definitely definitely worth it. so i'm going to go ahead and install the starter version on my store. it does charge you straight away, so what you're going to do is input all your details and then hit start free trial and then we'll go through the next step after that. okay, so after you submit your credit card information, you're going to see this screen. what you're going to do is go ahead and press add theme to library. once you do that, it's going to make it your theme in your theme library. it's not going to make it live, but you know we'll make it live pretty much straight away, just that we can start editing it and start mucking around with the theme. we'll go through step by step a bit later on, exactly what to do with the theme. i'll quickly go through each add-on. it's pretty straightforward what they are. to add to cart animation makes the cart have a little bounce button. if you do click on this, it will open up a video and it'll show you exactly what the actual add-on does. um, so what i'll do is just explain everything real quick and then, if you want to go through and check it out for yourself, you're more than welcome to so. like i said, you've got the add to cart animation. it makes your add to cart button wiggle. you've got your cart countdown, which adds a countdown timer, so it'll say like your cart is active for the next, you know, 15 minutes, or whatever. the case is to create that urgency. uh, you got a chat bot which connects to some kind of messaging platform. if you want to use that. you've got an add to cart button on your collection page. so on your collection items, uh, where all of your products are listed, there's a button that lets you add to cart and it also has variant selectors if you have different variant options, and it just makes it easier if someone is browsing your collection pages to actually add the product to the cart straight from there. you've got a cookie box, which is something you need to do if you're advertising to europe, so it'll make your website gdpr compliant. it's just that, but that little box that pops up saying this website uses cookies, etc. etc. it's pretty straightforward. that one uh delivery time is you put in your approximate delivery date and it says it on the product page: uh order now to have estimated delivery between here and here. um discount saved. it shows the discount amount um that they saved on the product page, which is a pretty good little tool there. faq page: i absolutely love this. it lets you have drop down menus for your faqs. faqs are very important for your store. it just helps keep that page nice and clea.

Make money selling Shopify Themes (best chance is now)

hey everyone, jan here codingwithyancom. so today we have the first episode of our sell your own theme series, and all of you have been asking tons of great questions, so please keep doing so. this project can only be as good as the community is, and you guys are amazing. so appreciate everyone watching and now it's time for some answers, so let's dive right in. all right, liam, then? thanks so much for taking the time. today, as you know, we're here to answer some of the most burning questions that people have. are you feeling good about it as well? i'm feeling great, jan, thanks for having me here. um, obviously a huge fan of the channel and, uh, yeah, any opportunity i can have to to share the good word of the shopify theme store, um is, is my absolute pleasure. um, yeah, then, maybe as an entry point to our conversation, one of the most burning topics or one of the most requested topics was like: what is the best way to create a theme which kind of ties into two subcategories: the concept, then the actual development, like workflows, tools and everything? so why don't we tok about the concept first, and what is the thing, or what can we give people on the way in order to come up with an amazing concept. should we tok about that? yeah, i think that's a great place to start. so i think the the first thing to really think about is to really dive into how merchants and how buyers will interact with a theme and and also consider how it's different to design for a marketplace versus designing for an individual client. so, with an individual client, you're very commonly going to be requesting or being asked for specific settings, whereas in theme store, these settings are a little bit more generic. um, they're not requested specifically by any merchants. um, so merchants may be encountering, uh, these features and functionality for the first time. um, so i'd really, you know, before even writing a line of code, um, you know, think about the, the buyer journey, think about the merchant journey and how you know, all of these people will interact with the theme, with the online store editor, and you know, think about. know, you're not really designing just a storefront for a buyer to pick a product and take it to the cart and check out. you're also essentially designing a ui that merchants will be using to bring their store to life and, and ideally, with the, the minimal amount of friction possible. okay, yeah, i think that's a very good point because, as you know, many merchants don't have a strong tiknical background, then the settings have to be very straightforward. i mean, this all ties to usability. i think that's what we are trying to trying to get across here. um, yeah, so would you have any tips or maybe how could someone approach that? would you recommend maybe using tools like or like design tools to come up with the visual concept first, or would you just be diving head first and writing lines of code? how would you approach that? yeah, so i think there's a few different methods, um, but i would definitely advise um investing time in the design. so, in you know, as you mentioned, there's there's various design tools that are available, things like figma or indesign, where you're able to create mock-ups of each individual page so you can see quite clearly what the, the merchant or buyer journey would be throughout the, the storefront, and also you can create those figma files to lay out what each individual setting will be like. so that's really helpful to, early on, um make sure that you have, like, a consistent flow and and help you identify where there could be inconsistencies. so, for example, um in you know, specific settings, um, there could be a slider um and then in another similar setting, that you might have a drop down um, you might think it's a little bit easier, a little bit more intuitive to just use a slider in both situations. so i think those early on, you know, design decisions that you can make will, you know, just add to the usability later on. another process that could be very helpful that i've heard team developers using frequently is having like a one-page document that just outlines the vision of the theme. um, and, and this could be just something where you're thinking about, like, what's different about my theme? what can i bring to the table, uh, to the marketplace, with this team and and both the design and and this vision document. they can be living documents, they can evolve and they can change over time, but it's, i think, very helpful to just give you an anchor so that you know that there is a resource that you can come back to. um, that will just, uh, you know, help in your development journey. okay, yeah, awesome, makes a lot of sense. so usability is a major concern. and then, who are you building the theme for? also, what separates your theme? like what? what is, what is the difference between the other themes on the theme store. and this also kind of gets us to: who are you building the theme for? is it like a specific industry? is it maybe a certain demographic? um, how about different vertikals and niches for themes? yeah, absolutely so. on the shopify theme store, we're actually narrowing our focus and to prioritize specific vertikals and industries so that when merchants visit the theme store and they have an idea, they already exist in a specific vertikal and it's easier for them to visualize how their brand will look when seeing your theme designed for a specific vertikal. so that's also something to keep in mind in the early stages when you're designing your theme, when you're doing your mockups, is: how am i optimizing this theme for a specific industry? and there's also country and geographical considerations, too to to be aware of in those early stages. and it's actually very interesting because geographic requirements and geographic requests, especially for germany, are also quite common. for instance, here we have like there's like legal requirements in terms of an online store and you would have to have a tax notike, you would need to show unit prices, there needs to be check boxes that you've read the terms and services when you want to proceed to the checkout. same with newsletters. so would you say, building for a specific geolocation or a specific country exclusively would make sense, or is it like too narrow or what are your thoughts on that? in general? no, i definitely think that building for a specific country, um is is a very viable option and- and for them the reasons that you mentioned there- there there could be very legal, uh requirements that you know specific regions have. there's also some, uh, you know, design and aesthetik, um, you know aesthetiks that your countries would have. for example, in japan, they have very different visual layouts of pages, um, as opposed to a store in north america or europe. so it's definitely worth thinking about how, um you know, even web design exists in like a different format or is displayed differently in different regions. okay, great, um. so maybe a quick recap till now. so we said you have to focus on usability in terms of your theme. a great theme is also easy to use, and then you can use design tools like figma to map everything out. come up with a clear vision and also, yeah, you should focus on one niche- demographic or specific industry- but then the question becomes: how do you even decide on one? how do you choose the best? that's, that's a really good question. what i would recommend- and if this is your first submission to the shopify theme store- is to maybe consider building for the, the niche or the industry that you have the most prior experience with, um. this will help you to transfer your skills across to this current project, um, and it'll also- um, you know, allow you to bring in your own experience and and put your own spin on a theme based on the experiences that you've had. okay, so this would be maybe freelancing experience or agency experience, or however. you got in touch with merchants exactly. okay, and how can people learn about specific vertikals, like there are so many different niches out there, some bigger than other and some niches alre?


Debutify Review: Best Free Shopify Theme?

hey, what is up guys? it's brennan here, and today we're going to be doing a debutify review. is it the best free shopify theme? what are the pros and cons of the beautify? what do i think about it? we're going to be breaking down the beautify add-ons, the pricing, as well as looking at a full walkthrough of the demo. so, without further ado, if you're going to be following along, make sure you use that link down in the description box below to go ahead and get signed up with to beautify. use that referral link. it'll be the first link at the top of the description, so go ahead and use that link if you want to follow along. without further ado, let's get into the review. so, taking a look right at the debutify homepage, as you can see, they do offer a free version, so you can get the free download. now. it's a high converting free shopify theme. that's what they market themselves as, so is it worth it? is debutify worth it? well, that's what we're gonna dive into. so, as you can see, this is what they offer here. as you can see, they've been featured on shopify, oberlo, spock at tikstars, beta kit and geekwire. it's trusted by a lot of other ecommerce entrepreneurs, as you can see here. so this is really what they're offering is lots of different high conversion optimized features. that's really the key here with the beautify is conversion optimized features. that's what their add-ons offer you to really squeeze out everything you can get out of visitors on your store to really offer the best customer experience for users and visitors that visit your shopify store. this is going to give them the best experience based on uh, the different add-ons and things that you can use your store. as you can see, this is we're going to be looking at the the live demo store in just a bit, but i figured i'd go through the home page first just to get a a easy walk through at the beginning of this video. so, as you can see here, you can launch an e-commerce thing today and you don't need any experience or coding skills to set up the theme, so all you have to do is install it. it's pretty straightforward if you get their free download. so, as you can see, this is the general color. you can see they have the little color swatches, which i think is really nice. they have the uh save percentage. there you can look at how many are in uh roughly in stok and what they have. they have set up there the details, reviews. they offer these trust badges as well, as well as sale opportunities. if you're doing some sort of sale, people can add the multiple quantities, which i really like, because it's easy for customers to just click the add button if they want to add more than one of the product to their cart. so, as you can see, they have a lot of tutorials as well for their different uh features that they have. so this is just uh basis here. so we're gonna go ahead and actually take a look at the demo store. so i figure that's what a lot of you guys wanted me to walk through in this video here today on this review of debutify. so, as you can see, they have a lot of different downloads. now is it really the best shopify theme? that's we're going to get into now? so they do have a currency divider, which i do really like personally. uh, they have the currency set up there so you can switch between different currencies depending on what country you're in, which is really nice. they have various slideshows and the slideshows you're going to see that pretty much with every type of shopify theme, whether it be debutify or another free shopify theme that's available on the market. uh, that's going to be a typical thing there as well. the slideshows: they have featured products, so you can see here they have the shoes in this, uh, basic debutify demo- that they have set up this demo store so you can see the featured products there. you have somewhat discounts. they have collection lists- i'm gonna spend too much time on this part here. uh, this is what i was just showing you before on that other page, uh, down here. so this is what the the specific product page listing would look like if you did it. and you also have the potential for quantity discounts. now, some of these are add-ons. i will get into the specifics of which add-ons come with the theme based on certain pricing plans and all that. i'll get into that later in this video. so if you're coming for that, uh, maybe skip ahead, but this is just going through, uh, each piece here in the demo so you can see you can have the buy: buy one by two, by five. you have the color swatches, which i really i i'm a sucker for color swatches. i think they look awesome on ecommerce stores personally, you have the different sale options there. you can even implement a video player. so if you have a video player for your e-commerce product, then you could do that there and you can have the different, obviously, the different- types of shoes. they have the trust badges. they have share buttons. they offer you a featured blog section. so if you mouse over it you can see what it looks like there. different sections: if you're gonna be, uh, setting up different pages, maybe if you have a page on one type of clothing and then another type of clothing, you can break it down that way: image with text, brands. you could set up an hour store section. so if you have a local business, then you can set up a maps page at the bottom there, set up testimonials, columns, the featured videos, yada yada. subscribe to our newsletter. i think it looks pretty sleek. so i mean, i like the theme, so definitely would check it out. now, the mega menu: this is a really nice option that not every theme, or really most not all websites, even have the ability to set up a mega menu, not to mention to be able to set up a mega menu with product options in the mega menu. so if you have some, maybe some featured discounts, you can offer that right from the mega menu, maybe if you have your top sellers, you can list them out here so people can get right to it. they can see it right from the header menu on your website, which i think is this is a really nice feature that they have here so you can easily access and display and market your best-selling products right there. i mean it's fantastik. or just special discount offers as well. you can list out different collections so you can set up collections, products, more links- you can set things up that way. this is just an example store. of course you have various other pages which we're going to break down- the faqs behind the beautify in a little bit here as well. but generally that's how you can set things up with the theme and the mega menu is a really nice feature. so these are generally all the features that you can expect to beautify. as you can see here, you can even set up little icons, which is kind of nice, in your store, on your e-commerce store. now, breaking down the specific add-ons that they have, you can see they have an add to cart animation. i'm not going to be playing all of these here today. if you want to watch those videos, they have it available, like i said on there on their debutify website. like i said, check out the referral link down in the description box, first link top of the video description if you want to check all this out for yourself. but they have an add to cart animation, cart countdowns, cart discounts, cart goals, uh, chat, chat box collection. add to cart color swatches, cookie box- which cookie box? as you can see here the that compliance there to delivery times, discount saved, an faq page and inventory quantity linked options. live view, mega menu, newsletter, pop-up pricing tables- pricing tables are pretty nice. product tabs, uh, product videos. so, like i said, that you can add the videos in with your product images. now you could just add like a product video into the description. but sometimes on mobile it is nice to be able to have that product video native to the product page versus just linking it down in the shopify description. really just depends, but it is a little bit more mobile optimized to have the video native to the actual specific product versus just pasting it in the descripti.

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How To Get Envato Elements for FREE 2022

how to get inventor elements for free. hi guys, welcome back. today, i am going to show you how you can get free elements with envato. so let's get started. what you have to do is simply come to this platform right here- elementsinvitocom- and you will land on this platform. right here, on envato, you can actually find anything. you will be able to find these different elements, for example, stok videos, video templates, music, sound effects, graphic templates, graphics, presentation templates, photos, phones and much more. there are different categories available, and you simply download these elements from enveto and you use them for anything you want to. we have millions of different, you know, templates available right here on envetto, so let me show you how you actually download free elements from innovato. so, the first things: first, you will actually have to sign up for embeddo elementscom, so what you have to do is simply click on sign in right here now. the signup process is really easy. all you have to do is just click on sign in and or sign up, and you will be able to sign up with enveto. so you can simply sign in or sign up with your google account, and it literally takes one second to do so. so once you have- uh, you know, signed up for invado. now you might be wondering how you actually download these different elements for free. well, there are actually different plans. if you want to, you know, download unlimited items, uh, on envetto. so what happens is you can see right here, get unlimited download. so you will actually have to buy the plan for that. but we do not want to do that. we want to download the elements for free. so what you can do is you simply first select the element you want to go for, so i can actually go ahead and i can go for, maybe, photos. or i can simply go for presentation templates, photos- um, let's go with photos, and let's check out some photos that i want to download from invero, and i'll show you how you can download it for free, so you will be able to find these photos right here. or, okay, let's go with a video template, because i think most of the people actually go for video template. so we'll go for video templates and then i will show you that i actually have this platform for you where you will be able to find the same, exact same templates, but for free, and we will simply copy, uh, the link from here and then you know, download that from the other platform. so that's how we are going to do so. so these are the different, you know, video templates now i can go for. so what i have to do is now just select the template that looks cool. uh, okay, glitch opener hs. so let's check this one out and let's just say that i want to download this one, uh, this, right here, this template, so you can see. now i have to subscribe to download, right, and this is not for free. how can i download this right here, the template that i liked for free? well, what i am going to do is i will simply go to this other platform, which is called ae download, ae downloadcom, and this is actually a platform that allows you to download different elements from different platforms for free, and you can see right here, it also has invert over here, so you will see search template. so what i am going to do is i will get the name of the template from here in vero, because i like this one. so what i am going to do is simply copy this name and go back to this platform right here: ae downloadcom. ae downloadcom, uh, has these different you know its own uh templates as well, but it also allows you to get these templates from other platforms. so now search template right, click right here and paste the name of the template that you want to download. for example, this was the name: cliche opener vhs and glitch opener vhs. like i'm looking for this exact template because that's what i told you, right, this is the one i selected from enveto. i do not want something like this. i want this sampler right here. so what i am going to do is click enter and now it will search within its gallery and it will allow me to download this template right here. if it has this one, it will have, because it has, you know, different envato elements as well. so there you go. you can see right here these two. you can see envato elements right here. this is from invado elements and this is the template that i wanted, right so you can see right here. it also says that this is from in metal element. so what i have to do now is simply click on this template right here in ae downloadcom. you can see this is actually a different platform than in vero, but it has all the elements of envelo elements, and this will allow us to download these elements for free. many people do not know about this platform and whenever they come to enveto, they are always, you know, confused that how to actually download these elements for free, how we can actually download unlimited items for free from envelope. now my actually template is opening right here and i will simply, you know, download it then. so what happens is: now i can go for stok video, i can go with video template, music, sound effects, graphic templates and different graphics as well. so you can see, right here it has opened it up in the envelope and after that you will be able to download it. so what happens is that sometimes the elements will not be available for free. there is actually a coin that if you're looking for an element and it is not available for free, then unfortunately you will not be able to uh, download it for free, but most of the time, uh, the elements are actually available and you can actually download them for free right here. then there are other platforms as well. for example, what happens is there are different, you know, people. i actually saw somebody on youtube saying that simply send him the link for the element you want to download and send the link to him, and he will actually download it for you for free. so this is how many people are actually, you know, using this platform, uh, and they're helping others, but that is actually, you know, a rare case if somebody is providing that service. but what happens is, on inverto, you can actually find all of these different amazing templates and, you know, amazing stok footage and videos. so that is why, uh, you actually have to kind of subscribe for the plan. so let me show you their pricing real quick so you have an idea that if you want to buy a plan, for how much you can actually buy it, so you can see right here the only creative subscription. you need an individual plan, which is going to be 16.50 uh dollar per month and you can start it right now. so once you do this, you will be able to download unlimited, uh, you know, in battle elements, whatever element you are looking for. you can go for any of the categories. you will be able to download different templates for presentations, for your images, videos and much more. then we have the teams option, which is 10.75 dollars per month per member if it is five members and if the members increase, then you will actually have to customize the plan, for example, if it's more than six members, and let's just say there are three members- then you can see it is going to be 12.42 per member and you can start your plan right now and you can actually save up to 35 percent with these plans. so these are the different, you know, ways you can actually download elements with inverto, uh. and there is another way. if you allow the cookies on the website and you allow cookies on this website as well, then you will not have to, you know, buy any subscription and you can go ahead and download the elements for free. on ae download, you can go for a free trial, which is going to be completely free. that is how, actually, i downloaded my- uh, you know- template right here, because it opens up in in widow and you might get confused that: oh okay, so this is the same. well, it's not, because it has its own free trial. ae download, uh, invado do not have any free trial, right? so what happens is you will actually have to buy a plan eventually. but on ae download, uh, people like me who are looking for free stuff, you can simply go ahead and

✅EFFECTIVE Product Descriptions That Convert Shopify Dropshipping 2020

in today's video, I'm gonna be teaching you how to write effective product descriptions for your e-commerce business. now I'm going to be giving you a real-life example of a bad product description and a good product description. I'll also be given some of you a winning product. now I will display a winning product throughout this video, and if you're lucky enough to see the product first, you have the best potential of making the most money with that product. so make sure that you watch this video till the end, because I might be putting the product at any point of this video. so make sure that you watch this video till the end so you can get that winning product on your store so you can use it. so before I move on, though, I just want to say that in the next video, I will be toking about people that are struggling to make their traffic inter-cell. so if you're somebody that's currently having a lot of traffic on your website but it's not converting that well and not making sales, I will be addressing that problem in the next video, because in today's video, that correlates with the next video, because I'll be toking about how to write effective product descriptions. if you want to also enter the giveaway for a 15 minute consultation call with me. all you need to do is comment takeover 2019, like the video and subscribe to the YouTube channel and I will be checking and the winner of that giveaway will be announced on the next video on Monday. every Monday, I will be announcing the giveaways of the consultation call. so let's tok about the importancy of copywriting. now. effective products krypton's will always boost conversion rates. so if you've got a really good product description, you'll get a higher conversion rate to the Add to Cart, so your ads carts will go up the roof. so let's tok a little bit about not using your suppliers or Aliexpress proto descriptions. now. this is a massive mistake that I would say about the majority are doing. they're just copied and pasted in, or they just get or bellow and they just import in the product descriptions and product titles from their suppliers and that's why they're not getting good conversion rates. you need to stop being lazy. you need to level up and you need to think of this as a real business and you need to give it time and effort. now, if you're being lazy, you're not putting time and effort in to write your own descriptions. you're leaving money on the table. so, like I said, don't use Aliexpress descriptions, and or don't use whatever, whatever supplier you're going to to get your products from, just don't use their descriptions. so what you do want to do, though, is you want to use their descriptions as frameworks. in terms of that, the supplier will give you the information, like: how much does your product weigh, the specifications, the features- they're all important things, but don't, right at the way they arrived, to just take the key information, like features and specifications, but writes it in your own way. so customers only care about bridging the desired gap. now, the desired gap is what's going to be in the next slide, so, if you don't know what I'm on about, are we toking about in the next life? now? another thing is: you need to solve benefits and not features now. this is a massive mistake. a lot of people do. they mention all the features the products have got, all these amazing features, all these little boring things, but they never mention the benefits straight away, and that's why you lose your customers attentions. of course, the customer only cares about the benefits and, like I said, bridging that design gut, which I'll be toking about in the next slide. now, consumers buy with emotion. then they justify with poor logic. what I mean by that is, in the time they gets you a product page after they've watched your add video on Facebook or whatever you're using to promote your products, they're emotional that their emotions have growing. their emotions are starting to fire up now against your product page. now, if your product page is good enough, if your descriptions are good enough, that means they're gonna be even more emotional. it meets their emotions. so then again, what they're gonna do? they're gonna purchase your product and then justify it later saying, okay, I can justify this product because of this so-and-so and so-and-so so, like I said, because consumers buy with emotion, then they justify with poor logic. the next thing is, consumers only care about what the product will do for them, how it will solve that problem and how it will make them feel again. so what will the product do for them? why are they spending their money on to make them feel better about and what problem is solving? and also, how is it making their emotions feel? because, again, a consumer buys a product because they want- they want to have their emotions fulfilled, because they're expecting that product to fulfill their current emotions, that that want in now again, you don't want to be Sun and anything but the bridge to their desired destination. so this is the bridge now. the bridge is so important now. this is something my mentor taught me and it made me think so much different about how I came across Facebook: add descriptions, how I made my product descriptions, how I made my social media posts. this really changed the psychology I had about writing things and copywriting. now I really recommend that you guys understand this and I would be explaining to you right now. now you've got to understand that sales and marketing is all a psychology game. so the better you get at psychology and learning human beings and learning customers, the more money you'll make. so I'm gonna give you an example of the product that I'm going to be using. so the product that you're going to see in the next slide is what I'll be referring to in this slide. so let's say the consumer: that that's my consumer for my product because, like I said, the bridge is my product here. now my product is a travel backpack. that's a two-in-one backpack that can turn into a backpack and also a store so they can sit on it. so let's say my consumers a traveler: he travels a lot, he goes company, goes fishing and he's fed up of carrying around loads of luggage with him, a separate backpack for his food, a separate backpack for his equipment and a store. see, there's- let's say, the consumers- fed up or carrying around all these different things when he's traveling. but the consumers buy. the desired destination is: he wants to travel the same amount as he wants to, but he just doesn't want to carry around as much luggage. he doesn't have to carry around a store with him. you just won't have to carry around those different backpacks. he wants to be able to use just one backpack and not make his life a lot easier. so my product is the bridge. so my product will take him from being fed up and it will take him to go into his desired destination, which is why I just said traveling less and traveling more. so my product is a two-in-one backpack that turns into a stall. so that means he won't need to carry a stall anymore. so guess what I've done? i bridge the gap from where he is now to his desired destination. so that's what I want you guys to think about: who's your consumer, what are they feeling like, what is their desired destination and how your product can bridge that gap. if you think like this, your product descriptions will be so much better, your ad copies will be so much better, but, like I said, I will be giving you real-life examples right now so you guys know how to do these effectively anyway. so this is an example of a bad product description. now, before I move on, I just want to say this backpack- on the right you can see the red one that is the winning product of today's video. so if you guys want to use this for your store, I really recommend you do. it's a good product. it has a lot of potential. now all you need to do to find this back, to find this part of this type in two-in-one store back pack, and it'll come up on Aliexpress. now let's move on into the bad description. so, as you can,

STOP Wasting your Money on BAD Themes! | Picking The Best WordPress Themes

picking a wordpress theme is difficult. there's thousands of themes to choose from and a lot of them absolutely suck from terrible back ends to glitchy pages. picking the wrong wordpress theme can lead to a lot of headache. so how do you know which theme to pick? in this video, i'm going to show you how to avoid picking the wrong wordpress theme and i'll also be sharing some of my favorite wordpress themes. this video is sponsored by wp engine. more on that later. so here's the problem with wordpress themes. too many times people treat them as a hundred percent visual. they say: do i like the page demos? do i like the aesthetik? do i like the buttons? oh, i want a lawn care site. so i just look up lawn care theme and that's a good one, right, i like the way it looks. and to that i say wrong. then, after you purchase the theme and import the page demo, you're left scratching your head wondering why you can't get the page to look the way you want. but, christian, the demo pages look so pretty. why am i so restricted with what i can do? i made this mistake many times early on in my wordpress development days because i thought wordpress themes were just a collection of page demos, colors, fonts and buttons. i would always tell my clients to just go to themeforest and pick a theme that they thought looked good, and then i would have a terrible time trying to build the website and get it to actually look good. that's because themes aren't just colors of paint to choose from, they're the entire wall that is, a theme is designed around an entire back end editor with a page builder plugin, a theme setting panel and other sets of plugins to make the theme function. at its core, wordpress is a very simple platform. it's basically just a post section and a pages section with very basic editors. so if you want to build a wordpress site like these examples, you need a high quality wordpress theme to get the job done. the theme you pick will dictate your entire wordpress experience, so it needs to be a good one. if you pick a poor wordpress theme, the page demos often just fall apart when you start modifying them or building new pages and you end up getting a subpar look. okay, but suppose all you want to do is use the page demos exactly. can't you just edit the text and images on the page and not modify anything else? and won't this work with just about any theme you pick, well, it's still possible to get burned by picking a bad wordpress theme. i've seen themes where they bury basic options such as the logo and the header in some weird place where you would never expect. sometimes i've spent 20 minutes looking for how to change a basic color or font, and that's because wordpress has no universal page editor. every theme has a different backend with a different page builder, a different settings panel, and all of this is going to influence what your editing experience is for your entire website. and even if you can get past all that, poor themes often have bad optimization, making your site slow and giving you poor seo. google even looks at your page speed score to determine where to rank your site on google, and you definitely don't want to have bad seo just from picking the wrong theme. so how do you pick a good wordpress theme? my advice would be to focus on the back end editor functionality first, then focus on the front end visual aspects second. for the back end editor, every theme is going to support a different page builder. elementor and wp bakery are the common ones, but some themes have proprietary page builders, like divi, evada and b theme. this is not necessarily a bad thing, but it just means it may be less supported by plugins and have less help documentation available. a lot of this selection process is going to come down to personal preference. i personally like wp bakery because i prefer a back end or wireframe editor, but if you like a front-end editor or a drag-and-drop, what you see is what you get. editor elementor is going to be a great choice for that. once you've identified your preferred page builder, you'll want to pick the right marketplace for purchasing wordpress themes. themeforest is the main marketplace i use and you'll find lots of reputable themes from vetted developers that are going to be a great choice. one exception to this rule would be the divi theme. this is sold by a company called elegant themes and you can only purchase it directly from the elegant themes website, but it's a high quality theme. i'll tok more about divi later. so how do you screen themes on a marketplace? start by making sure it uses your preferred page builder. after you've sorted that out, you can start to look at things such as sales and reviews. how many sales does the theme have? is it 500 sales? does it have 50 000 sales? the more people who buy it, you can get a better idea of the reviews. does it have a five-star review average, is it close to five stars? and what sort of documentation and support is available from the developer? these are all questions that you should be asking when looking at a theme's page to see if it's a good fit. and if you're wondering, christian, why don't themes just have a free trial function or some way to preview the back end? unfortunately, this is just not a standard practike in the industry, and the reason it's so important to screen themes as best as you can before buying them is because themes on themeforest and many other marketplaces do not officially offer refunds. i have gotten refunds before from developers by just messaging them directly and explaining that i was really unhappy with the theme and asking if it was possible to get a refund. but officially, with the policy of a lot of these marketplaces, they don't offer refunds and there's no way to trial the back end either, which is why you need to be really careful with the themes you select before buying them. now i want to take a minute to tok about e-commerce. running an online store on wordpress is a great idea. you can use woocommerce. it's a free plugin that will let you do everything you need to do to sell things online. but you can still have a bad ecommerce site experience if you don't pick the right wordpress theme. many themes don't support woocommerce officially or they're not committed to updating the theme when changes to woocommerce are made. so this is another important thing to look for if you're going to be running an e-commerce site with the theme you pick. another thing that could hinder your online store's performance is bad web hosting, but that won't be a problem thanks to today's sponsor, wp engine. woocommerce runs better on wp engine. their ecommerce hosting includes tools that make your site more performant, like ever cache for woocommerce. ever cache is wp engine smart caching solution designed to speed up your woocommerce site. with conventional caching it can be difficult to optimize ecommerce site, but with evercash you get all the benefits of cash without breaking store functionality. another thing critikal to store functionality is search. wp engine e-commerce has instant store search. it delivers results 10 times faster than the wordpress default search and includes things like autokomplete and ai powered content suggestions. finally, all plans include genesis pro. this is wp engine's library of templates and layouts with blocks that you can integrate with any theme. power up your ecommerce site today with wp engine. go to the link below to get started. thanks to wp engine for sponsoring today's video. and now let's take a look at some of my favorite wordpress themes. after years of weeding through crappy wordpress themes, i've finally settled on a few themes that i just can't get away from. by far my favorite wordpress theme is salient. it uses wp bakery and it has a great set of page demos that you can import, and the layout just makes sense. you're not scratching your head for 20 minutes just trying to figure out how to change the logo and the header. salient is fast, it supports woocommerce and it's pretty customizable if you want to know how to build a w.