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Free Sony Vegas $300 Plugins

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Free Sony Vegas $300 Plugins

Free Sony Vegas $300 Plugins

people King human here and I got a
kick-ass free sony vegas filter set to
give to you guys worth like 300 bucks
and you can get a free everybody gets
one who wants one but before i go into
that i want to tell you guys i've been
off of youtube for a while I needed some
personal time had some personal issues I
needed to deal with and most of you
people that follow my channel know what
what went on and what's happened and you
know anyway I just wanted to say if you
tried to contact me during the last week
or two I didn't get your email I just
haven't been checking them I just needed
some personal time for me so I wasn't
really ignoring you I wasn't trying to
be a dick I just needed some personal
time to get over some personal issues
those of you that sent me well wishes
and condolences I appreciate that thank
you very much it really does mean a lot
to me um anyway back to the filters oh I
i will be making a got to catch up on
all the stuff on my desk i got a stack
of videos i want to make ebay videos
help videos on how to's I got giveaways
lots of stuff to give away I just
haven't even touched on it yet all that
stuff so subscribe and
on the gravy train and you know i don't
know i'll be making idiot videos just
anyway so having said that let's go into
the free filter set for sony vegas those
of you that's used sony vegas there's a
filter set out there for sony vegas it's
a plug-in and it's called one it and
it's 300 bucks and what it does is it
turns your well it does this kind of
stuff into a cartoon type thing and
there's all these different things you
can play with it's really cool but you
don't need to pay 300 bucks for it you
can get it free from the company that I
got it from which was new blue FX
they're giving it away free i'll put a
link right in there go download it get
it for free and you just saved yourself
300 smegging bucks man that is cool I
came this close to buying those filters
and then I found this for free so go
download them go use them these things
kick ass they're fun and they'll help
you with your youtube videos and who
else brings you this stuff nobody just
me King
so anyway subscribe be cool hope
everybody's doing well and i'll get back
into i'll get out of my funk and get
back into thing soon thanks again and
bye NR a--

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