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free trial shopify

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How to sign up for a free trial || Shopify Help Center

It’s never been easier to start a business with a 14 day free trial of Shopify. We’ll show you how. For everything I show you today, you can find help artikles linked below. Now let’s get started First, head over to Shopifycom. This page is has everything you need to get started, including links to Shopify plans, pricing and blogs". Your 14 day free trial starts right when you sign up and not when you start working on your store. So before you start your trial, make sure you have the time and ideas for what you want to build to get the most out of your trial. To begin, click “start free trial”. Enter your email address, a password and a name for your store. Your store name is used in the domain or web address for your online store. For example, I named my store CaseysCakes, so the domain will be caseyscakes, dot myshopify dot com. After your store is created, you can’t change your store name in the dot myshopify dot com domain. It’s always attached to this account and you use it to log in. But don’t worry, If you want to change your store’s name, you can always purchase a custom domain with a new name to replace this one. Check out the video below for more details on custom domains. When you’re happy with your store name, click “Create your store”. Now enter some details about yourself. The first question is: “Are you already selling”. Choose the option that best represents your business. right now, I’m selling my cakes in person, just not online, so that’s the option I choose. Next, choose how you want to sell. I already sell cakes in person, but I also want to sell them online, so I choose both online and in person. Next, choose your approximate revenue for this business. Shopify uses this to show you helpful resources in the admin that suit the size of your business. If you’re creating a store for yourself, then leave the bottom box unchecked. This area is specifically for developers or contractors who create stores for clients. If you’re interested in having someone set up your store for you, then check out the link in the description below to hire a Shopify Expert who can help. Click “next”. Now fill out your personal information. These details are used as the default business address. You can always change these details later in your Shopify admin. After you check that the information is correct, click “Enter my store”. You’re now in the Shopify admin of your personal online store. You’ll receive an email shortly to confirm your registration. Congratulations: You took the first steps to starting your own eCommerce business. For a complete guide to setting up your store, use the general checklist from our Shopify Help Center. One of the first things you can do is add a product. For step-by-step help, watch the video linked here. If you want to keep building with Shopify, make sure that you choose a paid plan before your 14 free trial expires. After you choose a plan, you won't be charged any subscription fees until the end of your trial. We can’t wait to see your store grow, And for more information on everything I covered today, visit helpshopifycom.

✅ Shopify 3 Months For $1 🔥 How To Register For Shopify $1 Dollar Offer & Free Trial [2023]

Shopify free trial: three months for one dollar of Shopify. so, yes, you can tell by the video title and tell by everything in today's video that I'm going to be showing you how you can get the Shopify free monster Shopify for only one dollar. so you basically pay one dollar a month for three months of Shopify, which is an insane deal, and I had to make a video for you guys on this new update Shopify on here on internet website so you guys don't miss out. so, um, if you do want to take advantage off the bat of this offer, I'll provide a link Down Below in the video description so you can instantly get access to that right now. and also, if you do want to see if this still is actually available whenever you're watching this video, I'll provide a link Down Below in the video description so you can go ahead and actually check to see if this still is going to be available whenever you're watching this video. so this video can be, you know, a year old, two years or anything like that, and the links down below will get you the best deal that is available for Shopify, regardless of when you're watching this video. so, yeah, the first step to begin today's video is to click the top link Down Below in the video description. and, um, just to clarify, I'll give you some context on how insane this deal is in terms of saving. if we go over here to shopify's pricing plans right here, you'll see that they have free, even price, implants. so normally, well, just with their um bare minimum like pricing plan right here, off the cheapest plan right here, they have on their website um the basic plants. so you normally have to pay 29 a month and you'll be able to get again right here, three months of Shopify for one dollar on select plans. so that's crazy. and again, like I said just before in the introduction, Shopify does, like you know, do different deals and change their trolls from time to time. so, um, normally they have a 14 day trial, but for some reason it's like only a three-day trial. so, um, again, I will be updating the links down below to the best troll offers, because they even had like 90 day free trials in the past actually. so if there are like any new trials like that, I'll update the links down below for you. so, again, like I said, regardless, when you watch this video, you'll be able to get the best trolls and the best deals for Shopify. but, like I said, the premise of today's video is to go over there three months to Shopify for one dollar, which is crazy. so let's click on sign up and I'm gonna go through the exact process so you don't miss out, so you can skip all these like little Nitty Gritty steps. so it's just basically like a survey for Shopify really. so it doesn't really affect anything. so I'll just click on skip, skip and skip and then what you can do right here: if you do have a name for your store, you can put in a name for your store right here. so I'm going to put in a minute website and just a random text, I guess. so let's just click on next. put in your location, just click on next should be like automatikally, like I said, to your region as well. then you'll click on like how do you want to create your Shopify account? so your free trial, and if we just want to click on whatever you want to do, so I'm going to click on the email. once you put in your details, click on create Shopify ID and there you go. once all this is set up for you in the background, you'll see that you come to your Shopify dashboard right here and, as you can see, build your dream business at your own pace. enjoy three months of Shopify for one dollar a month when you sign up for a monthly basic or starter plan- crazy, crazy stuff, guys. so if we go over here and we also get this prompt right here at the bottom right hand of the um web page right here on, your troll just started. but, of course, if you want to enjoy free monster Shopify for one dollar a month when you sign up for a monthly or basic plan, you can either click the top call to action right here inside of the dashboard or the bottom call to action on the bottom right hand corner. so if you click on pick a plan right here, this is again, so you can activate your Shopify three months for one dollar deal. so, as you can see, this is going to be the deal right here. so only a dollar USD a month for the first three months, which is just absolutely crazy stuff. so enjoy three months Shopify for only one dollar a month on select plans. so obviously you can't do this with the Shopify or the advanced Shopify plans, unfortunately, but nevertheless the fact that we can actually go ahead and do these for the basic plan. again, if we go over here to the pricing plan, you normally have to pay 29 a month for the basic plan right here. but with this deal right here, you only pay a dollar USD for the first three months of your Shopify account, which is just crazy. so you can click on choose this plan right here. so let's choose this plan, okay, and then you can see that you will be able to go ahead and choose this billing cycle: so monthly, one year, or dollar USD for the first three months, which is an amazing deal. so I still, honestly, couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw this- that Shopify was doing this promotion. so, again, I wanted to definitely make a video for you guys, so you can definitely take advantage of this offer while still available. Okay, so you will be charged one dollar and obviously, after the three month period, you will be charged fully, which is going to be 29 a month. so do keep that in mind, Bob, this is going to be a special deal where you get it for three months for like one dollar. so once you go ahead and choose your billing Cycles- so let's just choose that- you'll need to put in your business address or your details right here. so you're putting you choose your region, you'll choose, you're putting your like your first name, your last name, your address, all that type of stuff. then you'll go ahead and choose how you like to pay. so you can pay via credit card or PayPal, both options obviously going to be up to you, but you have both options available. so if we click on credit card right here, you're put in your details here here and all that type of stuff- your region, your name, your address and all that type of stuff. then, with the PayPal, you can just connect your PayPal account and use it to pay your bills and you'll be redirected to PayPal to add your billing information, which is pretty cool stuff. so it's very, very simple to do and very, very simple to actually activate your one dollar a month times three months plan. so basically, you only pay a dollar per month for the first three months, all the basic Shopify plan, which is crazy stuff, an amazing deal to take advantage of. also, if we go over here to pick a plan, like we just discussed through the middle part of today's video, as you can see, the most popular is going to be the basic Shopify plan and you can't obviously choose the one dollar a month plan for the first three months for the Shopify plan, for 79 a month, or the advanced trip of my plan. but you can do this with the basic Shopify, again for 29 a month, which you normally have to pay, but like you only get it for like. you can basically pay like one dollar a month for the first three months for the basic Shopify plan and you can do the same thing for the starter plan right here as well, which would normally cost you five dollars a month. but you can go ahead and pay one dollar a month for the first frame for the Shopify starter plan, which is going to be up to you as well. but obviously, if we go up here, the best Shopify plan a transaction fees for all third party payment providers is two percent, and the same with the currency conversion tree right here, which is going to be two percent. in terms of features, you get two staff members and up to four locations and shipping of right here after 77 discount. then with the starter plan right here, the payments. so when it comes to third-party transaction fees, if not using Shopify payments, it's five percent and online credit cards, which is going to be five percent plus this given amount, right h.

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How To Register Shopify Free 2022 With $1 For Your First 3 Months

welcome to the channel, guys, today i'm gonna go in great detail and show you exactly how you can line up for free trial and enjoy a three months of shopify only for one dollar per month. now, the thing a lot of people don't know is that this is an opportunity of a lifetime where you can bring your ideas to life, and you can do that on shopify for just one dollar a month. if you haven't checked out the description, i would suggest to go check out the description, because you put a link in the description where you can get 90 days and use shopify and learn about how to increase your business and get it to a level of scalability that you've never known before. so in this video, i'm gonna go in great detail and show you exactly how you can get a seven day free trial with no credit card. that's required by just entering your email. so let's get started. the first thing that you need to do is put your email address. once you add your email address, you can get started. before we do that, i want to show you what the pricing for shopify generally is. you have three payment plans that are available. the first one is a basic, where everything that you need to create your store, ship your products and process your payments is for 19 a month. then you have your shopify, where you can level up your business with a professional reporting and more staff account, which is for 49 dollars per month, and in advance, where you get the best of shopify, with custom reporting and their lowest transaction fees, for 299 dollars per month. so today i'm going to show you how you can actually get shopify for one dollar a month for three months. so let's start the free trial. once you click on that, you'll be taken to the next page where they ask you to get started. so what's your store name? you can skip this for now if you're still working on it, but it's best to put your star name. once you do that, you can go to the next page. which of these best describe you? and obviously you can mention if you're just getting started or you're already selling online. we'll say: we're just getting started. where would you like to sell? you can pick as many as you like and you can always change them later on, and shopify will make sure that you're all set up to sell in these places. if you want an online store, social media in person, or an existing website or blog, or even online marketplaces- and you can also mention that you're not sure. so let's go for an online store to create a fully customizable website. after you select it, all you need to do is select next. then the question comes that where will your business be located? and obviously they'll use your location to set up a default: shipping rates, recommended apps and so much more. so let's select the region and press next. after you've done that, you can create a shopify account, and the last step before you start your free trial is: continue with email. continue with apple, continue with facebook or continue with google. so let's continue with email. once you've put your password, all you need to do is create your shopify account now. this is what your dashboard is going to look like. if you look at the right side bottom corner, you'll see that your trial has started and you can enjoy three months of shopify for only one dollar per month and when you sign up for a monthly basic or starter plan. so let's pick a plan by selecting over here now. over here, the most popular is the basic shopify, where you can get all the basic for starting a new business at just one dollar for the first three months. as you can see, you can choose this plan and you can start immediately. now the payments: the transaction fee for all your payment provider is going to be two percent, the currency conversion fee is gonna be two percent and in features, you have two staff members and up to four location. and if you look at the starter pack, the simplest way to start selling through social and messaging app and the payment is gonna be five percent of the transaction fee for all the payments, provided you can have one user and a shareable product page, and all the plans are gonna include the sherbert product pages, unlimited products and obviously, 24: 7 support with a fraud analysis, abandoned card recovery, manual order creation and even sales channels. you also have the fast and reliable checkout. they include the free ssl certificate and you can sell in over 133 countries and their app ecosystem with 4 000 100 plus apps and even gift cards. now the basic shopify advance plans also include the online store, the shopify pos lite, and you can also upgrade it to the pos pro. so let's click, choose this plan. once you get to the building cycle, you can clearly see you can get it for three years, two years or yearly, and for the monthly. you can clearly see this- for one dollar for the first three months. on the right side, you'll be able to see that you'll be charged one dollar plus tax on september 28th and the tax is every 30 days. starting from 28th of december you will be actually charged 19 plus tax every year. so up to december 28th we have the shopify account for a dollar for the first three months. all you need to do is click the choosing billing details. then you have to put your business address. you have to add your country, your first name, your last name, your address, your apartment postal code and your phone number. once you've done that, you have to save your address. after saving your address, you would have to select the payment method. there's two methods that you can use to pay for shopify. the first one is a credit card. the second is paypal. so let's put a credit card. when you select a credit card, you will have to enter your credit card information: your card number, the expiry date, the cvb code, the billing address, the first name, last name, address, apartment, city and the postal code. once all that information is put in, all you need to do is add the credit card. so, guys, you can clearly see, this is an opportunity of a lifetime, and if you have not gone and clicked in the link in the description to get your 90 days, i would suggest to quickly go there and avail this partikular offer. you can clearly see that i'm build only one dollar per month for the first three months, so that is the reason you can easily use this opportunity to bring your ideas to life, and the future of the business is yours to shape, and that is the reason why you can easily use shopify and get customizable templates. all in one, shopify would take care of everything from marketing and payments to secure transactions and even shipping. it's a safe and efficient platform where millions of users that trust shopify to manage their online stores, and that is the reason you can build your dream business for just one dollar. so let's look at the faqs. what is shopify and how does it work? now, the thing that you need to understand is that shopify is a complete commerce platform that lets you start, grow and manage a business. with shopify, you can create and customize an online store, sell in multiple places, including the web, mobile social media and online marketplaces, brick and mortar locations and pop-up shops as well. you can manage products, inventories, payments and shipping. shopify is completely cloud-based and hosted, which means that you don't have to worry about upgrading or maintaining softwares or web servers. this gives you the flexibility to access and run your business from almost anywhere, including your mobile device. so how much does shopify tends to cost? try shopify for free for seven days and no credit card is required, by clicking in the link below in the description and getting it for 90 days, but after your trial expires, you can choose a pricing plan that suits the size and stage of your business. the question that comes is: can i use my own domain name with shopify? yes, you can do. i need to be designer or developer to use shopify. no, you don't need to be a designer or even a developer to use shopify. signing up for shopify allows you to customize the look and feel of your store with the online store b.

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How To Use Shopify FREE Trial | How To Unlock Shopify Store

in this video we'll show you how to use Shopify free trial and how to unlock Shopify store during your trial period. hi guys, Alex here and welcome to my channel money is awesome, where I share how to succeed online and I also document my own journey. recently I published a video where I show a strategy and method: how to start drop shipping with no money. if you haven't watched that video, you can do it right here. so after I published that video, some of the people who watch that video contacted me, send me a message or commentaries stating that you cannot really like the shop is locked and you cannot unlock the shop unless you enter your credit card number, critikal number, credit card details and subscribe to a paid plan, and can you have to pay in advance so that Shopify would unlock the shop for the visitors. it's not really true. it's actually true that during your trial period, by default, the shop is locked and you need to enter a password to enter to your shop as a visitor. so the reality is that you do need enter your credit card number details- credit card number and credit card details- but the truth is that Shopify will not charge your credit card until the end of trial period. this is a crucial. this is important. so this is the general idea. this is the the quick answer to the main confusion I just wanted to clarify straightaway. and right now I want to jump to my laptop and show you from the very beginning how to get your 14 days trial for your Shopify store. and Before we jump to the computer, if you are in you to my channel, hit that subscribe button as well as bail button so that you don't miss anything on my channel or my any of my new videos. and now let's to the laptop. so here we have my video- how to start drop shipping with no money, and the load the video. in the description you can find a free trial link to Shopify. well, as well as EECOM to go have the probably highest converting theme for Shopify shops, and I feel that the app link the the one that I'm toking about in the video. so when you are following this link of Shopify free trial, if you want to claim 14 days of free trial of certified, you have to enter your address, email address to get registered. I'm doing it live right now, just you know, on the go, shooting as if I would be registering my shop for the first time you choose your password. you choose the name of your shop. mine is awesome. money is awesome. money is awesome. thumbs up, thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. so create your shop. let me just know now. here's another tool, by the way: LastPass. it saves all the passwords that you're using. highly recommend you. I'm gonna probably do another video about it. so i'm not selling products yet, since we are just launching the shop. right now. you have something to sell. yes, I have a product and I will be launched in a in a few weeks, but it doesn't really matter. just the the. let's say, pull just questionary or Shopify to collect statistiks- probably zero, I'm just getting started in touch- really matter? are you setting up a tool for a client? no, I'm not. next legs, don't White Street one one phone number. I'm gonna enter any kind of personal data here, so it just to show you how to set up the shop really fast and easy. and here we are. this is how Shopify shop looks. so at this moment, you're basically your shop is ready to be set up applications and we are applications like affiliate, Li and other ones. you can add products. you can set everything up. it doesn't really takes a lot of time once you know how to do it. so the main confusion with using free trial of Shopify that I was getting as feedback from you guys is that when you're starting a free trial of certified you like, without anything entering, without signing up for a paid plan of Shopify, you cannot really see any product that you upload that you had on your shop on Shopify, and what you can see instead he is password protected page. you can see right here how it looks. yeah, so this is the main confusion, the main misconception, because let me explain you why. so in order to remove that password, a lock on your shop, all you have to do is select plan, select pan and add your credit card details. so here's the main thing that people are afraid of. they think that once you select a plan and add your credit card details, you will be billed straight away. but this is not true. you are selecting plan, choosing the one usually for for the beginners- the cheapest, 129 a month is enough- and as soon as you select the plan, ad your card number, expiry date, all these details, your password is getting removed, but you still have 14 days of free trial. so your free trial doesn't go anywhere, it just the shop. Shopify keeps your credit card data and as soon as your free trial expires, they will charge your credit card, not before. so let's see, guys, it's a lot simpler and easier than you thought. don't get confused with this locked shop that you have to pay to unlock. when your call your free trial, no one will charge your credit card you if you are not sure. if you still have doubts, contact Shopify support, ask them. they will send you an email with confirmation that they will not charge you until your free trial is expired. so there's no problem with that. and, yeah, good luck with your shop shipping business. so I hope I clarified everything and you don't have any questions left. but if you do, if you do have any questions related to Shopify free trial or Shopify in general, or the method that I showed you how to start with drop shipping with no money, feel free to drop a comment below and share your experience, confusions, frustrations, anything. I will help you as soon as I can. you guys- those of you who commented already know that I'm replying to the comments quite fast and, yeah, i'll. i communicating with with you guys and building this kind of like back and forth communication. you know mutual tok to you, so feel free to drop a comment and anything, anything you feel like. so yeah, if you're new to my channel and you still haven't subscribed to my channel, hit the subscribe button and as well as bail button, and see you in the next video.

How to get Shopify for 2 Years for Free!

i found a way to get shopify free for two years. if you don't believe me, watch this video. hey guys, it's the econ move here and today i'm gonna show you how to do exactly that. the process is very straightforward, but there is one thing that you need to do that. if you don't do it, instead of getting two years for free, you're gonna get only one month, and this works on any new shopify store that you create, but you might also be able to use it on your current store. stay tuned for that information at the end of the video. so let's get started in three, two, one, yeah, alright. so the way this works is with an affiliate link, and i'm gonna leave on the description of this video this affiliate link when you click on it and you'll be able to register a new shopify store. and let's look at the conditions here. first, you have to sign up for a shopify plan from this page, okay, and then you're gonna build your store and keep it active for 45 days. so you're gonna pay the first month, okay, they are gonna give you 15 days for free, with no credit card. then you put the credit card, you keep it for one month and then 15 more days and then you will be able to claim your 500 subscription credit. sounds simple, right? well, no, because we have to do one little hack to be able to actually claim the entirety of the subscription credit. once you sign up for your store, you're gonna receive this email: hello, welcome to shopify. all right, and then you start creating your store. this was sent on april 17th. then a couple months went by and i received this shopify email on july 6th and it says: shopify reward unlocked. so here we can see that it's time to claim the 500 subscription credit. now i'm gonna do this in front of you. i already did it for another store, but i want to do it here for this one live, all right. so here's the 500 subscription credit. claim your credit. by the way, you have to claim it within 30 days of receiving that email. now let me make myself a little smaller so you can see everything. all right. so claim your credits. your referral credits are ready. you are eligible to receive credits totaling 500 to be used towards your shopify subscription fee. these credits will be available for you to within prior to august 9.. alright, so the first time i did it, i'm like: wait, what so was only for one month, then, oh well, here's the thing. let's click on claim credits, so credits applied to your store. so right now, you will see on your subscriptions right here, instead of 29 per month, it will automatikally renew for free for the next month. but if you actually go to settings and then go to plan, then click on change plan, then click on choose this plan, check this out. so monthly is 29, like always, then yearly, you know, 26, 2 years, only 23. and look at this, you have all the subscriptions credit right there, all right. so as long as you renew it right now for one year, two years, whatever you want, you can use the 500 subscription credit and i'm actually gonna do this right now, so you can see. so let's choose two years. it's gonna be 558 dollars. i have five hundred dollars in credit, so it's gonna be, you know, 26 dollars. and because i already paid the a little bit of this month, all right, so it's prorated. so, anyways, two years for 31. start plan. let's see. and boom, here it is. so next billing date: june 30, 20, 24. what in 2020? right now, but i already have a shopify store. can i get some credits? well, supposedly credits are not transferable between stores, but there might be a way. this is a conversation that i've had with shopify support. i was very obscure with my questions because i didn't want it to reveal my intentions, but she basically told me that i could transfer my store to another store. so basically, you get the new store, you get the two years and then you transfer whatever your old store to the new one, but that might be a little bit of work. in the end, she even told me that it might be possible to transfer the subscription from one store to another, so that might be a way. now, full disclosure. i haven't tried this. okay, but if you actually tried, let me know in the comments. thank you so much for watching this video. please give me a like if you liked it. subscribe to my channel for more ecommerce news and tips and tricks. thank you so much for watching. i'm out.

Shopify Free Trial For 3 Months | Start Your Dropshipping Business Today

welcome to the channel, guys, today I'm gonna go in great detail and tok about how you can get Shopify for three months for one dollar. now, the thing over here that you have to keep in mind is how you can actually develop a Drop Shipping business on Shopify that can actually give you the Financial Freedom that you've always been dreaming about, and Shopify is the basis, the fundamental tool of the future, where you can shape your business the way you want it, and you can sign up completely free for three months for just one dollar, on selected plans. so if you have not already got a Shopify account, click on the description below in the link and you'll be able to get Shopify for 90 days. another thing that I want to mention- and the reasons why we're making these videos, is giving a chance to every single individual watching to be able to develop a Drop Shipping business in a couple of seconds, and all you need to do is follow the steps that we're going to be toking about now. Shopify is very unique. it has a customizable templates, meaning free website designs- to help you launch your store quickly and easily, and the Shopify actually takes care of everything, for marketing and payments to secure transaction and shipping as well. millions of users trust Shopify to manage their online stores, and you could be one of those users as well, and all you need to do is click on the start free trial. so let's put our email address over here and start our free trial. once you start your free trial, you will be asked a couple of questions, the first one of which is what best describes you now? obviously, are you just starting off, or are you already selling online or in person? so we're gonna go with the fact that we're just starting. after that, they'll ask you the question that where do you want to sell? is it an online store, an existing website or blog, a social media or Online Marketplace, in person, or you're not sure, and you can always come back and change it- but we're gonna go with the online store, where we can create a fully customizable website. let's hit next. after we have hit next, It'll ask you the most important element, which is the store name. now, guys, this is a point where I want to stop you, guys, and give you a chance to really think about what name you will select for your story, and this is the common denominator for success and failure. a lot of individuals pick any random name and Just Go with It. the store name is one of the most important things that you will ever do when starting a Drop Shipping business, because the name needs to reflect the sort of business you're developing and the sort of items and products that you'll be selling. it should reflect who you are, it should reflect your products, it should reflect quality and, obviously, the ability for individuals to understand that who and what you're about, and that is the reason why I always recommend to every individuals to First give it some thought before selecting a good store name for their business. after you have selected the name, this is what your dashboard is going to look like. on the left hand side, you will have home orders, products, customers, analytiks, marketing, discounts, online store and apps. now, over here, I want to mention something which is very important, guys: that the analytiks and marketing are crucial because this gives you a competitive advantage in the industry, so try using it very heavily, because it's going to give you a complete breakdown about where your customers are coming from, what are the age groups for your customers who are buying your products and services and, obviously, what your online store is going to look like and different apps that are available on Shopify to enhance and help you in developing a amazing online Drop Shipping Store. the thing over here I want to mention- and this is a tip for you guys: always select products that are targeted for a specific age group. for example, if a product is for a female, if a product is going to be for age group between 14 and 18 or 20 or 25 or 40 or 45, try to select a product which reflects the right gender and age group and, based on that, you'll be able to understand what your audience wants, what your customers want, and you'll be able to actually promote and advertise according to that. then, after you've advertised and promoted, you'll be able to get those individuals to your online store and be able to sell them, and they would be able to understand that you are various story that keeps in mind the age groups and gender and accordingly, gives them the products and items that they require. in the middle over here you would have your setup guides. you can add your first product by clicking over here. you can add a custom domain. you can add brand assets and even customize your theme. you can explore for more support, and the thing that really sets Shopify apart is their support. they have a help center where you can find the documentation and tutorials on how to use Shopify. you can always have a step-by-step guidance on our best to set up your business online, and there's different courses and community, and you can always start a topic as well and find the answers to your questions and review Shopify resources. and this is one of the things that really sets Shopify apart from all the other competitors in this Niche, because they understand what their customers want and they always have an amazing support that is always on standby to give you the assistance that you require. now, after you've done all of that, you'll see this tiny black box over here. just click on it and you'll be able to enjoy three months of Shopify for one dollar per month when you sign up for a monthly basic or starter pack. so let's pick a plan over here. once you click pick a plan, another page is going to come up. now this is a very interesting page. now there are three options available, but before I get into the basic Shopify, the Shopify and the advanced Shopify, I want to mention this part over here. you can pay monthly, but you can also pay yearly. if you go for yearly, you will save 10. if you go for two years, you'll save 20 and for three years you'll save 25. but you should always start with monthly and this is a thing where a lot of young entrepreneurs make a mistake: that they actually go for the advanced Shopify instantly. always start off basic and you can always upgrade As you move forward. now the basic Shopify. this is for one dollars and if you have not got it, click in the description below on the link and get it for 90 days. you get different features with this plan, where you get a transaction fee for all the payment providers at two percent, a currency conversion fee of two percent, and the features that you get is the fact that you get two staff members and up to four locations. now a lot of people ask me: what are the locations for? obviously we're on the internet, guys, and that means this is a global village. you would have individuals from all over the world. you want to set up your shop in different locations. you might get a product that might be selling good in the US but not so good in India. you might get a product that's going to be amazing in India but might not sell that well in the US. you might get another product that would sell in Europe. you might get a product that will sell in South Africa. so you need to set up locations according to the age group, according to the gender, according to the region for those partikular locations and based on that, you need to get products that sell in those locations and that is the reason and the way to make your Shopify a massive Business Online. the second option that you have will be your Shopify. for 49 per month, you get everything that you need for a growing business. so once you start your business- and it's been a couple of months and you feel that you now you got a hang of it- always move to the Shopify where you get a transaction fee for one person, a currency conversion- if you have two percent- and you you get five staff members, another location added and professional repor.