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Frequently Bought: Shopify Code

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Welcome back graduates! In this article, we will show you how to set up and configure your frequently bought together feature on Shopify. We understand that it has been a while since we provided the snippet for this feature, but we have received a lot of requests asking how to do it and how to find the product URL handle. So, we will guide you through the process of setting it up and increasing your conversions.

Setting Up Frequently Bought Together:

To set up frequently bought together, follow these steps:

1. Purchase the frequently bought together feature.

2. Copy and paste the provided snippet into the Snippet section.

3. Render the frequently bought together under the footer.

4. Add the code for rendering the frequently bought together after the product form.

Note: We suggest adding two additional products to the frequently bought together feature for optimal mobile real estate.

Finding the Product URL Handle:

To find the product URL handle, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Products section in the back end.

2. Type in the product name.

3. Scroll to the bottom and click Edit SEO.

4. The URL handle will be listed under the SEO section.


To upsell a product, follow these steps:

1. Add the upsell colon before the product URL handle.

2. Copy and paste the product URL handle.

3. Repeat for each additional product.

We hope this article has helped you set up and configure your frequently bought together feature on Shopify. Remember to add two additional products and to use the upsell colon before each product URL handle. Thank you for watching, and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more helpful tips!

How to Add Frequently Bought Together Shopify Tutorial | 2022

In this tutorial, we will learn how to add a frequently bought together section to your Shopify theme. This feature can be added to the Dawn theme, as well as other free themes like Sense and Crave. Adding this feature will help generate more revenue and increase your average order value. Let's get started!

Steps to add frequently bought together section:

1. Open the frequently bought HTML file.

2. Log in to your Shopify admin and click on Online Store.

3. Preview and edit the theme you want to add the feature to.

4. Create a snippet called eg frequently bought together and paste the code into it.

5. Find the main product and add the snippet code to it.

6. Add tags to get the feature to work.

Benefits of adding frequently bought together section:

- Increases revenue and average order value.

- Gives customers a reason to buy more products.

- Allows for automatic discounting rules and settings customization.

- Helps fine-tune pricing and increase monthly revenue.

Adding a frequently bought together section to your Shopify theme is a great way to increase revenue and average order value. It's easy to add and customize, and customers will appreciate the bulk deal options. Don't forget to check out the how-to-use tutorial for configuring this feature. Click the subscribe and like button if you enjoyed this tutorial!


In this tutorial, we will be learning how to set up the frequently bought together feature on your product page. This feature is a great way to increase conversions and encourage customers to buy more.

Welcome back, graduates! Today, we will be learning how to set up the frequently bought together feature on your product page. This feature is a great way to increase conversions and encourage customers to buy more.


1. Assign tags to the products you want to upsell.

2. Use the format upsell: product url handle in the tags section of your product.

3. To get the product url handle, go to your products, click on edit SEO, and copy the product url handle.

4. Repeat this process for all the products you want to upsell.

5. Once you have assigned the tags, the frequently bought together feature will automatically appear on the product page.


- Have fun with the upsell variations. You can add makeup sets to rings or hats to t-shirts.

- Remember that the frequently bought together feature is based on tags and will only display on the products you have assigned the tags to.

- To check the feature on mobile, inspect elements and click on the mobile icon.

In conclusion, setting up the frequently bought together feature is a great way to increase conversions and encourage customers to buy more. By assigning tags to your products, you can easily set up this feature and have it displayed on the product page. So go ahead and have fun with the variations and enjoy the benefits of increased sales!

How To Add Frequently Bought Together On Shopify Tutorial

In this video, I'm going to show you how to add a feature called Frequently Bought Together to your Shopify website to increase sales. Here are the steps:

1. Head to the Apps section on your Shopify dashboard.

2. Search for Frequently Bought Together in the Shopify App Store.

3. Choose the app based on filters like pricing and reviews.

4. Click on View Demo Store to see an example of the app in action.

5. Click on Add App to install it on your website.

6. Set up the app using the installation wizard and select your preferences.

7. Preview your store to see the app in action.

Here are some additional details:

- You can manually bundle products using the app.

- You can customize the visual preferences of the app.

- The app is currently enabled by default.

By adding Frequently Bought Together to your website, you can increase sales and drive more revenue. Give it a try and see how it works for you!

Une application Shopify indispensable pour votre boutique : Frequently Bought Together

In this video, we will introduce an application called Frequently Bought Together that is used for cross-selling on Shopify product pages. We will explain how to install and configure the app, and demonstrate how it can help increase sales by offering complementary products to customers.

Benefits of using Frequently Bought Together app:

- Allows you to add multiple complementary products to a single product page with just one click.

- Enables you to create packs with related products to increase the average order value.

- Provides customizable recommendations based on your store's data.

- Offers a 30-day free trial period, with a paid subscription available afterwards.

How to install and configure the app:

- Search for Frequently Bought Together on the Shopify app store and install it.

- Access the app's settings and activate the subscription plan.

- Set up the automatic or manual recommendations according to your preferences.

- Customize the appearance of the recommendations box and the add-to-cart button.

- Add a discount or promo code to incentivize customers to purchase the bundle.

- Use tracking to monitor the performance of the packs and optimize your sales strategy.

By using the Frequently Bought Together app on your Shopify store, you can offer your customers a better shopping experience and increase your revenue. By providing personalized recommendations and bundle offers, you can encourage them to purchase more items and create a loyal customer base. Try it out for yourself and see how it can help your business grow!

Best Frequently Bought Together SHOPIFY App | How to Configure FBT for Shopify

Welcome to Alpha Option Suite. In this video, we will be discussing one of the most renowned and frequently bought together features, which is now available in both Amazon and Shopify.


To configure this feature, click on the Create button. You can name your offer anything you want, and select a product to show on the frequency bar. You can select multiple products, and either pick them manually or use our artificial intelligence data mining feature.

Widget Options:

You can also select a product collection or tag, and customize the widget according to your desire. You can change the color, text, language, and background of the widget.


Once you have configured the feature, the upsell will be added to your list section. You can observe the offer name, type, revenue, order, and conversion rate. The frequently bought together feature will always show the first product chosen.


When you click on Add Selected to Cart, the product will be added to the cart. The revenue section will show the total value added, and the conversion rate, order, and reviews will be provided with ultimate priority and accuracy.

With Alpha Option Suite, you can easily configure the frequently bought together feature and increase your store's growth. Our ultimate realistic reports will provide you with accurate data to help you make informed decisions.

💰 Frequently Bought Together Shopify App Tutorial to Boost Sales in Q4 (Best Shopify App)

Hey guys, in this video I want to share an app that can increase your sales and profits by encouraging customers to purchase more products from your store. The app is called Frequently Bought Together and can be found on the Shopify app store. Here's how to set it up:

- Introduce the app and its benefits for boosting sales and profits.

Steps to Set Up the App:

- Click on Customize Your Store in Shopify dashboard and search for Frequently Bought Together app.

- Select the app, which has a 4.9 star rating and almost 2,000 reviews.

- Choose the free plan and set up the app.

- The app will suggest frequently bought together products to customers with a discount, increasing the average order value and driving more sales.

- Set up the bundles manually or rely on the AI system to track customer purchases.

- Choose where to display the bundle on product pages (recommended: below the product description).

- Enable the app on the store.

Updating the Bundle and Discount:

- To manually update the products in a bundle, select Manual Bundles and choose the products.

- To update the discount, set a minimum bundle price and choose a percentage discount.

- Apply the same discount to all bundles using the Discounts tab.

- Customize the visual style of the bundle if desired.

- The Frequently Bought Together app is a must-have for driving more sales during the busiest time of the year.

- The free plan offers everything you need to start making money with the app.

- Check out the next video for another app that can help grow your Shopify store.

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