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From $0 to $100,000+ Per Month with Shopify Dropshipping! The CONS of Being Successful (Story)

Published on: December 3 2022 by Leon Green

From $0 to $100,000+ Per Month with Shopify Dropshipping! The CONS of Being Successful (Story)

From $0 to $100,000+ Per Month with Shopify Dropshipping! The CONS of Being Successful (Story)

try to find a hobby hey yo what's going
on is Lian he
I should blame like a diary
eight alright so I'm back with another
video in today's video we're going to be
toking about you know what it's like to
be rich and successful you know the cons
because all you guys see is pretty much
the pros of everything like oh the
lavish lifestyle the popin models the
travel and the Gucci the jewelry all
that stuff that's all you guys pretty
much see on social media but what you
guys know though is like there is
actually quite a bit of cons that come
with being rich and successful now if
you guys don't know I did all this with
Shopify dropshipping okay so without
further ado make sure you guys go ahead
and slap the fat thumbs up on this video
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stop wasting time so you can make these
videos you know I'm saying in the next
few months saying the cons of being a
successful job simply unjust I
understand but anyways man let's get
into a serious note okay and this is not
to scare you
by the way this is not to like make it
no you want these cons you know just
that I'm saying you you kind of want
them it's gonna happen and when it
happens it means you're successfully I'm
still I'm saying and that
you want I'd rather have these things in
my head then you know I'm saying you we
work in the 95 job so we're the first
thing is losing friends you will lose
friends once you start making a certain
amount of money not because and it's not
necessarily gonna be your fault either
unist I'm saying you soon realize that
some people are you call your friends
will be trying to take advantage of you
like literally it's literally happened
to me to the point where I had to cut a
few people off because once what once I
thought what I want what I once thought
was genuine turns out it's not genuine
because literally you will see the
difference when you start doing like a
hundred thousand plus profit a month
throughout all your businesses you will
see the difference with when people do
you used to call your friends you start
acting crazy and like just trying to
take advantage of you and it sucks
because it's the people that you've
probably been friends for like five
years ten kind of stuff so that's
something that's definitely gonna
and it's just gonna let you put a wall
up okay got something else is gonna
start happening like for example a lot
of people will gravitate towards you
because everybody's like they don't care
about your genuine carcass or any of
them that this is fact okay do you guys
see me if you all get Instagram you guys
see me where I'm at the club pretty much
every weekend I go through club a lot
used outside so for someone like me I
know me that I do a lot of people at
each time I go to the club and that's
almost never a genuine like hey you know
I'm saying your your Leon your cool guy
you this is not they just see the
jewelry they see the nice clothes they
see me pop in expensive bottles and they
just want to be around that circle you
know just I'm saying and that right
there is it messes with you you
understand I'm saying it really messes
with you now I'm gonna say something
very important like before all this I
used to dread Sundays because I'd have
to wake up to go to work on Mondays now
I dread Sundays because the emptiness
sets in on Monday does that make sense
like literally once once the weekend is
over everyone goes back to their normal
life and no one pretty much checks on
you and you just here in a big place all
by yourself and the emptiness really
sets in I'm not sure if you guys aren't
relationships but I'm not in a
relationship I got my relationships I'm
like officially in February so the
emptiness started to set in shortly
after that is now I'm saying like
because I'm here all myself okay the
people that you call so-called friends
don't really check up on you during the
week oh my god they just want to come
around during the weekend with the fun
that's going on and it's just it's
messed up it makes you put up a guard
now nowadays when I nowadays forward to
meet like a girl I don't know what she
wants you understand I'm saying and that
kind of messes things up with like
starting a new relationship with any
woman here Sam saying like don't get me
since all this I have met like a few
genuine people and some of them we're on
my level money-wise so they weren't
trying to use me for something I know
that because if you're making money -
then you don't need to use when you're
making your own money and I've also met
you know I've met a couple girls that
are genuine and don't care about the
money you know pay for my tab when we go
out you know they not even pay for it
but they'll pay for my tab so I've met a
couple of genuine people it's just this
is just like you know a lot of people
will gravitate towards you because of
who you are what you do and your bank
account it's going to happen so you need
to understand how to read that don't let
anybody in I know it sounds ah it sounds
like I'm telling you guys Oh put up a
wall and close yourself off but it's
just a simple fact you don't just want
to everybody because it will use like as
fact they will use you and they'll a but
they're not using you but you can just
you should be able to tell me to use so
always put up a wall for example if I go
to the club and go mostly come home with
me I just are never gonna text her ever
again because she just wants to come
home with me because she wants to and
I'm saying she wants to date and there's
nothing wrong with that like if I were
21 or like 18 or whatever I'll indulge
in it but for me I'm 25 and I've done
all that rubbish fun like I've done all
that random [ __ ] don't get a twist that
I still door checking down there as I
have sinned without so it's just like
when a girl gives me her number at the
club and then wants to come home with me
I just never text it because she only
wants one thing like she's once the
lifestyle stuff like that so for me how
I deal with meeting new girls is if I'd
meet you at the club and you know we
tok with having a great conversation
that's a good sign and then and I'm
saying like you give me a number and you
leave like you leave and like he texts
me normally and the conversation is
still great then you get to start
feeling okay she may be genuine so you
just have to learn how to read people
and you know I'm saying understand what
they're here for and that will that will
save you a lot of like heartbreak and
stuff like that so emptiness is
something that you definitely feel
especially miss thing going
plays and then you know I'm saying all
your friend in certain relationships so
you know I'm saying they can't really
just be around all the time so it's just
it's a lot of emptiness don't only this
man tell you like for a fact like if you
guys know this I get up and just get on
a plane a lot of the times just because
of how empty and I just it's sad it's
very sad but I rather happy sadness then
and I'm saying working 95 and I just
know I know it's temporary as far as
music goes because I am
actually it's just not the right time
since that's not going to work so I'm
going to be lonely a little longer so
you guys just gotta understand man how
to deal with people and then a lot of
people would really understand when
you're dropship in like a lot of your
friends when you start dropshipping
whatever don't understand what you're
doing and when you wait they're trying
to tell you man
oh just forget about this stuff it looks
like a pyramid scheme or something like
that like those people you want to stay
away from them especially now that
you're a beginner stay our people is
kind of people like isolate yourself to
lock yourself in your room and work your
way towards being in this position where
you know I'm saying you would feel all
these cons you understand I'm saying of
being a successful drop shipper so never
to let any or your friends tell you all
don't the dropship me because it's this
is that whatever no no you're gonna lose
a lot of friends because of that too
because when you try to do this you do
need to invest time into the learning
and they won't understand when you're
not trying to go out and I'm saying
don't understand we're not trying to
play video games or whatever it is so
you need to you know I'm say
if you need to cut something off do it
because only you need to understand
what's going on and if you dedicate your
time and effort into this you definitely
make a downside so when it comes to
being successful not just for shocked by
adoption is anything until you need to
be aware that people will
try to take away some will succeed that
is natural
it's insane
this lifestyle is crazy
it's great but it's definitely a lonely
lifestyle the top does get lonely for
sure that is a fact
very lonely and now I start to see why
when you hear celebrities or whatever to
get on you know just whatever the case
is it's because they've done everything
they've traveled the world they've done
everything had sex with whoever they
wanted to they've done everything so you
get to you're gonna get to a point where
like you feel like what now what's next
what's the new excitement what you know
I'm saying and it comes back it comes
back notike that was there like I've
only been suggested for like six to
eight months what now you understand I'm
saying I'm sitting here like okay what
now what's the next excitement but I
would never turn to it I'm saying the
drug and I don't think you guys should
ever do that as well I'm trying to find
a new hobby I'm gonna I'm gonna start
rapping again just for fun but try to
find a hobby that's definitely one way
to deal with the
loneliness and emptiness and everything
so what now try to find a hobby so you
can you know like keep yourself busy
that's one thing cuz when you're at this
point we don't be much like again it
depends if you have multiple other
businesses and that's different but if
you're toking specifically Shopify
dropshipping when you get to this point
you don't do much I don't too much at
all I look at my ass literally once
every other day literally I look at my
ads once every other day just to scale
it kill bad adsense it'll not work
and that's it that's literally all I do
I have a customer service rep the
replies to all the customer service
emails and then my orders get fulfilled
by my agent so you literally don't do
[ __ ] like you you literally have so much
time on your hands and the boredom and
all that stuff can really get to you so
one thing that I'm doing is um you know
going back to the studio just for fun
you know that's my hobby so try to find
out hobbies pretty sure to keep yourself
busy so you don't turn to you know
snorting coke and all that stuff because
you don't want it you don't you don't
want to be that person but and I'm
saying it's good you're gonna get to
that point where you've done a lot and
for me I'm 25 like I said so before even
money like I've done a lot so now that I
made one give like six to eight months
I'm done a lot
you understand I'm saying so it is I am
enough what now position trust me I am
you know what now position I don't know
if you guys know what Tracy Morgan is
but he went out and bought a Bugatti he
just recently also bought a Ferrari and
those are signs up literally what now
I've done it all
what's next youngest I'm saying
that's a good that's a good and a bad
thing because it's like you can
literally turn to doing some crazy [ __ ]
just for some new excitement so one way
that all states and that is definitely
fine uh-huh
but just be aware when you get to this
level you will feel empty no fool will
lose friends you will have trust issues
because you meet so many people that you
just want to use you so it'll be very
hard to lady and just know that it's
okay you just just learn from it okay
that's basically it the light of
experience is what's gonna make you and
I just understand what I'm saying so you
may get used you may you know I'm saying
but it's fine just learn from it like
I've learned from it I've been used but
it's gonna happen you just gotta keep
your hand up and and go through it and
I'm saying and yeah so right now I'm
gonna get back in the studio and all
that stuff just for fun that's my hobby
that's my way of coping with the
emptiness and loneliness and all that
stuff and as far as you know I'm saying
I could use what I could use a companion
I ain't gonna lie like if I have like a
serious girlfriend like if we get
serious and get serious but I could use
the companions somebody this like I say
this is my chick so I know people on
travels and it's like Hawaii it's done
but like I said it's very hard to know
people's intentions now because they
just they know what you do instantly
it's very hard to meet a new girl or the
guy whatever you're into
it's very hard to be a partner when your
pocket you know sounds and when you make
advance the whole city will know you
make advance somehow everybody know so
it's gonna be very hard very hard to
trust anybody
I got said to find me anybody usually
had especially at the club what I don't
even pay attention to them like I don't
never take home as many girls as you
guys probably think just because of that
reason like I'm a walking lick now I'm a
walking check I'm a walking it's like
yeah if I mess up with the wrong girl
you gonna hear my child are you gonna
hear about all this kind of stuff so you
guys think about all that to like I know
that a lot of guys that watch my video
so think of all that when you're going
crazy with these oh you got it
you got to understand you're walking
check so be careful who you I'm saying
you know I'm saying be careful who you
get addicted because they may be just
trying to get a baby so you know I'm
saying they can get their checks and
every much you know with something you
know I'm saying basically just think
before you do anything when you get to
this point keep that in mind you will
feel MD you will feel lonely you will
have trust issues people will try to use
you they will succeed
you just have to go through it and learn
from your mistakes that will Dan you
will make because you will make those
mistakes where lo let so much
we gotta try to read people better and
get a hobby for sure like even now if I
were you I'll start like
figuring out well what else I like to do
for fun just for fun no business of that
so that we get to this point you know
like okay I could be doing this every
Monday to win is named Friday's
interstellar websites keep yourself give
yourself is what's gonna look at me
right now this is literally Monday
Tuesday might think there's now I'm
saying because everybody has work
everybody has girlfriends and whatnot
it's just me and I can get any girl to
be in this apartment with me right now
any understand I'm saying any other
girls that I've met at the club one I
didn't get them here if I want but I
don't want those kind of people they
just want me because I'm saying and it's
also very tough if you if you're one of
those people that before the bread all
day you just weren't good with people so
people like do for you it's very tough
like I don't want to toot my own horn
but I was one of those be like before
the bread I've always had always
connected with people so it gets a
little tough for me because it's like I
can't tell if you do you really enjoy my
personality I can't tell I can't tell
you really enjoy our personality because
I'm still the same person like I still
would give the same energy but I can't
tell if that's why you're here or if
it's cuz cuz not pop bass but anyway man
that's some time working off for show is
trying to definitely be people better
try to and I'm saying keep your walls up
but also
understand when to take them to let them
down yeah it's difficult I'll tell ya
it's very difficult but get a hobby and
just try to be people better man
but anyways man that's just it with this
video hope you got some value different
kind of value from this and I'm saying
understand what to expect from when you
will become successful because you're
watching this right now this very moment
you will make a million dollars from
dropshipping Yanis now I said it's not
that hard
just keep testing be consistent and
you're gonna actually no I'm saying do
so but anyway slap a like in this video
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my no

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