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From Self Employed To Business Owner - Make This Shift To Enjoy More Time & More Money!

Published on: December 5 2022 by Miles Beckler

From Self Employed To Business Owner - Make This Shift To Enjoy More Time & More Money!

From Self Employed To Business Owner - Make This Shift To Enjoy More Time & More Money!

hey miles here miles Becker calm this
video is all about transitioning from
being self-employed to being a business
owner now in a previous video I covered
the four quadrants of the cashflow
quadrant number one is being an employee
then you have being a self-employed
individual then there's a business owner
and fourth and finally you have being an
investor and really I think the the
biggest lifestyle jump and the biggest
benefit for you is in getting from that
self-employed phase up to the business
owner phase so we're gonna tok about
what that is and how they differ in this
video but then you're gonna learn how
what do you need to do to actually make
that transition because there's a lot
more freedom and there's a lot more
income potential being a business owner
versus being self-employed
but I want to make sure you know that
being self-employed is a great step and
it's kind of a must-have step on the
path you see when my wife and I were
first getting our website going we both
had day jobs desk jobs 9:00 to 5:00 with
commutes and all that jazz and then we
would work the nights and weekends on
our business over the course of several
months growing that website growing
traffic getting it picked up by Google
doing SEO I learned the basics of how to
rank a website and then I decided to let
go of my employee position and shift to
being self-employed this is when I
started offering services for local
businesses because I knew that I could
help them get onto WordPress websites I
could help them do keyword research and
content marketing in a way that would
get them to outrank their competitors
there are other local businesses and I
knew this would make them more money and
I knew that they were willing to invest
in that
so that was my transition down to the
self-employed world and my wife and I
stayed in this position in this phase
for about four years and I learned a lot
of skills and it worked really well to
give me extra time you see when I was an
employee I had about a two hour
sometimes on a bad day three hours a day
commute every single day so that was ten
sometimes even 15 hours per week that
just disappeared into you know the
commute and I'd listen to audiobooks and
I'd get audio books from my library to
keep filling my brain with positive
information and good marketing books but
being able to apply that time to client
sites directly in my own website
literally helped me increase my income
it was in this phase where we paid off
all of the debt all my $50,000 in
student loan debt
it was in this phase of being
self-employed that I was able to pay
this off but the challenge with being
self-employed is that you're kind of the
bottleneck in everything oftentimes you
start out by doing everything so in
those early days I was the marketing guy
right I ran the meetup groups where I
was able to meet the local business
owners I would go to the networking
events and I would sit down or a coffee
and learn about their businesses
I was the sales guy I was presenting
offers and and really kind of crafting
custom offers to meet their specific
I was the delivery guy I was the do all
the work guy I was the keyword
researcher when I sold keyword research
packs how was the quality assurance guy
okay so that's being self-employed and
it was a better arrangement than being
an employee but as I sought to remove
myself from the the actual day-to-day
work this is the thought of being a
business owner this is what you need to
get to and really ultimately the the
piece of the puzzle that's gonna help
you make that shift from being
self-employed to becoming a business
owner is focusing in on systems and
processes and then teammates because a
business compared to that self-employed
reality that I just shared with you a
business is one that has different
individuals project managers operations
officers etc who oversee entire teams
and divisions who all move projects
forward on their own it eliminates the
situation where every Road flows back
two miles right every decision
eventually landed on miles as desk and
everything needed miles as input now
it's built in a way my business is built
in a way that all of the different
individual people in the game the people
running our backlink campaigns they all
have very standardized processes that
they follow our writers all have very
standardized processes that they follow
my SEO guy who goes back through and
reoptimize as all my content my
click-through rates and and all the kind
of on-page optimization has a very
standard process to follow and then our
products and our membership and our
customer support department and our
designer in our developer all of these
individuals and all of these different
components that at one point we're
handled by melanie and i are now handled
by other people and it's through
creating these kinds of procedures
standard operating procedures procedural
is how we've been able to really start
to free ourselves so while you're in
that self-employed phase and you're
doing the work make sure that you're
noting down and you're working to think
from a systems level not just I need to
create this result I need to get this
thing off of my desk because there's
thirty more things that need my
attention today but being aware of the
process so eventually you can bring on a
teammate and you can teach them your
process this is how I was able to get
the content that I deliver on this
YouTube channel onto my blog I created a
process and I started by doing this by
right so take the video and I would run
it through a transcription tool otter AI
or Timmy TEM Icom or two options and
then I would take the transcription and
then I would work with it and I would
have to add a lot of paragraph breaks
because the blocks of text from a
transcription weren't that good to read
I'd have to edit it run it through
grammerly run it through Hemingway app
etc etc I built the process I was able
to create a result myself first right I
was able to take this long block of
almost unreadable transcription and turn
it into a neat and tidy on page
optimized SEO friendly artikle or blog
post for my website then I documented
the steps and often for me you can see I
got I got some messy things all around
me and notebooks all around when I
document steps it's just writing them
out it's just paying attention I'll go
through the process several times and
I'll write out all the steps I won't
necessarily turn this into a procedural
document myself I often have my
teammates do that but what I do from
this point is I look for someone to
bring on to go create that duplicatable
result for me instead of me doing that
result okay so this was the first phase
of really growing and shifting from
being self-employed to a business owner
it was to get other individuals to do
the work the different bits and pieces
but what this created was they always
came back to me
miles I got this done what do I do next
miles here's that artikle for you
go ahead and lay that out because that
editor the copy editor wasn't really
wordpress friendly right there's a
different skill set to be able to get in
and lay it out so it would come back to
me and then it would go on to my layout
individual actually I was laying it out
myself in those days now goes my layout
individual when the core belief or the
core philosophy of
makes a business a business is that the
business grows without the effort of the
owner right so it's the next level of
systems that I've been working on and
this is really where I'm at in my
business today is refining the systems
of how do I get things to stop needing
my input at all to where the writer is
finished and then the project manager is
able to get it over to the layout people
and the project manager is able to
coordinate with a graphics person to get
custom graphics on that and then there's
someone to do the quality assurance at
the end right and the team is able to
get everything done on their own and you
know you've got this going well when
projects entire projects are able to
initiate themselves and move forward get
tested and implemented with little more
than your yes go do that right so there
is still a point in this business model
where where I have conversations with my
operations teammates with with ahead of
them with my traffic guy and we toked
about how much are we gonna invest in
this testing or in this new funnel that
we've created or we toked about you
know what what kind of budgets do we
have for our SEO etc etc or we toked
about the higher level strategies
together okay I'm still involved in that
way and that's because as a business
owner I'm also you know the CEO I'm the
chief executive officer I'm the officer
involved in in maintaining the vision
the captain of the ship right but I'm
not running down to the engine room
every 20 minutes to go make sure that
the engine is running at full speed and
this is really the philosophy that I
want you to kind of involve so the big
idea is to shift at some point you're
gonna need a shift from doing the work
to essentially using systems and
teammates to get them to create the
results that you have personally created
on your own so while you're creating
these results document the processes and
I'll be honest this YouTube channel has
helped me immensely because I create
videos for you that document what I've
done and then I plug my teammates into
it so when I wanted to teach my virtual
assistant how to take the audio from
these videos and essentially turn it
into a podcast and get that going I made
a video and that video is live here for
you so if you want to train your virtual
assistant on how to take the audio feed
from your videos and make it into a
alive and well and that video attracts
thousands of people a month into my
world because people are searching for
that phrase so by wanting to demonstrate
to you how I've done all the bits and
pieces to grow my business I Scott it's
forced me to document the steps to get
metikulous about why I do things and
what order needs to be done because I'm
going to teach you how to do it I'm
gonna teach you a more efficient way
that I'm willing to do it myself and
that gets me to really focus it down and
then I'm able to get the individuals
involved in doing those work product to
create that work create that result for
me but then the next key and this has
been one of the big challenges is how do
I a get a project manager type person to
where they are the one that all of the
conversations with the designers the
developers the editors the copy editors
the copywriters the the paid ads people
the SEO people all of those
conversations run through that
individual not me anymore and I'm able
to work on the strategy level of things
I'm able to free up more of my time to
maybe go out my garden and garden and
keep feeding the deer my tomato plants
because well they they just like to eat
all my plans that's neither here nor
there but it's the idea that a as a
business owner I now have more time
freedom my business continues to grow my
revenue continues to grow and my profits
continue to grow and I keep very close
tabs on that in my business but I am
physically and Melanie is physically are
physically doing less work
now we're getting ourselves set up in a
position to where my advertising guy can
work with my funnel builder who can work
with my copywriter and they together can
craft new split tests they can now craft
new product bundles get sales pages done
for product bundles to run entire funnel
tests with zero of my input and this is
going to allow my business to continue
to grow because my customer support team
is there if someone buys and doesn't
have a access or if they need to bundle
a few products together and create a new
delivery page within my learning
management system I have the different
teammates in place and now they can all
work together to create new funnels to
create new products to create new offers
to create new landing pages new split
tests etc all designed to move my
business forward which means
customers more leads more profitability
over time with less input from me and
this is how I'm embarking on this
journey of transitioning from being
self-employed to being a business owner
and I'm still gonna do these videos for
you because I love sharing and as I said
it really helps me get specific and to
identify the the processes that I do and
that I use
teaching often helps us learn that which
we're teaching at a deeper level so I
valued this greatly but at the same time
I'm building systems and building
processes and I'm installing teammates
and I'm working really hard to
facilitate interaction between my
teammates because there was a time a
year ago where everything came right
back to miles and my inbox was full
every day and my slack chats were full
every day and everything needed my input
and today I'm really starting to connect
all my teammates with each other and I'm
making sure that they're all able to
move things forward and I am always
available to my teammates and I'm always
here thinking up bigger picture ideas
and as a business owner this is where I
want to be I want to keep that vision of
okay so we're here what is it 10 million
dollar your business look like that's
eight hundred and thirty five thousand
dollars a month or something crazy like
that right there's a massive leap from
where I'm at now in my business but it
allows me it affords me the time to
think about what what kind of systems
what what what is needed what is
involved in a business of that scale and
it's through thinking these ideas where
I come up with new ideas new products
new funnels new launches being able to
hand those ideas off to competent team
mates who have support systems
underneath them and they have the
ability to go implement all the way down
to the final product to be able to
report back well miles we did what you
thought here's the result what do you
think and then we toked about it we
have a nice meeting about it come up
with some ideas on how we may be able to
improve it and then they go forth and
make it all happen and this is a
business owner and the next level of
cash flow quadrant is investor level
which that's completely removing
yourself right there's there's no more
day-to-day interaction in that situation
you're simply getting your monies to
multiply itself through other business
systems that are already proven to be
efficient that's probably a topic for
another day but I really wanted to share
that idea with you so if you're right
now in the employee level know that
getting to that self-employed level is a
big leap and
honor that process and when you're in
that self-employed world whether you're
building an affiliate site yourself
you're doing all the keyword research
yourself you're doing all the content
writing yourself the optimization if
you're doing it all yourself be sure
you're taking time to pay attention to
the systems be sure you're taking time
to optimize the systems because there's
gonna be a point when your cash flow is
good enough and you know that you could
probably with a little bit of help
duplicate out your success and maybe for
fifteen hundred dollars a month in
teammates you could get to three more
websites going that could generate five
or six thousand dollars a month and this
is how you can start to leverage kind of
what you're doing today as a
self-employed individual to build the
foundation for you to transition into a
real business that can grow if you
decide to take a month off that can grow
with or without your input that can
allow you to work 2 3 4 10 15 hours a
week and still grow a ridiculous income
that is far superior to what most people
working 9 to 5s will ever see even in a
year sometimes that's the big idea for
you so systems people and get your
people to work together oh it's so
important some of the tools I use really
slack as one of the the main
communication points I do a lot um
communications with my key people and
structuring your business thinking of an
org chart where you're at the top and
you've got a few key people who run a
few key pieces within the business and
they all have their individuals
underneath them and they can all inter
coordinate to make sure that project is
seen to fruition without everything
coming back up through you they become
that deflection point for you you work
at strategy level you work on big ideas
you make sure things are done on time by
the different departments and
intercommunication happens as needed but
ultimately they do the work and this is
how you grow a real successful business
I hope that's been helpful if you've
enjoyed it give me a thumbs up let me
know if you have any questions subscribe
hit the bell do what you do I appreciate
you and I look forward connecting with
you on the next video until then be well

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