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From Zero To 100 Sales On Etsy (7 Step Cheat Code)

Published on: December 2 2022 by Anji Long

From Zero To 100 Sales On Etsy (7 Step Cheat Code)

From Zero To 100 Sales On Etsy (7 Step Cheat Code)

guys I am so excited I just opened my
Etsy Shop yesterday and I'm already
quitting my job I'm rich truthfully that
doesn't really happen so I'm not going
to show you how to make a million
dollars in this video but I am going to
show you how to get your first 100 sales
on Etsy and do it in the fastest way
that you possibly can and the
information in today's video applies to
the print on demand business model and
we're going to be utilizing a tool
called sale Samurai I have linked a free
trial for you down below so you can test
this method out for yourself and before
we jump into the how-to I'm just going
to highlight some of my new students
results from using this method now the
hardest sale to get is the very first
sale and once you get one sale you know
that you are cut out for this and you
can get a hundred sales you can get 10
000 sales simply by duplicating what you
just did so let's take a look at some
results these are from my Facebook group
so this guy said after learning about
sales Samurai he totally changed
everything he was doing his listings are
now showing up on page one by finding
those niches that aren't saturated he
was able to sell his first three items
and so he said convinced sales Samurai
is a game changer this is another
coaching student he got up 32 listings
after attending a coaching call that my
husband and I did and then later that
evening he said boom just found out
three shirts ranked on page one and they
are on the second row and then a few
days later he got his very first sale
here is another coaching student who
claims that she struggles with design
however our SEO training is so good
using sales Samurai that she made one
listing and she was a able to get her
very first order here is another
coaching student who stayed up all night
creating some listings and the very next
day she was able to sell four shirts and
that is simply from following the
training that we provide so this isn't
rocket science it's incredibly simple
the only key to this is literally
finding keywords that are being searched
that are best-selling listings and that
aren't competitive with a lot of other
sellers it's literally as simple as that
and it works time and time again so the
very first thing that I think any new
Etsy seller should do is find themselves
One Mentor and the reason that you
should do that is because when you're
first starting something it's going to
take you quite a long time to learn the
ropes gather all of the relevant
information to have a full plan in place
to succeed so if there's someone several
steps ahead ahead of you that you can
learn from that have already made the
mistakes and that have found a
duplicatable plan to follow then it will
make it so much easier for you to
succeed in a much quicker time period
and condense learning information
yourself and I recommend finding one
mentor and listening to one person
because if you listen to 10 different
Etsy sellers you're going to get 10
different pieces of advice and what's
going to happen at that point you're
going to implement something for a week
you're going to go this isn't really
working so let me try the advice from
this person try it for a week this isn't
really working so let me try this advice
and then you're going to be spinning
your wheels going in circles trying this
and that and that and not getting
anywhere so if you listen to one person
then there's going to be less confusion
and you're going to be able to follow
more of a straight path and stay
consistent with the information that
they're sharing with you and if you
choose me to learn from then I would
absolutely be honored and thrilled to
have you as one of my students and if
it's not me if you don't resonate with
my style cool just go find somebody who
you fully resonate with that you believe
that can help you get from point A to
point Z of opening your shop and helping
you get your first 100 sales and I do
have linked Down Below in addition to
the free trial of sales Samurai I also
do have a seven day free Etsy boot camp
it's 100 free you can join that go
through even learn more about sales
Samurai and probably get a lot of your
questions about the initial steps of
getting started with print on demand
answered so be sure to take advantage of
all of those resources down below and
let's get into number two so number two
you want to find yourself a tool that
can provide you data and help you find
those sweet spots on Etsy where there is
not a whole lot of competition and I
have done this on three different stores
in three different niches with three
different business models so I can tell
you without a shadow of a doubt that
this is a repeatable process this has
resulted in multiple best sellers in
multiple stores and I even have some
listings on Etsy that have done over
twenty thousand dollars in revenue on
one listing thirty thousand dollars in
revenue from one listing and well over
sixty thousand dollars from one listing
and that is because I found the area on
Etsy where there are best sellers that
are already proven there are people
searching and buying those things and
the competition is small because on Etsy
you can jump into a niche that has a lot
of best sellers and think woohoo this is
going to be a winner and then what
happens your listing gets buried amongst
fifty thousand a hundred thousand other
people and it's just gone and lost in
the wind or like a needle and a haystack
now if you find that area where there's
say 500 or less other sellers in that
specific keyword then when you make your
listing there's a really good chance
that you're going to end up on page one
rather than getting buried deep in the
search and from there if you did a great
job on your listing you have a great
product your photos are beautiful and
clean then it's pretty much almost
guaranteed that you're going to start
getting a lot of sales so this is
probably one of the number one keys to
my success on Etsy so let's hop over to
the computer and I'm going to show you
exactly how this works the first thing
you want to do is come over to the shops
Tab and connect your Etsy shop and
that's going to update the API
connection with this software so it
connects to Etsy and then we're going to
go to sir search we're going to do a
basic search and if this is going a
little slow for you I do know that sales
Samurai is in the process of upgrading
their server so that should be sped up
pretty soon so you just type a basic
keyword in here for an item that you
want to do for example I typed in
teacher shirts as you can see the
keyword teacher shirts is very
competitive so right here where it says
Etsy competition anything over 50 000 is
going to have a red circle anything that
is medium competition is going to have a
yellow circle and then anything that is
low competition is going to have a green
circle now really anything less than 15
000 competition is considered low
competition I tend to look for things
more under 3
000 for this number however a lot of my
best sellers are at 500 for this number
5 500 competitions so that means that
I'm not competing with that many other
listings for my keyword now when you
type in your keyword you can scroll down
and this is going to give you some
suggestions for other keywords then over
here you can see some suggested tags if
you scroll down to the bottom you can
see some of the top listings for Teacher
shirts or whatever you typed in you can
see how many views and likes they are
getting you can also see the average
price point down here and shipping times
you want to look at some of the top
listings you're just going to click on
that little I there and then you can see
all of the relevant information about
this listing including all of the tags
that they are using and you can see how
well they have optimized their listing
so this one is using all 140 characters
which is great they're using 21 words
the description has 2007 78 characters
and they're using 9 out of 10 image
spaces and then you can see what the
search volume is for all of the keywords
that they are using and from here
there's several things that I would do I
would take each one of the keywords from
their title and type it in a basic
search to see what the competition is
and then I can also go over to the
Chrome extension and I can type in that
keyword again and sort the keywords by
low competition too high so that's going
to list things in order all the possible
keywords that I can use and it's going
to rank it by the competition what's
going to make it super simple for you
but let's just go ahead and type in
hello second grade shirt which is the
first keyword in their title here and as
you can see here we have a winner so it
says Etsy competition is a low because
it has a green circle there and it has
4413 competition which is considered low
I have found more quicker success with
things under 3 000 however this is still
definitely worth putting up so what we
do is we find all of the keywords to
comprise a hundred and forty characters
of a title on Etsy and we start with our
lowest competition keyword first because
that's what's going to help us to show
up in a smaller pool of keywords rather
than jumping into just teacher shirts
which is a more broad keyword and you're
going to be competing with hundreds of
thousands of etsy sellers so when you
can find things like this then you are
going to be more likely to show up on
page one and of course that is if you
also have good photos your product is
great Your Design is great and you have
fully optimized your listing so you can
now go through all of the hello second
grade listings down here run all of
their keywords through the basic Search
tool here on sale Samurai to comprise
your own title and make your own unique
title and do it by lowest to highest
competitions so the lowest competition
keyword is going to be in the front and
the highest is going to be at the end
and I get as many low competition
keywords as I can in there now keep in
mind if you're just going surface level
with what is available as soon as you
just type in teacher shirts right what
came up was hello second grade now
there's going to be a lot of people also
using sales Samurai that are doing the
same thing as you that are going to
start jumping into this so that's where
you want to maybe dig a little bit
deeper and use the Chrome extension to
start digging down into those niches and
keywords that maybe not 4 000 people are
listing on Etsy but more like 2000 so
I'm going to link another video directly
below in the description box where it's
just a full overview of sales Samurai
um so that you can get more of a feel
for how to also use the Chrome extension
number three and this really
specifically applies to print on demand
and you want to make sure that you are
on Trend and that means what is in
demand right now what is popular and
what are people purchasing when it comes
to say t-shirts so for example I had
someone show me that they had added 200
t-shirt listings to their store and got
zero sales yet and the reason that that
is is because they were using what I
would call outdated fonts and their
designs just really weren't that good
they weren't relevant trending colors so
if they had done maybe the same design
but in slightly different different
color schemes and with updated font
which is a retro if you shop online at
all and you subscribe to email
newsletters from different shopping
platforms they're hitting on Retro Retro
Retro Retro right that is the style
right now in 2022 so if you're not
utilizing some retro fonts or even
t-shirt Styles then you are missing the
boat so yes absolutely it must be on
Trend and in demand as a best seller
chances are if it's not a best seller
then nobody's buying it nobody wants it
nobody cares we are here to fulfill the
needs of others not ourself number four
and this is a big one it is about
managing your expectations and not
giving up too soon so how many listings
does it actually take to get your first
print on demand sale now this can vary
great greatly because there are so many
different factors from good keywords
good designs great mock-ups filling out
your listing completely but from my own
experience and from working with other
sellers it's going to be possibly
somewhere around 50 but really it can be
anywhere between one listing and 100
listings and it can also depend on the
time of year if you've watched a lot of
other YouTube videos you know people
just Rave about how many sales that they
make in November and December and that's
because that is when the holiday rushes
and it's true you can make more and
November and December than literally the
rest of the year combined so if you're a
new print on demand store and you've
been adding items to your store and you
haven't seen much traction yet and if
you just keep adding those items come
November you just might see all of that
hard work pay off so the goal with Etsy
is consistency so you want to give
yourself at least a good 90 days of
adding to your store consistently
building that habit of treating Etsy
like a real business if you were to go
and work a full-time job for a full-time
income you would expect to have to show
up to that job every single day right so
why wouldn't you view starting a
business in exactly the same time
starting at Sea is sort of like pushing
a boulder up a hill to get some momentum
now I did share in a video about how I
listed a custom mug and one person
within a couple days came and purchased
50 of those now is that normal or
typical no however when you are doing
personalized items you are definitely
way more likely to get somebody to
purchase a lot of those from you so my
best advice for managing your
expectations is commit yourself to Etsy
to building your store over a Year's
period of time learning as much as you
possibly can in that year perfecting
your skills if someone was to go to
college they would spend just four years
learning to get a piece of paper not
even guaranteed to get a job that's
going to pay them so if you think of it
in terms of let me start a business and
just continue to learn and there's a
potential that I can earn along the way
then you're going to be in a much better
position than somebody that starts an
Etsy business adds to it for a week
because they're super excited don't see
any results and so they quit too soon I
can tell you that I have been working
online since 2010 I have done loads of
different business models and Etsy in
this whole period of time is my favorite
because I think it is the most simple
and when I say simple that doesn't
necessarily mean easy it means it's not
rocket science you do a few things
repeatedly over and over day in and day
out with consistency right that takes
work you do those things every single
day and over time you can create a very
successful business quicker than
probably most other platforms on the
internet so I hope that helps you to
manage your expectations and understand
what to expect when starting a print on
demand business and know that you are
not going to set up your Etsy account
open it up be quitting your job tomorrow
because suddenly you're rich no that's
not how it works but yes it's true you
can have a listing that starts
generating a lot of sales making you a
lot of Revenue and then from there you
can grow and expand now number five I
sort of just touched on with the last
point and that is daily activity in your
Etsy store because
Etsy wants to know that you are serious
so if you were in there every single day
adding to your store running sales
communicating with your customer
customers Etsy is going to give you a
better quality score and that ultimately
is going to help your listings in the
Etsy search so if you can only add one
listing a day to your Etsy store do that
if you can do more go for it so in the
beginning yes absolutely consistency is
key even if you are going on vacation
take your laptop with you log into your
Etsy shop for at least 15 minutes and do
something and then you can get back to
your vacation in the beginning it takes
a little bit of sacrifice you have to
put in that little bit of extra effort
and elbow grease so that you can reap
those rewards and it's really such a
small period of time that you have to
put in that extra amount of effort so
just commit yourself to it and make it
happen number six you want to actually
utilize the paid Etsy ads so as you
start getting sales of items you will
know that your SEO is good and that the
keywords are on point so at that point
you can then turn on the ads for those
listings and I have had incredible
success with Etsy ads and I have yet to
lose money on ads because I know exactly
what Etsy is looking for and even if you
were to just break even on your Etsy ads
it would still be worth it because Etsy
has a lot of repeat buyers so if you
broke even to get that customer from an
Etsy ad and they come back to you the
next month then from there on out when
they purchase from you then you're going
to be earning profit from that customer
if you aren't using Etsy ads yet you are
leaving tons of money on the table and
this will definitely help you reach your
first 100 sales so long as you have done
the proper research and you've done the
proper SEO or search engine optimization
to your listing and that happens with
your title having the correct keywords
the description also having keywords the
tags the photos everything that you can
possibly fill out in your listing to get
yourself an excellent quality score with
Etsy and number seven last but certainly
not least you want to expand upon what
is already working I'm going to give you
an example of this in my business so
about two weeks ago I had a t-shirt in
the teacher Niche that has started
selling and I do have ads turned on for
that listing so I went ahead and added
that T-shirt design to a sweatshirt and
I already knew that my keywords were
good and the design was desirable
because people were already buying it in
t-shirt so I put it on the sweatshirt
went ahead and turned the ad on even
though that listing hadn't made any
sales yet and what happened it literally
sold a day a day later through an Etsy
ad literally it had two clicks and one
buyer so if you want want to get to 100
sales quickly definitely implement the
information that I have shared in
today's video get yourself a mentor
utilize sales Samurai to research your
keywords and competition make sure that
you are listing products that are in
demand and trending manage your
expectations and understand that this is
going to take a lot of consistency over
the first year to really push that
boulder up a hill and get your business
to where it needs to be in order to be a
successful business daily action in your
store make sure that you are listing
every single day and running sales run
Etsy ads on what's already selling and
seven expand upon what is already
working Implement these seven methods
over the next 90 days and I am so
curious to see what starts to happen in
your business so I hope this video has
been super helpful for you if you gained
a lot of Knowledge from this be sure to
give it a thumbs up don't forget to hit
that subscribe button so you're notified
every single time that I release a brand
new video on how to succeed with Etsy
and Prince on demand don't forget to
snag your free trial of sales Samurai
and sign up for the seven day free Etsy
boot camp that I put together for you
make it an amazing day and I will see
you in the next video

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