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Frontier Ads: Boldly Pushing Boundaries

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Frontier Airlines is expanding to more cities with low fares and new planes.

The secret to their low fares? They don't pay their employees more.

Meet baggage handler extraordinaire Trevor Ryan Glenn, also known as the Sultan of the Suitcase and the Viceroy of Elise.

Frontier offers advanced seat assignments on every flight.

Frontier's Stretch Seating provides passengers with an extra five inches of legroom.

Frontier's Super Roll 43 Sale offers super prices for 43 hours.

Frontier has non-stop flights to 70 cities.

Frontier Airlines presents tips for succeeding in business, including knowing your acronyms.

Frontier lets passengers watch DirecTV on their flights.

Frontier is looking for a new animal mascot and is allowing people to vote on their website.

Meet the auditioning animals, including Paulie the Parrot and Enrique the Llama.

Frontier's employees include Doug the Dung Beetle and Flip the Worrier.

Join Frontier in choosing their next animal mascot by voting on their website.

Frontier Ads featured on TV show "Amazing Animal Ads"

- Denver-based Frontier Airlines' animal campaign was a huge success

- Animals were given voices and ran in an election to be Denver's favorite animal

- The campaign was a parody of politics and social commentary

The Duck That Turned Out to Be Our Golden Goose:

- The animal campaign was a huge success for Frontier Airlines

- The popularity of the campaign translated into sales and added to the company's bottom line

My Counting on the Most Famous Sheep and the Talking Tales That Really Took Off:

- The animal campaign featured various animals with personalities and voices

- The campaign was a mini sitcom featuring the animals' political platforms and egotistical attitudes

The Boy Here We Go Again:

- The animal campaign was a parody of politics in general

- The animals were portrayed as being very earnest about their platforms, despite being animals

The Most Spectacular Animal Ads from All Over the World:

- The animal campaign was a rare success in the advertising industry

- The popularity of the campaign was due to the emotional link created between the characters and the community

It's All on Amazing Animal:

- The animal campaign was a fun and enjoyable experience for the creators and the viewers

- The campaign featured various animals with distinct personalities and quirks

- Frontier Airlines' animal campaign was a huge success and added to the company's bottom line

- The campaign was a parody of politics and a rare success in the advertising industry

- The emotional link created between the characters and the community contributed to the campaign's popularity.

Simple Ways to Make Amazing Facebook Ads - Frontier Marketing

- Joe introduces himself and the topic of creating amazing Facebook ads

- Clarifies that this article is for those who have already started using Facebook ads but want to take them to the next level


- On your Facebook page, click on the promote button in the bottom left-hand corner to create ads

- Three types of ads to consider: promote your page, promote your business locally, promote a call now button

- Facebook has made ad creation simple, with options for creating slideshows and using video or images

- Slideshows are a nifty way to get people's attention and stand out from still images

- Joe encourages viewers to try out these simple ad strategies and reach out for help if needed

- Teases future tips to come.

Broadsign Ads x Frontier Australia | How media and marketing agency uses pDOOH

In this article, we will be discussing programmatic digital out of home and its role in the media landscape. We will also be exploring the challenges and opportunities of integrating programmatic digital out of home into a media plan.

The Current Media Landscape:

The media landscape has shifted during the pandemic, with people spending more time online and streaming becoming more popular. However, we are now seeing a resurgence of traditional media channels, such as out of home and cinema. The challenge is to strike a balance between brand building and performance-based activities.

Programmatic Digital Out of Home:

Programmatic digital out of home offers the flexibility to be more tactical and complement the wider media mix. The location grid is a key feature that provides the flexibility

Comic Book Ads / Scams

Have you ever read a comic book and been fascinated by the crazy ads inside? From sea monkeys to X

YouTube Ads For Real Estate, The New Frontier

Music We Are Live Nation: YouTube Ads for Real Estate

In this webinar, Mike and Lloyd discuss YouTube ads for real estate, highlighting the differences between YouTube and Facebook ads and the types of ads that exist on YouTube. They also explain the benefits of YouTube as a search engine and the advanced targeting strategies that can be used.

Key Points:

- YouTube is a search engine owned by Google, making it a powerful tool for intent-based search targeting.

- Skippable in-stream ads are the most recommended type of YouTube ad, as they offer the first 30 seconds of free brand awareness.

- Ad discovery on is another type of ad that requires a good thumbnail and call to action for a click-through, but you only pay for clicks.

- YouTube favors longer videos of 5-10 minutes, and video communication is more impactful than text or image-based communication.

- Targeting on YouTube is advanced, allowing for specific intent-based search targeting and the ability to follow people around the internet with funnel ads.

YouTube ads for real estate are the next big thing and offer a blue ocean opportunity. By understanding the different types of ads and the advanced targeting strategies, real estate agents can take advantage of this platform for both branding and lead generation purposes.

STREAMING Is The New Frontier Of Political Ads Dallas Lawrence

A recent survey by Samba TV and Harris X has found that a majority of registered voters in the United States no longer have traditional television subscriptions, prompting political campaigns to shift their advertising to streaming services. This shift is due to the fact that traditional television subscriptions have fallen to just 49% of registered voters nationwide, and even lower in 10 key battleground states.

Campaigns are now exploring new ways to reach voters, particularly on streaming platforms such as Hulu and Roku. This article will explore how campaigns are reaching voters this midterm cycle and how they can do better.

Key Points:

- Only 49% of registered voters in the US have traditional television subscriptions.

- More than 80% of registered voters nationally and in key battleground states indicate that they stream television.

- Campaigns are increasingly shifting their advertising to streaming services.

- Streaming and connected TV are the best mediums for advertising as they provide amazing targeting and measurement capabilities.

- Streaming marries the best of both worlds from an advertising perspective.

- Netflix and Disney are launching their ad-supported tiers, which will attract millions of cord-cutters.

- Political campaigns can use QR codes on their ads to drive donations, voter information, and geotv outreach.

- Streaming and connected TV will revolutionize how campaigns think about the creative experience, measuring, and targeting to the household level.

As traditional television subscriptions continue to decline, political campaigns are shifting their advertising strategies to streaming services and connected TV. This shift provides new and exciting opportunities for campaigns to reach voters with targeted messaging and measurement capabilities. With the launch of ad-supported tiers by Netflix and Disney, political campaigns will need to adapt their advertising strategies to take advantage of these new opportunities. By leveraging QR codes on their ads, campaigns can engage with voters in new and innovative ways. Overall, the 2020 midterm cycle promises to be an exciting time for political campaigns as they explore new ways to reach voters on streaming services.

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