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fully automated shopify store

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

I Paid Fiverr to Automate a Shopify Dropshipping Store

what is up you guys, and welcome back to another video, and in this one i'm going over how we're going to take a completely new business, start to launch a shopify drop shipping store with fiverr, have the store built via fiverr. we're also going to be using a couple different resources so that i can hire someone to run the ads and drive traffic to the store, and i'm also going to be showing you how i'm going to be getting my video ads created so that i actually don't have to go out there and find content for the product that i'm going to sell. so you guys are going to see a completely automated way of doing things, so you don't have to be the expert in building the store or running the ads, and that is why i'm making this video. so make sure you guys stay tight for the whole thing. if you guys do enjoy the video, make sure you smash the like button and you know drop subscribe down below. it's really going to help out the channel. i've been seeing some awesome growth and i really want to help you guys out, so make sure you do that. also, my course is in the description: if you want to run your own ads, if you're trying to build your own store. this is a great way to actually go about doing things and, as of right now, it's cut down half price just for you guys- that you guys can get it for a discounted price for black friday and for cyber monday. so, without further ado, we're going to jump into my computer right now. you're going to see exactly how i'm going to pick out someone to you know, actually build the store, so i want to run the ads- and then how we're going to get these video ads created. so, as you guys can see, right now we're in my computer and we're on fiverrcom. fiverrcom is basically just a website for freelancing. if you guys don't already know, they have a ton of things that they can do for you. they can do graphic design, digital marketing, writing and translations. but for this purpose, what i'm going to try to do is find someone to build us an e-commerce store and e-commerce website so that when we go to drive traffic to the store using ads, there's somewhere for someone to buy the product or service or digital good. but in this case, we're going to be drop shipping, so i'm going to be selling a product, so the first thing i'm going to do is type in shopify drop shipping store and we're going to see what kind of results come up. and i'm also going to place the order with someone who's a level 2 seller so that they- i know that their services are going to be quality and they'll get- you know the story- delivered to me on a good time. so that's what we're going to try to do here. i'm going to look through really quickly and see if i can find someone who meets the criteria we're looking for. i'm also going to sort it by best selling rather than relevance, just because i want to see which people have made the most money and which ones are the most popular. and i'm going to create, um, a couple different tabs here so that we can- we can- just compare the different listings. so i'm going to hit open link- a new tab we can do. let's see. i want one with a lot of ratings here. this guy looks like he's charging a lot more. i want it to be within our budget here. so i want to just look at previous people who've done it in their previous experience with it and kind of what it looks like. let's go over here and see what this looks like. i wish they had examples of their stores so that we can really see what's going on. but let's sort it, um, by shopify platform, and i also want to sort this by a top rated seller, okay, and now we're going to see the best listings and who is performing the best. so some of these are a little bit more pricey, but for the price that we're going to be paying, hopefully we get to do. do get a good store built. if you guys do want to store bill, i also offer pre-built stores, so make sure you click the link in the description and i can help you build the store. but for this purpose we're going to use fiverr. it's actually going to cost at least 250 dollars. so what i'm going to do is order this right now and we're probably going to get the store within the next couple days or so and i'll keep you guys updated. but the next thing i want to do is go to upwork and, since we're going to have to run ads for our store, we need to pick out a media buyer so that we can find someone who's actually going to be an expert in driving traffic. so what i can look up is just facebook ads, since that's going to be the main source of traffic that we're going to be getting people from our store from. okay, and what i'm going to do now is also sort this by job success. we're going to do 90 and up and we're going to go to earned amount and we're going to do over 10 000, and this is going to show us people who have made over 10 000 just on upwork. so what we can do here is look through a couple people and see who's qualified, you know, to start running ads for us, and it looks like adam has a lot of experience. he, it says that he's earned over 300 000 on upwork alone. so this is the type of person that's going to be, you know, an expert in running ads for you, and this is really easy to you know. pick out people to help you drive traffic to your store, especially if you're struggling to run facebook ads and you're in the hole. so definitely consider doing this, and if you were to, you know, hire this person. you would just click on hire and it would take you to a separate page. you can start to enter in all your information about your store and things like that, and then you can get on a call and see what you know what the deal is going to be, what the setup is going to be like and within the next, you know, couple weeks or so, you could easily get someone to start running ads for you. in this case, you know, i'm not going to hire someone just because i do have experience running facebook ads and snapchat ads. but if you guys are new to this and you do have some kind of budget to put towards starting and launching your business, i would recommend getting an expert who can run your ads for you. if you guys are interested in me running your ads, definitely shoot me a message on instagram. i do have several clients that i do help out with that, so definitely know. the next thing we're going to cover is getting some video content for your store and for your product, and so what you want to do is go to econvideoscom. they're basically just a website that curates content for products that us dropshippers sell. so once you get to ecom videos, you guys can scroll down past all this stuff and you're gonna see pricing plans. so you can get a single video ad created right, or you can get split testing- three variations- and the benefit of getting the split testing package is that you're going to get different videos. so when you go to test those on facebook ads or snapchat ads, facebook or snapchat is naturally going to choose the video that's going to perform the best. if it's more engaging, if it's more eye-catching within the first couple seconds, this is naturally going to increase your click-through rate and so you're naturally going to get more people to your store for a cheaper price. so sometimes testing more variables in the beginning and finding that winning creative can help you guys scale profitably, and you know, when it comes down to it, your video is going to be the most important thing when you're running a store, because that's the first thing that people see. the store could, you know, be formatted. however, as long as there's a good landing page or a good product description, everything is going to work out. but having a good video ad is extremely important because, like i said, it's the first thing that people see. so you want to make sure that this is high quality. they even do revisions. so if you guys don't even like the video that they create for your product or your store, you can get some revisions done and have it be super high quality, and that's why they do that, and also the delivery time isn't too bad. it's two to four days, so within a week or so you guys could reall.

How Much Profit Does a Shopify Automation Store REALLY Make?

so how profitable is an automated shopify store really? look, in today's video, we're going to be going over the mechanics of how ecommerce works and how profitable shopify stores can really be for clients and investors. okay, so first things first, let's go over the mechanics of how you know ecommerce works. how does online money work? so let's take an example with amazon, because most people shop there. a lot of people shop there, but they're always looking for cheap products just to get them quickly. right. it's a different type of persona and a different type of customer journey than going to amazon. but if you go to amazon, typically you're buying. you know toasters, things like that. you're looking for a cheap product and you're trying to get it as fast as possible because you probably need it now. okay, so with amazon, people that sell on that platform, that are doing drop shipping, typically find that same toaster on walmart and then just have arbitrage between it. meaning if they sell it on amazon for 25 bucks and they found it for 15, they're making 10 in gross profit. now, amazon does take 15 off the top of all sales. so after that fee, then you're left with your net profit. okay, as long as you got the products of the customer, you're typically left with about anywhere between five to ten percent net profit with an amazon store. now, the game with amazon is to continuously drive up more and more sales, because amazon's taking care of the traffic for you. so you're just ranking and hoping to list better in the platform so that way you can get more sales when people buy them. okay, with shopify, it's a completely different mechanic because you're not depending on someone else to drive you traffic. okay, you, as a shopify store business owner, have to drive your own traffic. now, in order to get attention on these apps like facebook, instagram, tiktok, youtube, you have to create custom content, and that content has to be good enough in order to capture their attention, get them to stop what they're doing and then actually go buy the product that you're selling. right, and so with shopify, the mechanics really are: first, you have to build out the store and create a brand. okay, that's the most important part, because you can't be an amazon business or a catalog business similar to how amazon stores run, because they're just going to go to amazon for those products. right, you want to build a niche branded store that is in a specific industry, in a specific vertikal, that you can create custom content around. so that's number one. number two is when you're running campaigns, when you're running ads on facebook, tiktok, instagram, etc. those have to be actively managed. i always compare it to a hedge fund: actively managed hedge funds are very, very similar to how media buyers typically are with ad accounts. just how you have to study the markets, move money around and see how things are actually performing to then give your investors the best returns. that's exactly what media buyers do. they have to monitor the campaign, they have to cut the losers, they have to scale the winners in order to make that store or order, to make that shopify store very profitable- okay. and so, to the extent that you have custom content, to the extent that you have operating capital and to the extent that you have a great media buying team that's working for you, that will showcase and really indicate how successful your shopify store is going to be. right, you can't just throw up an ad, click, go and just let it sit and hope that it scales out and that it wins right. there's ad fatigue. there's, you know, adjustments into the platforms. there's different formats that are needed. when you find something that's working, you want to double down and reiterate and create more creatives around what's actually working. so those are some of the mechanics, just on the marketing side of shopify. you also have the operational side, which is the order fulfillment, the tracking and having other mechanisms in place with email and sms to update your customer. see, amazon takes care of all that. you're able to. you know, have amazon send out the customer service emails you're having. have amazon take over, you know, the fulfillment emails and the orders that are actually going out. with shopify you kind of have to build that out. it's a little bit more plug and play with all the different apps and so there are software expenses that go into shopify, plus having all these apps installed in order to make that customer experience really, really solid. that's really really important because when you go to any of these shopify stores that you're buying products from, you want to make sure they have a great experience. you want to be able to have that traffic come back to you and repeat by all the time, and the way that that works is by providing a great experience from the get. and so if your store doesn't have the right infrastructure, if it doesn't have the right things in place, then it's going to be a janky store and people are going to be able to sniff that out. remember, these purchases are actually people, people that are looking at your store to see if they're legitimate or not, and you know, people are going to spend their hard earned money with you. so making sure that your store looks legitimate, is legitimate, i should say, and actually has that thought and care put into it, for their experience is very, very important. so those are some of the additional things you got to think about when having a shopify store versus an amazon store. now the profitability really comes down to how efficient is the marketing campaign and how much can you actually drive the value of your products up. so let's take the same example with amazon. if i'm selling a toaster, i can only really sell that thing for so much. i'm not going to sell a 500 toaster unless it was signed by the original guy that made toasters or something right. there's no rarity factor or no value that can be perceived in a toaster really at the end of the day. so i can only probably sell that product for 20, 25, maybe 30, right. but if i go look at shopify, i'm not going to be selling a toaster number one, i'm going to be selling a product that i can actually drive perceived value up in. so what may i sell? i may sell glasses. i may sell a fishing product. i may sell camping products, home goods. i may sell, you know, other products that are anywhere between that forty dollar price point all the way up to four hundred 400, and the reason for that is so i can have enough profit margin to pay for ads from facebook, tiktok, etc. right, you have to be able to dial in a cost per acquisition cost in your product. so a lot of products that you buy now, whether it be from, you know, nike, lululemon or any one of these big brands, they factor in their cost per acquisition. right now, those are massive brands. they've been around for a very, very long time and so their cost for acquisition is relatively low. but they also spend billions of dollars per year on marketing with top celebrities and things like that. right, but if you are building a brand and you're scaling it up, you have to reinvest into content. figure out how much it's going to cost you in your store to have a person transact with you, and that really comes down again to the marketing, the content and the experience and the brand that you are creating, that you're providing for your store, for your clients. so now that we understand the operations a bit deeper with shopify- compared to amazon and even other marketplace selling- what does the profitability typically look like? so now that you understand the mechanics of how e-commerce works, let's go over the profitability for about fifty thousand dollars in sales with amazon. you're going to get docked about 15 because that's amazon's feed. then you have your cost of goods sold and you're typically left with about five to ten percent profit margins on that fifty thousand dollars in sales. that's what i experienced. it's typically the average with people with amazon and so getting 50 grand in re.

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How To Automate Your Shopify Dropshipping Store (Step By Step)

so in this video, I'm going to be teaching you, step by step, on how you can start automating your Shopify dropshipping business as a complete beginner, and the reason why you want to automate your Drop Shipping businesses: so you can spend more time on the money making tasks and not the boring tasks that are not generating income. hey guys, welcome to the YouTube channel. my name is Camille Simon, is the Ecom King, and in today's video, I've got a very important video for you, which is going to teach you, step by step, how you can stop automating basic tasks in your dropshipping business so you can spend more time on the money making tasks, like running ads, like tiktok organic- anything that's going to generate the business income. as you do not want to be wasting hours a day spending time fulfilling orders, replying to customers, doing your retargeting. you want to spend as little amount of time on those tasks as possible, and the best way to look at this, guys, is you can either work in the business or on the business. working in the business is things like customer service or a targeting. all the Fulfillment and those types of things when working on the business is actually generating more income and growing the company, especially as a beginner, because if you've only got one to three hours a day doing this and you spend half of your time on customer service order fulfillment, then what time are you really spending on growing the Drop Shipping Store? in this video, I'm going to be teaching you exactly how I automate every single one of my drop shipping stores- as a complete beginner or a brand new store- and what I've also done for you guys is I've created a free Google Docs that's going to have copy and paste templates that you're going to need for certain parts of this tutorial, and to get access for that, we need to hit 2 000 likes on this video and then it'll be in the pin comment and in the description below, and I can't emphasize this enough. this video is extremely important if you want to see success in your Drop Shipping Store, because you are generating more time to generate more money on money making tasks, so you should watch this video in full, if you can. foreign [Music]. I'm inside of my Shopify backend and this is a brand new Shopify account because I'm going to be reacting what you should be doing as a beginner, and if you want to get a 14 day free trial to Shopify, make sure you use my link in the description, as you can get better discounts and better offers using that link. now, as soon as you're in your Shopify store and you've created an account, you want to go to the app section and you want to download the first app, called Auto DS, and there will be a link to all of these things I'm going to be mentioning in the description of this video. for those that are wondering what this Shopify app looks like, it's this one right here: Auto DS, all-in-one Drop Shipping, and this is the icon once you've downloaded the app and connected to your Shopify store. this is what the dashboard should look like and what this app does- for those that don't know- is it's going to help you sync products from AliExpress, CJ Drop Shipping- any of your drop shipping supplies- into this software called Auto DS and, as the name States, it's automatik, meaning that every time you get an order placed on your Drop Shipping Store, instead of you having go into the app and click fulfill order, fulfill order- this will automatikally fulfill your orders for you without you even having to click a button. now, before this up, we'll start automatikally fulfilling orders. we need to set it up correctly so we can start doing that. so the first thing that you want to do is find a product on AliExpress, CJ, Drop Shipping, whatever Supply that you want, and I'd recommend that you download the Chrome extension for auto DS, because as soon as you've downloaded the Chrome extension, you're going to see that when you go onto one of the support suppliers it's going to show you an icon scene: import to Auto DS. you're just going to click that icon. now, once you click that button, head back into Auto DS and you're going to see where it says drafts. on the left hand section you're going to see create drafts and then it says in progress. that means that that product has now published into your auto DS up so you can see. here. it said it should say your Drop Shipping Store name, it should say the supplier and then it should say the amount of variance. now, once you've done that, you're going to see an input button on the right hand side. you want to click import and once you've done that, you want to head over to where it says products and it should show your pro that you've just imported. and once you've done that, you want to click the little three dots here and you want to click edit. now, once you've clicked edited, this should be your page here. it should show product description, variants, images and item specifications and if you go to the bottom left hand side, it should say monitoring, stok monitoring, price monitoring and auto order. make sure that auto audit is turned on. and what you can also do in this section is you can actually change the title of the name. so instead of you having to go into shopify's product description editor or product editor inside a Shopify, you can do it all through Auto DS and then it will synchronize into Shopify. instead of you having to do it both ways, you can just do it all through Auto DS. so you can also do the description through Auto DS as well, and you can change the variants, the images and the item specifications all through this app. now, once you've done that, there's another way. you can import products as well. if you want to do it really fast and really effective, you can go to where it says add products and you can add multiple products at one time. so let's say you've got like 10 products that you want to import. you can just add them all in here and do them all through this one and button, or you can upload as a CSV file. that way, you're going to do it a lot faster, and this is great if you've got loads of products that you want to import. now, if you head over to the settings section in the bottom left, this is where a lot of the configurations need to be made to make it automatik. so when orders come through your store, you don't need to click a button. they're all getting fulfilled. so as soon as you come in here, you're going to see Store settings and you've got Lister. now here you're going to be able to change where you want your shipping methods to be: the cheapest for track and the fastest we're tracking. I'd always recommend that you take a look at the AliExpress or CJ Drop Shipping or whatever Supply you're using and see what methods they've got and then Interline it with the ones here, and you can also change a lot of stuff in here about auto fill, brand and stuff like that, but you don't need to worry too much about that. if you head over to the automations button, this is where you can start to create automations that are extremely powerful, and the first one you can do is pricing automations, and I use this feature a lot, and what this feature enables you to do is it enables you to automatikally adjust your prices based on certain Behavior. so let's say we're going to call this one number one and then you click next. what you can do is you can click raise prize by sales performance. now I like to do this because, let's say, for example, I'm testing a product. it gets over 20 orders at the current price that I'm selling at. I might want to increase that price to see if it can still sell at a higher price. that way you're making more profit margin. I might want to change this first box to numbers of sales higher than 20 per week or per month. I would change this to a month. so you can see here, if I'm getting number of sales 20 per month and you're going to want to change it every single time when you adjust it- but this is the first one that I do- you're going to see that you're going to increase the price. you can see here: add, increase the product price.

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I PAID EXPERTS On FIVERR To Run My WHOLE Shopify Dropshipping Business

so in today's shopify dropshipping video challenge experiment, i'm gonna be going to a website called fiverrcom to see if i can fully automate one of my brand new shopify dropshipping websites in 2022. to see if i can make a great profit by just sitting back, relaxing and hiring different freelancers. hey guys, welcome to the youtube channel. my name is camille sutton as the ecom king, and in today's video, i'm gonna be going to fiverrcom, which is where you hire loads of different freelancers that are expertise in their different industries, to see if i can fully automate all the processes needed in a brand new shopify drop shipping website. that ranges from product research, building a shopify store, making some video ads for my product and running facebook ads by a facebook expert. to see if i can sit back, relax and watch these different freelancers run my dropshipping store. to see if i can make a great profit. so in today's video experiment, i'm gonna be doing a massive giveaway by giving one of you lucky viewers the chance to win this whole drop shipping business that i got made from fiverr and that's gonna contain the cheat sheet of winning products that i got sent. it's going to contain the shopify store that was made. it's also going to contain all the video ads that i got made, and it's also going to contain the ad account and the pixel that i got used to actually run the ads for this store. now this giveaway is worth between 2500 and three thousand dollars, and all you have to do to enter the giveaway is we need to hit 5 000 likes on this video, you need to subscribe to the channel and leave a comment on why you want to want to win this shopify store, and once we've hit 5 000 likes, i'll be picking one lucky winner from the comment section by replying to your comment asking you to prove your instagram account by dming me, and once we've done that, i'll transfer all the assets over to you. so, before we get into the juicy part of this video, i want to go over two quick things. number one: massive thank you to fiverr for sponsoring this video, because they did pay for all of the five gigs that i used in today's video. the one thing i do want to make sure that you guys know is the money that i spent on the facebook ads did come out of my own pocket. so the second thing i want to go over is a quick disclaimer: all of the gigs i've used on fiverr. in today's video experiment, i'm gonna be giving you guys my honest, constructive feedback on each and one of them. so if i say anything, please don't let it offend you. this is just my honest feedback. i'd also appreciate it if everybody that's watching this video shows some respect towards the people that did the gigs for me, and i'd hope that you guys don't send any hate towards these people, because that's not what we're about on this channel. we're all about love and respect. so this is how day one of the shopify dropshipping fiverr challenge would have looked like, and for the last 21 days roughly, i have been doing this challenge in real life, and what i'm gonna be doing with you guys now is i'm gonna be showing you exactly what i was doing on each day of the challenge for the last 21 days. so what i did on day one of this challenge is i went to try and find a fiver freelancer that can find me winning drop shipping products, and this is probably the most important part of the process, because if you don't have a good product, then you're probably not gonna sell anything. so, as you guys can see on my computer screen, i'm on five and you can see, i've searched for drop shipping winning products and i did filter the search down by seller details and i made the seller details with top rated seller, level two seller and the actual language, english. now what does this mean? on fiverr, as a freelancer seller, you can range from level one, level two and top rated, and this is based on your reviews and your feedback on what fiverr thinks of your gig. so i only wanted to go for the premium option and actually, to be honest with you, i actually went for the option that fiverr recommended and there's something called fiverr choice and this is the one that fiverr would recommend that you choose and throughout this whole challenge, i went for the fiverr choice. when filtering down by those options. there's loads of different gigs offering to find you winning products. so take a look at this one. i will find you a winning product for your drop shipping or amazon business. they've got 4.9 star reviews and it's based on a thousand people and the gig starting at around about 40 dollars. so if we take a look at the description of this gig, you can see they're saying you're winning product. i will provide a niche product with a high demand on low competition for your amazon or shopify drop shipping business. you might be asking: how can you be sure that he can provide a winning product that can do more than ten thousand dollars a month? reasons: i do my research based on numbers, of statistiks. none of my results. decisions are made by emotion and gut feelings. i do detailed analysis with results that will be well thought out through. my research includes a detailed depth of report- about 20 pages: product choice based on analysis, competitor analysis, industry analysis, determination on market volume, trend forecast, potential revenue, list of substantial supplies and 50 high relevant keywords. now that is some substantial information that they're saying. so you're paying for them to do all of this work. so, to be honest with you, that does sound quite impressive. now, if we look to the right hand side, there's three different packages: basic, standard and premium. so the basic one offers you a product to success, one product worth five thousand dollars a month, and this is all based on data. if you look at the standard package, you're going to be getting one product list up to ten thousand dollars a month. if we go the premium package, you're getting one product worth twenty thousand dollars on. so i'm guessing he knows that the product's making 20 000, so i reckon he's coming up with these numbers because the product is actually generating 20 000 a month in revenue. i don't know how he's working this out. so this is the official gig that i've ordered from fiverr for my product research for my drop shipping store and unfortunately, this isn't the same gig that i showed you before when i showed you the description. this is actually the fiverr choice gig, so this is the one that fiver actually recommends. now, unfortunately, this salad isn't doing this gig anymore, so i wasn't able to show you there a gig page, so i showed you something very similar. but if we take a look at the gig details, you can see i ordered it on the 30th of january and i got delivered it on the second, so it took three to four days. so you can see i went with the small startup package, which was the basic package for 35, and you can see this includes five winning products: facebook video ad competitors, competitors, drop shipping stores and the aliexpress direct supplier. so you can see, when i ordered the package, the seller messaged me saying thanks for your order, i'll get this done as soon as possible. and i put: hello, thanks, i look forward to working with you. and a few days later he did send me the google sheets link to the products. so, as you guys can see on the screen, i've got the google sheets open that he sent me and you can see he's actually given me six products. and the reason why he gave me six products is because one of the products didn't come with a facebook video ad, so he actually gave me an extra product for free, which was quite nice. so these are the different products and he sent me the aliexpress urls, the facebook video ads and the store competitors. so these are the different products that he sent me. the first one was this new four ports fast charger, and the reason why i didn't go for this product was because, look at the actual reviews, these are bad reviews. i do not go for products under 4.5 star reviews because it's too risky. and then the next product:

How I Run A $1M Per Year Automated Shopify Store

running an automated e-commerce brand is basically a dream for every single e-commerce store owner out there, especially when you can get results like these ones right here on my screen: 1.7 million dollars in a period of two years. or results like these four million dollars in a single year. or maybe you know a return on ad spend like this, where you're getting a 4X row at a 5x row as 10x row, as even consistently, all on autopilot. I mean, what kind of e-commerce store owner would not want that kind of consistency on full automation? but unfortunately, the case and the reality of 99 of e-commerce store owners is they are nowhere close to full-on automation with their e-commerce brand, especially when it comes to Google ads. so what is the reality behind automation? how can you personally achieve automation, or at least a certain level of automation, when it comes to your e-commerce Brands, especially with Google ads? now, trust me when I say this: I was not born with some special talent, or maybe I was- that I'm not sure of, but in reality, I really wasn't born with some special talent. I don't necessarily have access to any additional resources as much as you might as a normal e-commerce or owner or these e-commerce Brands which I just showed you. by the way, some of them are clients e-commerce brand Under My Google ads agency, Euro marketing, which, if you're currently doing thirty thousand dollars or more per month in revenue and you need a little bit of extra help scaling to the next level with Google ads, go onto my website at yourmarketingcom and book a free call with me to see how we can possibly work together and make it happen. but there is nothing too crazy or too special about these e-commerce Brands either. the main thing that differentiates these automated e-commerce Brands and the rest of those out there is certain phases and certain flows. so let's start off with the basic. you want to understand that every e-commerce brand, regardless of what Niche industry product it is in or it sells it, needs to go through certain phases. there are different phases within each e-commerce brand, but in general they kind of align with each other. let's start off with the initial face, so with the initial phase of an e-commerce brand. by the way, this is the phase where you might be at around thirty thousand dollars per month in revenue or less than that. this is where there are a lot of manual work goes into the e-commerce brand. you might be the CEO and the owner of that e-commerce brand. however, it doesn't really feel like that because I mean, you're doing this, you're doing that, you're just busy every single day. essentially, what's happening during this initial phase is you are wearing a lot of hats and you might have a few va's- don't get me wrong. there might be team members that are currently working with you, but, at the end of the day, the main responsibility is on you. if you are not, there's a very good chance that things might not get done properly during that time period. so that's essentially what the initial phases. a lot of e-commerce Brands just get stuck in this phase, where the owner, the CEO, is unable to take himself or herself out of that company. so this is a exactly when automation begins. this is when the next phase of growth for your eCommerce brand begins, especially with Google ads. and, by the way, I take all of my Brands basically through a funnel. I like to think of this as a funnel to ensure proper roles are getting fulfilled, to ensure proper tasks are getting done, so that by brand and everything is associated with it can work towards this level of automation. so what I like to do with this funnel is I like to take a bottom up approach rather than a top-down approach, and here's how this is different. so I start off by Outsourcing or basically getting other people, other softwares, other things to do my tasks, which are the easiest. first, the top down funnel is where the top view is the most broad one. that's when you can basically Outsource a bunch of different things or a bunch of different tasks to one person, so they might be doing all of those tasks together. no, instead I like to go from the narrow tube that's at the very bottom of that funnel and then work my way upwards and ask myself a few questions, such as what needs to be outsourced at this given moment to automate my full-on e-commerce brand, to automate my Google ads campaigns, and automation with Google Glass doesn't just kind of rely on Google ads campaigns itself. there's a lot of other things that need to get done in order to then reach a level of automation when it comes to Google ads specifically, but from the bottom up approach. this is where I start. Outsourcing tasks like customer service, emails, phone calls, all of the easy day-to-day tasks get done by somebody else, because my time would be rather spent on the more valuable stuff, on the stuff that's going to drive in results. that's going to drive in sales. obviously, with Google ads you're running the campaigns, you doing feed optimization, you adding products. those are the main things that kind of Drive the results. so in the beginning, the first step of my bottom up approach is basically Outsourcing every single task out there, which does not give me the level of return that I want. now don't get me wrong: customer service and everything else associated with that is super important, but it's really not as important as you getting customers through the door. I mean, if you're not getting anybody through the door, who are you going to offer customer service to? so you gotta understand and make sure that those tasks are getting done fully. and then this brings me to the Google ads automation side of things. now there are different ways for you to actually begin the automation things when it comes to Google ads. the first and the most easiest way for you is to actually just Outsource that completely. that's why I run currently a Google ads agency where I take on e-commerce Brands currently doing thirty thousand dollars or more per month in revenue and I basically work with them to handle their Google ads for them. so the CEO or owner of that brand can then go out and do other tasks, like find better products, make deals with other, bigger influencers or expand onto other platforms, rather than just focusing on one ad platform. because I know, like I said, Google ads and running canvas is super important, but if you want to build a real, sustainable, long-term brand, you should not be just putting your eyeballs down on your Google ads campaigns and looking at these beautiful charts every single day. because I mean, if we look at this specific account right here, look at all of the campaigns, currently there are only 29 campaigns on this list, but if we scroll all the way down, ad account is working with only 29 campaigns. but even then, can you imagine one single person taking care of 29 different campaigns? and that's just really the starting amount. there's a lot of AD accounts right here. if we just dive deeper a bit further into the overall all time period and look at all the campaigns, we can see that overall, there's a bunch and bunch of campaigns which get turned off at any given time because there's a lot of tests done during that period of time. so, for example, within this ad account right here, there's 127 different campaigns, hence why this ad account was able to generate about four million dollars. this number right here not fully accurate. so, as you can see, the higher up you go in the scale, the more you're testing, the more camping you of running at any given time, and one person handling 100 plus campaigns is virtually impossible. so this is really when, when you want to scale to the next level, you either Outsource it or you just kind of forget about everything else and do it yourself, which, by the way, you can if you want to save money. so, even if you get to the 30k level, you can just handle things on your own. which brings me to the second point of automation: how to automate with Google ads? it's basically through relying:

Shopify Automation Is BOGUS And Here's Why!

shopify automation is bogus, and here's why you guys need to hear this, because this is from a shopify seller. this guy, all right, let's go. what's up, guys? it's roughneck, actual, and you have reached the roughnecks ecom channel. if you want to learn how to make money online or offline, then you need to be right here. i'm a seven-figure amazon seller. i'm also an honorably discharged air force veteran, graduated from penn state and started a career as a software engineer and leveraged that to build my businesses. if you guys have any questions on how to make money, you're gonna find all your answers right here. so stay tuned yo. welcome back, roughnecks. good to see you guys, all right. so a lot of you are in the shopify and all this good jazz, and we're going to be toking about shopify automation and this because, even though it's not as prevalent as walmart automation or amazon automation, uh, you know, it's still something that's kind of important to tok about, because i do see people doing it and i'm going to tell you guys right now: they blowing all types of smoke up your backsides. all right, they blowing all types of smoke up the rectum, okay, so this is why- now this i'm gonna preface this- i am a shopify seller. as you guys know, you can go to the site right now. okay, you go to the site right now. it is speedcircuitnet. okay, that is our shopify site for speed circuit, the car shop. okay, i also have a shopify site for my roughneck gear. okay, roughnecksgearcom. go check it out. okay, go check it out. there's links below. now, speed circuit. there's nothing, i'll have to put a link there for you guys. also, make sure you smash the like button. man, hook me up, get me out there. man, get me out there so everybody can understand what's going on with this whole shopify automation stuff. all right, so let's go ahead and let's tok about shopify first and foremost, and then we'll break down the automation part. shopify, as you guys know, is just a platform where you can build out a website to sell your wares on. okay, so your goods, whatever it's going to be, whether it be print-on-demand, drop shipping, whatever physical goods, whatever the hell it is, you know you can build out a website for it and you can sell your goods now with shopify. unless you have a strong brand presence, it's going to be very difficult for you to make money. now some people do get lucky with their shopify drop shipping stores. they essentially strike lightning the first time, but it's very difficult to get it to strike a second time and a third time, and so on. you're spending a lot of money on ads. you're spending a lot of you know, a lot of time cultivating, listening it's. it is not for everybody. this is why over 90 percent of shopify stores close within the first 90 days. it is not as easy as people say it is. if you guys take a look at the sites, i'm gonna also have to preface on. you know me and my, my partner. do you know? we're software engineers. we, we do a bunch of software stuff, so we have skills that you guys don't have. so when you look at the sites, understand that not every site is gonna look like that and they're not gonna be as as unique. okay, a lot of people are going to be using, you know, like brooklyn theme, or you know, debut or whatever. you know that they have the free themes and they're just not going to look as clean or as smooth. they also do not have a brand presence. okay, that is going to be another thing that's really, really big when it comes to shopify if you don't have a brand presence- and no, i'm not toking about just having a website and logo. i mean people think about your product when you, when they're uh, you know, when they're wanting to purchase something. so, case in point with speed circle, when people are thinking of getting their evos or gtr's, porsches worked on whatever speed circuit comes to mind, we have a brand presence. okay, we're out there in the community. people know us, people see this right here. they know quality. they're like yo speed circuit, we're gonna take our car there. you know, i want to get my evo done, i'm going to get my gtr done. i want to get all this stuff done because we have a brand presence. and with shopify, you have to have a brand presence or you have to be so baller at marketing that it doesn't matter and you help build a brand almost out of thin air. most people don't have that skill set. okay, and now we're going to tok about the automation part. now that you know how difficult it actually is, automation for this is going to be even worse. right, because not only are you going to be paying for- uh, for the service, now you have to pay for ad spend and in order for you to effectively find the right audience to market to now, never mind the right product. so that's a whole another thing we're going to tok about. but to find the right audience, you're going to be running a lot of ads. okay, now you can use audience insights to kind of break that down and narrow your, your playing field. but unless this person is an ads wizard, it ain't gonna work. okay, like, i built out a whole team that helps me with, you know, with all my stuff. right, because you know i mean that's how i made my money as far as you know, marketing and ads and stuff like that, outside of being a software engineer. so you guys need help with that. links are below. you guys can contact me, reach out. you know i can help you with all your, your shopify stuff too. now, when it comes to the ad spend, you got to make sure that you have the right audience. in order to find the right audience, you're going to be testing a lot of ad sets, everything from statik to video ads. obviously, video ads tend to convert a little bit better and they're cheaper to run, but but you still have your ad copy. you still have to make sure things are engaging. you have to have the right offer in front of the right set of eyes. so you're going to be dumping hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a month into ads, trying to cultivate the right listing and then narrowing that down through lookalike audiences and so on. unfortunately, that could run out your budget if you only have, let's say, 20 grand and you're paying, you know a person, 15 or whatever. now you're like: okay, build out my website, find me a product and all that, and we're going to tok about the product. but now you have to tok. you know you're trying to figure out the ad spin part. now this person is, you know, halfway decent. you're still going to spend probably a few thousand dollars before you ever make a dime. you have to be willing to dump thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars into a product every single month in hopes that you're going to make money. okay, you got to have a brand presence. you need to have a like a business facebook page, because you also have to be able to run ads and stuff like that. you need to have a business instagram. you need to have engaging content on both of those platforms. you're not just going to build a shopify website and think that you're just going to go in and climb in the ring with ali because you think you can box, because my man's going to hit you with the right uppercut, knock your teeth out. all right, that's what's going to happen. okay, you're going up against some juggernauts in the space. if you really think that you know you can just climb in. they're going to build some crappy website. you're going to make a ton of money with it. that ain't going to cut it, okay, because those products eventually get saturated. uh, you know at least drop shipping products. if you're just trying to jump into a niche or whatever and then you have to get another product, you have to be lucky enough to find another product. that's going to make you a good chunk of change, unless you're building out a brand like what we have with speed circuit. and then, of course, the roughness stuff. that is going to be very, very difficult for the average person to do. who's running an automation service for that? now let's tok about the item, because that is that is arguably the most important part. some people are going to jump on trends. okay, they're going to jump on trending.