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funny plumber ads

Published on: August 7 2023 by pipiads

In my line of work, flexibility is key. It's not just about fixing a pipe, but getting underneath it and really understanding the problem. This is something my dad taught me years ago, and it's a skill that has served me well. Today, I want to share a recent experience I had while fixing a leaky pipe and highlight the importance of being adaptable in my profession.

Heading 1: Getting to the Leak

- When fixing a leak, it's not just about hearing the problem, but feeling it too.

- Sometimes, you have to get in difficult positions, like behind a water heater, to assess the issue.

- In this particular case, I couldn't hear anything, but I could feel the leak.

Sub-heading 1.1: Tools of the Trade

- To fix the leak, I needed a pipe wrench.

- I asked my apprentice to hand me the pipe wrench, but he seemed distracted.

- He had a pipe wrench in one hand and a chocolate bar in the other, which was unusual.

Sub-heading 1.2: The Importance of Adaptability

- Being able to navigate tight spaces is a crucial skill in my profession.

- I tried to explain this to my apprentice, who didn't seem to understand the significance.

- I reminded him that someday he would have to handle situations like this on his own.

Heading 2: Dealing with Challenges

- Sometimes, fixing a leak can be frustrating and absurd.

- It's important to stay calm and take a moment to breathe.

- In this situation, I decided to send my apprentice out to get a mat for me.

Sub-heading 2.1: Finding the Right Vehicle

- I needed a work vehicle that could accommodate all my tools and equipment.

- The Ford Transit proved to be versatile and flexible, allowing me to customize it according to my needs.

- However, finding the right vehicle was proving to be a challenge.

Sub-heading 2.2: Unconventional Thinking

- While waiting for my apprentice to return, I decided to do some yoga to relax.

- My apprentice questioned my choice to exercise while smoking, but I explained that I was multitasking.

- Eventually, my apprentice returned with a mat, and we continued with the job.

Heading 3: Common Problems and Unexpected Discoveries

- The leak we encountered was a common issue caused by a backup in the p-trap.

- Fixing it was relatively easy and didn't take as long as anticipated.

- While working, we stumbled upon some snacks left by the homeowner, which we enjoyed.

Sub-heading 3.1: The Beauty of the Ford Transit

- I highlighted the advantages of the Ford Transit, such as its various body lengths and ample storage options.

- I mentioned that I had customized my own van and was satisfied with the outcome.

- The cost of the customization was reasonable, considering the benefits it provided.

Sub-heading 3.2: Unusual Encounters

- Plumbers often find themselves in tight and uncomfortable spaces.

- I shared a story about encountering a wild boar hiding under a house while on a job.

- The experience was both terrifying and unforgettable.

Being a plumber requires adaptability, problem-solving skills, and a willingness to face unexpected challenges. Flexibility is key when fixing leaks and other plumbing issues. The Ford Transit proved to be a reliable work vehicle, and unconventional thinking can lead to surprising solutions. Overall, my recent experience highlighted the unique nature of my profession and the importance of being prepared for anything.

Top 20 Funniest Banned Commercials Ever

Did you bring anything for the clothing drive? Too bad, you get a free Bud Light for every article of clothing you donate. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 20 funniest band commercials. The big orange fella running from the left, and he gives him a good old slapping. We've got chemistry here, you feel it? I felt it, alright Janice. For this list, we're looking at hilarious ads that were pulled from screens. Some of these commercials may have kept running in certain areas. However, if the ad was banned or pulled at any point in any place in the world, it is eligible for this list. Let us know in the comments which commercial you can't believe advertisers ever thought was a good idea.

# Introduction #

- Clothing drive promotion

- Bud Light incentive

- Top 20 funniest banned commercials

- Orange fella slapping

- Chemistry between characters

# Cheesy Dads - Philadelphia Cheese #

- Banned in the UK

- Harmful gender stereotypes

- Two dads in coffee shop

- Conveyor belt with cheese products

- Ad banned for making dads look careless and stereotyping women as more capable caregivers

# Flatulent First Date - SmartBeep #

- Woman farts in car with date outside

- Friends in the back of the car

- Ad banned by Fox

- Comedic fart joke

- Actress appeared on The Late Late Show to talk about the fun of shooting the ad

# Kim Cattrall's Car Commercial - Nissan Tita #

- Kim Cattrall reprising her role as Samantha from Sex and the City

- Ad pulled in New Zealand

- Innuendos in her dialogue

- Nissan decided to pull the ad themselves

- Ad banned due to potential scandal

# A Bad Place to Read - Audible #

- Ad for Audible

- Woman found sitting inside refrigerator

- Ad banned in Australia

- Impressionable viewers might copy the act

- Controversial scene overshadowed the fun nature of the ad

# A Time of the Month Talk Show - Tampax #

- Ad for Tampax

- Banned in Ireland

- Offensive for talking about menstruation

- Band might have received more backlash than the ad itself

- Ad humorously addresses common topic

# Inappropriate Shaking - For Goodness Shakes #

- Protein shake commercial

- Men shaking their bodies

- Ad banned in the UK

- Seen as too edgy for TV

- Ad pulled by UK's Advertising Authority

# Cheated Out of Chicken - Burger King #

- Racy Burger King ad

- Ad banned in the UK

- Implication of weird connection with a jealous cow

- Ad pulled due to misleading portion size

# Taking Care of Chores - Woodka Vodka #

- Gender stereotypes in vodka ad

- Ad allegedly banned for stereotypes

- Woman promises to clean and cook for partner

- Ad features creative problem-solving

- Connection to vodka unclear

# An Orange Man Tangoes Too Hard - Tango #

- Tango ad featuring orange man

- Man slaps another man after drinking Tango

- Ad allegedly caused people to slap each other with oranges

- Ad pulled due to supposed epidemic of incidents

- Replacement ad featured less violent orange man

# Everybody's Doing It - PS Vita #

- Ad for PS Vita

- Ad banned for being misleading

- Phrasing seen as inappropriate

- Ad caused financial loss for Sony

- Misrepresentation of cross-platform gaming

# Rooting Against England - Six Nations Rugby Championship #

- Ad for Six Nations Rugby Championship

- People seen supporting England with flags from different countries

- Ad banned by BBC for fear of upsetting English viewers

- Reveals people actually rooting against England

# Hiding a Fling - Hyundai #

- Hyundai car commercial

- Older woman driving with younger man

- Husband also driving a Hyundai, hiding an affair

- Clever way to show off car's features

- Reason for ban unclear

# Prison Visitor - Vim Cream #

- Ad for Vim Cream

- Woman seemingly in prison with young daughter

- Revealed she's trapped in her bathtub

- Ad acclaimed in the advertising world

- Banned for unclear reasons

# Conclusion #

- Banned commercials can be humorous

- Advertisers sometimes push boundaries

- Bans can be due to stereotypes, vulgarity, or misleading content

- Humor can be a way to address sensitive topics

- Banned ads can still gain recognition and success

Funniest French Commercials 🇫🇷 (Pt. 3)

In this article, we will explore the importance of applause, the power of music, and the role of parents in a child's growth. We will also discuss the significance of insurance and protection in today's society.

1. The Significance of Applause:

- Applaudissements, the sound of approval and appreciation.

- Applauding audience's reaction, deeply felt and cherished.

- Music as the catalyst for applause, a universal language.

- The connection between applause and emotional impact.

2. The Power of Music:

- Applaudissements intertwined with the essence of music.

- Music's ability to evoke emotions and transport us to different realms.

- The impact of music on our mood, memories, and well-being.

- How applause becomes a natural response to the beauty of music.

3. The Role of Parents:

- Papa and maman, the guiding forces in a child's life.

- Encouraging applause as a form of validation and support.

- The importance of parental involvement in a child's growth.

- How parents nurture their children's love for music and appreciation for applause.

4. Insurance and Protection:

- The societal complexity beyond music and applause.

- The role of Société Générale in providing housing protection.

- Ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals and families.

- The significance of being adequately protected in unpredictable situations.

Applaudissements and music go hand in hand, creating a harmonious experience. Parents play a vital role in fostering applause and nurturing their children's love for music. Furthermore, in a society where uncertainties exist, insurance and protection become crucial for ensuring a secure and stable environment. So, let us embrace applause, music, parental guidance, and adequate protection to lead fulfilling lives.

Top 10 Unscripted Friends Moments That Were Kept in the Show!

# Introduction #

In this article, we will discuss a conversation between the characters Chandler and Rachel from the TV show Friends. We will analyze their dialogue and explore the use of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, colloquialisms, and avoid repetitive phrases and unnatural sentence structures.

## Conversation Analysis ##

- Chandler pleads with Rachel to let him go, fearing that he will lose his job if she finds him in her office.

- Rachel is protective of her office and wants to keep it private.

- Chandler tries to convince Rachel that she will find out he was there anyways, so he should be allowed to leave.

- Chandler offers to clean Rachel's bathroom for a month in exchange for his freedom, but Rachel doesn't find it appealing.

- Chandler continues to argue for his freedom, suggesting various tasks he could do for Rachel in return.

- Chandler finally gives up and asks Sophie for help, indicating his desperation.

- Rachel asks Chandler to watch her nephew, Ben, for a little bit while she attends a meeting at school.

- Chandler initially agrees, but then discovers something on his bed and changes his mind.

- Rachel reprimands Chandler, threatening him with punishment.

- Chandler realizes he is in trouble and tries to escape the consequences.

- Rachel catches Chandler, and they all laugh together.

## Analysis of Language Use ##

- The conversation between Chandler and Rachel demonstrates the use of contractions, such as I'm, I've, and don't, to create a more natural and informal tone.

- Idioms, like get you locked up and lose my job, add color and figurative language to the dialogue.

- Transitional phrases, like so, but, and well, help to connect ideas and create a smoother flow of conversation.

- Interjections, such as hey, oh, and uh, show the characters' emotions and add authenticity to their speech.

- Dangling modifiers, like back the way you were and locked at this instead of the chair, create a sense of confusion and humor.

- Colloquialisms, such as gonna, wanna, and pal, reflect the informal and conversational style of the characters.

## Conclusion ##

In this article, we analyzed a conversation between Chandler and Rachel from Friends, focusing on their use of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms. Their dialogue showcases natural and informal language, creating a sense of authenticity and humor.

Plumbers 🍑🚰😬🥴💩🚽

Being a plumber is not as glamorous as it may seem. From dealing with dirty boots to unclogging toilets, plumbers face a variety of challenges in their line of work. Let's take a closer look at the daily life of a plumber and the unique experiences they encounter.

- Accidentally forgetting the number one rule for plumbers: don't bite your fingernails.

- Moving random things from toilets, including shoes, bones, toys, tampons, baby wipes, and even adult toys.

- Dealing with a multitude of plungers, totaling up to 25,000.

- The misconception of making beautiful bespoke bathrooms while primarily fixing taps and unclogging toilets.

- The unpleasant task of dealing with poop and the lingering smell.

- The assumption that plumbers are millionaires, when in reality, they are not.

- The various types of pipes and fittings that plumbers encounter, such as copper, PVC, hex, and discharge tubes.

- The humorous and sometimes awkward encounters with clients who request additional services.

- The extensive training required to become a plumber, including a four-year trade course to understand the principles of gravity.

- The irony of needing to use the toilet while on the job, often unclogging toilets that they themselves need to use.

- The challenge of changing clothes in the middle of the day due to the smell of toilets.

- The financial aspects of being a plumber, including call-out fees and the inability to retrieve lost goldfish.

- The frustration of overcharging for small jobs to avoid doing them.

- The inconvenience of being called out on weekends, public holidays, and late evenings.

- The distaste for corn, which is often found in toilets.

- The humorous reactions to customers making poop jokes and the realization that call-out fees are justified.

- The contrast between plumbers and electricians, especially when it comes to digging trenches and flexible cables.

- The annoyance of having dirty boots and encountering pubic hair on the job.

- The pride in completing a job and the nostalgia of passing by buildings they have worked on.

- The struggle of dating as a plumber, as it is not as appealing as being an electrician.

Being a plumber is no easy task, with daily encounters ranging from dirty boots to unclogging toilets. Despite the challenges, plumbers play a vital role in society, ensuring our plumbing systems function properly. So, the next time you encounter a plumber, remember the unique experiences they face and the important work they do.

Every Bricklayer Ever... | Garn.

Bricklayers: The Unsung Heroes of Construction

- Contrary to popular belief, bricklayers possess valuable skills and intelligence

- Choosing a career as a bricklayer can be financially rewarding and efficient

- Misunderstandings about bricklayers often arise due to their reliance on stimulants

Understanding Bricklayers:

- Bricklayers prioritize fitting more jet skis into their sheds over making friends

- Reading and writing may not be their strong suit, but it is their greatest strength

- Bricklaying is physically demanding, leading to a desire for breaks whenever possible

The Pub: A Bricklayer's Paradise:

- The pub is a favorite spot for bricklayers to relax and let loose

- Glassing someone at the pub is considered a rite of passage in the industry

- Some people fail to understand the importance of pub culture for bricklayers

The Great Pub Escape:

- Bricklayers' determination to return to the pub at all costs

- Crafting a clever plan to gain re-entry to the pub

- Posing as Foxtel technicians to gain access to the pub

- Bricklayers are skilled workers who deserve recognition

- Their reliance on stimulants and love for pub culture may lead to misunderstandings

- The pub holds a special place in a bricklayer's heart, and they will go to great lengths to return

Tim Robinson's Channel Surfing | I Think You Should Leave | Netflix Is A Joke

Have you ever experienced unfair treatment by a business or corporation? Maybe you bought a house and later discovered a termite infestation that wasn't disclosed to you. But that's not all, imagine the frustration when the termite exterminators you hired ended up causing even more problems. This article will explore a bizarre and humorous scenario where a simple termite extermination job turns into a wild adventure.

1. The Unexpected Bathroom Request

- The exterminators ask to use the bathroom

- They spend hours going in and out, causing chaos

- One of them pretends to get his foot stuck in the toilet

2. The Toilet Swap

- The exterminators replace the real toilet with a joke toilet

- The victim can no longer use their toilet properly

- Feelings of sickness and frustration ensue

3. Laser Spine Specialists Commercial

- A commercial for Laser Spine Specialists interrupts the story

- Testimonials of people whose lives have been improved by the company's services

4. The Failed Music Career

- A struggling musician named Ron seeks help from a producer named Robbie

- Robbie promises to make Ron a star but fails to deliver

- Ron confronts Robbie about the lack of airplay and the disappointment

5. Ghosts and Time Travel

- A channel 20 Christmas classic plays on TV

- The protagonist, Scrooge, encounters the Ghost of Christmas Way Future

- Scrooge is transported to a future where bone soldiers have enslaved humanity

6. Battling the Bone Brigade

- Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Way Future devise a plan to defeat Skeletrex

- They encounter bone soldiers and a bone llama

- Scrooge discovers his talent for bone crushing and saves the day

In this bizarre and humorous story, we've explored a series of unexpected events that started with a simple termite extermination job gone wrong. From toilet pranks to failed music careers and time travel adventures, this article has highlighted the absurdity and humor that can be found in everyday situations. Remember, life is full of unexpected twists and turns, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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