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Gameshow Rant by Kinghuman

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

- Have you ever watched a gameshow and felt frustrated or annoyed by the way it is run?

- Kinghuman, a popular YouTube personality, shares his thoughts on gameshows in a recent video titled Gameshow Rant.


I. Gameshow Hosts:

- Kinghuman criticizes hosts who talk too much and take away from the contestants' time to play the game.

- He also dislikes hosts who are overly dramatic or try to be funny at the expense of the contestants.

II. Game Mechanics:

- Kinghuman believes that some gameshows have become too complicated, with convoluted rules and confusing gameplay.

- He also takes issue with gameshows that require luck rather than skill, saying that they are not fair to the contestants.

III. Contestants:

- Kinghuman sympathizes with contestants who are eliminated early in the game, saying that they often do not get enough time to showcase their skills.

- He also dislikes when gameshows pit contestants against each other in a way that encourages backstabbing and betrayal.

IV. Production Values:

- Kinghuman is critical of gameshows that rely too heavily on flashy graphics and special effects, saying that they distract from the actual gameplay.

- He also dislikes when gameshows drag on for too long, with unnecessary breaks and delays.

- In the end, Kinghuman believes that gameshows should be about the contestants and their skills, rather than the hosts or production values.

- He encourages gameshow producers to simplify their games and focus on creating a fair and engaging experience for the contestants.

Gameshow Rant by Kinghuman

King Human is about to embark on an adventure to Las Vegas and Hawaii, and he may not be as responsive to emails. He shares his thoughts on a game show he stumbled upon and how it promotes hive mentality.

Observations on a Game Show:

- The game show is a survey-based show where people are asked to guess the most common answer.

- The show rewards people for thinking like the lowest common denominator and promotes hive mentality.

- It is toxic to anyone with a brain and is the opposite of what King Human wants his audience to do.

- Question everything and don't fall for the popular opinion.

- Be above the masses and think in imaginative ways.

King Human urges his audience to be creative, inventive, and imaginative, and not think like the hive. He encourages his audience to question everything and not fall for popular opinions. Finally, he reminds his audience to donate to charity and be a part of the King Human Elite community.

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