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General vs Niche Dropshipping

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

General Dropshipping vs Niche Dropshipping: Which is More Profitable?

In this video, the speaker discusses their recommendation on whether a general dropshipping store or a niche store is more profitable and easier to run. They explore the differences between the two and provide examples to support their conclusion.

General vs Niche Dropshipping:

- Shoppers are becoming smarter and prefer branded and trusted stores.

- General stores lack branding and can look like a discount store.

- Niche stores are more attractive, easier to target and brand, and have higher brand equity.

- Niche stores have the ability to scale and grow a fan base more easily compared to a broad store.

- Niche stores have a higher profit margin due to the specificity of their products.

- One example of a successful niche store is Lunar Effects, which sells lunar lamps and has a high profit margin of almost 5-6 times markup.

In conclusion, the speaker recommends niche dropshipping over general dropshipping due to its higher profitability and easier targeting and branding. Niche stores have the ability to scale and grow a fan base more easily and have higher profit margins due to the specificity of their products.

One Product Store Vs General store (Dropshipping 2022)

- In this video, Nas discusses whether to start a general store or a one product store in dropshipping.

Pros and Cons of One Product Store:

- Higher chance of finding a winning product.

- Higher conversion rate.

- Ability to gather data for longer scaling.

- Limited ability to test upsells and bundle with other products.

- Limited ability to test multiple products at once.

Why Nas prefers a General Store:

- Ability to test multiple products at once.

- Ability to bundle products for higher AOV.

- More efficient use of time and resources.

- Can still scale winning products.

- No significant difference in product lifespan compared to one product store.

- Starting a general store is more efficient and effective for dropshipping.

- Budget of at least $2000-$3000 is recommended.

- Don't start a business without sufficient funds and treat dropshipping as a real business.

One Product Store VS General Store For Shopify Dropshipping 2023

The debate on whether to use one product store or a general store when testing out new products has been ongoing among dropshippers. In this article, we will analyze real-life data to determine which store is better for getting the best results.

Real-life Test:

The experiment involved taking a winning product from a one product store and putting it in a general store with the exact same product page, colors, text, reviews, price, and offer. The only difference was that the one product store was more branded, while the general store had a more generic name and other products in the store.


The cost per click for both stores was almost the same, but the one product store spent more money due to higher sales. The general store generated 19 sales, while the one product store generated 64 sales, resulting in a profit of $411. The conversion rate for the one product store was 5.34%, while the general store's was only 2.68%.

The data from the experiment clearly shows that one product stores are better for testing out new products. The more branded and designed the store is, the better the results. It is important to let the data speak for itself and use it to make informed decisions. Dropshipping can be profitable, but patience and resilience are required.

General vs Niche Dropshipping Store (Not what you expect!)

Should You Build a Niche Store or a General Store?

The debate between building a niche store or a general store has been a hot topic in the e-commerce world. In this article, we will discuss why niche stores are the way to go and the benefits they offer.

Benefits of Niche Stores:

1. Easily use social media channels: With a niche store, it becomes easier to find influencers and potential customers on social media platforms as you can hyper-focus on your niche.

2. Build a blog around your niche and get free traffic: By focusing on a niche, you can create a whole brand around it and write blog content that attracts potential customers.

3. More repeat purchases from past customers: With a niche store, customers are more likely to come back for more as they are specifically interested in your products.

4. Easier email marketing and upselling: When all the people on your email list are interested in your niche, it becomes easier to speak to your audience and sell them additional products that fit their interests.

Downsides of Niche Stores:

1. It can be hard at first to decide on a niche.

2. It can become your world around your business for quite some time.

Building a niche store has many benefits that a general store does not. By finding a niche that you are passionate about, you can easily build a brand, attract customers, and have more repeat purchases.

General store, Niche store, or 1 Product store? - [Which one & why]

In this video, Brett, also known as Mortycom, discusses the three types of e-commerce stores: general stores, one product stores, and niche stores. He explains the pros and cons of each and helps viewers make an informed decision about which type of store to build on their Shopify platform.

General Stores:

- Pros: Can add any type of product from any niche, a way to test products quickly, a good way to find winning products, and can find a niche you enjoy.

- Cons: Pixel becomes confused, unable to build an audience in one specific niche, difficult to optimize email list and social media followings, not ideal for branding, and low margins.

One Product Stores:

- Pros: Great branding, high margins, great conversion rate, focused on one product, and fewer SKUs to manage.

- Cons: More pressure, need to conduct heavy research on the product, no room to pivot brand, low AOV, unable to introduce upsells or cross-sells, and unable to test multiple products.

Niche Stores:

- Pros: Able to build a dedicated audience in one niche, test multiple products within the same niche, increase AOV, strong pixels and social media platforms, increase customer LTV, and build long-term brands with high perceived value.

- Cons: Cannot test multiple niches with one store, need to commit to one niche from the start.

Overall, Brett recommends building a niche store as it allows for building a dedicated audience, testing multiple products within the same niche, and increasing customer LTV. He also offers help to those who need assistance with branding, running ads, or consulting.

GENERAL vs. NICHE Aliexpress Shopify Store... (Should You Build a Niche or General Store?)

Hey guys, in this video, I'm going to answer the long-debated question in the dropshipping community: is it better to open a niche store or a general store? Let's dive into this topic and explore the pros and cons of both methods.

There are different opinions on the subject of whether a niche store or a general store is better for beginners in dropshipping. In this video, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of each method and help you decide which one is right for you.

General Store:

- They make the most money.

- You have access to more potential customers.

- You have access to a wider range of products.

- They require less work in the long run.

- You can avoid losing a winning item by testing more products.

Niche Store:

- They make beginners money faster.

- They are easier for beginners to convert sales.

- They have stronger branding and trust-building.

- It's easier to make upsells and cross-sells.

- You can do more targeted follow-up marketing.

Both niche stores and general stores have their pros and cons. For beginners, niche stores are recommended because they help you find winning items faster, build stronger branding and trust, and make upsells and cross-sells easier. However, scaling your business from five figures to six figures a month is easier with a general store. Ultimately, you need to choose the method that suits your goals and preferences.

One Product Store vs General Store (Shopify Dropshipping 2023)

In this article, we will discuss the best strategy for starting with Shopify Drop Shipping, whether to start with a general store, one product store, or a niche store. We will explore the differences between these types of stores and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

General Stores vs. One Product Stores vs. Niche Stores:

1. General Stores:

- A Shopify store that sells various products.

- Has a general name that doesn't tie you to one specific category.

- Best for quickly finding a winning product.

- Cons include a lower conversion rate, especially in the US.

2. One Product Stores:

- Shopify stores that only sell one specific product.

- Allows you to leverage branding and optimize the store for that product.

- Results in a bump in conversion rates and builds a loyal customer base.

- Can build a subscriber list via email and SMS marketing to retarget later.

3. Niche Stores:

- Shopify stores that sell complementary products related to a specific niche.

- Helps increase the average order value and strengthens the brand.

- Can send broadcasts to existing customers to get them to purchase again.


- Start with a general store when testing products.

- Transition to a one product store once you find a profitable product.

- Add complementary products as upsells to new and existing customers.

- Build an email and SMS subscriber list to retarget later.

Starting with a general store is the best strategy for finding a winning product quickly. Once you find a profitable product, transition to a one product store to leverage branding and build a loyal customer base. As the brand matures, add complementary products to increase the average order value and strengthen the brand. Building an email and SMS subscriber list is important to retarget existing customers.

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