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genshin ads

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Genshin Impact is a popular open-world action role-playing game that has taken the gaming world by storm. The game has been successful in attracting millions of players worldwide. One of the reasons for its success is its unique and creative advertising campaigns. In this article, we will explore some of the weirdest and most interesting Genshin Impact ads that have been circulating on the internet.

Weirdest Genshin Impact Ads:

- The ad featuring D. Luke requesting to join the main character and asking to take a couple of flowers.

- The ad featuring characters swimming in scary rivers and trying to make friends with boars.

- The ad featuring a character jumping from great heights and dying.

- The ad featuring a long script and a voiceover that is too long.

- The ad featuring an interview with the characters and stating who is the best.

Non-Western Community Ads:

- The ad featuring a race between three characters in the game with an incentive to finish the video.

- The ad featuring a young lady secretly wanting to meet the player.

- The ad featuring an emotional and scenic theatrical ad.

Genshin Impact ads have been successful in attracting players to the game due to their unique and creative nature. From weird ads to emotional ads, the game has been able to reach a wide range of audiences. Whether it is the Western community or the non-Western community, Genshin Impact has been able to create ads that appeal to all.

Falling Into The Genshin Impact Hole

For the past year, the writer has been watching loved ones fall into the Gentian craze, but has resisted the temptation due to a busy schedule. However, with the opportunity to play sponsored by Gentian Impact, the writer dives into the game and discovers its appeal.

Bullet Points:

- Gentian Impact is an open world action RPG with beautiful character designs and seven regions to explore.

- The new Inazuma update introduces new characters and events, including the Moon Chase Festival and First Anniversary Celebration.

- The writer falls in love with characters such as Kaya and Paimon and enjoys the less combat-heavy story quests.

- The soundtrack of the game is beautiful and adds to the immersive experience.

- The writer has not yet invested much in the gacha aspect of the game.

Despite initial resistance, the writer found themselves drawn into the world of Gentian Impact and enjoyed the characters, quests, and beautiful design. The game offers a fun and immersive experience, even for those who may not typically be fans of RPGs.

Genshin Impact Advertising Compilation

Music is a powerful force that can evoke emotions and connect people from all walks of life. In this article, we will explore the impact of music and how it can bring joy and entertainment to our lives.

Main Points:

- The Engine Impact: An Open World RPG

- Features unique characters and engaging storyline

- Players can explore different personalities and backgrounds

- Mona and Albedo are standout characters

- Music as a Universal Language

- Can evoke different emotions and connect people

- Can be used for entertainment, therapy, and cultural expression

- Examples of popular music genres and artists

- Business Spotlight: 5B's Custom Embroidery and Screen Printing

- How the pandemic affected the business

- Strategies for adapting and staying afloat

- Importance of supporting small businesses

In conclusion, music has the power to entertain, inspire, and bring people together. Whether it's through playing video games or listening to your favorite artist, music can enhance our lives and provide a much-needed escape from the stresses of the world. Additionally, it's important to support small businesses like 5B's Custom Embroidery and Screen Printing during these challenging times.

Genshin Impact is my guilty pleasure...

Welcome back to Genshin Impact! This video is sponsored by Genshin Impact themselves. I am almost at adventure rank 50, and I am about to explain how the game works for new players.

Gameplay Elements:

- Quests give experience books to level up your character

- Enemies and bosses provide materials to ascend your character and weapons

- Artifacts and talents can be equipped to raise stats and make characters stronger

- All gameplay elements have rewards in the form of primo gems, the in-game currency

- Different elements can be combined to create status effects

- Beautiful vistas and a phenomenal soundtrack enhance the gameplay experience


- New area unlocked in version 2.6 called the Chasm

- Challenging enemies to fight

- Collecting and unlocking floating rocks to access new areas

- Seelies guide players to unlock chests

- Puzzle-solving to progress through the game

Genshin Impact is a game full of exploration, puzzle-solving, and challenging gameplay elements. With beautiful vistas and a phenomenal soundtrack, players will find themselves immersed in the world of Teyvat. So, why not give it a try? The game is available for free on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, iOS, Android, and PC.

These Genshin Ads are getting out of hand... (reacting to genshin impact ads)

Reacting to Genshin Ads: A Twitch Streamer's Experience

- Reacting to several Genshin ads on Twitch

- Playing Genshin for over 500 days, but never saw many ads

- Going through the ads with Twitch chat


- Two people having breakfast: fighting the wolf of the north

- Bandage guy protects his team with a shield

- Debate club ad: how to level up quickly in Genshin

- Swim merrily ad: dos and don'ts

- Co-op ad: new world awaits

- Paimon ad: cute and motivated by food

- Fish collecting ad: for abilities

- Plunge attack ad: new player struggles

- Fowl contest ad: rigged for Ganyu

- Timmy's chicken ad: sad music but happy ending

- Mr. Beast ad: beat the boss and win money

- One-year anniversary ad: new islands and events

- Advertisements showcase different aspects of Genshin

- Twitch chat adds to the experience

- Genshin Impact celebrates its one-year anniversary with new content and events.

The Best Genshin Impact Ads

Are you a fan of Genshin Impact? Do you want to level up quickly and defeat your enemies easily? Well, you're in luck because we've got some tips and tricks for you!

Tips and Tricks:

1. Collect as many Oculi as you can to increase your max stamina. This will help you explore the world of Genshin Impact more efficiently.

2. Look for treasure chests scattered all over the game. They can help you level up faster.

3. Use the right characters to fight against enemies. For example, if an enemy is immune to Cryo, don't use Kaya.

4. Be careful when chopping trees. Avoid chopping scary trees.

5. Swim in rivers, but don't swim in strange rivers.

6. Make friends with doggies, but don't commit vehicular manslaughter.

7. If you want to collect Fouls, use a limited 5-star character like Ganyu.

With these tips and tricks, you'll be able to level up faster and defeat enemies easily. Remember to explore the world of Genshin Impact and have fun with your friends. Happy gaming!


Hey there, it's me, your favorite child! I'm definitely not dying from segmenting you into a sponsored bit - no way, I love my kid brother! But let me tell you about the latest and greatest game out there: Genshin Impact. It's an open world action RPG game available on cross platforms that'll take you on an adventure in a vast magical world. And guess what? The game just released version 2.2!

What's new in version 2.2:

1. The traveler gets new challenges, events, and missions to complete.

2. The newest mysterious island to explore: Inazuma's Surumi Island. It's an uncharted land covered in dense fog full of new monsters and resources to discover.

3. Returning banners where you can pull for Tartaglia, a very sexy man that wields a bow and conjures water daggers that can change the course of battle. And don't forget about the new 5-star bow, Polar Star.

4. Hutow, a fire user that wields a pull arm and talks to the dead.

5. The new 4-star character, Toma, the Kamasato clan's housekeeper protector from afar.

How to get Genshin Impact:

Thanks again to Genshin Impact for sponsoring this video! Use my link in the description below to get Genshin Impact on your devices right now and start your adventure today!

Playing Genshin Impact:

I've got 8,000 primo gems in my pocket, and if I do my daily commissions, which gives me 60 premium gems a day, that'll give me a total of 1,800. It's perfect for getting at least one 5-star character to use as my main. And the new banner is in 30 days!

In-game experience:

I just got a new 5-star character, and they're amazing! Watch me kill these monsters in just two seconds! But why are you running away? Are you cheating? Let's do this together! Oh, and by the way, does this count as a date? Just give me my primo gems, man!

Goals in the game:

I need to find my sister and a very specific person to get closer to that goal. I also want to help protect the visions of the Inazuma citizens and learn more about this place.

Genshin Impact version 2.2 is a must-play game for any adventure lover out there! With new challenges, characters, and events, it's the perfect game to get lost in. So what are you waiting for? Start playing Genshin Impact today!

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