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Get a Pro Marketer for Dropshipping Success

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, the author discusses their experience with using Fiverr to fully automate a new Shopify dropshipping website in 2022. The author hired different freelancers on Fiverr to handle various tasks, including product research, building a Shopify store, creating video ads, and running Facebook ads. The author also held a giveaway for one lucky viewer to win the entire dropshipping business, including the winning products, Shopify store, video ads, and ad account.

The author started the challenge by finding a Fiverr freelancer who could find winning dropshipping products. They went for the premium option and received six products, but only one stood out as a potential winner: a maternity belt for pregnant women. The author then found a Fiverr freelancer who could build a high-converting Shopify store for them. They opted for the basic package but had to upgrade it for an additional $195. The freelancer needed access to their Shopify account and came up with several domain name ideas before settling on motherlysupport.com.

The author provided feedback on the initial version of the store and requested revisions to the product page. The freelancer delivered the revised store, and the author was happy with the final result. The author then found freelancers on Fiverr to create video ads for their winning product and run Facebook ads. The author also tested different targeting options and ad creatives

How To Hire A Marketing Agency Without Wasting Money

In this video, the speaker shares his four-step method to hiring marketing agencies without wasting money. He emphasizes the importance of competitor research and working with agencies that have produced results for his competitors. The speaker also stresses the significance of knowing your numbers, having a clear idea of what you're willing to spend, and asking agencies the right questions before working with them.


1. Competitor Research

- The speaker only hires a company if they're working with his competitors who are more successful than him.

- He does research by attending conferences, meetups, industry events, and talking to people in the industry.

- The speaker copies aspects of successful competitors to improve his own business.

2. Know Your Numbers

- The speaker knows what he's willing to spend with a freelancer or agency.

- He has a risk tolerance of $20,000 and measures if he got results or not.

3. Ask the Right Questions

- The speaker asks if the agency works with contractors or employees.

- He wants to know the largest client's spending with the agency per month and their results as a direct result of their work.

- The speaker gives preference to agencies with stable businesses and those who work exclusively with certain people.

- He asks about the fee structure and the role of the person he's talking to.

4. Have a Conversation

- The speaker structures his conversations with a clear agenda to avoid going on wild tangents.

- He shares his goals and learns about the agency's ideal client.

By following these steps, business owners can hire marketing agencies or freelancers without wasting money. The speaker emphasizes the importance of doing competitor research, knowing your numbers, asking the right questions, and structuring conversations with a clear agenda. He believes that working with agencies that have produced results for competitors is the lowest hanging fruit to steal their business.

I Paid Fiverr To Create An ENTIRE Affiliate Marketing Business For Me!

Chad explores the possibility of creating an entire affiliate marketing business using only Fiverr gigs.

He begins by choosing a niche and product to promote, settling on a ClickBank product that pays around $40 per sale.

Next, Chad searches Fiverr for a gig to create a high-converting landing page and email sequence, settling on one that includes professionally written email follow-ups.

Finding no suitable gig for traffic promotion, Chad gets creative and hires a video marketer to create TikTok videos, which he plans to post on his account and drive traffic to his landing page.

Chad encounters some difficulties with creating a TikTok account but ultimately figures out the issue and posts his first video, which receives only 24 views due to prior posting.

Chad orders another video, which performs better with over 1000 views and 16 followers.

Chad plans to continue creating more videos and building his TikTok account, which he hopes will lead to more traffic and sales. Overall, Chad rates the experience of creating an affiliate business using Fiverr gigs as potentially worth it.

I Paid Fiverr to Run Facebook Ads For My Dropshipping Business

In this video, the speaker paid $500 on Facebook ads and decided to build a website to see if someone else can run his ads profitably. He found Fiverr, a marketplace where he could buy anything, and selected a laptop stand as his product. He built a simple website and crafted the text description himself. He then went on Fiverr again to find someone to run his ads. He selected a package for $30 and paid an extra $20 for fast delivery. However, the person he selected did not deliver the video on time, so he had to buy one on Fiverr again. He then sent the video to the ad manager and waited for the results.

After 20 hours, he checked the results and found out that the ad manager did not target the ads properly. He threw everything in one interest and even left the Engaged Shoppers option on. He also used a lookalike audience that the speaker had no idea where it came from. The results were terrible, and the speaker was not pleased. He asked the ad manager to fix it up and gave him one more chance. The ad manager responded and said that his job was only to set up one campaign, one ad set, and one ad. The speaker concluded that outsourcing Facebook ads is not a bad idea, but it is essential to choose the right person and communicate effectively.

I Paid Fiverr To Create A Dropshipping Business

The Ultimate Infinite Money Glitch: Can You Make Money with Stolen Videos on TikTok?

The author stumbled upon an interesting Fiverr listing where someone offered to create hundreds of video ads for a very low price. This got the author thinking: what if they made a TikTok account, tried to go viral with these videos, and then sold a product through a website? The author decided to take on this challenge as a fun experiment.

Game Plan:

1. Find a good product that is already selling well on TikTok.

2. Hire someone on Fiverr to create 100 videos for the product.

3. Hire someone on Fiverr to build a one-product store for the product.

4. Warm up the TikTok account by following and liking various posts.

5. Post the videos on TikTok and try to go viral.

6. Drive traffic to the website to make sales.


Organic TikTok Results:


- Almost 2,000 likes

- Most viral video got 53,000 views

Ad Results:

- Spent $20 on ads

- Generated only 3 clicks

- Video ad was not good for call to actions and was blurry

Sales Results:

- Generated around $46 in sales

- Not nearly as much as the author had hoped for

While the author did not make a significant amount of money through this challenge, they did learn some valuable lessons. Using stolen videos and reposting them on TikTok is not the best strategy for a successful dropshipping business. However, the author still encourages others to explore the dropshipping business model. It's a great way to make money, but success is not always guaranteed.

I Paid People on Fiverr to Create My Shopify Store

I'm going to have three website designers from Fiverr battle it out against my personal website builder and my ad agency to see who can build the most profitable brand from scratch. They're all going to get the same product and the same description, so it's up to them to compete and see who comes out on top. And one more thing, after getting each website, we're going to spend $100 on TikTok to see which one gets the most sales. The product we're testing out is an absolute classic, it's the two-in-one gym shorts.

For the description, I have it all written out and if you know me, I love adding a touch of humor with everything, so just the main sentences I love is Hey, are you looking to upgrade from your basic boring gym shorts? Let's face it, most gym shorts make you look like a middle-aged dad with no swag.

After vigorously typing out the best job requests you've ever seen in your damn life, for two-day delivery and a $40 budget, we've gotten over 50 responses. So we've got to figure out which one of these is going to be the main competitor. We got some lowball offers at $28, but I think we have to go with the $600 option. That's got to be the main rival. But at the end of the day, if you're talented, work comes to you, not the other way around. So I feel like we need to hunt for these top premium website designers.

We found our first designer, Esha Chowdhury. It's two-day delivery and $20, that's exactly what I want, so you know what, let's splash that cash. But I can't have no damn rookie competing against my

I Paid Fiverr $500 To Create a Shopify Store: LOOK AT WHAT I GOT (Shopify Dropshipping with Fiverr)

In this video, the second and final part of the Fiverr Shopify experiment, we will be buying a fully built Shopify store on Fiverr for about $500. We will see what we get and whether it is worth buying. We will also examine the results we get from paying $500 to a Shopify designer on Fiverr.


Fiverr is a marketplace where you can buy various services, including creating a Shopify dropshipping store. The seller we picked was George Nick, a level two seller on Fiverr.

Store Requirements:

We submitted our requirements for the store on July 10th. We asked for a family niche home products store, with the theme being Prestige if possible, and a name for the store being Marisol.

Store Cost:

The store cost $495 for 7 pages and 15 products, with standard and premium options also available for more pages and products. We chose the basic package.

Store Delivery:

The store was finished around July 14th, and we received the completed store from George Nick.

Store Review:

The store looks great in terms of the homepage and overall look of the store. However, it is missing some things, including product pages. We recommend being very clear about what you want out of the store when ordering on Fiverr.

Overall, if you do not want to spend time building a Shopify store from scratch, getting someone on Fiverr to build it for you can be a great option. It is essential to communicate your requirements clearly to avoid any misunderstandings.

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