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Get Free Gift Card with Shopify Purchase

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

Are you looking for a way to offer your customers a free gift with purchase? Look no further, because we have a step-by-step guide on how to do just that in the Shopify dashboard. Keep reading to find out how to set up this promotion for your online store.

Steps to Set Up Free Gift with Purchase Promotion:

1. Click on Discounts in the left-hand navigation of your Shopify dashboard.

2. Click the Create Discount button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

3. Select Automatic Discount from the modal that appears.

4. Enter a customer-friendly title for your discount. In this example, we'll use Free Gift with Purchase.

5. Under Types, select Buy X Get Y.

6. Under Customer Buys, make sure Minimum Quantity of Items is selected and enter a quantity of 1.

7. Under Any Items From, click the dropdown and select Specific Collections.

8. Click the Browse button and select any eligible collections for this offer.

9. Under Customer Gets, enter a quantity of 1 and select Specific Collections.

10. Click the Browse button and select any collections from which customers can choose their free gift.

11. Under Add a Discounted Value, select the Free radio button.

12. Click the Set a Maximum Number of Uses Per Order checkbox and enter a value of 1.

13. Select a start date for your promotion and, if desired, an end date.

14. Click Save.

Tips and Tricks:

- Make sure it's easy for customers to find and select their free gift during checkout.

- Consider creating a separate collection specifically for free gifts with purchase.

- Monitor the success of your promotion and adjust as necessary.

Offering a free gift with purchase is a great way to incentivize customers to buy from your online store. By following these simple steps in the Shopify dashboard, you can set up this promotion in no time. Don't forget to make it easy for customers to find and select their free gift during checkout. Happy promoting!

Shopify Free Gift with Purchase

Hey, Scott Austin here from Jade Puma. In this video, I'm going to show you a liquid-only solution for free gift with purchase. Instead of using an app and a lot of javascript, this is using liquid only. It's not a perfect solution, but it'll work for most stores in most scenarios. I'll highlight the pros and cons of this solution, but using liquid only is a way to do free gift with purchase pretty simply.


- Liquid-only solution for free gift with purchase

- Threshold for free gift with purchase

- Updating price automatically

- Tiers for free gifts with purchase

- Automatic discount

- Section for gift with purchase


- Simple solution

- Automatic updates

- Customer-friendly


- Not foolproof

- Can be griefed

- Only one automatic discount allowed in store at a time

In conclusion, the liquid-only solution for free gift with purchase is a great way to provide incentives for customers. It's easy to use and doesn't require any complicated coding or apps. However, it's important to note that it's not foolproof and can be griefed. It's also important to remember that only one automatic discount is allowed in the store at a time. Overall, it's a great solution for most stores and scenarios.

Free Gifts Shopify Best App 2021

Hi guys, this is Chris and welcome to Conversion Chef. In this channel, we talk about Shopify applications to increase your conversion. If you haven't subscribed yet, hit that subscribe button so that you won't miss any of our YouTube updates. You may also check the description below for the links of the application's review. Please also visit our review blog, ConversionsKitchen.com, and mailing list, ConversionChef.club.

Let's jump into the video. Music.

Free Gifts by SekouMap is an application that gives gifts to your customers through your catalog or cart. This is also a way to increase your conversion. By giving promos and discounts after an action is taken, it will trigger your customers to buy something more. Let's jump into the application and learn more about it.

- Free Gifts by SekouMap

- Increase your conversion

- Promos and discounts trigger customers to buy more


- Offers on cart

- Offers on catalog

- Reports

- Settings

- User guide

Creating an offer on cart:

- Click on Add New Offer

- Identify which page of your store to create an offer

- Set dates, promotion message, image promotion banner, and discount percentage

- Set conditions, minimum and maximum, and select products to offer as a gift

- Click Create and then Apply Now

- Go to the product page to view the offer

- Add a product to cart to view the offer

- Select the free gift and check out

Creating an offer on catalog:

- Click Add New Offer

- Fill in the information fields

- Set the minimum number of products and maximum number of gifts

- Select the types, vendors, collections, and specific products and variants

- Select the gift products

- Click Create and then Apply Now

- Go to the product page to view the offer

- Add a product to cart to view the offer

- Select the free gift and check out


- Orders through the application

- Export to Excel by date range


- General

- Advanced options

- Customize your gifts

- User guide

- Free Gifts by SekouMap is a great way to increase your conversion by giving promos and discounts to your customers

- Creating offers on cart and catalog is easy

- Reports and settings are customizable

- User guide is available for any questions or concerns

How to set up giftcards || Shopify Help Center

Gift cards are an easy and effective way to boost sales and provide customers with a way to support their favorite brands. In this article, we will guide you through the process of setting up gift cards on your Shopify store.


1. Enable gift cards in your Shopify admin by clicking on Products and then Gift cards.

2. Choose to Sell gift cards and create a gift card product for customers to purchase.

3. Edit the gift card's title and description, and add an image for a better shopping experience.

4. Set the default denominations or add new ones that make sense for your store's products.

5. Choose where you want to make your gift cards available for purchase.

6. Optional: add product type, vendor, and tags for better organization and searchability.

7. Save your gift card product and find it in your Shopify admin under Products and then Gift cards.

8. Edit your gift card product details or add new denominations as needed.

9. Reorder the variants to your preferred order and preview how the gift card will look on your online store.

10. Highlight your gift card on your homepage or in collections to make it easier for customers to find and purchase.

Setting up gift cards on your Shopify store is a simple process that can have a big impact on your sales and customer support. By following these steps, you can create a professional-looking gift card product that customers will love and appreciate. Don't forget to subscribe for more helpful tips and information on Shopify.

How to manually issue free gift cards || Shopify Help Center

Offering free gift cards as an incentive promotion reward or store credit is a great way to build customer loyalty. In this article, we'll provide a quick guide on how to manually issue a free gift card in the Shopify admin.

Steps to Manually Issue a Free Gift Card:

1. Set up Digital Gift Cards in Shopify Admin:

Before you start issuing gift cards, make sure you have digital gift cards set up in the Shopify admin. If you haven't done this yet, watch the video linked above for step-by-step instructions on gift card setup.

2. Update Your Refund Policy:

It's best to update your store's refund policy about whether you issue refunds or only issue store credit. This is an important step to building trust with your customers - always be transparent about your store operations.

3. Click Products and Then Click Gift Cards:

In the Shopify admin, click on the Products section and then select Gift Cards.

4. Click Issue Gift Card:

On the new page, click Issue Gift Card.

5. Enter Gift Card Details:

In the Initial Value field, enter the value of the gift card. You can also select a custom expiry date if you want this gift card to be used before a certain date.

6. Add a Customer:

If you want to add a customer, use the search box to add an existing customer or click Create a new customer and enter their details. The customer's information must include a phone number or email address in order to receive the digital gift card.

7. Enter a Note:

If you'd like, you can enter a note. This is only visible in the Shopify admin - customers will not see this.

8. Click Save:

When you're done entering details, click Save. If you included a customer, the gift card is automatically sent to them after you click Save.

9. Add Customer Details After Issuing Gift Card:

If you didn't add a customer when you issued the gift card and you need access to the gift card code, you can copy it now to manually send them. To add customer details after issuing a new gift card, click the arrow to go back to the Gift Cards page.

10. Open Gift Card to See Details:

Here you see all gift cards sold or issued on your store. Open a gift card to see details like the balance, date it was created, expiry date, any notes, and history.

11. Add Customer Details:

If you didn't include a customer when you issued the gift card, you can add the customer now. After you click Save, it's automatically sent to the customer.

Manually issuing free gift cards is a great way to reward your customers and build loyalty. By following the above steps, you can easily issue gift cards in the Shopify admin and keep track of them. Remember to update your refund policy and always be transparent about your store operations.

Shopify Gift Cards Walkthrough

- Shopify gift cards allow customers to purchase a dollar amount that can be used in a future purchase, making them great gifts.

- There are two ways customers can obtain a gift card: browsing the site and buying one, or receiving one for free from the business.

- Shopify's gift card functionality is built-in, making it easy for businesses to issue and manage them.

How to Issue a Gift Card:

- Businesses can issue gift cards for free to customers by specifying the amount, tying it to a specific customer, setting an expiry time, and adding internal notes.

- Once the gift card is created, it can be emailed to the customer or copied and pasted to give to them.

Customer Experience:

- Customers receive an email with the gift card code, which can be redeemed for credit in the store.

- Customers can use gift cards in conjunction with discount codes or other gift cards.

- Shopify allows businesses to customize the appearance of the gift card and add an Add to Apple Wallet button for iPhone users.

Business Management:

- Businesses can manage their gift cards by setting expiration dates, adding an Add to Apple Wallet button, and customizing notification emails.

- Gift cards can be disabled, resent, and have notes added to them.

- Businesses can view orders and see which gift cards were used and when.

- Shopify gift cards are a useful tool for businesses to offer their customers, and the built-in functionality makes it easy to issue and manage them.

- Customers can use gift cards to purchase items in the store, and businesses can customize the appearance of the gift card and manage them efficiently.


In this Shopify tutorial, we will be discussing how to set up a Shopify gift card as a product for customers to purchase and use on your website. Gift cards are a great way to support your business and increase cash flow. So, let's dive into the simple and quick steps to create your gift cards on your Shopify admin page.

Steps to create a Shopify gift card:

1. Go to your Shopify admin page and click on the Product tab.

2. Click on Gift Cards.

3. You will see two options: Add a gift card as a product and Issue a gift card as a store credit. For this tutorial, we will focus on adding a gift card as a product.

4. Click on Add gift card product.

5. Give your gift card a name and description, and upload an image. You can also add a gift card expiration date.

6. Choose the denominations or dollar amounts that you would like to sell your gift cards in.

7. Change the product status from draft to active.

8. Choose the sales channels where you want your gift cards to be available.

9. Create tags to make your gift cards searchable on your online store.

10. Click on Save.

11. To view your gift card, go to the Products tab and click on Gift Cards.

12. Your gift cards will be listed with all the details, including values and customer information.

Creating a Shopify gift card is simple and quick. By following these steps, you can easily add a gift card as a product for your customers to purchase and use on your website. Don't forget to promote your gift cards to increase sales and support your business. Happy selling!

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