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Get More Leads with Google Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, Chris Down discusses which bidding strategy to choose for generating local leads.

Bidding Strategies:

1. Maximize Clicks: Start with this strategy and set a maximum cost per click bid limit. Let it run until you get about 25 leads to gather conversion data.

2. Maximize Conversions: After getting conversion data, switch to this strategy and set a target cost per action. Let it run for two weeks to let Google learn and dial in.


1. Don't switch bidding strategies back and forth.

2. Optimize your account and landing pages.

3. Whittle down the cost per lead by dropping the target CPA a little bit at a time.

Using Maximize Conversions bidding strategy is the best way to generate local leads. Let Google learn and dial in and use a reasonable target CPA to balance lead volume and cost. Don't forget to optimize your account and landing pages and don't switch bidding strategies too frequently.

How to set up a Google Ads Search Campaign ... to GET SALES & LEADS 🤑

In this video, I will guide you through the step-by-step process of setting up your own Google Ad search campaign. The campaign structure and setup process I will be showing you is the same one I have used for hundreds of companies, generating over $17 million in sales in the past 12 months alone. My name is Aaron Young, and I am your $15,000 Google Ads master, managing successful and profitable campaigns since 2010. If you're interested in growing your business with Google Ads, subscribe now!

- Setting up a Google Ad search campaign

- My experience and success with managing campaigns

- Importance of campaign structure

Campaign Structure:

- Google Ads account at the top level

- Core campaigns at the campaign level

- Ad groups and individual keywords below campaign level

- Importance of breaking down keywords into individual ad groups

Setting up the Campaign:

- Start with ads.google.com and switch to expert mode

- Choose campaign objective and type (sales, leads, search)

- Set campaign name, budget, and bidding options

- Add location, language, and audience segments

- Add keywords and ad copies

- Add extensions (sitelinks, callout, call, etc.)

- Importance of keyword research and ad optimization

- Resources for further learning

- Benefits of a well-structured and optimized Google Ad search campaign

Create a Google Ads Leads Search Campaign with Lead Form Extension in 15 Mins!

In this session, we will be discussing how to create a lead search campaign with lead form extensions in Google Ads.

Creating a Campaign:

1. Click on the Campaigns tab on the left panel.

2. Use the plus button to create a new campaign.

3. Choose Leads as the goal for this campaign.

4. Select Search as the campaign type.

5. Select Lead form submissions as the way to reach the goal.

Campaign Settings:

1. Target only the search network for now.

2. Set the start and end date of the campaign.

3. Set up the campaign URL options.

4. Consider dynamic search ads if desired.

5. Schedule your ads to run on particular days of the week.

Targeting and Audiences:

1. Give your location targeting.

2. Select any country or US state.

3. Select a particular city or do radius targeting.

4. Choose to target or exclude particular areas.

5. Use location options to target people in targeted locations or people who show interest.

Budget and Bidding:

1. Give the budget for the campaign on a per day basis.

2. Set a bidding strategy for the campaign.

3. Select Maximize clicks as the bidding strategy for a leads generating campaign.

4. Set a maximum cost per click limit.

Ad Extensions:

1. Create lead form extensions.

2. Design the whole lead form for your customers.

3. Provide the privacy policy URL of your website.

4. Attach an image for the lead form.

5. Provide the delivery options.

Ad Group:

1. Create a new ad group and name it as per your requirement.

2. Provide your website URL to get keyword ideas based on the content.

Ad Creation:

1. Provide the final URL for the ad.

2. Fill up all the headlines and the description.

3. Use the complete space provided.

4. Add a path with your display URL.

5. Provide more details about your business.

By following these steps, you can easily create a leads objective search campaign with a lead form extension. This campaign can be used for any kind of B2B or B2C company which requires lead generation.

Google Ads for Lead Generation: The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads for Lead Generation

In this article, we will discuss the ultimate guide to Google Ads for lead generation. It is a long and detailed guide that is accompanied by a video. The guide is specifically for businesses that want to generate leads and convert them into paying customers. We will discuss why Google Ads should be your first choice and how it can help you achieve your goals.

Why Start with Google Ads:

- Google Ads is the closest thing to artificial intelligence that is currently publicly available.

- Google has 70 million demographic and psychographic profiling factors on every single human being on the planet.

- Google Ads allows you to start at the bottom of the funnel where the learning lessons are most valuable.

- You can identify high commercial intent and focus on converting those prospects first.

- Google is an auction, and you need to think long and hard about who you are going up against.

- You can beat big organizations with big spends by competing on a significant platform.

How to Use Google Ads:

- Start with a small budget for an exploratory campaign.

- Identify high commercial intent keywords and focus on converting those prospects.

- Use Google's machine learning algorithm

Générer des Leads Pompe à Chaleur sur Google Search - Guide ultime PAC

Dans cette vidéo, je vais vous apprendre comment gérer votre campagne de génération de prospects pour les pompes à chaleur sur Google. Je vais vous montrer toutes les subtilités que vous devez appliquer pour obtenir des leads qualifiés sur Google.

1. Création de la campagne:

- Budget quotidien de 100 euros pour commencer

- Maximiser la conversion avec un plafond de CPA de 35 euros

- Supprimer le réseau display

- Ciblage géographique précis en utilisant les noms des départements

2. Liste de mots clés:

- Utiliser des mots clés sémantiques liés à la pompe à chaleur

- Éviter les mots clés qui évoquent d'autres appareils de chauffage

3. Annonces:

- Éviter les balises dynamiques

- Utiliser des accroches pour qualifier les prospects

- Éviter de promettre des aides trop importantes

- Ne pas parler des pompes à chaleur air-eau et terre-eau

4. Autres conseils:

- Vérifier la certification de vos partenaires

- Utiliser des textes négatifs pour éviter les clics non qualifiés

- Parler des autres appareils du programme de l'appareil

En suivant ces conseils, vous pouvez être sûr de générer des leads qualifiés pour les pompes à chaleur sur Google. N'oubliez pas de télécharger la liste de mots clés pour vous aider dans votre campagne.

Google Ads Tutorials: Setting up lead form extensions

In today's world, the internet has become an integral part of our lives. With Google being the most popular search engine, it has also become a hub for learning and education. Google University is a term used to describe the vast amount of knowledge available on Google's search engine.


1. What is Google University?

2. How to Use Google University?

3. Advantages of Google University

4. Disadvantages of Google University

5. Conclusion

What is Google University?

Google University is not an official university, but it is a term used to describe the wide range of educational resources available on Google's search engine. It offers a platform for people to learn and explore different topics, subjects and skills.

How to Use Google University?

To use Google University, all you need is access to the internet and a device that supports it. You can start by typing in the topic or subject you want to learn about in the Google search bar. Google will then display a list of relevant results, including articles, videos, tutorials, and more. You can also use specific search queries, such as How to or What is to narrow down your search results.

Advantages of Google University

- Access to vast amounts of information on almost any topic

- Free and easily accessible

- Convenient and can be accessed from anywhere

- Variety of resources including articles, videos, tutorials, and more

- Interactive and user-friendly

Disadvantages of Google University

- Quality and accuracy of information cannot always be guaranteed

- Overwhelming amount of information can be difficult to sort through

- Lack of structure and guidance can make it difficult for some learners

- Can be time-consuming and distracting

Google University is a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn and explore different topics and skills. It offers a platform for self-directed learning, and with the right approach, it can be a powerful tool for personal growth and development. However, it is important to remember that not all information found on Google is accurate or reliable, so it is important to be discerning and critical when using it as a source of information.

Generate Leads Summit 2022

Financial security is important for many individuals, and it often translates to a better quality of life. As the founder and CEO of Zoe Financial, Andrés Garcia Amaya recognized the difficulty in finding a trustworthy financial advisor for his parents. This led him to create Zoe Financial, which curates a network of financial advisors based on the question, Would you send your parents to this advisor?

Partnering with Google has allowed Zoe Financial to not only deliver quality but also scale and improve conversion rates. By using data to identify the target audience and changing their bidding strategy to target ROAS, Zoe Financial saw over 200% year-over-year growth while being more cost-effective.

At Google's Generate Leads Summit, the focus was on turning lead generation into a profit driver for businesses. The Google Ads Growth Formula was introduced, which includes mapping the lead to sale journey, importing first-party data, and optimizing towards value-based bidding. By doing so, advertisers can identify their highest value customers and increase conversion value.

Mapping the lead to sale journey involves defining the primary business objective and assigning conversion values to each stage. This data is then imported into Google Ads through offline conversion import, and value-based bidding is used to optimize towards the most valuable conversion action. It is important to choose the conversion action that aligns with the business objective and has over 15 account-level conversions in the past 28 days.

Overall, the Google Ads Growth Formula and mapping the lead to sale journey can help businesses achieve a sustainable competitive advantage and increase profitability. It requires commitment to prioritization and collaboration with web developers and CRM administrators.

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