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getting ads on my android

Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

How to remove Popup ads from Android Mobile | 100% Free | No tools Required

[Music]. hey friends, come on. this is abhishek from tik matters, and in this video i'll be telling you how you can easily remove malware or adware from your android mobile phone. this is very easy. you don't need any kind of software or any kind of antivirus or anti-malware. it can be easily done through settings in your android phone. so before that, let me show you what kind of ads i'm toking about. so these are like pop-up ads. so here you can see that this is one kind of pop up ad and normally you get a cross sign here and every time the ad pops up you need to cross it so that it closes. so it's very irritating at times. like I will show you these kind of ads whenever you're browsing Facebook or you are doing YouTube. so these pop-up ads will come up, and if you see closely here on the top right hand side, that ads by Google. so this means this ad is actually coming from the Google Adsense. so now how you can remove this- and this is very simple. you need to just follow a few steps. so now what you have to do is, like you just have to go to settings and inside settings you will see accounts- an account. you have to go to Google. inside Google you will see multiple options. you have to go into personal info and privacy and once this page loads, you need to go to add settings. when you click on this, this will actually open a browser and inside the browser it will open the add settings for your account and now you can see add personalization. so here, basically, you have to switch it off. when you switch it off, this will give a pop up and you need to click on this turn off. it says: by turning off the personalization you still see a ad, but it will be less useful to it. but trust me, I have turned it off and ads we're not coming to my phone, so I'll just click on darn off. and here it says add personalization is now off. you have to click on visit ad choices. once you click on visit ad choices, this will load another page which will say like what all ad you have enabled on your phone. so basically, you have to uncheck all the ad or all the website from where you get the ads. so now it will first load like what kind of ads you have already enabled. insufficient connection speed, so sometimes this will give error. so you have to try again and if you need to be on good internet connection and here you can see it's getting loaded and, yes, it says connection quality is good and cookies enabled and opt-out settings. so this is the very- this is actually the important settings, what you need to check for. so let it load. it takes a few minutes to load. alright, as soon as that status check is completed, you will get this kind of pop up and it says status of your opting out option. so basically, let me explain you what is opt-out. normally your browser will be enabled for all 128 companies normally which is having tie-up with Google, Adsense and I have already opted out from all the web sites. so it says 128 partikipating companies reported information for existing up opt-out on your browser. that means I have already opted out of 128 partikipating companies. for your phone it will show as 0 partikipating companies opt-out or one partikipating company opt-out, so that that can vary from phone to phone. so you need to opt-out from all the companies. so how do you do that? you have to just click on continue and here you can see company customization ad for your browser: 3 current uploads: 124. now I need to click on make your choices. here I can say: these three companies will give me ad on my phone so I need to remove these companies from my ad sense. so I wanna have to do: choose all companies and say it's requesting opt-outs. this means you have requested these website to not send ads on your phone. now it says opt-out completed successfully. opt-out requests were not completed for two partikipating companies. I'm not sure why they are not allowing you to opt out, so, step you click on continue. now you can see company customizing ads, for your browser is one and your opt out is 127 and total company is 129. so that means like, still one company will send the ads to your phone, but that will be very less compared to 129 companies. so do all these settings and you have to just click on back back, or you can hit the home button and then you need to just restart your phone and your ads will go away. you will not receive that pop-up ads from Google. at last, I would like to thank all my viewers, all my subscribers, to make this channel larger, because we have reached 5000 subscriber and 20 million views on this channel and I would be distributing goodies, gifts, at ten thousand subscription. so please check out my Facebook page for more details, just click the link which is being displayed on the screen now, and don't forget to subscribe, because only subscribers will be getting the gifts at 10,000 subscription. so I hope you liked my video. have a nice day, bye, bye.

How to stop ads on android Phone in 3 Minutes

hey guys, today's video is about how to remove pop-up ads from your android phone which cause trouble for you. these are the types of ads. you can simply skip them by pressing the cross button at the top of the add bar, but it's really annoying. let's see how we can remove them permanently. okay, there are two sources of these ads, from where they come. the first one is from google, which is the normal ads- you cannot stop these ads completely, but you can lower their number a lot- and the second one is because of some kind of virus which you installed accidentally into your mobile phone. i will provide solutions for both in this video. so like and share the video. also, give me a subscribe and if you want to support me, then give me a separate thanks. let's start the procedure to stop google ads. first, open your mobile setting, scroll down and find the google option. if you are unable to find it, you can also search it. open this ad section. in my case, there is an option missing called opt out personalization, or something like this from this tab. if you see that on your device, simply turn the option off and also reset your advertising id. ok, now go back and press this. manage your google account, go to data and privacy and find add personalization settings. these are all the categories of ads that appear on your screen. you can remove them one by one. there may not shown many categories because we just reset our invertement id, but there are always more out there to be added to this list, so simply turn this ad personalization option off, okay. next, open your chrome browser and go to settings. scroll down and open site settings. [Music]. open cookies. set this option to block third party cookies. then go back, scroll down and open this ad section. turn this option off if it's already on. ok, the problem of google ads is solved now. if you installed a virus into your phone accidentally which cause annoying pop-ups, then follow these steps. go to settings, find apps section or manage applications. hide the system apps. if you have any difficulty, okay, find the app without name and logo from here and simply uninstall it. your problem will be solved. i didn't have any virus on my phone so i can't able to show you how it looks. if there are still ads coming, the final way to remove them is by simply resetting your mobile phone. this can easily solve your problem. make sure to create a backup of your data before resetting your mobile phone. you can try another trick before resetting your phone. the link is available in the description or at the end screen of this video. watch it and remove ads using dns. if you like this video, please subscribe to my channel and if you want to support me, then give me a supper, thanks. thanks for watching.

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why a lot of ads pop up on my phone / remove pop up ads from Android phones

hi guys, let's, but I'm gonna show you how to remove all the ads does your phone has on the screen. so it's really in continue to you see, like this. that's the reason I'm we're gonna make this video, so I'm gonna help you how to remove all those ads. alright, the first thing you're gonna do is you're gonna go to setting' right here, once you go to say that you're gonna scroll down and you can able through the apps. it's right here, perfect. so now you wanna click on those three points and tap right here on the right- alright. and you're gonna click on reset apps preference right here. so right here, you're gonna go to reset. I want you to die. now you're gonna scroll down, as you can see right here. so the concept on other apps: just close it. alright. now you're gonna scroll down and you're gonna do for the apps that make your phone slow in order. all right, you're gonna go to word - so I'm gonna remove the apps. press. okay. now you're gonna go to West love. right here's. all those apps make your fungus flow and that make a lot of ads on the screen. so pop up a lot of ads. all right, you wanna scroll down. you're gonna look now for this one the fifth time, because we move the app. that's okay for the app that you don't need, so we move it. Steve passed laws, this one, so we move this one, this one. they quit is an S. does the may act that make a lot of ads on the screen? remove the app to. okay, [Music], [Music], you, [Music]. all right, so the phone is good to go. just go to the main page, close other pages as you can see. another phonebook, normal, the way it was before. so some apps- they make a lot of commercial on the screen so pop up aromatikally and that's what you gotta do yours and remove all those apps the way that I show you on this video and you wanna see your phone's gonna be good to go. so if you are new to this channel, please don't forget to subscribe on my channel. share the video. see you next time.

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How to remove all Pop-Up Ads from my phone

hi guys, let's bet I'm gonna show you what you need to do if your phone has a lot of ads on the screen. sometimes we're using your phone normally and the ads comments off automatikally without no reason. but something. I'm gonna show you what you need to do, two things: the private edge trillium countable to use the phone like this. so, as you can see, right now the phone is looking different way, like you used to be. so right now you can see there are a lot of apps that say speed, super clean, Master, Kota, so all those aspects on to be a slow. so, even though you say SP, make your phone like to be faster, just not true. you make your phone to be a slow. and that the app that make a lot of ad on your phone. we got you some phone. others out there, come and set those up, make that happen. you need to remove all those app. that way your phone is gonna be better. so you gotta make a life the way you used to be before. to do that, you gotta go to settings, right here. you're gonna scroll down. you're gonna go to apps and notifications- perfect, you're gonna go to see all 43 apps right here. you guys see all the apps on your phone. ask: all right before you only stop the apps, all those apps. you gotta go right here. just three point and you're gonna go to reset our preference. we set apps. now you can remove all those apps and you're gonna start with booster, right here on this tab. press ok. are you gonna start looking for the other ones? down launcher, that's another one that make your phone is flow and that make your phone has a lot of advertiser on the screen. you gonna trip on that and you're gonna go to point: stop. you're gonna start looking. just go down. this is another one. a speed booster: clip on that one. we'll move that one a bit cleaner. keep on that one. we move that one super clean. that's another one. all those artists: a booster super clean and order those up. make your phone is slow. that's the main reason your phone has a lot of advertiser arrow ads on the screen. all those apps don't do nothing for your phone. you need to remove all those app and you're gonna see the different. all right, after you do all that, what you wanna go, you're gonna restart your phone. you [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music]. perfect, now this phone look in the normal way, as you can see right here, that's the way the phone is coming from the factory. so now your phone is gonna be faster and better and you don't wanna have no ads and no conversation on the screen. all those app that say booster, master, playing all those app make your phone explode. it doesn't help your phone for nothing. you have to remove all those. act the way that I will show you in this video. if you are new to this channel, forget subscribe on my channel. share the video. see you next time.

Is My Android Listening To Me? Experts Expose The Truth!

you were just toking with your friend about your upcoming trip to disney. wow, next thing you know, you see disney ads on your social media feed. is your android listening to you or is it just a coincidence? yes and no, but this feature has been very concerning for a lot of people. there have been news stories about it. it's almost like the app is listening to your conversation. yeah, so it is true that some apps do have access to your microphone because you gave them access to use your microphone, and it makes sense for apps like zoom, where you need to tok to people, so they need to have your microphone access. but for some other apps doesn't make a ton of sense to have microphone access. it's also true that your virtual assistants, like google assistant or alexa, are also listening to you all the time, waiting for those trigger words. but that doesn't mean they're recording all of your conversations. but are they using it to build some sort of a marketing profile about you? they wouldn't be doing that, right? yes, they absolutely are. google and amazon both do so. they're listening to what i say when i ask for something, yep, and then they're gonna build a marketing profile based on the keywords that they hear in my speech. yes, well, at least they're perfect, right david. they never make. they never make mistakes. that's the thing. they're only supposed to listen for these trigger words and then activate when they hear those trigger words. but sometimes they get set off accidentally or there's some sort of software issue and then it starts actually recording some of your conversations and then sending that off to google analytiks. have you ever been watching a tv show when all of a sudden somebody says alexa, and then all of a sudden it's recording what the tv show says? what a brilliant way for them to know who's watching that tv show. i'm just saying it's also interesting. you know, for alexa you can change it to computer or echo. i wonder if you're watching star trek, for example, and they say computer over and over again, if that might accidentally trigger your, your alexa, okay, nerd. yeah, i wonder if you're watching star trek. i freaking love star trek. let's just be honest about that. but the truth is that big tik companies don't need to be tapping your microphone and listening to you all the time to start delivering new targeted ads, because they already have so many ways to track you and they have built this massive advertising profile about you. they aren't all the time, truth, but they don't have to and most people aren't aware of all the ways that they can track you. in fact, i wouldn't even say that we're aware of all the ways that you could be tracked, because it's a black box. well, we learned about one recently with accelerometers. that was kind of, you know, ridiculous mind-blowing to us, because accelerometers are something that we don't even have control over. we can't restrict accelerometer access, right? so accelerometer is what's tracking your? the movements of your phone, very subtle movements. so, david, i've turned off a bunch of settings on my phone, so i think i'm super safe. and then i get on a bus to new york city. then what happens? well, if you are sitting next to someone on a bus, they can. they can test, they can see that the accelerometers are moving in the same direction, at the same speed, and they can connect your phones that way. it's really. it's really cool. so it's also frightening. yeah, so just the little subtle bumps of the bus ride, they're gonna be able to match that up with the bumps of your phone. the wheels on the bus go round and round and your marketing profile gets built. yes, so i think the big misconception here about. you know, tapping microphones to deliver targeted ads is just that they already have enough information about you and it comes down to something called frequency illusion. i'm gonna- i'm gonna read what it is, instead of trying to define it. after notiking something for the first time, there is a tendency to notike it more often, leading someone to believe that it is a high frequency of occurrence. put plainly, the frequency illusion is when a concept or thing you just found out about suddenly seems to crop up everywhere. so let's transition to some tips to cut down on the amount of data these advertisers can collect about you. so we're gonna open the settings app, swipe down upper right hand corner of the screen, tap that settings gear. let's go down and tap on privacy. then tap permission manager. so let's tok about microphone right off the bat. these are the apps that can access your microphone. i think the one to be concerned about is allowed all the time. yeah, that's the one to be most concerned about anyway, but all of the apps that you see in this list, allowed, well in use, could be recording you whenever you're using them, which could be kind of scary. google, google, facebook, amazon- i mean facebook, for example, if i'm not uploading videos of myself. i don't think i really need facebook to access my microphone, right? if only there was a way that it could just ask every time. oh well, you could tap on facebook and then ask every time: boom, much safer setting the one to be we're concerned about is allowed all the time. i actually went through and i couldn't find any apps that asked for microphone access all the time. and, if you do like, drop a comment below: yeah, let us know which apps. yes, so let's tap back to permission manager one more time and we are going to tap on location. so, as we mentioned location, your location can be used to build these massive advertising profiles about you. there was one story where this woman- she- started seeing her boyfriend's ads because the advertisers were able to connect their phones because they were together so often. and it gets really specific: if a hospital is trying to recruit nurses, they might target the parking lot of another hospital and then target all those nurses for job ads. now, if you're a nurse, you might actually get a better deal. so maybe, but really it's kind of scary how much they know about us. so right now, amazon shopping is access to my location all the time, even when i'm not using it. well, how else are they going to sell you things that you want to buy? yeah, so let's tap on amazon shopping and, again, maybe ask every time. well, i mean, ask every time is like i'm going to put on my detective hat and see when it's asking my location, and then you can sort of get an idea of what it's using it for. so let's tap ask every time, or just don't allow it up to you, or just don't allow. you know, google, do you want google to have access to your location all the time, or do you want it to only while using the app? if you ask permission, basic features of your device may no longer function as intended. it's scary, scary. they're trying to scare you into leaving it on. yeah, so what? we're going to leave it on because we have to tok about another google location setting. let's tap back to the main privacy page. let's scroll down to google location history. this saves an account of everywhere you've been all the time, even when you're not using google apps. you're going to see a lot of features on your phone, like personalized experiences and recommendations, just for you. but the way that works is: google has the biggest ad network in the world and they're just going to sell advertisers your attention. which is what ads are? they're selling your attention based on where you are. so for me personally, i would turn this off by just tapping that turn off button. if you want to leave this feature on, we recommend tapping auto delete and then auto delete activity 3, 18 or 36 months. i think the 36 months one is just kind of ridiculous, ridiculous. i would select three months there if you want to leave this setting on, but if you just want to turn it off all together, tap that turn off button, scroll, tap, pause. i like how it's paused. it's not just, like you know, disabled. yeah, they're like, you'll be back, you'll be back. yeah, you'll be back, got it. let's tap back again to the main privacy page in settings. next we're g.

Remove Google ads in my phone | New Android Settings | How to Remove Google ads | uniques Tech

hello dosto, welcome to unique stack. awesome, joining a Google Earth scarcity move. carry up near phone pain pop-up axe dicta homogeneous. setting me. I'm getting me ski bottom. Jangi, Google's Google page. ok, Google accounts, data and press dot and Jubal is pajama. I'm scrotal. - Anita, a Nietzsche, Johnny keyboard the personalization on her. me say off cutting. he go to this. setting was keyboard more options. yeah, on high a promise a of curling turn off with it for online. chose choices, click ringing Jovian browser use cat inspector carding. he open hora. oh, yeah, then he dubbed it. maybe I had some peyote and opera company registered. do BFF will be clear, cutter clear. ahora, just watch me nerdy lugging it. then add, sorry, remove, done. knitted anger. continue from carding. submit choices. neatly, right side for sale go. [Music]. no job, it's a mother gob. pop up SOT. I'm call the game Calais, coach Mitchell re rhythms like we shared a taxi game. kayak was re are doing, but I never lie done and which is adult on you update riddled a glitter, so much - yes, then then on your lair, try again [Music]. then back to the result. you one comment. so Latika obj. accordingly, I'm setting my dengue. first a Google page, anger accounts, data niches, colca ringing the person on her off of it. yeah, Volvo Japan.