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giants grocery store ads

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Boomer Supermarket: A Classic TV Show Episode

In this classic TV show episode, the Nelson family goes grocery shopping at their local Boomer Supermarket. Mrs. Nelson brings along her children, Jack and Betty, and their dog Chipper to help with the shopping. They have a shopping list of items to buy, including soup, fruit juice, meat, vegetables, fruit, milk, butter, eggs, and bread. The episode shows how a supermarket operates and how the Nelsons select their groceries.

The Shopping Experience:

- Parking is ample, and Chipper is not allowed inside due to health laws.

- Canned foods are in one department, including string beans, soup, and peaches that Betty picks out.

- A boy working in the store stamps prices on cans and puts them on shelves.

- Food items are delivered daily by trucks, and the boxes are stored upstairs until needed.

- The meat department has pre-cut meat wrapped in clear plastic, and Mrs. Nelson selects two pounds of hamburger and a veal roast cut by the butcher, Mr. Engel.

- Butter and eggs are sold in pounds and dozens, respectively, and there are many kinds of cheeses to choose from.

- The fruit and vegetable department is managed by Mr. Donalds, who offers fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

- Betty chooses a bag of carrots, and Mrs. Nelson buys apples.

- Frozen foods include orange juice, frozen meats, vegetables, and turkeys.

- Dry foods like flour, cake mixes, noodles, and dried fruits are also available.


- The Nelsons wait in line for a cashier to check their items.

- Betty surprises her mother by paying for her own items.

- The cashier gives Mrs. Nelson her change, and they pack the food into large bags.

- The family heads back to their car with their groceries.

This classic TV show episode provides a glimpse into the supermarket shopping experience in the 1960s. It showcases the different departments and food items available, as well as how the cashiering process works. Overall, it's a nostalgic look back at how families used to do their grocery shopping.

Mom REACTS To The REAL Truth About Christmas

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the inundation of Christmas propaganda. While Christmas may have once been a time for kindness, community, and spirituality, it has now become a tool for corporations to sedate and distract the poor, while raking in billions in profits.


- Energy companies and pharmaceutical giants make huge profits while millions of people struggle with poverty and health problems.

- Corporate food giants make billions in profits while warning of high prices to come and causing systemic inflammation and health problems.

- The top 100 revenue-generating entities in the world are dominated by corporations, with Walmart being larger than entire countries.


- Cute and sentimental advertisements aim to titillate and stimulate viewers, distracting them from the reality of their struggles.

- Companies use the values of inclusivity and diversity to promote their products, while leaving the true meaning of the holiday season behind.

It's time to reject the commercialization of Christmas and focus on what truly matters - kindness, community, and spirituality. By being aware of the propaganda and manipulation used by corporations, we can resist their sedation and work towards a more just and equitable society. Merry Christmas, but let's not forget the true cost of our celebrations.

The Incredible Logistics of Grocery Stores

The Evolution of Supermarkets: How They Keep Products in Stock

- Supermarkets are a marvel of modern society that most people take for granted.

- They offer a wide variety of products that are always in stock, which is an incredible feat.

- However, the complexity behind keeping products in stock is truly stunning.

Factors that Contribute to the Complexity of Keeping Products in Stock:

- Supermarkets are involved in a perpetual balancing act of keeping items in stock and minimizing excess inventory.

- Every product in a supermarket is labeled with a barcode that is checked in to its inventory management software.

- Inventory management software can account for some of the disparities in inventory, but manual counts are also necessary.

- External factors such as sales and seasonal changes also need to be accounted for in the ordering process.

- Some products, such as Oreos, are simple to keep in stock, while others, such as grapes, are much more difficult.

The Example of Grapes:

- Grapes are highly seasonal and difficult to keep in stock.

- California's central valley is responsible for the majority of the country's grape supply, with a natural harvest season between mid-August and late September.

- Early and late season varieties of grapes are used to stretch the harvest season from July to November.

- Peru and Chile act as the southern hemisphere equivalent of California, providing grape supplies from December to May.

- California's Imperial and Coachella valleys, along with various locations in Mexico, provide year-round warm weather for grape production.

- Supermarkets are an integral part of modern society, offering a wide variety of products that are always in stock.

- However, the complexity behind keeping products in stock is often overlooked.

- By understanding the factors that contribute to this complexity, we can better appreciate the convenience that supermarkets provide.

Giant 2 Week Ad Preview December 16-29, 2022

Mama Made's Giant Ad Preview for December 16th-29th

Mama Made has the Giant ad preview for December 16th-29th and it's a two-week ad with some in-ad coupons that are different for each week. Sales will be the same for two weeks, making it easier to plan ahead for the holidays.


- Craft and Cracker Barrel cheese have 50 cent Ibotta offers

- Tasty Cakes are buy one, get one free

- Pork loin is on sale for $1.19/lb

- Five point freebie offer for frozen desserts

- Spend $20, save $5 on select items

- Two dollars off whipped topping in the dairy department

While there aren't any amazing deals, there are still some good offers to take advantage of. Don't forget to redeem your points and keep an eye out for new deals that may pop up. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

Giant (Stop and Shop/ Martin’s) Ad Preview October 18-24, 2019

Hey guys, Mama Made a Hive here with a preview of the Giant ad for the week of October 18th through the 24th, 2019. I shop at Giant, but I also like to include deals from Stop & Shop and Martin's because they have some of the same deals. In this article, I will be sharing my thoughts on the deals in the ad and how you can save money.


- Purdue chicken on sale for $5.49

- Buy 3 Hershey's candies for $8

- Bacon on sale for $2.99

- Cheese deal: spend $15 and get $5 off

- Lysol products on sale

- Huggies diapers deal: buy 2 and save $10, get $5 Catalina, and $3 rebate on Ibotta


- Check your local ad because some deals may be different in your area

- Use competitor coupons to save even more

- Earn points for a free turkey by buying certain products

- Keep an eye out for printable coupons on Purdue chicken

- Don't forget to check the app for more deals

Overall, there are some good deals in the Giant ad this week. I recommend stocking up on chicken, cheese, and bacon while they're on sale. Also, don't forget to use competitor coupons to save even more money. Happy shopping!

Giant / Stop and Shop/ Martin’s Ad Preview

Hey guys, it's Madhuri and I'm here to share with you the Giant Ad Preview for the week of July 27th through August 2nd, 2018. As a frequent shopper at Giant, I know that deals can be pretty similar between stores, but prices and availability can vary. So, be sure to double check your own ads and prices in store, especially on items like meat and produce, which can differ from region to region.


- Ground beef for $2.49

- Kellogg's or Rice Krispies Treats for $1.66, redeemable for Kellogg's Family Rewards

- General Mills or Cascadian Farm for $1.49 when you buy five, with a possible $4 Catalina offer and additional savings from Load2Card and printables

- $1 off Dannon yogurt with printable coupon

- Free bratwurst with previously earned rewards, with the possibility of getting one more for free with the current sale

- Dollar off Duncan Hines products

- $5 for 5 on select brand ice cream treats

- Buy one, get one free on Herr's chips

- Save $5 when you spend $15 on Kraft products, no known coupons available

- $3 coupon for Tide with potential for additional savings with digital coupons

- 30 cents off when you buy six products

- 5 times gas points on Applebee's gift cards

- Coupons for $7 off $25 and $15 for 3 when you spend $10

While there isn't too much going on this week, there are still some good deals to take advantage of. Don't forget to check for additional savings through rewards programs, Load2Card, printables, and digital coupons. And as always, be sure to double check your own ads and prices in store for the best deals. Happy shopping!

Giant / Stop and Shop / Martins Ad Preview September 15-21 2017

In this article, we will go over some of the deals available at Giant from September 15th through the 21st, 2017. It is important to note that these deals may also be available at Stop & Shop and Martin's. Let's take a look at some of the best deals this week.


- Pop-Tarts: On sale for 99 cents from September 15th through the 17th. All varieties eight count limit four. If you have Telex family rewards, you can cash in $4.00 off coupons, making them completely free.

- Coke, Pepsi, or Canada Dry six packs: Five for $10.00. Buy five in order to get them at that price.

- DiGiorno pizza: Two for $10.00. Use two $2.00 off coupons from coupons.com, and a $2.00 off two e-coupon to make it $4.00 for two pizzas.

- Quilted Northern or Brawny: $4.99. Check for EQ coupons or manufacturer coupons to make it cheaper.

- Smithfield Ham: $2.00. Use coupons to make it even cheaper.

- Smithfield Bacon: $1.00 off. Use EQ coupons or in-store coupons to make it cheaper.

- Progresso Soup: 2 for $3.00. Use a $2.00 off two e-coupon and a $1.00 off two e-coupon to make it 2 for $2.00.

- Screamin' Sicilian or Urban Pie Pizza: Buy one, get one free. Use coupons to make it cheaper.

- Breakstone Sour Cream: $0.50 with a coupon that doubles. Use the coupon from their website to make it cheaper.

- Crest Toothpaste: $0.99 after a $2.00 coupon. Use EQ coupons to make it free or a moneymaker.

- Asparagus: $1.99. Hillshire Farms: Pick up for a good price.

- Save $6 when you spend $20.

- Save $5 when you spend $20.

There are some great deals available at Giant this week, so be sure to take advantage of them while you can. Don't forget to check for EQ coupons and manufacturer coupons to make these deals even cheaper. Keep an eye out for deals on produce and meat prices, as they can vary from week to week. Happy shopping!

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