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gift excluded from shopify script

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

- Shopify Scripts: What are they and how to use them? Are they right for you?


- Shopify Scripts are an app available only for Shopify Plus users

- Three types of scripts: line item scripts, shipping scripts, and payment scripts

- Line item scripts affect the line items in the cart

- Shipping scripts interact with the shipping part of your store

- Payment scripts interact with your payment gateways

- Shopify Scripts can be used for discounts, free products, shipping and payment provider manipulation

- Discounting line items with Shopify Scripts is more flexible than basic or advanced Shopify plans

- Shopify Scripts can be used for buy one get one free, buy one get 20 free, etc.

- Shopify Scripts are great for free gifts

- Shopify Scripts can modify shipping rates or hide specific shipping rates

- Shopify Scripts can block specific payment gateways for certain products

- Pre-made scripts are available in the script editor

- Shopify Plus is worth it if it saves you money and eliminates the need for apps and custom-made scripts

- Shopify Scripts are a great tool for Shopify Plus users to manipulate the checkout and cart of their customers

- They are flexible and can be used for various discounting and free gift practices

- They can also be used to modify shipping and payment providers

- Shopify Plus is worth the investment if it saves you money and eliminates the need for extra apps and custom-made scripts.

Rebuy Academy: How to Create Dynamic Discounts (For Shopify Plus)

In this episode of Rebuy Academy, Strauss explains how to dynamically discount products added from a Rebuy widget using the Shopify Script Editor or Shopify Scripts. This feature is only available to Shopify Plus merchants.

Steps to dynamically discount products using Shopify Scripts:

1. Set a discount type of either percentage or fixed in the widget settings.

2. Go to the Shopify Script app and create a new line item script.

3. Copy and paste the code provided in the Rebuy help center.

4. Uncomment the code and change the widget ID, discount type, and discount amount.

5. Save and publish the script.

6. Preview the script on your online store to test it.

7. The discount will apply at checkout.

By following these simple steps, Shopify Plus merchants can now dynamically discount products added from a Rebuy widget. This can help increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. If you have any further questions, visit the Rebuy help center or chat directly with their team. Thanks for tuning in to this episode of Rebuy Academy!

Exclude Sale Products From Discount Code Shopify for FREE - No apps or coding required

In this article, we will learn how to create a discount code for full price products only, preventing customers from using the code on already discounted products. This will help businesses save their margins and profits. Unfortunately, Shopify does not have a way to exclude products or collections from discount codes. However, with a little reverse engineering, we can create two automated collections and apply the discount code only to the full price collection.


1. Create an automated collection called On Sale with the compare price greater than 0.01. This will capture all the products that are currently on sale.

2. Create a second automated collection called Promotion with a product tag equal to any tag you choose (for example, Promotion).

3. Tag all your products with the Promotion tag by selecting all products and adding the tag through More Actions.

4. Filter by the On Sale collection and select all products. Then remove the Promotion tag from these products.

5. Now the Promotion collection only has full price products. Create a discount code or automatic discount and apply it only to the Promotion collection.

By following these steps, you can create a discount code for full price products only, preventing customers from using the code on already discounted products. While it may be a slightly manual process, it allows you to control the discounts without the use of any apps or coding. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or ask.

First order discount on Shopify - Automatic Disconuts & Gifts app

How to offer a first order discount using Shopify

Offering a discount code to new customers is a great way to encourage them to make their first purchase. There are two ways to offer a first order discount using Shopify.

First Way:

1. Create a discount code and select a specific group of customers, such as those with zero orders.

2. Use the Automatic Discount app to create a new promotion and apply the discount code.

3. The discount will always trigger and apply to new customers at checkout.

4. If a customer enters an email that already exists and is associated with an account with at least one order, the discount will be removed.

Second Way:

1. Create a rule based on customer tag or number of past orders.

2. Require customers to log in before checkout to trigger the application of the discount code.

3. If the customer does not log in before checkout, the app will not be able to trigger the discount code.

4. The discount will only apply to customers who meet the criteria and are logged in at checkout.

Offering a first order discount is a great way to encourage new customers to make a purchase. With Shopify, you can use discount codes or create rules to apply the discount automatically. By using these methods, you can increase your sales and customer loyalty.

14 -Adding Wishlist button and Script to Shopify theme

In this video, the focus is on the front end of a website. The dashboard is almost complete, and the discussion now moves to the store's appearance. The collection page is not displaying images properly, but this is due to the team structure and not a fault of the developer. To add a button to the product page, the developer manually edits the product template file. The next step is to add a script to make the button functional. The developer recommends storing the script in the app rather than the client-side, as this allows for easier updates. The script can be added manually to the team or through Shopify's script tags feature. By including both CSS and JavaScript in the same file, duplication is avoided.

Shopify Unite 2021 | Dig into the future of checkout extensibility

Shopify is the leading global infrastructure for ecommerce, with a checkout that is constantly being optimized by their engineering team to remain the best on the planet. They have proven their ability to scale checkout to handle internet traffic with some of the largest flash sales in history, including over $5 billion processed through Shopify checkout during Black Friday Cyber Monday in 2020. Shopify is excited to announce new capabilities for customizing checkout, including checkout UI extensions, an overhaul of scripts, and a new payment platform. With these new capabilities, merchants can build exactly what they need for their business, from simple changes to complex UI and bespoke server-side business logic. Shopify's checkout extensions use a new technology that allows merchants to extend checkout using apps that are easy to distribute and fast for merchants to install and upgrade. These extensions also use Shopify's CDN for fast delivery and run securely inside a web worker sandbox in the browser, ensuring the trust and performance Shopify checkout is known for.

Shopify has also upgraded their developer tooling for their script infrastructure, enabling developers to build Shopify scripts using their preferred development workflow and deploy scripts using apps. With Shopify's new payment platform, payment apps are easy to customize, fast for merchants to install, and enable developers to build faster with modern APIs. Shopify's payments platform replaces their legacy integration points, enabling developers to create payment gateways as Shopify apps, own the end-to-end onboarding experience, and collect all necessary business and KYC-related information directly from the merchant.

In summary, Shopify has made significant improvements to their checkout extensibility, script infrastructure, and payment platform, enabling developers to build customizations that merchants need to be successful and stand out from the crowd. With Shopify's new capabilities, developers can build exactly what merchants need, from simple changes to complex UI and bespoke server-side business logic. These new capabilities include checkout UI extensions, an overhaul of scripts, and a new payment platform. Shopify is excited to see what developers will build on their new infrastructure.

Excluding Discount Codes on Sale Items in Shopify

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform, but it has limitations when it comes to discount codes. In this article, we will explore how to exclude items from discount codes in Shopify.

The Issue:

Discount codes can be a great way to incentivize customers to make a purchase, but they can also cause problems when an item is already on sale. In these cases, adding an additional discount can reduce the price below what the seller intended.

The Solution:

Unfortunately, Shopify does not have a built-in way to exclude items from discount codes. However, there is a workaround that involves creating a tag for all items that are not on sale and then creating a discount code that applies only to those items.


1. Create a tag for all items that are not on sale. This can be done by selecting all products in the store and adding the tag.

2. Create two collections: one for items that are on sale and one for items that are not on sale. Use the compare at price to determine which items are on sale.

3. Install the app Bulk Edit Tags by Power Tools from the Shopify store.

4. Use the app to remove the normal tag from items in the on-sale collection.

5. Create a discount code that applies only to items in the not-on-sale collection.

6. Make sure to tag products appropriately to ensure discounts apply only where intended.

By following these steps, sellers can eliminate the possibility of double discounts on items in their Shopify store. While Shopify may eventually add a built-in way to exclude items from discounts, this workaround offers a solution for the time being.

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