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Global Expansion Made Easy with Shopify Plus International

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Shopify Plus: Demystifying the Mystery

Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce platforms in the world, with almost 2 million stores using it. However, there's a lot of mystery surrounding its highest tier plan, Shopify Plus. In this article, we'll explore what Shopify Plus is, its benefits, and why it's worth the investment.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is the highest tier of the Shopify plan, designed for rapidly scaling stores like Kylie Jenner's cosmetic stores, Netflix, and MVMT watches. It offers several advantages, including:

- Speed and reliability: Shopify Plus is extremely fast and reliable, making it ideal for handling large traffic surges during promotions and major events.

- Multiple stores: With Shopify Plus, you can spin up to nine completely different stores under one account, each with different currencies, languages, and apps.

- Automated workflows: Shopify Plus offers apps like Launchpad and Shopify Flow, which allow you to automate repetitive tasks like inventory management and flash sales.

- Customizable scripts: You can use Shopify Scripts to pre-code features like buy one get one free, which kick in on the cart or checkout page.

Why pay the $2,000 per month?

The advantages of Shopify Plus come at a cost, but for major brands with high volumes of traffic and sales, it's a no-brainer. The lower credit card fees alone can save you thousands of dollars per month, especially if your revenue is predominantly domestic credit cards.

If you're looking to scale your ecommerce store rapidly and handle large traffic surges, Shopify Plus is worth the investment. It offers speed, reliability, multiple stores, automated workflows, and customizable scripts. Just do the math and make sure it's the right choice for your business.

What is Shopify Plus? | Your ecommerce enterprise platform

- Welcome to Shopify Plus, the cost-effective enterprise commerce platform for the world's largest brands.

- Experience the power of a reliable and flexible platform with an army of commerce experts behind you.

- Get ready to dive into the future of commerce.

Selling Everywhere:

- Shopify Plus delivers a flexible platform so you can sell everywhere your customers are.

- Easily upload your entire product catalog and optimize your listings for search engines.

- Choose from hundreds of responsive themes or build your own for a tailor-made experience.

- Customize your online store using intuitive drag and drop technology or access the code directly.

- Features like augmented reality, 3D models, and automated promotions boost average order value.

- Backed by the world's most powerful checkout, including accelerated checkout with Shop Pay.

- Expand your online presence globally with hyper-local experiences anywhere in the world.

- Create separate storefronts for individual geographies or sell on more channels through Shopify.

Managing Your Business:

- Shopify Plus makes it easy to manage your entire business with the organization admin.

- Get a high-level picture of how you're performing every time you log in.

- Take a deeper dive into analytics by building custom reports or using analytics APIs.

- Manage your entire team by adding users to your org and assigning them roles.

- Spin up new stores in seconds to continue your brand's growth.

- Save time with automation tools by turning manual tasks into automated workflows.

- Use Launchpad to take the stress out of store-wide sales and promotional events.

Merchant Success Program:

- Accelerate your growth with Shopify Plus' merchant success program.

- Tap into our network of certified partners and certified apps to optimize your operations or widen the scope of your business.

- Access our 24/7 priority support for any questions you may have.


- Shopify Plus is designed to fully integrate across all of your existing systems, like ERP and CRM software.

- Extend Shopify's out-of-the-box functionality by choosing from thousands of apps in the Shopify app store.

- Scale alongside some of the biggest brands in the world with robust rest and GraphQL APIs.

- Shopify Plus is more than just a commerce platform.

- Push your brand and our platform to the next level with the freedom to think outside the box.

- Slingshot your business into the future faster with Shopify Plus.

How to sell worldwide with Shopify Plus | Story of AMS

Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning in to this exciting webinar about going global with your e-commerce store. Today, we'll cover everything you need to know about embarking on your international e-commerce journey and how Shopify Plus can help you with that.

- International e-commerce is selling products through a custom e-commerce website or shopping platform to customers in other countries.

- 35% of all Shopify traffic comes from international visitors, and e-commerce cross-border sales are projected to grow by 14% annually over the next five years.

- There are opportunities for growth across all industries, and customers are waiting for the products you have to offer.

How to Expand into New Markets:

- Identify key markets based on data.

- Pick one or two with the most visitors and investigate those further.

- If you don't have any international visitors, identify one or two markets in close proximity or

Expand Shopify Store Globally (Internationalize)

Expanding Your Shopify Business to Support International Customers

Expanding your Shopify business to support international customers can be a great way to increase sales and reach new markets. However, it requires careful planning and execution to be successful. In this article, we will walk you through the steps to expand your Shopify website to support customers in different countries, languages, and currencies.

Step 1: Setting Up Currencies

- Go to Settings and then Payments

- Activate Shopify Payments or a specific payment provider with multiple currencies

- Add countries and regions that you want to support

- Set up rounding for each currency

- Make sure your theme supports currency selectors

Step 2: Supporting Multiple Languages

- Go to Store Languages and add additional languages

- Install a third-party app to translate your website

- Translate everything, including collections, products, email templates, blog articles, and pages

- Upgrade your plan and use Import Export in Excel to save time

Step 3: Customer Support

- Translate customer support for each language you support

- Make sure you can legally and tax-wise ship to each country you support

- Figure out shipping rates and times for each country

- Use a professional translation service, not Google Translate

Expanding your Shopify business to support international customers can be a great way to increase sales and reach new markets. However, it requires careful planning and execution. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can successfully support customers in different countries, languages, and currencies.

How To Easily Sell Worldwide on Shopify (No Apps!) | Shopify Markets

Shopify's recent update, Shopify Markets, makes it easier for e-commerce brand owners to sell in different countries, currencies, and collect taxes automatically. This feature was previously only available in Shopify Plus or with other apps. Shopify Markets is now included in regular Shopify plans.

Key points to remember about Shopify Markets:

- Different prices and domains for different markets

- Local currency for each market

- Automatic translation of website for different markets

- Inclusion of import taxes and duties in pricing

To set up Shopify Markets, simply go to the Markets section in the Shopify dashboard and add a new market. Choose the countries or regions you want to sell in, the language and currency, and whether or not to collect duties and import taxes. You can also see the performance of each market and split your market shares to see how many sales come from each market.

Consolidating different markets into a single Shopify store makes it easier to keep everything under one pixel for advertising purposes, and simplifies the logistical aspect of the back-end of the store. This update is beneficial for e-commerce brand owners who want to sell internationally and expand their business.

If you are an e-commerce brand owner making at least 20 to 30 000 a month, you can schedule a demo call with the team to see if you are a good fit for their e-commerce marketing programs.

Shopify vs. Shopify Plus | How to upgrade to Shopify Plus

- Shopify Plus benefits and why it's the right time to upgrade

Front-end Features

- Customizing checkout with Shopify Plus

- Access to Google Tag Manager for detailed checkout data

- Using Shopify Scripts for advanced discounts

Back-end Features

- Managing multiple stores in the organization admin

- Adding, modifying, and removing staff accounts

- Access to nine free expansion stores for selling in different currencies and languages

Shopify Flow

- Automating manual tasks and creating custom workflows

- No coding required with drag and drop builder

- Connecting with popular apps like Klaviyo and loyalty tools

Shopify Scripts

- Creating custom promotions and discounts

- Coded in Ruby for flexibility

- Templates available in Shopify Help Center


- Scheduling promotions, product launches, and theme updates

- Streamlining marketing and IT efforts

- Connecting with scripts for specific events

Wholesale Channel

- Creating a separate storefront for wholesale customers

- Offering the same products as the online store at different prices

- Simplifying B2B selling with specific price lists and customer assignments

Shopify Plus Academy

- Online training resource for making the most of Shopify Plus

- Self-serve courses and lessons available

- Upgrade to Shopify Plus now or talk to Shopify Plus upgrades expert in live chat.

Internationalisation with Shopify Plus | Shopify Plus x Swanky

Hello everyone, and welcome to this discussion about e-commerce internationalization. If you are a merchant thinking about selling your products into a new country or bringing a new product to market, you are in the right place to find out how to succeed. In this article, we will cover the following topics:

- Background on why taking your business to international markets has never been so timely or accessible

Why Internationalization is a Huge Opportunity Now

- Changes in audience behavior and cross-age group changes

- Accessibility to supply consumers all over the world

Customer Experience

- The importance of thinking about the customer experience holistically

- How to hone in on each customer touchpoint and create a seamless experience

The Shopify Platform

- Why Shopify is well-suited for businesses who want to take that step internationally or want to grow internationally

- Ease and the ability to iterate

Parting Thought

- With the world moving online, you have the ability to have your brand be a global brand from quite early on

- Test and iterate

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