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Go High Level SaaS Mode - How I Got +15k SaaS Clients

Published on: December 9 2022 by Jason Wardrop

- In today's digital age, SaaS (Software as a Service) has become increasingly popular among businesses.

- Go High Level is a SaaS company that has gained a lot of attention for its innovative approach and success in acquiring clients.

- In this article, we will explore the Go High Level SaaS model and how they were able to acquire 15k clients.

Go High Level SaaS Model:

- Go High Level is a comprehensive platform that offers a variety of tools for businesses, including CRM, SMS marketing, and more.

- Their SaaS model is unique in that they offer a one-stop-shop for businesses, eliminating the need for multiple subscriptions and platforms.

- Go High Level also offers a white-label option for agencies to customize the platform for their clients.

How They Acquired 15k Clients:

- Go High Level's success can be attributed to their marketing strategy, which includes targeted ads, webinars, and social media.

- They also offer a free trial, which allows potential clients to test the platform before committing to a subscription.

- Go High Level's customer service and support is top-notch, which has resulted in a high retention rate and positive reviews.

- Referrals have also played a significant role in acquiring new clients for Go High Level.

- The Go High Level SaaS model offers a comprehensive solution for businesses.

- Their marketing strategy, customer service, and support have contributed to their success in acquiring and retaining clients.

- The white-label option and referral program have also helped to expand their reach.

- Overall, Go High Level serves as an excellent example of a successful SaaS company.

Go High Level SaaS Mode - How I Got +15k SaaS Clients

In this video, Jason Wardrop talks about Go High Level's SaaS mode and how to get your first SaaS clients. He breaks down the only two sales funnels you need to get clients on a consistent basis, including a high ticket funnel and a low ticket funnel. The high ticket funnel involves a 90-minute webinar, a $997 initial offer, and a $297 one-click upsell. The low ticket funnel involves a $47 item on how to generate leads organically for free and a $24 one-click upsell for follow-up templates. By leveraging technology and optimizing the webinar process, Jason has been able to get over 15,000 clients for his own software company. With the Go High Level SaaS mode platform, you can white label their marketing agency platform and turn it into your own SaaS company. By building your email list and nurturing leads, you can scale your software business and generate more leads, make more money, and grow your business.

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