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Google Ads Ad Customizers in an RSA World

Published on: December 7 2022 by Paid Media Pros

Google Ads Ad Customizers in an RSA World

The above is a brief introduction to Google Ads Ad Customizers in an RSA World.

Let's move on to the first section of Google Ads Ad Customizers in an RSA World!

Google Ads Ad Customizers in an RSA World

well the day is finally here we can no
longer create or edit expanded text ads
and not just looking at the entire text
at itself but also certain components of
our text ads are also impacted now that
it's july of 2022 and one of those
components is going to be your ad
customizers if you are still using ad
customizers in any evergreen expanded
text ads that you have running there's
going to be some big changes coming by
the end of the year and that's the first
thing that we're going to cover in this
video and then the remaining time which
is going to be most of it is going to
show you how we can still use ad
customizers for responsive search ads
before we hop into google ads and show
you how we can set up ad customizers for
responsive search ads i want to tok
about how ad customizers are going to
change for your expanded text ads in
2022. there's only a couple points the
last one is going to be the most
important but i think it's something we
should all be aware of the first point
is pretty self-explanatory as of right
now we can no longer create or edit ad
customizers for expanded text ads and
this makes complete sense because we
also cannot edit or create new expanded
text ads and if you are using ad
customizers they're already part of your
headlines and descriptions so if you
can't edit your expanded text ads of
course you won't be able to edit your ad
customizers kind of go hand in hand this
next point is coming directly from
google i'm not using any business data
feeds right now so i can't confirm but
they are saying that you can no longer
upload or edit business data feeds for
expanded text ads and now on to the last
point which is going to be the most
important one of this slide i had to
increase the font a little bit to stress
that importance but if you have an
expanded text ad that is using an ad
customizer those ad customizers are only
going to continue to serve until the end
of this year 2022 so even though your
expanded text ads could potentially run
further into 2023 your ad customizers in
your expanded text ads are going to stop
running at the end of this year so this
is pretty much saying that any of your
expanded text ads using ad customizers
are pretty much going to be broken or
potentially worthless by the time 2023
starts i love ad customizers and right
now i'm releasing this video in july so
i'm thinking about all the expanded text
ads that i have in my client's accounts
using ad customizers i'm pretty much
going to have to pause them all by the
end of the year even if they're still
working really well because my guess is
there's gonna be some weird looking
broken headlines or descriptions if i'm
still using these in 2023 so now that
you know that ad customizers will no
longer work in your expanded text ads by
the beginning of 2023 this is a perfect
time to start testing out the ad
customizer experience in some new
responsive search ads so let's jump into
google ads and i'll show you how you can
do that
since your ad customizers are part of
your responsive search ads you either
need to edit a current responsive search
ads or like i'm going to do create a new
now ignore the ad group name final url
i'm just going to play around in here
these aren't going to be real ads but to
begin creating an ad customizer go into
any one of your headlines or
descriptions and i'm not looking for
actual ideas there so ignore the drop
down it's just going to happen but then
enter an opening curly brace once we did
that we got a different type of drop
down now if you're pretty familiar with
ad customizers and you use a lot of them
with your expanded text ads you may
notike that something is missing and
that is the if function add customizer
it is missing because as of right now if
functions are not supported with
responsive search ads i did make a video
about it functions if you're curious
about what they were you can watch it
right here but you're not going to be
able to add them to any of your current
expanded text ads it's weird i think
this is the first time i'm pretty much
almost giving a history lesson about
something in google ads so then let's
tok about the four options we do get
for responsive search ads and the first
one is going to be keyword insertion if
i move my mouse out of the way keyword
insertion is one way to try to make your
ads more relevant to the search terms
that users have typed into google that
have triggered the keywords that you are
targeting so we see how the headline has
started off with keyword in the curly
braces there's the colon afterwards that
part is important but then you can also
see within the syntax right here there
is the keyword colon and then your
default text which we can enter in right
here so right now i just added in some
default text of coffee maker i'm gonna
hit apply so we can see the full thing
within our headline and then i'm gonna
pause this ad preview right up here so
we can see what happens within the
headline in most cases google is going
to try to use one of your keywords as
the headline if for whatever reason
google cannot use one of your keywords
let's just say it's really long tail and
it wouldn't fit the 30 characters then
google is going to default to whatever
you've put into your default text we're
just using our dummy account to create
these videos i'm pretty sure there's not
even any keywords within the ad group
i'm using so in the preview it's only
going to show the default text i removed
the closing curly brace because i wanted
to show you some options here the
default choice when i was creating this
was sentence case so really when this is
going to be shown the m in maker will be
lower case only your first word is going
to be capitalized title case we'll leave
it as we see it right there every word
is capitalized and then we have a lower
case where the c and m in coffee maker
would be lowered i'll leave it as is if
i hit apply it added the closing curly
brace for me again now google does state
that if you use keyword insertion it
still needs to follow the policies that
they have in place and one of those
policies is that you should not be
showing protected trademarks within your
ad copy i know there's a lot of people
out there that use keyword insertion for
their competitor campaigns and they get
away with it but i'm telling you right
now we do not recommend it because you
still can get flagged and reported for
that so let me delete this and then
we'll go with one of the other ad
customizers and that is a countdown
i have loved using these for any client
that has a limited sale trying to build
urgency for a potential price increase
trying to promote a partikular event
that sort of thing by default the syntax
is going to start with this general
countdown so if we're saying this
partikular sale ends in two hours that
number two within two hours is going to
be adjusted to whatever time zone is of
the person seeing the ad that's because
we have this time zone setting selected
right here what you could do is edit the
syntax to be a global countdown and as
you're filling in the other information
the global countdown will stay the same
and show the same message no matter
where the user is anywhere in the world
so if you're saying it ends in five
hours whether that person is in alaska
or someone else is in florida they're
both gonna see the ends in five hours
message doesn't matter what their time
zone is i'm gonna go back to the
original general countdown one because i
think that's gonna be the most used okay
so then first you get to choose when the
countdown ends you can also add a
specific time to it and then choose when
you want the countdown to start when i'm
recording this i'm more than five days
before the fifth of july so let me
increase that to 10 and then i will hit
apply well right now that's pretty
boring we need something else to go
along with this so let me type in some
additional text to the headline and then
i just paused on a preview that actually
showed one of the options since i'm five
days out from july 5th when i'm
recording this video it would show that
the sale ends in five days if i would
have waited an extra day to record this
video that headline would say sale ends
in four days now as it gets closer and
closer to it that time can adjust so if
you're within less than a day from when
the sale ends your headline could then
say sale ends in 12 hours in four
minutes something that specific so if
you do like to build that urgency with a
sale or promo use a countdown customizer
and then you won't have to keep
refreshing and updating your headlines
or your descriptions besides responsive
search ads you can also use the
countdown feature in dynamic search ads
if you're concerned about that headline
being in your responsive search ad after
the date ends you don't have to worry
that partikular headline will stop
serving so then you can go in and edit
that responsive search ad if you want to
replace it with something else you also
have to be aware of character limits so
i did mention certain countdown
customizers could say both the hours and
minutes that longer character count
could affect that partikular headline
showing if the time that's mentioned in
the ad customizer pushes the overall
headline past the 30 characters that
headline will not show so keep these a
little bit shorter to give you a better
chance of getting more impressions for
that partikular headline i believe i
tok a little bit more about the
countdown customizer in this video right
here so feel free to check it out now
let's move on to another customizer and
that is going to be location insertion
this customizer is going to be ideal if
you have store locations or you're
trying to reach users in a specific
location because you can customize the
experience based upon where that user is
when they're seeing your ad and these
are determined by the geographic
locations that you have set up at the
campaign level it's a lot easier to do
it this way than uploading a data feed
file of a variety of different cities or
states or countries so we had a client
that had a regional chain all within one
state we could still target the entire
state within the campaign but then we
would call out the nearest city to that
user just to show them that there was a
location near them so that's why the
city format was a better option we also
worked with a client that wanted to find
people who would want to open a
franchise and they could do it in
several different states so we could
change the location format to the state
level and have a message like open a
franchise in enter the state name just
like keyword insertion there's a field
for default text the default text will
show whenever the location information
cannot be used it is optional but it's
recommended to put something in so here
let me add some default text i'm going
to change the location format and then
finish out the rest of my headline and
then let me find a preview that actually
shows it so in the preview we see a good
example right there open a store in and
then it's pulling in the city name but
if i look at the syntax for whatever
reason if the city that the user's in is
really long has a lot of characters it
will replace it with your area so then
the headline will still make sense again
it's gonna pull locations depending on
what you have your location targeting
set at the campaign level and yes i do
have a video fully dedicated to location
insertion that shows you several
examples of how you could use it so you
can watch that video here and the last
one is going to be the ad customizer and
this is where the business data feed
stuff comes in remember we can't really
do that anymore that was for expanded
text ads so for a responsive search ad
you need to create ad attributes and to
do that you would want to go up to your
tools and settings and still go under
business data here we see the data feed
section there's a good chance any of
your eta data feeds are living in this
location we'll now need to go to add
customizer attributes so then here is
where your attributes live when you add
it you can upload it you can add
attributes one by one i do have another
video going over the add customizer
attributes you can watch that one here
it'll go a little bit more into the
setup but you can see i have a few
options already set up here once you
have that set up you can go and select
the specific attribute that you have set
up within the tools and settings and
call out that specific attribute i'll
add in some default text click apply and
then i want to finish the add customizer
hopefully that stays pause so the
attribute i selected poorly labeled i'm
sorry the attribute was just called name
you could tell i was a little lazy when
i was creating the previous video but it
was calling out a specific product
category and then you could pull in
specific components to customize the ad
experience so think of a scenario where
in this case electronics are on sale but
maybe in the store different product
categories are on sale at different
times so then you can just update your
attributes without having to update your
headlines all the time another example
if i see if i can pull it up here i had
a percent so in other cases maybe you're
thinking of certain products are on sale
and the percentage that they're on sale
can change so if you're using this
partikular ad customizer in a lot of ads
throughout the account you can just go
in and change the attribute the
percentage off of that partikular
product then it'll change the percentage
automatikally for any of the headlines
or descriptions that are using this
partikular attribute let me just show
you one more example updating the
default text going to click apply the
attribute i set up was a partikular
number there's only 39 left as we're
selling more and you want to update that
number you can update the attribute and
for whatever reason if the 39 or the
actual number doesn't show instead of 39
it will say only a few left so really i
need to go in there
and remove only just say a few because i
already had only as part of the headline
otherwise that would have been a funny
looking headline perfect example of
always double checking your work so now
it will say only a few left if the
number doesn't show and i understand
that my preview went away there we go so
that was just a quick overview of the
four different types of ad customizers
we'll now be able to use in responsive
search ads and if i open up this window
again i'll do another curly brace
these are the four customizer options we
get for responsive search ads for the
most part it's the same setup experience
as what you had with an expanded text ad
with the exception of the ad customizer
business data feed customizer that one
is a new process and i actually think
it's a little bit more of a pain in the
butt to set up your attributes instead
of just using a feed even the bulk
upload option in a feed can be a little
tricky and i still make mistakes when
uploading it i think the important part
here is that your expanded text ad
customizers will stop running by the end
of the year so if you need to run
customizers beyond 2022 you're gonna
have to try to replicate that experience
with a responsive search ad if there are
any questions on how ad customizers work
for rsas please let us know in the
comments below thanks for watching our
video if you found it useful give us a
thumbs up below we release a new video
at least once a week so if you want to
see more from the paid media pros
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