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google ads advertising

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Google Ads Tutorial 2022 [Step-by-Step] Adwords

so in this complete tutorial, i'm going to walk you through step by step, showing you how to run and operate google ads. now, whether you are a complete beginner, uh, or maybe you've already run ads on different platforms, this video is going to be all inclusive for anyone and everyone looking to run ads through google's services. uh- and i know this can look somewhat intimidating at first, i know. certainly, when i first started running ads, i actually had to watch similar tutorials to this one, and it really helped jump start the process. it ended up saving me thousands of dollars because i was able to- uh, you know- learn things that maybe would take much longer if you try to do it on your own. so the goal here for this video is to teach you every step of the process: uh, get you running your first google ad. then we'll tok about different types of conversion rates, we'll tok about target conversion rates, we're going to tok about the ad styles that google has, and then we'll also tok about keywords: how do we do keyword research, how do we find the right keywords to target, and then how do we set up more ads after that so that we can do split testing, a b testing. don't worry if i'm just kind of speaking like some different words that you don't know, don't worry, we'll explain all of those later on throughout this video, and if at any point you feel like i'm toking too fast, you can always go back, re-watch it or just slow it down to 0.75 speed. i know, sometimes i get a little bit excited. i love doing this- and so i tok a little bit fast by accident. so let's go ahead. let's get started with this video. um, and so the first thing that you're going to want to do is you're going to go to adsgooglecom. i have my computer right here and i'm going to walk you through every step of the process. now, once you're on adsgooglecom, you can go over and sign into your google account. i'm assuming that you already have a google account. if you don't, you can just make a gmail very quickly, and if you want to follow along throughout this video, i would suggest that, but you can certainly just watch this and then go ahead and try to replicate this and make your own google ads after this tutorial. uh, maybe consider taking out a pen, taking out a piece of paper, writing a few things down, just so that you don't forget them. so let's go ahead, let's sign into our google account and then we're going to jump into this process. so we're going to go ahead and sign in right here, all right, and we're going to create a new google ads account. i'm assuming you probably don't have one now, so we can just click on new google ads account. and now we're going to be prompted with this, this interesting thing that google's been doing in the past couple of years, where they now try to, kind of like, throw you through this gauntlet of, like different questions and they try to set you up to make your own ad, because they know that their ad platform is a little bit confusing. that's probably why you ended up on this tutorial, because maybe you looked at and said: this is a little bit confusing, um, and so, instead of doing all of this and going through what google wants us to do, we're going to scroll down and we're going to find switch to expert mode right here. and the reason why we're doing this is because, if you go through google's little thing that they want you to go through, i find that people end up spending more money, because google, they make money when you run ads on their platform, so they're going to convince you to spend more money than you have to. i would suggest just switching to expert mode so that you can skip most of that and just get started running ads. and don't worry, i'll show you every step of the process here. so let's go ahead, let's click on switch to expert mode and once we do that, we're going to see a variety of different options for what type of ads we want to run and what we're really going for right and so typically, i end up just clicking on website traffic. you can certainly. you know, if you are looking for just leads and you're looking for someone's phone number, perhaps you're looking for someone's email and maybe a real estate agent or you are a plumber- then maybe you want to go for leads. you can go for sales, website traffic, right, product and brand consideration. uh, you can go for local store visits and promotions, app promotion, brand awareness and reach, which is like a just very general thing. i personally would suggest going for website traffic. we run almost all of our campaigns, just as website traffic get them to our site- maybe it's to a specific landing page, conversion page. it gives us more leeway and it gives us more options overall when we choose website traffic. but you can certainly read the different type of campaign types which we'll tok about each one of these, like search, display, shopping, video discovery- right. if we're going for leads, you're going to see they have some different options there. right? if you're going for brand awareness, you have display your video. app promotion: your campaign type is app- right. so you want to look at the campaign types and what type of ad you want to run. we're going to click on website traffic here. now, this is when we get into selecting a campaign type. this is going to be a very important part of the video. okay, because you want to understand each one of these different types of advertisements, because this is going to significantly affect your campaign and the way that you're running ads. so the first one that we have in the one that we typically choose, is going to be google search ads. these are the basic google search ads. you've probably seen so many of these. it's probably what you think of when you think of google ads. uh, just to show you here, let's say that, um, i'm i'm going to be marketing my marketing agency, right, and so if you want an example of this search ad, we could say: marketing agency- uh, new york, right, and when we do this, we're gonna see these three right up here at the top. these are all basic google search ads. this is the first option here, right? so search ads right here. these are going to be the ones right here. we just see the basic text, right, and it comes up. when somebody searches in google, your ad will come up in one of these three. sometimes there's four, sometimes there's two, it depends, but those are the basic google search ads. the reason why i like search ads is because it's going to give you exactly what you want for people who are searching for something very specific. so when somebody searches marketing agency new york, i know that i can come up in that specific spot, versus a display ad which might pop up um across the web, right? so maybe you're reading a blog or maybe you are on some news website and you see an ad that pops up on the side. that's typically what is known as a display ad. typically, there's going to be some pictures. there's going to be like this box you can click on. sometimes people call these banner ads as well. we're not. that's not something that i really do too much of, because we like to focus on search and then what we like to do is branch out into these other types of ads, and this is what i would suggest doing as well for people who are getting started with google ads. start with search, then you can branch out into the others once, once you nail down search. if you don't want to do that, then i would suggest nailing down at least one of these. like, maybe you want to focus just on display, nail that down first, get that down to a science first, and then you can branch into the other ones. don't try to manage all of these different types of ads at the same time in the first week. just trust me on that. you want to start with one and then branch out. then we have shopping ads, and so, because we're trying to get website traffic, you're not going to see this one available to us right here at the moment, but shopping ads. this is also something that, for example, let's say that we wanted to go for some organic um protein powder, right, and if we want to get organic protein powder and we


oh ya, teman-teman bisa liat di situ tuh provinsi. ya, kita targetkan aja Aceh, kemudian kita juga masukkan berdasarkan wilayah. tadi ada Sulawesi Barat, Jambi, kita tulis ini Sulawesi Barat. ya, teman-teman bisa Klik disitu Sulawesi Barat, kemudian Jambi. ya, teman-teman bisa Klik disitu bagian Jambi. Halo, teman-teman semua, di video kali ini saya pun berbagi Bagaimana caranya kita beriklan di Google Ads, cara simpel dan ini untuk pemula, teman-teman sekalian, mata teman-teman tonton terus. begini, teman-teman, agar ketemu jawabannya. simak terus video berikut ini: [Musik]: Oke, Baik, teman-teman sekalian, yang bagi teman-teman yang baru saja bergabung di channel YouTube, didengar Unisa, silahkan langsung aja Klik tombol subscribe. kita, Man temen yang belum subscribe, ya, karena ini adalah penyemangat saya, teman-teman sekali, untuk terus berbagi kepada teman-teman sekalian. Oke, baik, Halo Mas kalian, hari ini kita akan coba Ia membahas bagaimana ia cara beriklan di Google adse, acara beriklan di Google Maps, ya, di Google Ads. nah, ini bagi teman-teman sekalian. ya, Saya pernah cerita kepada teman-teman sekalian, ya, senah, yaitu kalau teman-teman pingin, Eh, misalnya berbisnis, ya, maka pertama kali yang wajib kita pahami adalah ini produk kita yang wajib teman-teman pahami, maka teman-teman bisa menembak ke salah satu strategi saya, yaitu teman-teman main di wilayah Google, nama sudibya, Google ini, apa saja wilayah Google, selalu saya bilang: wilayah Google tuh ada dua, ada yang disebut dengan Google Adsense, dengan Google organik, teman-teman sekalian, ya, googleads, itu kita akan bermain di wilayah shemya, kita akan beriklan disini, Dorma sekalian, kita akan membayar sama pihak Google untuk melakukan Ed, melakukan iklan disini. kemudian, organik, organik, ini disebut dengan SC, yang selama ini teman-teman belajar di channel YouTube. saya, ini berarti masuk di wilayah. Nah, kalau teman-teman misalnya ketik di Google semacam ini, ya, saya akan ketikan Digul, semacam ini, kemudian teman-teman ketik misalnya, ketik aja, misalnya jual rumah, seperti itu, ia kemudian ada tanda iklan semacam ini berarti masuk di Google Maps. saya, teman-teman sekalian, ya, Nah, cara kita gimana, Mas Didik bersuka, yang muncul di Google Earth sini, nah, silakan, teman-teman sekalian yamasuka jadi, ya, saya akan masuk aja di Googlecom, yaitu modern, ketika jadi sini googleexe seperti ini: ya, teman-teman sekalian, ya, nah, jadi linknya, itu adalah Ed googlecom. ya, boleh ambil yang paling atas di sini boleh, atau yang paling bawah, yang nomor dua di sini juga boleh. Ya, intinya adalah: Iya, websitenya namanya adalah Ed googlecom. Oke, saya akan coba buka, teman-teman sekalian, teman-teman, silakan juga ikut buka. ya, sama-sama, kita belajar seperti ini: Oke, kemudian klik aja di situ di bagian login, teman-teman sekalian, kita akan login. ya, teman, Masukan saja disini misalnya file-nya, kemudian passwordnya. Ya, bagi teman-teman yang belum pernah melakukan iklan, sama sekali, nanti akan muncul seperti ini: ia begitu menemani menggunakan email baru juga, nanti akan muncul seperti ini. Saran saya untuk hari ini: kita praktek, gunakan aja yang seperti ini, teman-teman sekalian, digunakan akun baru atau email baru, seperti ini, biar tampilannya sama oke. nah, kalau sudah, teman-teman sekalian, silahkan klik aja di bagian akun Google X baru sini, ya, silakan, teman-teman Klik di bagian akun Google explore. uh, kita akan coba beriklan dengan menggunakan Google adse, teman-teman sekalian. Nah, di sini ada beberapa cara untuk langsung beriklan. Ya, tapi saya tidak menyarankan teman-teman sekalian untuk masuk di sini. ya, teman-teman lakukan, silakan Klik di bagian yang ada tanda biru, yang warna kecil, seperti ini, teman-teman sekalian, yaitu beralih ke mode pakar. ya, Jadi, ini, pastikan berbahasa Indonesia: comment, sekalian yang baru, supaya nanti enak mengikuti tutorial dari saya. Hai, kemudian, setelah beralih ke mode pakar, nanti akan muncul seperti ini: teman-teman sekalian, ya, kita akan lihat hasilnya seperti apa. ya, Nah, akan muncul seperti ini, teman-teman sekalian, ya, Nah, bagi teman-teman yang mau reset dulu di Google keyword planner, silakan Klik di bagian buat akun tanpa kamar, tanpa kampanye. nanti, bagi teman-teman yang pingin riset di Google Cleaner, silahkan tonton video- saya jadi Ayang tentang membahas tentang Google kiper AC. kasih link-nya di atas ini atau Mas kalian, ya. kemudian, teman-teman, kalau mau beriklan, ya, Saran saya, klik ini bagian buat kampanye tanpa panduan sasaran. Ya, silakan klik dibagian ini dulu. oke, Nah, di sini ada banyak teman-teman sekalian, yang teman-teman bisa beriklan dengan IAIN teman-teman siapkan, boleh aplikasi bule video, bule display, boleh display itu sebelah kanan, iklannya luas kalian. Nah, kalau teman-teman bermain-main setnya adalah main syaiton, main di wilayah penelusuran, sini ya, teman-teman sekalian, ya, silakan bermain di wilayah penulusuran, silahkan klik dibagian sini. ya, nanti akan muncul di sini, pilih aja di bagian kunjungan situs. ya, bila jadi bagian kunjungan situs, nah, jadi, nah, ini saran, ini Saran saya, teman-teman, kalau teman-teman bermain di wilayah at bermain dimulai iklan, Saran saya website, teman-teman sekalian, adalah wajib berbentuk lending PT. ya, Saran saya, iklan itu sebaiknya berbentuk blending, peach dan type C. itu gimana, Mas Didik, landing peti itu, ya, tinggal munculnya satu, itu memang sekalian. satu halaman sudah memenuhi semua. ya, call to actionnya ada testimoninya, ada produknya, ada pola kerja produknya ada muncul semua seperti itu. contohnya, gimana Masih lebih contohnya, misalnya, Ketika saya ketik virol, ya, teman-teman Nanti bisa lihat di sini viral misalnya, ya, teman-teman bisa liat di sini namanya landing PC. 1 halaman begini doang memenuhi semuanya. eh, dari atas sampai bawah sudah ada informasi semuanya. nah, ini disebut dengan lending tweet, teman-teman sekalian, maka link-nya yang wajib teman-teman pahami yang teman-teman siapkan adalah link Wedding Peach. Oke, dalam kesempatan ini, terhormat sekalian, Anggaplah Saya misalnya membuat landingpage namanya Didik sycom, misalnya seperti ini: teman-teman bisa tambahkan https nya detik 2/2 kali, seperti ini: ya, oke, nah, kalau sudah menangkapnya nih website, teman-teman sekalian, ya, kalau bisa. sudah punya website, teman-teman sekalian, bagi teman-teman yang belum punya website, cara mendesain website, silahkan tonton saya. tonton video saya sebelumnya tentang bagaimana cara mendesain sebuah website, bagaimana mendesain sebuah lining Fit. Tonton aja video saya yang berhubungan tentang Wedding Peach. Oke, kemudian ia, ini tidak usah dulu, teman, sekarang kita langsung ke lanjutkan aja. Oh, ya, kita ke coba lanjutkan. nah, baik, teman-teman sekalian, kita akan mempersiapkan ini, teman-teman sekalian, jadi satu kampanye. ini kita akan siapkan di beberapa, ada dua grup ya, kemudian baru kita iklankan. teman-teman sekalian. Oke, di kesempatan kali ini saya akan membuat nama kampanyenya. nama kampanyenya adalah search keyword. ya, Saya misalnya pengen nembak kata kunci, misalnya adalah disebut dengan keyword herbal. teman-teman sekalian, ya, seakan nembak keyboard herbal atau keyword baju batik. ya, Misalnya ini: contoh aja teman-teman kalian, ya, kiat baju batik. nah, kemudian di bagian jaringan, teman-teman sekalian, nah, ini sering banget di sini nanti ia biaya iklan. kita tuh kadang tidak tepat sasaran kalau masuknya di jaringan penelusuran informasi kalian. ya, Nah, ini juga jaringan-jaringan display juga sebelah kanan yang munculnya malah tidak sesuai dengan kita harapkan. Saran saya ini: teman-teman silakan di ia tidak udah di tidak checklist ya, biar supaya nanti hasilnya lebih objektif dan lebih bagus, yang sudah kita desain sesuai dengan kata kunci yang mempersiapkan. Oke, kemudian teman-teman bisa Klik dibagian sini: ya, kemudian kita masuk tanggal mulai dan akhir. Nah, teman-teman bisa Klik, misalnya mau tanggal berapa ngiklan nya? kalau settingnya tanggal 9, saran, sayang, iklannya mulai aktif tanggal 10, teman-teman sekalian, ya, jangan tanggal 9 Juga. misalnya hari ini saya bertepatan tanggal 9 mulai ngedit iklannya, teman-teman sekalian, maka saya pastikan saya akan mengaktifkan iklannya di tanggal 10, tokek, kemudian tanggal akhirn.


Google Ads Tutorial 2022 (Simple Step-by-Step Guide)

what's going on. my name is simon and in this video i'm going to show you, step by step, how to set up your first google ads campaign. so let's not waste any time and get started right away. so the first step is to go to adsgooglecom and then click on the start now button right here. then here you want to create your google ads account by either signing in to your existing google account, or you can also just click on create account and then create your google ads account using any email address. once we are logged into our account, we want to come down here and click on switch to expert mode so that we get all the options for our campaign. then here we're going to click on create a campaign without a goals guidance, because, again, we want to keep the full control over our campaign. here we want to select our campaign type. so in this video we're going to create a simple search campaign with text ads that show up when people type in specific keywords on google. so we're going to go back here and click on search and then we have to define the result that we want to get out of our campaign. now, in my example, i'm just gonna send people to a specific landing page with an offer. so i'm just gonna click on website visits right here and then paste in my url. then we're gonna click on continue on the bottom right now. here in the campaign settings, we want to first give our campaign a name. i'm just going to name it: search campaign version one- and then we want to untik both the search network and also the display network, because in the beginning we only want our ads to show up in the google search engine and not on any other networks. now let's scroll down and click on show more settings. here we can set a start and an end date for our campaign. so if you only want to run your campaign for a specific time, then you can set the times right here. and then we also have add schedule. so if you only want to run your ads at specific days or at specific times, you can set those times right here. now let's move on to targeting and audience segments. under locations you want to define the location where your ads will show up in. so by default it is set to united kingdom right here. but if i would want to sell to people in the united states, for example, i could just come here, click on, enter another location and then type in united states right here, and then i'm going to click on united states and now my ads will only show up in the united states. then we also want to come to location options right here, and then, under target, you want to change it from presence or interest to presence. otherwise, your ads would also show up for people who are interested in the location that you're targeting, which doesn't really make sense if you want to ship products to them or if you want to work them in that specific location. then let's move on to languages. now, here you can simply use the language of your customers, which is also the language of the ads that we're going to create later on. we're going to skip the audience segments and go right to budget and bidding under budget. we want to first choose the currency that we want to pay google with for our ads. so, for example, if you live in the united states, then you probably want to choose us dollars right here. here we can set our average daily budget. i'm going to set this to 10, which means that on average, over the course of a month, it's not gonna spend more than ten dollars a day. sometimes it will spend a bit more than ten dollars. sometimes it might spend a bit less, but over the course of an entire month, on average it will not have spent more than ten dollars a day. and then, under bidding, we're going to set this to focus on clicks for now, because we don't have any data in our account yet. later on, once you have installed conversion tracking and once you have some data, you can then change this to optimize for conversions. however, we're also going to set a maximum cost per click bit limit, which is going to be the maximum that we're going to have to pay for a single click. it doesn't mean that you're going to have to pay that much, but you're never going to pay more than what you set here. so i'm so i'm going to set this to two dollars and then we're going to move on to add extensions. now, ad extensions are just additional links and text on your ad that mainly make your ad larger, which gives it more real estate on google, which usually results in a higher click-through rate, which really helps with the google ads. so i highly recommend to set up these ad extensions. so i would definitely set up these site link extensions right here, which are just links going to different pages of your website and then also set up the callout extensions right here, just listing some additional benefits and also the structured snippet. now, for specific businesses, it also makes sense to add a phone number so you can add a call extension. or you can also look through these extensions right here which might make sense for different businesses. and don't worry, if you don't want to do all this now, you can always set them up later, once you have created your ads. so now let's click on save and continue. so here we're going to set up our ad groups, and we're going to set them up so that for each specific ad group we're going to target a specific intention of our customers, so that later we'll be able to create ads that are very relevant to the keywords that we are targeting. so let's say, for example, i have a website development business, so for the first ad group, i could just target people who are looking for a responsive website. and then for the second ad group, i can target people who are looking for a booking website, and so you can see, for each ad group we're just going to use the keywords that are related to that specific search intent. so for our first ad group. let's target people who are looking for a responsive website. so i'm going to change the name from ad group 1 to website plus responsive, so that i always know what this ad group is all about. and then, under keywords, we want to define all the search terms that our ad should show up for. so to find our keywords, we can simply type in a main keyword in right here as a seed keyword. so i'm going to just type in responsive website development and then i'm going to click on get keywords and then google is gonna give me all the keywords that they think are related to what i'm about here and now. as a second step, i'm gonna go through all these keywords and delete all the ones that i think don't have the same search intent of what i'm going for. so, for example, udemy- responsive web design- is probably not going to be a search term that will convert in a customer for me, because udemy is a course platform and people who type that in are probably looking for a course on how to build a responsive website and they're not looking for freelancers. so now i've narrowed down all the keywords to the ones that i think have the intent behind them to find somebody who can build a responsive website, which is what i'm offering here with these ads. so now what we're going to do is just copy all of our keywords and then go to a site called keyword match type tool, where we can just paste them in right here. and then we're going to go to the right side and take the phrase match and the exact match option and i'm going to click on create keyword list and then here we're just going to copy all of those and then go back to our google ads account and just paste them in right here. so what we've done just now is put brackets and also quotation marks around our keywords, which represent different match types. so whenever you put brackets around your keyword, it means that your ad will only show up when people type in that exact keyword or basically something that means the same. and then if you put quotation marks around your keyword, that means that your ad will also show up when people type in that keyword along with some kind of phrase. so, for example, if somebody types in: i'm looking for a responsive website,

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Stop Wasting Money This Is How Google Ads Works

if you are wasting money on Google ads and not seeing those results that you need, the problem is not Google ads, but the problem is the way that your Google ads accounts are structured and the way that you're optimizing those Google ads campaigns. and the reason for why I know this is the truth is because, year on year, more and more businesses are increasing the amount of money that they are spending on Google ads, so much so that by the year 2024, it is estimated that Google ads will receive over 81 billion dollars in ad spend Revenue alone. and that's the reason why I know the issue is not Google ads, but it's the way that you've structured your campaigns or the way that you're optimizing your campaigns, because Google ads would not continue to grow year on year if more and more businesses weren't seeing success with their Google ads campaigns. so, because we know that Google ADS works and that the reason that you may not be seeing success in your Google ads campaigns has everything to do with the way that your campaigns structured, all the way they're optimized, in this video, I want to take you through one of the Core Concepts of how the Google ads algorithm works, and the reason for why I want to share. this is because when I go through and review different Google ads accounts, time and time again, I see a common error, and that is that the Google ads account and the campaigns are not being structured correctly so that they can see success in Google ads. because once you understand this core concept of how the Google ads algorithm works, it then allows you to be able to step back and put a strategic pattern into how you're going to create your Google ads campaigns. but just in case we haven't met yet, my name is Aaron Young from Define Digital Academy and I'm your 15 000 hour Google ads master. and apart from breaking down a core aspect of how the Google ads algorithm works, I want to help you a step further just by watching this video, and that is I want to give you my Google ads optimization checklist now. this is a checklist that I've just recently updated, and it lets you know exactly how you need to optimize your Google ads campaigns every 72 hours, every week, every month and every 90 days, and if you want to get your free copy right now, all you need to do is to follow that link in the description below. what you need to understand with Google ads is that its ultimate goal is to match the best landing page to the user search inquiry, and what I wanted to really clarify there is that I said landing page, not website, and the reason for that is because when Google looks at your website, it doesn't look at it as one big website. it looks at it as a collection of different web pages in order to match different Search terms to those different individual web pages. and the reason for why this is so important- because it comes back to that ultimate goal for Google- is that they want the person to go straight from their search term right to the exact page which is going to answer their problem, because Google knows. if they can do that, more and more often people will happily use the Google ad service because they know when they click on bad, it's taken them to the direct service or product page that they need, which then means that businesses will continue to invest more and more in Google ads, because businesses are continuing to grow their Google ads campaigns because of the success that it generates for their business. and when you understand this, it makes perfect sense for why Google has built their Google ads platform with a core metric called ad Rank, and AD rank has everything to do with user satisfaction, because with Google ads, yes, it is an auction, but it doesn't function like other auctions function in that whoever is willing to pay the highest price wins that auction, because with Google, it's not only the budget or the amount that you're prepared to pay per click. Google also adds that budget in with its metric called ad rank to determine which is going to be the winning ad for each individual auction. so, rather than Google just letting the business with the biggest budget win each and every auction, Google uses this formula to determine the winning ad, and that is CPC rank Plus ad rank equals ad position, and let me show you how Google explains this. so Google gives the example of imagining that you had a group of advertisers and they had an ad rank of 80, 50, 30, 10 and 5.. and then Google deems that for that individual auction, in order to show above the search results, so in those paid ad sections, you need an ad rank of 40.. so what this would then mean is that, out of these five advertisers, only two of them meet the minimum standard of 40 or higher. so when you look on this table that Google gives, is it Advertiser? a would win this auction because it's got an ad rank of 80.. Advertiser B would come second with an ad rank of 50, and advertisers C and D would have no chance to appear at the top of those search results. and the reason for that is because, regardless of how much they are willing to spend, their ad rank is too low to qualify AI for that individual auction. and finally, I want you to look at the bottom of this page where it says to improve the share of the top, or absolute top, of the search results. it first tells you that you need to improve the quality of your ads and your landing page experience, but notike. this is positioned above the recommendation to increase your bid. so the biggest take-home message is that ad rank is more important than increasing your budget, and this is something that you hear me say time and time again right here on my YouTube channel is that the budget that you've got in your Google ads campaign only magnifies the current results. so if you want to improve the performance of your Google ads account, you don't do this by increasing your budget. you do this by increasing the quality of your ads and the quality of your optimizations, and Google itself also clearly states this, where it says better ads means better ad rank. so, now that you know that the core aspect of seeing better success with your Google ads campaigns is by focusing on the quality of your ads and also the quality of the landing page experience that you're sending people to when they click on your ads, what I want to do right now is to break down the Three core things that you can do to increase their ad rank in your campaign, and the first thing to focus on is your click-through ratio, and this is because Google clearly states that it takes into account your ads expected click-through ratio. now, obviously, they get that expected click-through ratio looking at the past performance of your account. so what you always need to be focusing on is ways that you can increase your click-through ratio, and the reason for why your click-through ratio is so important is because, remember, Google gets paid not when someone sees your ad, but when someone clicks on your ad, and if the ads in your account have a very low click-through ratio, why would Google worry about showing your ads when they know that it's a very low chance of getting clicked on? Google will always focus on showing ads that have a high click-through ratio, because this increases the chances of them getting paid. so, in order to increase your click-through ratio, so that you can get a higher click-through ratio than your competitors, you need to create ad copy that focuses on the user's search term. so you want to make sure that your ad copy clearly stays dates and mentions the keyword that the user has used. and then, throughout your ad copy, you do want to give a little bit of extra information, and this is the extra information that you've got in your headlines and your descriptions and it's giving the user that extra confidence that if they click on your ad, they're going to be taken to a web page which is exactly what they're looking for, whether that be a specific product or a specific service. and then, finally, to increase your click-through ratio, you want to make sure

How To Run Google Ads For Local Businesses 2022 (FULL TUTORIAL)

what's going on? everybody? it's your boy, jordan. in this video, i'm gonna be teaching you how to run google ads for your local business. a lot of my subscribers are marketing agency owners. whether you are a marketing agency owner, if you're looking to start your own marketing agency, or maybe you are a business owner looking to run google ads for your own business- here in 2022, i'm gonna give you the most updated tutorial video in this video. alright, i said video twice. i don't know why, but if you enjoy this type of content or enjoy this video and you think it's so helpful, please drop a thumbs up. it would really help push this video for the youtube algorithms. and if you haven't already, you want to learn more tips, tricks and how to grow your business. make sure you subscribe to the channel. all right, let's go ahead and jump right into it. so i'm gonna go ahead and share my screen here, okay? so the first thing that you want to do is actually, you want to have a google mcc account. all right, and what does that mean? it's just a manager account, so that you can manage multiple ad accounts under your manager account, right? hopefully that makes sense. so it's, you know it's good for if you're a marketing agency and things like that, but it doesn't really matter. even if you're a business owner would still work, okay, and it's just a lot more. uh, you get a lot more tools- not even tools, but just options- okay, so later on, if you want to manage more ad accounts, you can do so. alright, so it's going to be the very first link, right? so i just googled mcc account. it's gonna be the very first one here. um, from here, just go ahead and create a manager's account, log in, sign in- all that good stuff. okay, i already have my own, uh, google mcc ad account sample, so i'm just going to go ahead and log into that one. okay, but just create your managers account and i'll see you on the inside. all right, so i'm going to be logging in here. this is a dummy account, by the way, all right. so here is what your uh inside of your google mcc ad account is going to look like. all right, now we want to start running the campaigns, we want to start running ads and we want to make sure that everything is set up correctly so that once we start running something, we're going to start seeing a return on investment. okay, there's lots of business out there that run google ads themselves, and i tok to so many of them and they're just, they're like jordan: i'm not getting results right, and it's because you don't have it set up the right way. all right, so don't worry about it. you're going to learn how to do all that today, all right. so the first thing that we need to do is to create an ad account, right? so? remember, this is your manager's ad account, right so? this is not where you run ads out of. you want to create an ad account so that you can run ad, run ads out of, right? so, uh, whether, if you're an agent marketing agency, then you're going to want to create an ad account for your clients. if you're a business owner, and just go ahead and create one for yourself, right so, uh, inside the accounts, right here, the very first one: performance: you can hit the plus sign and we're just going to go ahead and create a new account, okay. so, from here, just go ahead and name whatever it is that you want. so let's just say that you are a- uh, i don't know- personal injury lawyer client, okay, whatever, you can name it, whatever, it doesn't really matter. and then the time zone: um, select, whatever. i'm here in los angeles time, okay, and then you're gonna go blah, blah, save and continue. you don't really need to worry about that stuff. billing configuration: all right. so from here, uh, you're going to want to enter the credit card information that uh is going to be linked to this ad account, okay. so, whatever, whoever is responsible for paying the ads- you're going to want to link to the credit card here, right? so if you are an agency owner, then you want to get your business owners- uh, your clients- credit card on here and, obviously, if you're a business owner, just go ahead and put your own uh credit card. all right. so, from here, just go ahead and type it in very, very simple stuff, all right, um, and that's pretty much it. so, from there, you're just gonna hit submit and you should have your own ad account, all right. so i already have a dummy ad account, so i'm not going to set up this billing here. i don't have credit card on me, but let's go ahead and exit out that, right, and it doesn't matter, it's still going to pop up, okay. so once you, once you create it, even if you cancel out that billing, it's still going to pop up here, right, so? so let's just go back to overview. so this is what your dashboard looks like, right, when you first created, or your mcc account. if you go into accounts here, you can see all your ad accounts, multiple ad accounts, if you've created more than one. so let's go with this one right here, the one that we just created. okay, and as you can see, uh, this is the dashboard of google. alright, now we're gonna start building campaigns and go into ad groups, writing ad copy, finding keywords, how to, uh, how to know what to bid on these keywords. i'm gonna show you, guys, the whole nine yards, right, everything from a to z. so, like i said, guys, if you appreciate this tutorial, please drop a thumbs up. i'm dropping lots of value bombs here and you are going to just crush it with your account, all right? so from here, you can go ahead and create a new campaign. super simple, right? it's the only option that it gives you, all right? so you can also press this drop down menu, by the way, and it'll also pop up all the ad accounts, all right, so we're gonna go ahead and create a new campaign. let's just do something simple, right? so depends depending on what your goals are, you should go ahead and select that. uh, in this case, for a lot of um, you know what we do. we try to do. we generate leads for businesses and if that's what you're looking to do, you just go ahead and select this option right here. okay, um, if you're looking to just get website traffic, you would select this one. but whatever you select, google is going to try and optimize for that goal, all right, so we're going to go ahead and click the leads here from here. uh, you know, you can leave this alone for now, but, uh, depending on what your goals are, okay. so if you want some form submissions- if you're, if you're sending traffic to like a landing page and there's a contact form on there, you can go ahead and check that. and then if you want phone calls coming from your ads, you would just check that. okay, but either way, i'm going to show you how to set thing, set up conversion tracking the right way, all right, towards the end of the video. so i'm just gonna go ahead and leave that unchecked for now. all right, we're gonna go ahead and click continue. and the best one so far is gonna be search. okay, so the search campaign type. now, if you wanna run like youtube ads, this is what you wanna do. go into video and performance. max is a newer campaign type that google has recently just launched. it's still a little iffy as far as results. from what i've heard, i haven't personally used it myself- um, for all of our clients we use search. all right, we can leave all that alone. we can name the campaign, all right. so, depending on what the campaign is about, we want everything to be relevant, all right. so google is very, very they're the number one search engine, okay. and then they are the number one search engine because they show the most relevant uh ads to the searcher, okay. so, in order for us to get a high quality score and for us to for google to think that we are showing people what they want to see, we want to keep everything as relevant and as pac tight as possible, okay. so if this campaign, for example, is about personal injury, we're going to put personal injury, all right. so this is about this campaign is going to be personal, about personal injury, we're going to hit continue now from here, bidding. ideally, we want to use manual, um, manual cpc, which is manual cost per click, and what that means is basically us controlling how much.

Google Search: Reunion

這是我,那就是我兒時的朋友優素福。 在拉合爾, 我們的房子的前面有一個古老的大門。 一到黃昏, 我們會飛到那裡放風箏, 然後到優素福的糖果店偷 「Jhajariyas」。. 什麼是 「Jhajariya」? 您好, 梅拉先生,你最近好嗎?? 我很好, 我遇見從孟買來孫女 。. 您好, 你最近好嗎?? 優素福,你的風箏被剪斷了!. (兒童的聲音迴盪). 哎喲, 優素福. 您好, 達累斯薩拉姆, 有沒有扎勒糖果?? 有, 爺爺,有電話從德里打來找你。. 您好, 優素福叔叔. 請問 您是誰?? 你好,我是從德里打過來的蘇曼拉. 是你的兒時好友 - 巴爾德夫的大女兒。 你還記得當你還是小孩時,你常跟他一起玩和偷「Jhajariyas」?. 當分區發生了, 我們不得不搬遷到印度過夜。 爺爺, 我常常想起優素福。 請您你快點過來?? 係啦, 這是誰, 我的好朋友. 生日快樂, 優素福, 優素福哦, 哎喲, 優素福. 哦, 哎喲, 優素福, 我的好朋友.