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Google Ads Call Extension

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

For service-based businesses, using Google Ads to generate phone calls directly to your business is a great feature. Users can complete a Google search and click on your ad, which goes directly to a phone call rather than taking them through to your website. This function can be achieved in two ways: creating a call campaign or adding call extensions to your existing responsive search ads.

Difference between Call Ads and Call Extensions:

Call ads have a different format and look compared to call extensions. The phone number for your business appears as one of the headlines in call ads, while call extensions only have the call part of the ad appear at the bottom of the current ad in your campaign.

Real-life Campaign Results:

Over the past 12 months, running a campaign with both call extensions and call ads active in the same account, the clear winner is call extensions. They generated phone calls at a cost per conversion that was nearly half that of call ads, even taking into account other conversion actions.

Setting up a Call Campaign:

To set up your own call campaign, first go to Campaigns and press the blue create campaign button. Select the Leads function and remove any other conversion actions. Then select a search campaign and click on the phone calls button to activate call ads. Set your campaign name, bidding, locations, audience segments, and keywords. Finally, set up your ads, ad extensions, and budget.

Reviewing Data:

With your call campaigns, you can see important data such as the time of the call, the search keyword that triggered the call, the duration of the call, and even the user's phone number. Learn how to see all of this data in your Google Ads account.

Importance of Audiences:

Adding audiences to your campaigns is highly important. It allows you to optimize your campaigns and get better results. Learn more about audiences in this video.

Incorporating a call only campaign into your Google Ads account is the better option for local businesses looking to generate phone calls. By following the step-by-step process, you can set up your own call campaign and optimize it for better results.

Call Extensions Google Ads Tutorial

In this video, Philip Poms from Optimizedlab discusses how to set up and get the most out of Google Ads call extensions. Here are the main points:

- Setting up call extensions allows users to call a business directly from the search engine results page.

- Setting up a conversion action for your call extension is the first step.

Setting up a conversion action:

- Go to Tools and Settings and select Conversions.

- Click the plus sign and select Phone Calls and then Calls from ads using call extensions or call-only ads.

- Give your conversion action a name and set a value for the phone call.

- Choose to count every phone call or just unique phone calls for each user.

- Set the call length based on what a valuable phone call is for your business.

- Set the conversion window to 30 days and include it in conversions.

- Leave the attribution model as last click or choose a different one.

Setting up call extensions:

- In the campaign view, go to the Ads and Extensions section and select Extensions.

- Click the blue button for ad extension and select Call Extension.

- Choose whether to apply it at the ad group, campaign, or account level.

- Use the correct country for the phone number and type in the number as it appears on your website.

- Select the conversion action you want to use.

- Select advanced options to choose whether to show the extension only for mobile devices, to set a start and end date, and to set a schedule.

- Call reporting will be turned on by default, but you can turn it off if you prefer.

Call reporting:

- Call reporting gives details on how long people spend on the phone, where they're calling from, and more.

- The Google forwarding number will be used, which means that the number shown in the ad may be different from the actual phone number.

- You can access call reporting data in the Reports section, under Predefined Reports, Extensions, and Call Details.

- You'll be able to see the start time of the call, when the call ended, the duration of the call, the area code, and whether the call was missed or received.

- Setting up call extensions and a conversion action is important for businesses that want to receive phone calls directly from the search engine results page.

- Call reporting provides valuable data on how many calls are being made and where they're coming from.

- Make sure to set the call length and schedule to fit your business needs.

- Thank you for watching!

Google Ads Call Extensions - How To Set Up Call Extensions (2022)

In this video, Ben Heath shows how to create Google ads call extensions. Adding call extensions to your Google ad campaigns can help your prospects to directly call you, making it easier to convert them into high-quality leads. In this tutorial, Ben explains how to set up call extensions and customize them to fit your business needs.

Steps to Create Google Ads Call Extensions:

1. Go to Ads and Extensions, select extensions and click on the plus sign.

2. Select Call Extension from the menu.

3. Choose whether to add the extension at the account, campaign, or ad group level.

4. Enter your phone number and select the correct country.

5. Set up conversion tracking by selecting phone calls and setting up the conversion action.

6. Choose the count and conversion window settings.

7. Select the attribution model as data-driven.

8. Adjust the bid and schedule options if necessary.

9. Click save to create the call extension.

Benefits of Call Extensions:

1. High-quality leads as prospects can directly call you without visiting your website.

2. No need to worry about following up with people as they are already on the phone.

3. Higher chances of conversion as the people who call are usually the most interested in your service or product.

Setting up call extensions on your Google ad campaigns is a no-brainer as it can help you generate high-quality leads. By following the steps mentioned in this tutorial, you can easily create call extensions and customize them to fit your business needs. Additionally, setting up price extensions can further enhance your Google ad results.

Google Ads Call Extension

Google Ads call extensions are a powerful tool to increase conversions and boost your return on ad spend. They allow you to display a phone number on your ad, so people can call you directly or click to call on their mobile device. In this article, we'll discuss how to set up call extensions, their benefits, how to read analytics, and more.

Benefits of Google Ads Call Extensions:

- Increase conversions before someone clicks on your ad.

- Improve user experience by allowing them to get the information they need without having to visit your website.

- Boost your conversion rate and return on ad spend.

- Display a phone number prominently on your ad, making it easier for people to call you.

How Call Extensions Look:

- On desktop devices, call extensions appear as a phone number on the ad.

- On mobile devices, they appear as a phone icon that people can click to call directly.


- Campaign analytics show how many times your extension appeared on an ad and how many clicks it received.

- Click-through rate does not necessarily mean people clicked on the phone number, but rather how many times your ad was clicked when the extension showed up.

- Google's AI decides when to show a phone number based on various factors.

How to Set Up Call Extensions:

- Go to Ads and Extensions and click on Extensions.

- Choose whether to set it up at the campaign, ad group, or account level.

- Use a tracking number for better tracking.

- Turn on call reporting to track clicks and conversions.

- Bid adjustments and other advanced settings are optional.

- If it doesn't get approved, try sneaking the phone number in somewhere on the page where it's not noticeable.

Google Ads call extensions are a simple yet effective way to increase conversions and improve user experience. They allow people to call you directly from the ad, which can lead to more conversions and a higher return on ad spend. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can set up call extensions and start reaping their benefits.

Google Ads Call Extension - How To Setup Call Extensions In Google Ads (2022)

In this video, Matt from Transmit Digital Marketing explains what call extensions are, why they are important, and how to set them up in Google Ads. He also provides general recommendations for using call extensions effectively.

What are call extensions?

Call extensions are small additions to your ad in Google Ads that allow consumers to call your business directly, bypassing the need for email inquiries or landing page visits. This can save time and be very effective if done correctly. Call extensions are generally good for most campaigns, but the cost per lead can vary depending on the industry.

How to set up call extensions:

1. Click on the campaign you want to add call extensions to.

2. Click on ads and extensions.

3. Click on the blue plus icon and select call extension.

4. Choose whether to add it to the account level, campaign level, or ad group level.

5. Create a new call extension.

6. Enter an actual phone number that is somewhere on your website or landing page.

7. Turn on call reporting to track where calls are coming from.

8. Create a conversion action and set the amount of time a call needs to register.

9. Set the click through conversion window and attribution model.

10. Change the call interaction bid adjustment as needed.

11. Select device preference as mobile and follow the data for advanced options.

12. Save the call extension.


- Test call extensions and check actual statistics to see if they are converting well and have a low cost per lead.

- Segment call extensions by campaign if you have multiple services and they go to different phone numbers or businesses.

- Make sure the phone number is an actual phone number that works and is somewhere on your website or landing page.

- Don't overcomplicate your account by setting start and end dates for call extensions or specific days for them to run on. Follow the data and keep it simple.

Call extensions can be a valuable addition to your Google Ads campaign if done correctly. They allow customers to call your business directly and save time. Setting them up involves creating a new call extension, turning on call reporting, creating a conversion action, and following the data for advanced options. Testing call extensions and checking actual statistics is important to ensure they are converting well and have a low cost per lead.

Google Ads Callout Extensions

Google Ads Callout Extensions are a simple and easy-to-use feature that can significantly improve the performance of your ads. By increasing click-through rates and improving ad quality, Callout Extensions can help lower your costs and improve your rankings. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using Callout Extensions and how to set them up in your Google Ads account.

Benefits of using Callout Extensions:

- Increases click-through rates

- Improves ad quality

- Lowers cost per click

- Improves ad rankings

- Makes your ad look more prominent

How to set up Callout Extensions:

- Select a campaign or ad group in your Google Ads account

- Go to Ads and Extensions and click on Extensions

- Click on Add New and select Callout Extensions

- Add in appropriate information that will appeal to potential customers

- Google will test different combinations to determine what works best

Important Metrics to Consider:

- Click-through rate: The percentage of times your ad is clicked compared to the number of impressions it receives

- Conversions: The number of times a desired action is taken on your website while your ad is displayed with Callout Extensions

Callout Extensions are an effective way to improve the performance of your Google Ads. By increasing click-through rates and ad quality, you can lower your costs and improve your rankings. Setting up Callout Extensions is simple and easy, and monitoring important metrics will help you determine what is working best for your business. If you need help managing your Google Ads, contact Missoula SEO Geek for expert assistance.

Google Ads Call Extension Set Up ➡ (4 Min Video)

Hey guys, it's Rob from Clicksgeek, and today's tutorial is all about setting up call extensions in Google Ads. In this quick three to four minute video, I'll show you how to do it. But before we dive in, don't forget to hit that subscribe button below to stay up to date with our daily content, YouTube shorts, case studies, how-to videos, and other training materials. Also, check out the links in the description for some cool free courses.

So, let's get started. We're in our demo Google Ads account, and setting up call extensions is really simple. First, go to the top right corner, click the wrench icon for tools and settings, then select conversions. Click the blue icon for new conversion action, and choose phone call. Next, select calls from ads using call extensions or call-only ads. Give your call extension conversion action a name, like call extension phone call lead. You can assign a dollar value to your call if you want, but keep the count at one to avoid any discrepancies. Set your call length for firing as a conversion in Google. This can be anywhere from one second to as long as you want, depending on your goals. Click through conversion window for 30 days, and choose data-driven attribution model. Once you've created your call extension call conversion action, link it to your campaign by going to ads and extensions, selecting call extension, and entering your destination phone number. Make sure the phone number you use is on the website or landing page you're using for the campaign. Choose the conversion action you just set up, hit save, and you're done.

In conclusion, setting up call extensions in Google Ads is a simple process that can help you track calls and improve your campaign's performance. Just remember to follow the steps carefully and link everything correctly. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below. And don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more high-quality training videos. Thanks for watching!

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