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google ads call tracking multiple numbers

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

In this chapter, we continue our conversation on conversion tracking and focus on phone call tracking. It is crucial to set up call tracking if a significant portion of your leads and purchases come through phone calls. There are three primary ways to track phone calls from ads: call only campaigns, call extensions, and dynamic number insertion. Call only campaigns are exclusive to mobile devices and have a clickable headline that turns into your phone number. You can track calls from call only campaigns through conversion tracking, which is automatically set up for you.

To set up a call only campaign, click on the plus campaign button and select search network only. Then, choose call only and input your targeting methods, keywords, bids, and budget. Create your ad group and name your ad with your business name and phone number. Ensure that you have a valid phone number and a quality score in your display URL. Use a Google forwarding phone number and call reporting. You can track calls through conversion tracking by selecting calls from ads under the phone calls option in your conversions tab.

Call extensions are another way to track phone calls from ads. Make sure that your call extensions have Google forwarding numbers enabled and that you have set up your conversion tracking accordingly. To view your call extensions, go to your ad extensions tab and click on call extensions. Make sure that your phone number has Google forwarding numbers enabled and is being used by your campaigns.

In conclusion, tracking phone calls is crucial for businesses that rely heavily on phone calls for their leads and purchases. By setting up call only campaigns and call extensions with Google forwarding numbers, you can track calls and measure your conversion rates effectively.

Easily Track Phone Calls in Google Ads 📱😄

One of the most valuable and underutilized features in Google Ads is call tracking. This allows you to see real-life data about phone calls generated by your ads, including call duration, search terms that triggered the ad, and the actual phone number of the caller. This information is incredibly useful in understanding which keywords are generating high-quality leads and conversions.

Using Call Extensions:

Call tracking can be set up through call extensions in your Google Ads account. This involves adding a visible phone number to your website and selecting call extensions in the ad extension section of your account. You can then use call tracking to see which keywords are generating phone calls and the duration of those calls.

Benefits of Call Tracking:

By tracking phone calls in Google Ads, you can make strategic decisions about which keywords to target and which to pause. You can also create separate campaigns targeting high-converting keywords and assign extra budget to those campaigns. Additionally, call tracking helps you match up data from your Google Ads dashboard with real-life conversions, giving you a more complete understanding of your advertising performance.

If you want to start tracking phone calls in your Google Ads campaigns, the first step is to set up call extensions in your account. This will allow you to see valuable data about your phone calls, including call duration and the search terms that triggered the ad. By using this data to make strategic decisions about your advertising campaigns, you can optimize your performance and achieve better results.

Google Ads Website Call Conversion Tracking with GTM

In this video, Julian explains how to install the call conversion tracking feature of Google Ads on a website using Google Tag Manager. He discusses the importance of this feature and how it can help track conversions.

Steps to Install Call Conversion Tracking Feature:

1. Check if call extension feature is available in your country

2. Create a call extension in Google Ads account

3. Set up call conversion tracking in Tools>Conversions

4. Install Google Ads Call Extension tag in Google Tag Manager

5. Copy conversion ID and conversion label and set up trigger

6. Configure conversion linker tag

7. Test the installation in preview and debug mode

8. Submit and publish the version

By following these steps, one can easily install the call conversion tracking feature of Google Ads on their website using Google Tag Manager. This feature helps to track conversions and improve the overall effectiveness of online advertising campaigns.

Google Ads Tutorial (2022) How To Set Up Call Tracking Using CallRail To Your Google Ads Campaigns

Hey everybody, Mike Cerwinski here with Metologic Design. I wanted to make a tutorial on how we, as a marketing agency, actually help our clients with call tracking. All the calls that come from our Google ads campaigns. Okay, so I'm going to go back when we made the other tutorials that I made. We created two conversions in Google ads. One was a submit lead form, so somebody fills out the form. The other one is a mobile call to action, and that is when somebody clicks on one of the call extensions that we made.

But the question is, if somebody doesn't call the call extension and they don't fill out the form, they go to your landing page and they call this phone number, how do you track it? And if you do track it, how can you attribute which keywords resulted in that call, and was it a good call? These are all the things that we take into consideration when we run a campaign, and I'm going to show you exactly how we do it.


1. What is CallRail: CallRail is the best call tracking software that is available in the market. You can choose from different pricing options based on your requirements. For tracking calls from Google ads campaigns, you can choose the regular call tracking option for $45 per month, which provides you with five local numbers and sufficient minutes.

2. Creating a company: Once you have signed up for CallRail, create a company in your account settings. You can choose a primary phone number and add users if required.

3. Creating tracking numbers: To track calls from your website, create a pool of four numbers that will be used dynamically for call swapping. You can choose the area code and add features such as a whisper message and call recording.

4. Installing the Java snippet on your website: To track calls from your website, install the Java snippet provided by CallRail on your website using Google Tag Manager or WordPress. You can test if the snippet is installed properly by adding the parameters ?gclid=test to the URL and checking if the number changes dynamically.

5. Routing calls: Once you have set up tracking numbers and installed the Java snippet, you can route the calls to a specific number. You can also track the calls based on the keywords that triggered them.

6. Creating a mobile click-to-call extension: You can also track calls that come from mobile devices through a click-to-call extension. This will provide more data about the calls and help you optimize your campaign.

7. Connecting CallRail to Google Ads: To attribute the calls to specific keywords, connect CallRail to your Google Ads account. You can choose to track all calls or separate them into first-time callers and repeat callers.

Google ADS TUTORIAL Phone Call Tracking for your business 2022

In this chapter, we continue our discussion on conversion tracking and delve into the importance of phone call tracking. If your business receives a significant portion of leads and purchases through phone calls, it's crucial to set up call tracking. There are three primary ways to track phone calls: through call-only campaigns, call extensions, and dynamic number insertion on your website.

To set up a call-only campaign, click on the plus campaign button, choose search network only, and select call only. You can still use the same targeting methods and keywords as before, but your ads will be call-only and run exclusively on mobile devices. The headline of your ad turns into your phone number, and if someone clicks it, they get charged for a click, and their smartphone prompts them to call the number.

To track calls from ads, go to tools and conversions and create a new conversion action for calls from ads. You can set a call length threshold to deem a call as valuable, and this conversion will be recorded if the call lasts longer than the threshold.

The second way to track phone calls is through call extensions, which are shown alongside your ad and allow people to call your business directly. To enable tracking, make sure that Google forwarding numbers are selected and that your call extensions are enabled.

Overall, phone call tracking is essential for businesses that rely heavily on phone calls. By setting up call tracking, you can track the success of your campaigns and optimize them for better results.

Google ads call reports/ call tracking on Google ads, verified calls in reports of Google ads.

- Welcome to my YouTube channel

- Discussing call forwarding numbers and how to check reports using Google Apps

Setting Up Call Reporting:

- Need to have settings in April

- Go to account level settings

- Turn on call reporting

- Google forwarding number or local number provided

- Helps track conversions through calls

Checking Call Reports:

- Click on cool new tools

- Click on predefined reports

- Go to extensions

- See data on calls received through Google Ads

- Use filters for more detailed data

- Can analyze ad performance with respect to day of the week or time of day

- Adjust date range to analyze specific time periods

- Click on like, subscribe, and bell icon for more content

- Leave comments for further questions or clarification.

Website Phone Call Conversion Tracking For Google Ads Using GTM

In this tutorial, we will learn how to implement Google Ads website phone call conversion tracking. With this feature, you will be able to track conversions when someone clicks from Google Ads and calls you from your website.


1. Create a call extension in your Google Ads account under the Ads and Extensions section.

2. Create a conversion under the Measurement section and choose the Close to a phone number on your website option.

3. Set up several settings in this section, such as the conversion window and attribution model.

4. Create a Google conversion linker tag in Google Tag Manager (GTM).

5. Create a tag for website phone call conversion tracking in GTM and place your phone number, conversion ID, and conversion label.

6. Preview your changes in debug mode and test if your website phone conversion tracking is working by clicking on your actual ad or adding hash Google WV CC debug to your website URL.

By following these steps, you can easily implement Google Ads website phone call conversion tracking and track conversions generated from your website. Don't forget to subscribe for more tutorials like this.

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