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google ads certification free

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Google Ads Certification 2021 – Learn How To Get Certified In Google Ads

Hey there, I'm Benjamin from Loves Data. In this video, you will learn all about Google Ads certification. Becoming certified in Google Ads is a great way to highlight your knowledge to clients, prospects and employers. I will outline the six Google Ads certification exams you can take and I will also cover tips you can use to study for (and take) the exams. And just to highlight, we're going to be covering certification for you as an individual, which is one of the steps to becoming a Google Partner (which is a company-level certification). Okay, let's jump in and get started. We're going to begin by covering some frequently asked questions about Google Ads certification. If you would prefer to jump ahead, then you can find links to each topic in the description below this video. First up is: how do I become certified? To become certified in Google Ads, you will need to pass at least one of Google's six certification exams. Once you pass an exam, you will then be certified in that partikular area of Google Ads. There are exams covering Search, Display, Video, Shopping, Ads Apps and Measurement. So if you just want to be certified for Search, you can just take that exam. Or if you want to be certified in all of the areas, then you will need to pass all of the exams. Is Google Ads certification free? The exams are free to take, So while you don't need to pay anything to become certified, you will need to invest some of your time to study for the exam (or exams) you are going to take. Are Google Ads certifications worth it? Yes, I think the Google Ads certifications are worth it. They help you demonstrate your areas of expertise when it comes to Google Ads. Along with practikal hands-on experience managing campaigns, it's a great way to show off your knowledge. Is Google Ads certification hard? There are a mix of questions You will probably find some questions are easy and some are difficult. It really comes down to how you've studied for the exams and your previous experience using Google Ads. I recommend that you use Google's study resources and have some practikal experience inside Google Ads before taking the exams. I will tok about this more in a moment. How long is the certification valid? Once you've passed an exam, your certification for that area of Google Ads is valid for 12 months, And to keep your certification, you will need to retake the exam before it expires. Is there a demo account I can use to help study for the exam? Unfortunately, Google doesn't provide a demo account for Google Ads. So if you don't have access to an account, then I recommend creating your own Google Ads account, And I also highly recommend investing a budget of one dollar a day in your demo account. This will let you experiment and learn how to run campaigns until you're managing an account for a real client. How long does it take to become Google Ads certified? This is a really tricky question to answer, since it really comes down to your existing knowledge. If you're just getting started with Google Ads, then I would recommend giving yourself a month or two to work through the study resources and gain some practikal experience. If you're already familiar with Google Ads, then I would give yourself a week to review the study resources before taking one of the exams, And if you already passed the exam previously, then you can probably jump in and retake the exam today. Do the exams help me become a Google Partner? One of the requirements to become a Google Partner is to have your individual certification, so yes, it will help you. Becoming a Google Partner is a company certification. I've included links in the description below this video if you would like to learn more. How should I study for the exam? Google provides study resources in their Skillshop platform, You will find lessons covering each of the six certifications. so you will find lessons covering Search, Display, Video, Shopping, Ads, Apps and Measurement. I will show you where to find these lessons in a moment, and I've also included links in the description below this video. Apart from taking Google's lessons, I also recommend having some hands-on experience using Google Ads. so consider creating a demo account, like I mentioned previously, And, to learn even more practikal skills, consider joining my Google Ads Courses. You can find a link to my courses in the description below this video. What are the exam questions like? The majority of questions are multiple choice (where you can choose one answer) or checkboxes (where you can choose one or more answers). For these questions, you will need to select the best possible answer (or answers) from the available options, And you might also find questions where you need to reorder the available options. For example, you might need to match different features in Google Ads to short descriptions. The questions in the exams cover a broad range of topics, including the different features in Google Ads, best practikes for managing campaigns and even the occasional strategic question. Let's look at four practike questions. These are based on the types of questions you might find in the Search exam. The first question is: Three elements need to be included when you create a text ad to show on the Google Search Network. These elements include a headline and a description. What else must you include? Is the answer A- Analytiks tracking code. B- Google site tag, C- URL or D- Competitor landing pages. What do you think is the correct answer? The correct answer is 'C? URL'. The next practike question is: In order to configure Dynamic Search Ads, what do you need to provide? Is the answer: A- A headline but no description. B- An initial list of keywords. C- A preferred attribution model or D- A list of pages on your website? The correct answer is 'D? A list of pages on your website'. Next up, Alexander is managing all of the marketing for a small business with a limited budget. He wants to reach as many potential customers as possible. How can Google Ads help? Is the answer: A- Alexander can set the maximum he would like to spend each month. *. B- Alexander's ads will always display above other competitors. C- Alexander's ads will show on all available search engines. or D- Alexander will always pay on a maximum cost-per-reach basis. The correct answer is 'A? Alexander can set the maximum he would like to spend each month'. And the final practike question is: Jose notikes that a search campaign has an optimization score of 30% on the recommendations page. What does the score tell, Jose? Is the answer: A- The campaign could be improved by 70% if the recommendations are applied. B- The campaign is underperforming compared to 70% of their competitors. C- The campaign is not spending 30% of the available budget. or D- The campaign is 30% optimized for the keywords in the ad groups. The correct answer is A- The campaign could be improved by 70% if the recommendations are applied. So they're some examples of the types of questions you might find in the Search exam. Your exam will include 50 randomized questions, So you'll need to be prepared on all of the possible exam topics. If you'd like to test yourself with even more practike questions for the Search exam, then you can find a link to my Google Ads exam practike questions in the description below this video. You have 75 minutes to take the exam and you'll need to get at least 80% of the questions correct in order to pass the exam. Once you've passed the exam, your certificate will be current for 12 months. How do we sit the exams? You can sit the exams in Google Skillshop. Let's take a look. You will need to log in with your Google account, like your Google for Work login or your Gmail login. Then you can select 'Browse', Then select 'Google Ads' And select 'Google Ads Certifications'. You will then find all six of the exams. Let's select the 'Google Ads Search Certification'.

How to Get Certified in Google Ads-Certification | Complete Guide

hello everyone and once again, welcome to WS cube, take you to ten, become my home. but the sphere or arch case we do. mom, look bad. Knievel in Google ads related certification II. Joe, my milk, I had googled it on sale. yes, that he gets a hominid certification could lace at the heart is thirty cases a year. Mari skills may who value-add? karela, Chilean series of the laptop screen Bureau date a hankie certification couple at for money, kaha, public that so see, they offer your hamper type Carnahan Academy for ads, Academy for ads or up to a hopper, yep and Avila link. minja, right so a platform, a dahab Google ad circulated certifications, listen. so koshish coming up. cook, yeah, be up. could you up normal he gmail account head, so official - Yama, come to Joe, our primary. up an email account and his pay up. come company to obtain also a Co you use correct if you see account to forget certifications. tissue homie, right, so is bad. could be under kinky above. no personal primary account will use the H type. get certifications. lynnie carrier, right, so a bqp hopper. Joe, have already my login. who easily normally a hopper, a up to history case, a choker. I'd offer you a dashboard hapara Joe, Hammond, Academy of Arts a scar, otherwise again, Iassogna automatikity. normal, I decided aku is my login. consider how it, bar my square, has a logout cardigan or normal ID. so log in Kentucky. aku give us so much, may I? he kissed the occasion. should wotty interface hopper Decatur sign in with Google history conclusion: hopper dikenga or Skiba the approval of me. I deselect Elena. so my opera company ID salad. cut it out. or whose Chabad they take. history case. another interface, Nick. I design the hopper. my log in Cairo or a be up the King. AJ has absolute riot. he makes sure that you trust this. exceed LMS comm tiket. Alexis, allow, cognize, co-op. allow cutting, yeah, but the basic basics. cheese a head, but it do settings here, hopper, I get the options. I mean even coop 209. he a Terms of Service Agreement head or body operate. important she's ever. yeah, update your Academy for ads account by filling out the below information: share my Academy of ads account information with my company. any jitna the app improvement cartagia-- English zopi up skill set. acquire curtain and adobe off certifications again. continuing on coop, coop, nee company case, our shared anion, a Cisco obsolete concept, a hopper aperture can Diane Inc are not so be no. permitir que save car theta or continued so normally, Ababu, even you a line interface, the tie data e Seppala, have no dignity to your hopper, to the Google key baja, sorry, Allah, Allah toolset, subtly a in Chiapas you have learning materials and/or said related certification, said so ABI, hum, no booty. TJ, sorry season, a date need is a marketing transformation. yeah, Google antik Valley Series, my management, its capacity so inches. o Kobe Hamlin edict a YouTube Chile, an Apple Google marketing platform here. but, Abby, I'm no, you hopper, they think Google ad right, so Google ads map giant, Google ads K. and then we have. no, they can't. Abajo, sorry, 30k ads for them. yes, a search ad book. I had display advertising ad within shopping add. so they or get to put specific bath- okay, buddy is specific bath me, but other general bath hooray - in general seviche, so make good cheese. a buddy common routine which is a very fundamental savuti t ad history ka kaam karte. i have been in java, the NCTC q out a CPM java c PB Quijote, yes, a buddy normal terminology is a conversions tiago thing, segi normal terminologies, igetc a TCH, partikular ad type, very strict. and i ate. i saw shadow burpees. 30k kitties are hungry. we do add over through history: Kiki cheesy hungry shopping at over 2 is 30 kg cheese and we get it general, if the general am kind knowledge I am. Colonel Foundation has PVC platform, key PVC platform. do Google Ads to a different contact. so each type teacher knowledge Head, TIGI, stripy, to upskill, acquire curtain. was Kelly, our Google Ads, the fundamental exam, legal Bucky specialization, Kelly, update 90 G's be this big category. may judges be type of adamant upgrade specialization has. who say related up certifications, achieve cursor thing. so hopper, add such a Google ads video. have a programmatik, Google ads mobile. have bill ads display shopping at, said he. sorry she said, but Jessamine a be October tyke he should watch. may up Co fundamentals polishing Cooper come and gonna so homogeneous my suspect we cut no bacon. is Google ads go fundamentally exam here. or rusev on Google ads cos search certification. so up who should. secondly, subsequently after a fundamental exam, clear Carnegie, any Carnegie Palais our video gap my exam. Pierre Carla, who's Kaiba shopping exam here. current escape our fundamentals clearance. we any Colonel Hickock up course of the pilot of now fundamental exam, dear than that certification scheme. Apogee certifications I unka obnoxious timeframe, buta timeframe cover club kucik partikular time period. t bus say it's all cuba, those certifications expire. huija thing fills up. calm till yes, reapply can report that fits aku exam then affiliate reappear. hona hoga examine or is a tube the cheese of a hot? they disable google ads, maybe time to time. bizarre a modification: certain jogger, Maya Montikello teens Alpana, Joe apne Google ads Missy katha, Yahoo's for the Google ads method is for Google Adwords announcer misko deontik boos for guchigi apply. see kiti Iago, sorry season a BB implement both in him, though basics, one here at the head, but BA Hons, he advanced his seizures. who have o change? who therapy had? interface change baqara, ha ha ha ha, say Joe matrices have would change both ear. 18 H is a key here. which Quran each easier to outdated her once a Hitachi that so up Co updated radically is play continuously calm. Catarina, ECT, Skoda, Honda, rocker, Google Jakarta, hey, Google Mantha, hey, Hillenburg X, alpha Y, it is a constant or a Hindi or stable platforms. can the changes at the head sketch structure, Gander changes are the escapees is per arco de barra, exam the energy is leaona borracho, time he puts limitations literally age bar victor harbor, example structure with ethnic. oh, sheesh, contain so happy hopper, the a crab google ads, fundamental power, my clicker, ooh, joseph's a basic. after exam he will add, so related. so yeah, hopper, past the system at and earn and achievement. achievement means certification over here. so RP harper directly, Agricola psyche, octopus knowledge head, who up directly spoke. liquor k, yeah, Harper, to exam. how could they occur up certifications uncurse at the Hennessy assessment head. so op q assessment pay launched with liquor. now Rose gabbatha, pjsait assessment here, cutting it by, say he are Co certification. mil Gaya, yes, a MacArthur harbor, merrily a timer on. who jaata hai yellow book 90 minutes. the certification in ID elegant, take ahead Morocco time limit melting head. or third question, hey, hopper, so up to questions. could you have Oh, Pierre Cartier on ahead or up query hundred ahead. he jus high up level above 80% luck. but nobody will exactly. I got 80% marks at the VIP school qualify, curse it and 80% questions object sahiba nature. yet that we have is example: qualify during it. a push on a tiger, mag egg berm examiner, qualify caputo. so it's may be Co problem laying it. job is going to take a backup. reappear who certain exam Kelly Sequoia, Bob, body problem, key upper back Megan. but yeh, definitely is my two questions for the hair were definitely opted to a catch a bass provide currently. so agar is Joe, Mary playlisted Moodle at Cisco, follow Cara, hey, hey. so undoubtedly Google fundamentals, cuz with Sam. hey, buddy, a son is up here, cursor who sabaha rap tape. ask questions near Odessa. say it's exam co-op dengue up to submerge method. I got to basics. Omar Elliott kidney, important with him, whose keys are the derma vodka room. so yah, hopper up day. Frankie agar Jo, basic ski bath met erotika. Rocco a boss are a joke. topics and only tutorials, minggaang right. so as I need to have a tutorial, sniglet toodles, we upcoming gang, a learning material, the upcoming data. it's a Google Ads fundam.

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Free Google Ads Course 2022 - Complete Step-By-Step Google AdWords Tutorial

what's up everyone, welcome to my free Google ads course. in this course, I'm going to be going through a lot of the different Google ads campaigns. I'm going to be teaching you how to set up conversion tracking. I'm going to teach you how to enable remarketing and create remarketing campaigns. you can use this table of contents and there's also a clickable table of contents in the video description so you can easily jump around if you're looking for a specific type of campaign. otherwise, if you want to just learn about all the different types of campaigns that you can run in Google ads, the only major campaigns I'm not going to be going over in this video are app campaigns, mobile app campaigns, shopping campaigns and local campaigns. otherwise, you're going to learn how to create a search campaign, performance Max campaign, Discovery ads, display ads, YouTube advertising, Google ads, remarketing and call campaigns. now one quick note. the website I use a lot in this course, farmhousegoalscom, is currently being switched to a new server, so it's probably going to be live at the end of the week. I'm working on a few things in the back end and, as I'm transferring it to another server and I'm working on a few things content-wise, so the website will be back live, but if you go to reference it about a week or 10 days after this is published, you might not see the website yet, but it will be back live. especially by October 2022, you'll see that website. so let's get started with the course. okay, so we're going to start here at the Google ads home page, and I already have a Google account. so what I'm going to do is use that Google account to create a new Google ads account. so what we're going to do is we're going to come over here to start now, and when you get started with a new account, they're going to ask: what's your main advertising goal? now, what I would recommend doing is not going through this process, scrolling down and you want to switch to expert mode. so we're going to come down here to: are you a professional marketer? switch to expert mode now. this will bring us right to this screen to build a new campaign, and they're going to ask to choose our objective. now what I would recommend doing is creating an account without a campaign. so that's what we're gonna do now is create an account without a campaign, and now what we're gonna have to do is set up our billing information. so you want to start with your billing country, your time zone and your currency. so in this case, these all match what I have, so I'm going to click on submit and we got a message: congrats. you're all done so. now what we're ready to do is explore our account. so the first thing that we need to do is set up our billing in case we do want to run actual campaign. so you're not going to be charged in Google ads until you actually start driving clicks for your business or whatever type of campaign you're running, but for the most part, it's going to be clicks. so you're not going to be charged when you set up your Google ads account. and you're not even charged when you launch a campaign until your campaign starts getting some activity. so they're going to have messages here like this: discover new insights. and there's really no downside to going through some of the new insights and some of the different tips that Google ads gives you. in this case, I'm just going to click on got it and what you want to do is go to tools and settings up here at the top and over here on billing. you want to come over to settings. okay, now this is where you want to set up your new billing, your payments. however, you're going to do payments for your Google ads account. I usually just use a credit card, so what you have here is billing country- mine is United States- and then you're gonna have a currency here that you need to choose as well. and then we're going to scroll down here and you're going to see account type. so you could do individual or organization, depending on what type of account you have. in this case, I'm just going to do individual and it's going to say to add a credit or debit card. so that's where you're going to want to add your card number here. so I just set mine up as Corey Farmhouse when I created my new Google ads account, so that's what it's showing for my cardholder name. but in this case you want to enter your card number here, your card holder name and your zip code, and click on submit so you can learn more about how your charge. you'll see you'll be charged automatikally on the first of each month if your balance reaches your payment threshold. before then, you'll be charged immediately. you might see some initial charges, some smaller charges, when you first start with Google ads, because your payment thresholds are smaller when you first get started. I will link to this: learn more so you learn how you're going to be billed for your Google ads account. so that's where you need to get started is how you're going to actually pay for your advertising. I'm going to click on cancel for right now because I'm not actually going to be running ads in this account, so we're going to come back over here to our Google ads account. hey everyone, thank you for your support watching my videos over the years. if you want to continue to support my channels while also using some of the best marketing tools, you can try either s CM rush or spyfu, if you haven't already. both are great PPC and SEO tools. if you use the link at the bottom here for either one, they are affiliate links, so it will help support my channel and support Surfside PPC. if you're not interested, no problem. back to the video. and what you're going to see is: let's start by creating a new campaign in ad groups for your business. now, one of the things you're going to see is if you click to create a new campaign, some of the objectives here are sales and leads, so these actually take into account the actions that are happening on your website, whether they are purchases like a sale, or they are leads, somebody fills out a form, maybe someone gives you a phone call, so all of those can be different types of objectives that are also referred to as conversions in Google ads, and that allows you to optimize your campaigns for your key performance indicators. so, before you even launch your campaign, I would highly recommend setting up conversion tracking, and we can do that by going to tools and settings, and in this case, you want to come over here to measurement and you want to go to the conversion screen. so this is where you can actually create new conversions that you can optimize your campaigns for. so you can see, see how Google ads help you achieve your goals. so conversion tracking helps you see which keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns Drive the customer action that you care about: purchases, subscriptions, app installs, phone calls and, more basically, any measure of success for your business, no matter what it is, can be measured in Google ads and you can actually optimize your campaigns and your budgets to drive more conversions. so that's why we want to start with conversion tracking now. in my case, I'm going to be using my Google analytiks 4 account and I'm going to import my main conversion for Farmhouse goals. I already have my conversion tracking set up in Google analytiks 4.. so if you come over here to conversion events, you're going to find that here in configure. when you go to configure, you'll see your events, your conversions and your audiences. so what we're going to do now is we're going to come over here to conversions and you can see I have my affiliate click conversion right here. so what we want to do is I want to link my Google analytiks 4 account to my Google ads account so that they can essentially communicate with each other and I can import this conversion affiliate click directly into my Google ads account. so what you want to do now is go to tools and settings and you want to come to under setup and you want to click on linked accounts. you'll see here all the different accounts that you can link to your Google ad.

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Make $100k+ working from home with FREE Google Certification trainings

Hi everyone, Welcome back. Today, I really want to show you how you can make over 100,000 dollars per year with free Google certifications so that you can start working from home. I'm going to show you exactly how you can master some of the most in-demand Google tools out there for free, and how you can learn that online at your own pace, based on e-learning courses that have been developed by Google product experts. Not only that, but I'll show you exactly how you can also get Google product certified so that you can start making money with these skills. If we take a quick look at Google Trends, you're going to see that the level of interest for Google certifications has skyrocketed over the last couple of years, And this is because more and more companies are looking to hire people like you who are very well versed and skilled into using Google tools, but also who can prove that level of expertize through certifications. So you really want to stik around till the end, because in this video, not only am I going to show you, step by step, exactly how to get certified for free in these Google tools, but also I'm going to show you where to go and apply for jobs that are hiring right now that are all work from home jobs or online job opportunities that are looking for people like you who can offer skills and expertize in these Google tools, So make sure you stik around doing it. Hi everyone, Welcome. Welcome back to the show. My name is Laura and on this show I give you guys the best practikal advice on where to find work from home jobs, remote job opportunities and how to apply to them. If that's what you're looking for, then please consider subscribing. I have some really cool videos coming up that you don't want to miss. Also, please do me a huge favor and show some love to the like. Like. not only does it help with the YouTube algorithm, but it also gives me more confidence to keep doing what I'm doing and keep putting out videos like this one. Thank you, so so much in advance. Let's get into the video. All right, so the first thing that you're going to need to do is head over to Google's skill shop. So obviously, you can go ahead and Google search Google's skill shop, or you can go ahead and click on the link in the description box down below. So when you come to skill shop with Google Dot Com, this is basically the homepage for their entire program, and you can either go and explore the different categories of courses that they offer for free- Do you pretty much anyone who's interested, It does not matter where you're based and which country you live in- or you can go head and head over to get certified. if you already have the skills and you just want to get the certification Now. if you're curious what kind of skills you can learn for free, then what you need to do is go ahead and click on Get Started. What you're going to get is a list of all the topics that you can get skilled in Now. not all of them are going to be something that you want to spend time on. They have Google Ads, Google Analytiks, marketing platform, YouTube, Waze Academy, Google for education, Google ad manager, authorized buyers and so so on. I would definitely suggest is that you at least focus on Google Ads, Google ad manager and, ideally, Google Analytiks- and I'm going to go into details and explain to you why I believe these are really, really key for you to master if you want to go ahead and make money online and get online jobs and how you can do that. All right, So let's take Google ads as an example. So, as you come to the Google ads section. you obviously already see here Google ad certifications, But if you want to build your expertize, you can go ahead and learn all the things that they show you here In terms of Google ad search, Google Ads display, Google Ads VIDEO, How to build on your Google ads expertize, how to apply your Google ads knowledge, and so forth. Now, obviously, you can pick one that you want to specialize in and only go deep and learn that one thing. So, Google ad search, for example, you can go and take all the courses that they offer here. Or what I would actually recommend would be that you try to take as many as you have time and energy and interest in taking, because then you can claim- and you would rightly be able to do so, You can claim- that you are fully certified, which is going to give you a lot more authority. And if you've watched any of my videos on how to get started when you're a beginner in terms of working From home, building, that authority is incredibly important because it's really hard for people to trust that you're going to do a good job if you have no way to prove your authority, And it's hard when you're just starting out. so having these certifications is definitely going to help you tremendously, So try and get as many as you can within that category. So, if you choose Google ads, then go ahead and take as many courses as you can from the Google Ads section. If we go back, you can also go and learn Google Ad Manager, which is going to help you further. you know, expand your knowledge when it comes to Google ads. Now let's assume that you will have taken all of these courses- which, by the way, are free- And I'm going to show you right now how they're going to look like, so you can take this course called drive advertising revenue with Google ad manager. It tells you exactly what you're going to be able to know at the end of the course. So you're going to be able to set up an ad manager network. You're going to be able to create inventory, ad campaigns and creatives and ad manager traffic forecast and report on campaigns, manage quality control, manage inventory programmatikally, manage ads using rules and protections with Google ad manager. So pretty much everything you need to know in terms of how to use Google Ad Manager. you can get through this course right And, as you can see, it's not going to take you a long, long time, because each of these modules is like 1012 minutes, ten minutes, 21 minutes. There's just one that is a little bit longer, 52 minutes, and another one at 45. So, literally, you can do this in- I don't know- two to three hours probably. So you just go ahead and click on, get started and launch the e-learning course. You will need to log in, but it is for free and it is not going to ask you to pay for anything. Now let's assume that you've taken the course and you now know everything you need to know about Google ad manager. What you need to do is come back to the landing page for Google Skill Shop and go and get certified. OK, So when you go ahead and get certified, you can get the certification in Google ads, for example. you only need to go ahead and click on Google ad certifications and then search here for the topic that you want to get certified in and that you feel comfortable getting certified in, And then go ahead and take the test so that you can get the certification that confirms your level of skill and your level of knowledge in terms of that specific topic. Now, obviously, there are certifications that will be short test. There are others that are going to be a little bit longer, but even the longer ones, we're toking 20 plus minutes, so it's not going to be taking a long, long time for you And, honestly, if you're really committed to start making money online and start getting jobs on some of these places that I'm going to show you in a minute, Then in a weekend you can pretty much go ahead and learn all of these things and get certified in all of these things that you want to specialize in. So, now that we've taken a look at where you can find the courses, how to tap into this incredible pool of free Google courses that are designed by the Google product experts, and how you can get certified for free in these Google products, Let's take a look at how you can actua.

mAkE $100k+ WiTh fReE gOoGLe cErTiFicAtiOnS 🤦‍♂️

social media and youtube is the only place where i believe that non-experts give you their expert opinion on how to become an expert at something that they're actually not an expert in. so the other day, this video popped up on my home feed and i found the title to be very interesting. there is no way that you're gonna be making a hundred grand with some free google search. so then, of course, i searched around to see how many other people are making videos on this topic. i found a video from six months ago that has a million views with the same title. that's how youtubers become an expert at something. they go and they find a trendy video. they regurgitate every single bit of information on there and tell you how to do something that they've never actually done themselves. i don't want to learn google ads. i don't want to learn google my business. so what i did years ago? i hired someone to set up my google ads. just because you paid someone to do this doesn't mean that person makes a ton of money doing this, and if you're someone that doesn't actually want to learn this stuff, isn't certified in any of these things and actually hasn't done any work involving these certifications, how can you claim that this is going to make you a hundred grand plus a year. it just doesn't make any sense to me. today, i really want to show you how you can make over 100 000 per year with free google certifications. this freelance expert claims that you can make 100 grand a year doing this as well, but she doesn't actually have any of these certifications either. it's really hard for people to trust that you're going to do a good job if you have no way to prove your authority. in this video, i'm going to show you how you can make money online with google certifications. all this lady does is read the descriptions that she sees on the screen and doesn't go into any detail on any of this stuff. master the google tools you use at work with free online training. develop skills you can apply right away with e-learning courses designed by google product experts. find free online product training and certifications right for you. that just leads me to believe that she has no idea what she's toking about. learn how google ad manager can help you earn revenue for your ads. learn the fundamentals of google search campaigns and get google ads certified. i'm pretty sure this lady has never even looked at one of these courses until she decided to make this video. i have done this before, without a certification. of course, you would be more skilled at this because you're actually taking their training. as a matter of fact, i don't think any of these people have completed these courses or have any of these certifications. in this video, i'm going to share with you guys how you can make 100 000 or more with free google certifications. i myself started this way over six years ago, making money using google, pimping out my services to local businesses. the thing is, he never mentions actually obtaining any of these certifications, and i looked at a lot of the courses for these certifications and the oldest one that i could find was from 2017, so his dates don't match up now. granted, he could have been doing this line of work back then, but if it was so lucrative and he was making so much money doing it, why did he stop and why did he start making youtube videos? because during a gold rush, you make more money selling picks and shovels rather than actually digging for gold, and since everyone wants to work from home now, that's all these videos are doing. they're just selling picks and shovels during an online remote work gold rush. i'm gonna save you a click if you watch any one of these videos. they're all gonna tell you the same thing. this is on skill, skillshopwithgooglecom, skillshopwithgooglecom, skillshopwithgooglecom. so when you come to skillshopwithgooglecom, i would definitely suggest google ads, google ad manager and, ideally, google analytiks. the ones you can make the most money generally are the google ads analytiks academy, google ad manager and google my business. this is where the money's at, guys. okay, google ads analytiks, google ads manager, also google my business. so google ads, google analytiks, google my business also. you want to be certified in google ads manager? they're going to tell you to go to upwork 500 people per hour and every other freelancing website there is out there and they're going to show you generic examples of how much people are charging who have this buzzword in their title. but right now we're on peopleperhourcom. we're going to go ahead and search for google ads manager peopleperhourcom. if we go into google ads manager, these are listings offered people per hour. now you can simply come in here and type in google ads freelancer site fiverr. it's very popular. i'm sure you've heard of it before. i just searched google ads manager here here on fiverrcom, so i actually searched for google ads fiverr. this is just another place to kind of hone your skills. the reason why i really like fiverr is that when you go and create a fiverr pro account, then you are able to tap into opportunities that will allow you to charge a lot more. i really like upwork, especially for research purposes, because it allows me to show you the level of demand that exists for certain skills or for certain types of jobs. so another one to check out is also upworkcom, and i just wanted to show you how much money some of these people are making. this is just so youtube right. this is just how the internet is nowadays. this is how social media is nowadays. people make these crazy claims on how you can make so much money doing things that they've never done before, and it's just ridiculous to me. i personally have experience looking for work on these freelancing platforms and i know for a fact that it's over saturated. it's a race to the bottom, and there's hundreds, if not thousands, of people that are willing to work for pennies and underbid you in order for them to get the job, and that's the reality of finding work through these online platforms. so it's going to be pretty difficult to find work with just obtaining some certifications that you got in a couple hours if you don't have a bunch of experience already under your belt- and i don't want to say that you can't make money doing this stuff, but i'm going to tell you that it's never going to be as simple as taking an hour out of your day to get some random certification that anyone can get online for free. that's gonna, you know, make you a hundred grand a year freelancing. i know a lot of software developers and people in tik who make really good money working full-time jobs, and i know that those same people, even if they have a huge resume and a whole bunch of skills that they can offer people for services online, will still struggle and it'll take them a long time before they'll be making a hundred thousand dollars a year if they decide to start freelancing online. and these are people years of experience. so if you think that you're easily going to take some course online that offers you some free certification, even if it has the google name on it- having the word google should be enough- right. it's not going to make you this kind of money. and and if it does, it's not going to happen right away. it's going to take you years and years and years of showing proof, hustling your ass off and finding clients and, you know, selling your skills for practikally next to nothing, so that you can actually build a resume before you're going to make any kind of money and definitely before you're going to make a hundred thousand dollars a year, people will tell you anything to try to sell you something online or to get you to click that affiliate link so they can make a few bucks off of you. try and get at least one month of a paid subscription. there's a link down below if you want to try that out. one other way that you could potentially make a lot of money online is with a youtube channel, and you're in luck because i run a successful

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advertising helps the organization know their competitor's potential and plan accordingly to either level up or outperform the competition altogether. if any company wants to introduce or launch a new product in the market, advertising will make a ground for the product, not just competing against your rivals, but advertising can also increase familiarity and trust between a company and its customers. this critikal requirement of advertising is the reason why the top marketing giants are searching for a performance packed professional who could research the market and bring a dominant market presence to the company. major marketing giants like wells, fargo, cognizant, ebuy and many more are equally looking out for certified professionals and are also ready to compensate with attractive salary packages ranging from 7 lakh 50 000 to 12 lakh rupees per annum. this potential requirement opens up lucrative career opportunities like advertising, sales, public relations creative director, copywriter, marketing communications manager and many more. if you have the zeal to get yourself landed on one of these carriers, then scale-ups complete google adwords professional certification program is just what you need. this course is curated in collaboration with leading advertising giants and real-time industry experts, making sure the program covers the critikal skills, tikniques and hands-on experience with the powerful advertising tools to make sure that the learners are industry ready. the best part is all this for free of cost. yes, you heard me right, and you can start your advertising journey for free of cost. this course is 13 hours long and all the modules are self-paced video lessons with 90 days of access to the entire course. this allows you to learn at your own pace, anytime and anywhere. after completing this course, you will receive a course completion certificate from skill up. this certificate can be shared within your professional circle. the course comprises cutting-edge tiknicalities and around google adwords, which is the leading advertising tool. first, we will learn a brief overview of google adwords. then we will look into exploring keywords and match types. followed by that, we will deal with search ads and ad extensions. then we will learn about display targeting. later, we will focus on one campaign type and settings for the same advancing. we will deal with some critikal advertising metrics. down the line, we will learn about bidding and vet modifiers. finally, we will wind up the certification program by understanding the quality score. by the end of this course, you will be an expert marketing and advertising professional. so now you might be thinking who is eligible to take up this course? well, there are no prerequisites to enroll to this course. each of you who has a zeal for learning, market research and advertising can take up this course, irrespective of your experience. so what are you waiting for? head straight to our scale up page and enrich your market research and advertising skills with google adwords by enrolling in our free course today. get closer to your dreams. and what can get better than a free certificate to strengthen your profile? certifications bring you one step closer to backing the opportunity and becoming a google adwords expert today. hi there, if you like this video, subscribe to the simply learn youtube channel and click here to watch similar videos. to nerd up and get certified: click here.