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Google Ads for [Real Estate Agents] Step by Step Tutorial [Part 1 of 3]

Published on: December 6 2022 by Jaime Resendiz

Google Ads for [Real Estate Agents] Step by Step Tutorial [Part 1 of 3]

The above is a brief introduction to Google Ads for [Real Estate Agents] Step by Step Tutorial [Part 1 of 3].

Let's move on to the first section of Google Ads for [Real Estate Agents] Step by Step Tutorial [Part 1 of 3]!

Google Ads for [Real Estate Agents] Step by Step Tutorial [Part 1 of 3]

haiya time you would think of real
estate advisors today we're covering
Google advertising this is the first of
three videos related to Google
advertising and this came from a request
from my group so if you haven't joined
the Facebook group it's free so go over
there should be a description a link in
the description below where you can hop
in to the Facebook group that cover
strategies like this strategies behind
Craigslist for Facebook Twitter
Instagram and everything in the like so
daily content daily strategies daily
lead generation strategies above all
that'll help you in your business so
again jump over to Facebook and go ahead
and join the Facebook group again it's
it's free to join so go ahead and do
that back to back to what we're doing
the Google advertising course that I'm
producing won't come out until December
so until that are made with the group
was that I was gonna shoot a miniseries
which this is the first video of three
and in the first video we're gonna cover
Google advertising in the macro we're
gonna cover the methodology and how to
make it work from a strategy perspective
in the second video we're going to cover
more of the resources and the tools that
we're gonna need as we prepare to create
an actual Google Ad and make it
effective above all in the third video
we're actually going to go through and
take those resources and tools and
create an actual ad that you can emulate
and pretty much copy
that'll be effective for your area and
you'll you won't need to guess where to
go and where to click what to do you're
gonna have the entire blueprint right
there so understand that it is a
beginner's guide and make no bones about
it you're gonna
are gonna be going as quick but as
thorough as possible to the extent that
that makes sense I don't want it to be a
redundancy or I'm sorry nay what do you
call that the words are escaping me
today but I don't want it to be a a case
where we go too fast and you don't get
anything from it or go too slow where it
just becomes boring monotonous and it
just it's gonna take longer to get to
the end result so again it's gonna be
three videos at the end of it you're
gonna know how to actually run an
effective Google ad for the advanced
strategies and really diving deep into
actual campaigns and creating different
apps that work upon themselves and how
to work directly with your direct mail
your Facebook advertising and cross
advertise between the platforms now it's
gonna be more of the advanced strategies
that's going to be in the Google course
that will be coming out hopefully by
mid-december x' when i'm projecting to
have that out so anyway without further
ado let's just dive into google ads
first let's understand what google ads
are you've seen it many of you already
know what it is but we're starting from
the very beginning so everyone is on the
same page real estate agent and Fort
Worth all right and advertising in
advertisement when it comes to Google
ads comes in the form of if it's a
highly competitive keyword or a key
search or a search string say keen a
competitive search you're gonna have
four spots at the top of the page which
this one only has two which means that
it's not as competitive as you as as you
might imagine and then it's gonna have
three at the end of the of the first
page this one happens to have three so
that's good let's type in another
keyword that
real-estate agent near me this one does
have all four spots taken so you see the
first one by Holmes eenie I have not
heard of them you have compass you have
my agent finder and then you have a mist
so when it comes to an actual team when
it comes to an actual brokerage you'll
see that like my agent finder is not a
brokerage it's more of an aggregator
it's more of a directory that is paying
a handsome penny to have have their ads
show when somebody types in real estate
agent near me and same as all the others
so that is what a Google ad is an
organic search it's gonna come below the
map and your Google ads would you saw up
top you're gonna have the organic search
right here this is the holy grail of
Google advertising this is what you'd
consider you know optimized SEO this is
where people want to be which means that
you're not spending money on being up
here there is value and being up here
however the goal is to have your website
ranked so high on the front page of
Google that even if you don't spend
money on these ads right here or putting
your website on on the first force plot
which are ads you show up here and
depending on the consumer some consumers
actually don't click on the ads because
they know and are aware that the ads are
BOTS and so it's not as organic actually
it's not organic it's purchased so they
actually bypass the ads and you may you
may be doing that as well I personally
do that when it comes to my to my
searches in certain things in in others
I click on the S because there's a
reason that they're there they're
advertising but for the most part there
are there are some clients out there and
customers out there consumers out there
that prefer to only deal with the
organic searches because they know that
these are purchased placements so they
will play
but anyway that's what a Google ad is
now gooping works the exact same way
their algorithm is different they're
gonna face a little bit different but as
far as their placements they too have
four placements at the front page at the
top and they have three at the bottom
and depending on the keywords that are
competitive is um they're pretty much
they're pretty much the same in the
interface and algorithm are different
but for all intents and purposes a lot
of the things that you're going to learn
pretty much all of the things you're
going to learn in Google Ads can
translate over to being with the
exception of the interface now let's
tok strategies and again this video
scan is taking more of a macro approach
we're gonna tok strategies in this
video in the next video in order this is
a miniseries so there's three videos
that we're gonna that we're gonna place
here on YouTube you're gonna have your
second your I'm sorry your first is more
strategies for more methodology and the
macro level the second the second being
the tools and your resources that you're
gonna need to get started to actually
running at and then the third is going
to be actually running and AD so I do
suggest that you watch all three but
know that that's the structure of how we
laid out this mini series first strategy
is the top dog strategy or the big
player strategy this strategy is the
most expensive and what makes it the
most expensive is these strategies if I
can figure out how to work this these
strategies this strategy I'm sorry is
geared towards purchasing keywords which
the keywords that we purchased are
I'm good until Google every time
somebody searches for a real estate
agent near me and there in my general
demographic of where I'm advertising or
the zip code that I'm advertising it'll
make more sense when we get into the
videos but hey with me every time
somebody searches for these keywords I
want you to show my ad I want you to
show my brand I want you to show my
website so it's an auction style bidding
system very similar to Facebook which
takes several several components into
who actually gets shown in the front
page and on the top and on the bottom
second page and who gets shown all
together and money is not always the
highest bid does not always win so we'll
get into that in the next videos but the
big player or the top dog strategy is
keywords that are highly competitive but
are very very close to what we do so
real estate agents near me is a very
highly competitive keyword or keyphrase
and it's gonna cost a pretty penny to
get that to get show your ads shown when
somebody types that in because it's very
common it's very frequent and a lot of
people are after those ads because
people when somebody times that type of
search in they are a lot more likely to
act they are further down the funnel of
the purchasing funnel they're more
likely to act because they're actively
searching this is not disruptive
marketing like Facebook this is more
intentional searching of I am actively
searching for a real estate agent and
the more active somebody is searching so
the more the closer to the end of the
funnel the bottom of the funnel a
consumer is the more expensive the
keywords are gonna be so you're toking
about realtor near me that's gonna be
expensive top realtor in Arlington or
top realtor in Dallas top realtor in
Fort Worth that's going to be expensive
as well top real estate agent or best
real estate agent
and they don't they don't select a city
that's going to be expensive so that's
and those keywords is more for a larger
budget because every time somebody
clicks on it if you're running that type
of ad or if you're running a impression
ad which is a CPM type of ad versus a
CPC type of ad campaign it's gonna add
up quickly so you better have the best
converting landing pages you better have
the best converting ad copy that's gonna
get people to actually act because every
time somebody clicks on it it could cost
$5 $10 $50 $80 the competition is
different then you'll see when we're
preparing to on the second video we're
actually going through keywords and key
phrases that we're gonna target so
that's the big players strategy that's
the tops top dog strategy know that you
can do that know that you can go after
competitive words and key searches
because you are gonna get clicks but you
need to be confident that your ad copy
so whatever you put as a message is
gonna convert and you are gonna get that
call because there are some people that
are gonna go on the first whoever's on
the first they're gonna click on it if
they kind of like what they see they're
gonna reach out to you so yes you are
gonna get clicks and depending on your
the strength of your ad copy is gonna be
your conversion at the end of the day so
you are gonna get clicks you are gonna
get submissions of forms you are gonna
get calls your get text you are gonna
get reached out to but it's going to
cost you so have your budget in mind now
the other type of strategy or the other
strategy that we're going to tok about
is the volume strategy now the volume
strategy we're catching people at the
higher end of the funnel so maybe I
should do like a funnel here I need
leave enough room for my for my last
strategy that is not a funnel
okay that's this is going nowhere quick
tip that erase button all right pretend
I didn't draw that that just that's just
bad anyway all right that is not a
funnel but you'll forgive me I hope
daddy okay the volume strategy you're
gonna catch people up here you're gonna
catch people you're driving traffic as
many people as possible into your funnel
into your interior landing page into
your brand your message or your website
or whatever you have it as the actual
click-through from the ad and keywords
that are of the high volume strategy are
real estate real estate agent those very
generic terms that could they could be
toking about when somebody searches
that type of those keywords they could
be toking about everything they could
be toking about real estate how to get
a real estate license so if you're
looking for buyers that's not
necessarily who you want clicking on
your ad because you're not offering to
give people courses on how to become
licensed you're trying to get clients
that are looking for real estate or to
purchase real estate or sell real estate
so when we're toking about high volume
searches the strategy behind that is we
want people to click on it but I'm sorry
let me back up we want people to see it
and then if the message is right and if
they're my my type of consumer then
we're banking on the fact that they're
gonna click and the reason people deploy
that strategy is because it's a volume
game just like real estate it's a very
volume oriented game with real estate
agent or realtor those keywords those
get starts and inordinate amount of time
but the cost per click or the cost per
impression is substantially lower then
somebody that's at the lower end of the
funnel of the consumer funnel that's
ready to act so again it's a volume game
we have we're showing her add as many
people as possible and we have our copy
or ad copy constructed in such a way
that we tell the front-facing consumer
the people that see the first page of
Google we tell them what it's about
we're and we're hoping that they don't
click through and if they do that's fine
we're gonna pay for that but at the end
of day we want to be concise with our
message to where only potential clients
or consumers watch they click on the ad
and even if they do click on the ad it's
not gonna cost us too much and another
component to that is really want the we
want to show our ad to as many people as
possible but once people click through
we are tracking them so that's why
Facebook pixels are important that's why
conversion pixels are important which
Google has its own version of a pixel
and we'll we'll get into it in other
videos but Google has its own tracking
mechanism that then you can retarget
people that hit your landing pages so at
the end of the day you want to be
converting those as well so you're
driving as many people down here and you
can retarget as they've already shown
interest so you're narrowing that funnel
yes you tested you cast it you cast your
whet your net wide but then you're
quickly funneling funneling it down with
a all-encompassing campaign to
ultimately convert so that's your volume
campaign that's your about volume
strategy and then we have then we have
how do you make this
I'm gonna be that sighs I don't think
okay they have your low-hanging fruit
sorry I need to get better at this I
know there's a I know there's something
here that I'm missing that would make it
larger but low-hanging fruit and it'll
be on the description below so part of
my my messiness the low-hanging fruit
strategy is targeting keywords that are
in the longtail food form meaning
targeting keywords that are low-hanging
that people are not searching with
regularity that are very close to the
bottom of the funnel
but don't cost as much over here on the
on this type of strategy you are down
here but it's costing you a good amount
of money to do so and those are the
again the best realtor in town or best
realtor near me or best realtor in
Arlington or best realtor in Dallas so
those are very competitive key turns
that we would love to have if they
weren't so expensive the low-hanging
fruit strategy takes the longtail form
which what that means is putting very
specific keywords searching for very
specific keywords that are people
certain that people are searching for
that are highly likely to act and that's
where we tok about best realtor in
Highland farms which Highland farms can
be a neighborhood in your area or best
real estate agent in Cypress Hills so
you're toking about the longtail
meaning they'll the longer the search
term is the least the least amount that
you have to pay so they're less costly
and the reason I call it the low-hanging
fruit is because they are not as
competitive and they are cheap and we're
toking about people that are at the
decision point but want to be so hyper
local that they're typing longer term
longer keywords that the big player the
top dogs aren't go
after and it's certainly not a volume
game because people aren't necessarily
searching with regularity so as we
prepare to launch these ads or create
these ads the second video is going to
be very instrumental as we do our
keyword search and we're gonna target
low-hanging fruit keywords that are not
as competitive and are that are less
expensive that makes sense
so the low-hanging fruit is people are
likely to act and don't cost as much now
know that you're not gonna get as many
leads unless you expand your horizons or
put enough low-hanging fruit keywords
key search together and add more and
more keywords that expand your reach but
that's okay you don't want to you don't
want to be increasing your budget I'm
sorry you don't want to blow your budget
on top top dog top dog or a big player
strategy unless you have that budget and
are willing and able to spend more money
to get those leads and the volume yes
you're gonna get more leads if you will
but they may not be as close to the end
as you as you would like low-hanging
fruit depending on how many keywords the
size of your audience and how hyper
local you go you're not gonna have as
many leads if you will but you're gonna
have higher quality when they come
through you know again a lot of it will
have to do with budget the sizes the
size of the audience and the keywords
that we purchase but with low-hanging
fruit we're not necessarily going after
the volume game and we're also not going
after those keywords that are super
competitive that are gonna cost us a lot
to get so that is a low hanging strategy
we covered the volume strategy and then
the big player top dog strategy in the
next video we're going to tok about the
preparation which we're gonna look at
the resources that you're going to need
and the tools are you gonna need to
prepare for actually launching your ad
so see in the next video

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