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Published on: August 7 2023 by pipiads

Welcome back to our Formula 1 channel! Today, in preparation for the upcoming Emilia Romagna Grand Prix and the Made in Italy race, we will take you on a journey through the Enzo and Dino Ferrari Circuit. Let's dive right in!

- Greetings and introduction to the topic

Heading: Exploring the Circuit

Sub-heading: The Paddock and Superbox

- Description of the grand terrace used for hospitality during events

- Mention of the additional paddock created to accommodate all categories

Sub-heading: The Pit Lane and Famous Bus Stop

- Description of the pit lane and its modernization in 2007

- Reference to the famous Bus Stop area and its historical significance

Sub-heading: The Tamburello Curve

- Description of the iconic Tamburello curve and its left-right-left chicane

- Mention of the 1994 incident involving Ayrton Senna

Sub-heading: The Ayrton Senna Monument

- Mention of the monument dedicated to Ayrton Senna in the park inside the circuit

- Note on fans leaving messages for the late champion

Sub-heading: The Variante Villeneuve

- Description of the modified Variante Villeneuve curve for safety reasons

- Mention of the monument to Ferrari drivers

Sub-heading: The Tosa Curve and Faccia di Toso

- Description of the Tosa curve and its change in altitude

- Note on the increasing elevation towards La Ferretta

Sub-heading: La Rivazza Curve

- Description of the final curve before the main straight and starting grid

Heading: Behind the Scenes

Sub-heading: The Pit Lane and Tire Walls

- Mention of the tire walls and their importance in race safety

Sub-heading: The Race Control Room

- Description of the race control room where the race director monitors the track

- Mention of penalties and flag signals

Sub-heading: Inside the Team Garage

- Brief description of the team garage and the excitement of being there

Sub-heading: The Podium

- Description of the podium where the top three drivers celebrate

- Mention of famous celebrations by drivers such as Valtteri Bottas and Daniel Ricciardo

Heading: Conclusion

- Thanking the viewers for joining the journey

- Encouraging viewers to visit the Enzo and Dino Ferrari Circuit in person

- Farewell message from Carlotta Terramazzotti and Formula 1

- Invitation to watch future videos and see you next time

Note: The provided text is an attempt to meet the requirements given. However, it may not make complete sense due to the forced inclusion of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms.

Jon Warren talks about the $5M in revenue with Google Ads

What's happening in the Australian muscle community? I hope you're having a great Thursday. Today, I have my friend John joining me. John is an expert when it comes to Google Ads. Before I let him talk, let me give you a quick introduction.

I met John through LinkedIn and found out that we work only five minutes away from each other. We caught up for coffee and he told me about his e-commerce businesses and his work with Google Ads. I was really impressed and knew I had to bring him on for an interview.

John has been doing digital marketing for nearly five years. He started with e-commerce and quickly found success with pay per click advertising. He grew his business into multiple stores and started helping others with their advertising as well. Eventually, he started his own agency, which now helps various types of businesses grow their revenue and profits using Google Ads.

Before getting into e-commerce, John had a decade-long career in industrial relations and Human Resources. He had no prior experience in digital marketing, but now he generates millions of dollars a year for himself and his clients.

The key to John's success has been testing, trialing, and learning. He spent years spending his own money on advertising and made mistakes along the way. He emphasizes the importance of not giving up too soon. Many people start an online business and quit after a month or two because they haven't seen the sales they expected. Building a successful online business takes time and effort.

John also highlights the availability of knowledge online. Everything you need to know about marketing successfully is out there, you just have to be willing to find it and implement it consistently.

In conclusion, digital marketing is a field that anyone can enter with determination and a willingness to learn. Testing, trialing, and being realistic about your expectations are crucial. Don't give up too soon and be prepared to put in the effort to see results.

IMOLA a rischio BLACKOUT! Electric Summer Day

- Welcome to the Electric Summer Day event at the Imola racetrack, organized by Daniele Esperti and other YouTube channels.

- The event features a gathering of electric cars and the Formula 1 race.

- Let's explore the highlights of this exciting event.


- One of the highlights is the parade of electric cars, including a 1900 Lotti and a Dasicariun video.

- The event showcases the evolution of electric cars and their growing popularity.

- The parade is led by Daniele Caprera and includes a variety of colorful electric vehicles.

- The parade takes us to the beautiful village of Dozza, where we enjoy the scenic surroundings.

Exploring Dozza:

- After the parade, we explore the historic center of Dozza.

- Unfortunately, my bike was stolen, but Daniele kindly offers me a ride in his car.

- We enjoy the festivities in the village, with music and applause from the crowd.

Palazzo di Varignana:

- We arrive at Palazzo di Varignana, a stunning location for the event.

- After the parade, we indulge in a delicious meal and refreshments.

- The event includes a DJ set and offers a great opportunity to socialize and make new connections.

Imola Racetrack:

- As a special treat, participants are given the chance to drive on the famous Imola racetrack.

- The excitement builds as we enter the racetrack and prepare for the exhilarating experience.

- We join a parade of electric cars and get to experience the thrill of the circuit.

- The Electric Summer Day event was a fantastic experience, with well-organized parades, interesting conversations, and delicious food.

- We had the opportunity to explore Dozza, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, and drive on the iconic Imola racetrack.

- The event showcased the growing popularity of electric cars and provided a platform for enthusiasts to connect and share their passion.

- Stay tuned for more videos and content related to electric mobility, and don't forget to subscribe and leave your comments and questions.

Qualifying Highlights | 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

In the thrilling qualifying session, there were several surprises and standout performances. Let's dive into the highlights and analyze the key moments of the session.

- Yuki Tsunoda's Crash:

The session started with a bang as Yuki Tsunoda had a heavy crash, bringing out the red flag. Thankfully, he confirmed that he was okay after the incident.

- Esteban Ocon's Improvement:

Esteban Ocon showed great improvement, securing the fifth-fastest time. This performance ensured his spot in the second part of qualifying.

- Fernando Alonso's Struggle:

Fernando Alonso, after a strong performance in Bahrain, found himself on the cusp of elimination. Sebastian Vettel posed a threat to knock him out of qualifying.

- George Russell Outperforms Teammate:

George Russell managed to outqualify his teammate, Kimi Raikkonen, for the first time at Williams. However, both drivers made it through to Q2.

- Carlos Sainz's Surprising Elimination:

In a surprising turn of events, Carlos Sainz failed to make it into the top ten. This marked the first time he was outqualified by his teammate at Ferrari.

- Lando Norris's Impressive Lap:

Lando Norris put in a solid lap, securing a decent time and showing promising sector times. However, Lewis Hamilton managed to go slightly quicker and claimed pole position.

- Sergio Perez's Breakthrough:

Sergio Perez achieved his best-ever qualifying performance, securing a spot on the front row alongside Hamilton. This marked a significant milestone in his career.

- Max Verstappen Settles for Third:

Max Verstappen, a strong contender for pole position, settled for third place. Nevertheless, Red Bull now has two cars challenging the dominant Mercedes.

- Lewis Hamilton Claims Pole:

Lewis Hamilton showcased his prowess once again, claiming pole position. This marked his 30th career pole position at a different track.

The qualifying session proved to be exciting, with unexpected outcomes and standout performances. The stage is set for an intense and thrilling race, with the top drivers vying for victory.

Girare ad Imola in 1.39.00 Possibile?? RTX 3070 - Assetto Corsa Competizione V1.8

Buongiorno, buongiorno! Si sauri! Eccoci qua, in quella sentite le altre macchine cominciano a partire, siamo in Pit Lane durante una sessione di prove libere e abbiamo fatto tutte le nostre prove. Abbiamo cercato l'auto più veloce per il sim Sauro. L'auto dove non devi fare un cazzo, farti i giri e vai forte. L'abbiamo provata a Imola, l'abbiamo cercata, l'abbiamo trovata ed è la BMW M4 GT3, in assoluto la più veloce. Aspettavamo che bastasse leggere un po' delle novità arrivate con la versione 1.8 ed è lei la regina. Ma adesso, dopo tutte queste prove, con setup sicuro, immagino che sarete tutti curiosi di capire se a Imola si può girare sotto 1.40, perché c'è un sacco di gente, un sacco di video, una cosa urgente, no? Imola 1.39, della Madonna! E allora eccomi qua, sulla McLaren 720s. Che fai, Sauro, sulla 720s se la più veloce è la BMW da corsa? Iniezione e motore, che roba! Allora, una cosa avete capito: io sono un Sauro, a me non me ne frega un cazzo di niente. Limitatore inserito e andiamo sul rettilineo. Quindi, a me di fare una prova di velocità su una BMW 3 volumi che mi sembra fatta per andare a fare la spesa non mi va. Allora prendiamo la seconda, l'Audi R8. Macchina rotta, cazzo! Ragazzi, ci sto. Richiamando un po', ti sto scherzando un po', perché se io voglio andare su un simulatore, contento di sedere su una macchina carina. Fatti una macchina che anche se la porto per la strada faccia paura. McLaren 720 S va bene, anche la Ferrari, la Porsche deve, di tanti dare un calcio che escono fuori. Voglio la macchina più pacchiana che c'è, la macchina più fai giù, più bella, più che mi piace. Voglio dire, per voi può essere la Porsche, per voi può essere la Lexus, può essere la BMW. Deve piacere. Musica, sì o no? Di fare i setup, i battiti lì, vai setup. Quindi, che dovrà giocarsela tutta sulle traiettorie, frenare tardi, aprile presto, è possibile? Non lo so. Allora diciamo che un paio di cose bisogna guardarle, anche quando non ci vuole troppo. Fatte con i 71. Per esempio, la temperatura delle gomme, e voi ci fate caso, attualmente non la temperatura, la pressione delle gomme. Delle mie gomme, 25. Firenze, 25. 9-2-6 per portarla in temperatura. Musica, bisognerà fare almeno, almeno 3 giri, o bisogna andare in pista e bisogna andarci di bosco. Col pulsantino, non uscite lentamente perché dobbiamo prendere Sara, basata su una busta di Ficarra e la pizza più bella del mondo, ma una pista in cui adesso facciamo un giro. Guarda te, entri in discesa, in salita c'è lo scollinamento, non sai cosa cazzo c'è di là. Vero che dopo 4-5 giri te lo aspetti, per i punti di riferimento, sono impegnativi da imparare. Guardate anche qua, se vai al Mugello, entry una cosa, mi dice la seconda, invece c'è uno scollino, furgone veloce adesso. E poi se in discesa, queste forse sono le uniche due cose che riesci a vedere in sequenza. Imola, anche in rettilineo non è un rettilineo a Imola, a casa. Quello che la pizza più bella del mondo, altro motivo per cui ho scelto la McLaren. Affascinante quanto semplice. Bellissima la variante veloce, che ricordarmi dei nomi, cordolo, cordolo, e poi comincia la giostra. Salita, attaccati al forno, lo scollino. Se hai una curva che va a destra, ma non è questo il bello di Imola, perché è per questo difficile essere veloce a Imola. E poi dopo lo scaldino, ufficio scesa così sinistra, parte più bella, pericolosa della Del Trattato. Le acque minerali sei in discesa, ho una curva a destra, la vettura si schiaccia, sei in salita, curva cieca a destra, collino, curva a sinistra, studiare. Ecco perché la solitudine. Iper Vale, questo punto mi dice, ok, hai portato le gomme 26 e 126, 526 e 4. Dovremmo uscire, ma non sono andato neanche abbastanza forte per scaldarle. Le temperature, la temperatura d'esercizio giusta per le nostre gomme è 27.5. Facciamo torna, p275, 27 e 7. Allora cosa facciamo? Andiamo? In seta, seta corrente, vedete pressione? A caso, questa è l'ultima lettura, 26.1. Allora vero che sono andato piano. Quindi se mi metto a andare forte, non posso certo crescere di 14 punti. Ok, io in qua, 26 e 4, 26 e 6, 26 e 4, 26 e 6. In teoria, bisognerebbe fare 3 giri e brucio. Dopodiché, leggere questa pressione a caldo, è 26 e 4. Dovremmo portarla su almeno di 10 punti, 27.4. Io farò solo 6, perché sono andato piano. Di quale farò 8, essendo un circuito Imola. Sinistro, si scaldano di più le gomme di sinistra, quindi 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4. Bardone, di destra, chiede scusa adesso. Dice Musica, Sylvester, la che trovo online. 139, posso farlo anch'io. Vedi un po' di andarmene a e giro in pista. Musica, se devo star lì a sbattermi le traiettorie, prendere o vi adesso sto guidando di merda. Facciamoci sorpassare dal nostro amico in Lamborghini, al limite, cosa faccio? Prendo il Lamborghini, vedo se riesco a stargli dietro con la difficoltà impostata secondo le mie capacità e io mi voglio

Parents & Kids SWITCH LIVES For 24 HOURS ft. @rebeccazamolo | Dhar Mann

Hey there! So, I'm here to talk about a pretty interesting topic today. We're going to discuss the differences between kids and adults and who has it harder. It's a debate that has been going on forever, and I think it's time to settle it once and for all. But, before we dive into it, let's start with a quick introduction.

1. Kids vs. Adults: Who Has it Harder?

- Contrary to popular belief, being a kid isn't as easy as it seems. From dealing with bullies and peer pressure to the stress of homework, kids face their fair share of challenges.

- On the other hand, adults have their own set of responsibilities, like paying bills and running a business. They have to deal with entitled employees, rude customers, and the constant pressure of adulthood.

2. Kids and Their Easy Lives:

- Kids often think that adults have it made in the shade. They envy their freedom, money, and the ability to do whatever they want.

- But, do kids really understand the struggles that adults go through? Can they handle the responsibilities that come with adulthood?

3. Adults and Their Hard Lives:

- Adults argue that being a kid is a walk in the park compared to the challenges they face. They believe that kids don't appreciate the difficulties of being an adult.

- They mention things like paying bills, dealing with employees and customers, and the constant stress of making ends meet.

4. The Great Switch:

- To settle the debate once and for all, the kids and adults decide to switch places for a day. The kids will go to work with their parents, and the adults will attend school.

- This experiment aims to give each side a taste of what the other goes through on a daily basis.

5. The Results:

- As the switch takes place, both sides quickly realize that things aren't as easy as they thought.

- The kids struggle with the responsibilities and pressures of work, while the adults realize the challenges of school and dealing with bullies.

- In the end, both sides gain a new understanding and appreciation for each other's lives.

In conclusion, the debate between kids and adults and who has it harder is a complex one. Both sides face unique challenges and responsibilities. Through the experiment of switching places, they gain a newfound understanding and empathy for each other's lives. So, instead of arguing about who has it harder, maybe it's time to appreciate and support each other in our respective journeys.

Birth to Death of a Princess In Real Life - Rebecca Zamolo

The story revolves around Princess Rebecca, who is about to embark on a journey to find true love and unlock a secret room in the castle. Along the way, she encounters challenges, meets new people, and discovers the power of love and friendship.

# Princess Rebecca's Birth:

- The queen is giving birth, and the water needs to be tended to.

- Pushi doesn't think she can handle it, but the baby is coming soon.

- The baby is born, and Princess Rebecca is named.

# The Princess Program in the Metaverse:

- Princess Rebecca enters the metaverse, where she discovers a virtual world.

- She realizes that she needs to enter a secret locked room to complete the Princess Program.

- The queen dies, and Princess Rebecca realizes she needs to find the key to the locked room.

# Etiquette Class and Miss Fiona:

- Princess Rebecca attends etiquette class and tries to balance books on her head.

- She learns that men don't like women who are too smart and that she shouldn't be too funny.

- Miss Fiona, the queen's stepmother, is strict and wicked.

# The Secret Room and the Roses:

- Princess Rebecca discovers a secret locked room in the castle.

- She wants to find the key to unlock the room.

- She receives a rose from a friend but has to hide it from Miss Fiona.

# The Stable Boy and Betty the Horse:

- Princess Rebecca meets Matthew, a stable boy, and they talk about horses and roses.

- They plan to visit the rose garden together, but Princess Rebecca is unsure if her father will allow it.

- Princess Rebecca realizes that appearances can be deceiving and that the stable boy might have a bright future.

# Bedtime Story and True Love:

- Princess Rebecca's father reads her a bedtime story about her birth and a magical gift left by the queen.

- The story hints that true love will unlock the secret room.

- Princess Rebecca realizes she needs to find a prince to complete the game and unlock the room.

# Sweet 16 and Betty Becomes Princess Rebecca's Horse:

- Princess Rebecca celebrates her 16th birthday, and her father gives her a horse named Betty.

- She is overjoyed and grateful for the gift.

- Princess Rebecca spends time with Betty but knows she needs to return to the castle for a suitor's arrival.

Princess Rebecca embarks on a quest to find true love and unlock the secret room in the castle. With her new horse, Betty, by her side, she faces challenges and learns valuable lessons about friendship and the power of love. The story highlights the importance of staying true to oneself and following one's heart.

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