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Google Ads Is Changing Forever (3 Major Google Shopping Updates) | Shopify Dropshipping

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

Google Ads has been a game-changer for businesses around the world, and its latest updates are set to revolutionize the way online shopping works. In particular, Google Shopping is getting a major overhaul with three key updates that will impact Shopify dropshipping and other e-commerce businesses. Here's what you need to know.

1. Enhanced Listings

Google is introducing enhanced listings, which will allow businesses to showcase their products with more information and details. This will include things like product ratings, promotions, and pricing information. This will make it easier for customers to compare products and make informed purchasing decisions.

2. Surfaces Across Google

Google is also expanding its Surfaces Across Google program, which allows businesses to list their products on multiple platforms. This will include Google Images, the Google Shopping tab, and Google Lens. This will give businesses even more opportunities to reach customers and increase their visibility.

3. New Merchant Center

Google is launching a new Merchant Center, which will make it easier for businesses to manage their product listings and data feeds. This will include new tools and features to help businesses optimize their listings and improve their performance. This will be especially useful for Shopify dropshipping businesses, who will be able to streamline their operations and improve their results.

These updates are set to transform the world of e-commerce, and Shopify dropshipping businesses will need to stay on top of these changes to remain competitive. With enhanced listings, Surfaces Across Google, and a new Merchant Center, businesses will have more opportunities to reach customers and sell their products. So, get ready for the new era of Google Shopping and start preparing your business today!

Google Ads Is Changing Forever (3 Major Google Shopping Updates) | Shopify Dropshipping

- The importance of being aware of Google Shopping Ads and Google Merchant Center updates in June, July, August, and beyond in 2021.

- The impact of these changes on dropshipping stores and Google Ads campaigns.

- The need to implement necessary changes on websites to achieve successful advertising.


1. Policy Violation Change:

- Consistent and accurate availability is crucial for a positive customer experience.

- Inaccurate availability will be considered a policy violation starting from September 2021.

- Inconsistency between landing and checkout pages can result in ad account suspension.

2. Shopping Policy Update:

- Google requires merchants to meet professional and editorial standards on their websites.

- Websites that do not meet these standards will be suspended until requirements are met.

- The policy aims to protect users from poor shopping experiences.

3. Product Data Specifications Update:

- Google now requires accurate pricing and shipping information.

- Mismatches between merchant center product data and landing pages can lead to warnings and account suspension.

Other Updates:

- Selling digital books via shopping ads is not allowed.

- Brand names, MPN, and GTIN information must match between the merchant center and Shopify dashboard.

- Shipping information must be set up correctly for products to be shown in the intended country.

- Merchants need to stay up to date with Google Shopping Ads and Google Merchant Center updates to avoid account suspension.

- Websites must meet professional and editorial standards and provide accurate information to provide a positive customer experience.

- Paying attention to accuracy and consistency can lead to successful advertising and a better experience for customers.

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