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Google Ads Responsive Search Ads Ad Customizers

Published on: December 7 2022 by Paid Media Pros

Google Ads Responsive Search Ads Ad Customizers

Google Ads Responsive Search Ads Ad Customizers

in last week's paid media pros video
michelle went through the google
announcement that they are getting rid
of expanded text ads in mid-2022
now this means that advertisers will no
longer be able to create new expanded
text ads at that point we will only be
able to create new text ads using the
responsive search ad format one of the
differences is how ad customizers can
work between these formats we can still
use them for responsive search ads but
we don't get as many options so in this
video i want to tok about how you can
create and still use ad customizers once
the change happens mid next year
so i'm in the account we use for these
demos and i just created one fake
campaign just we can use for the purpose
of this video to start creating ad
customizers for responsive search ads
we'll want to go up to tools and
settings and then under the setup column
we see business data now i do have a few
ad customizer data feeds in there we did
a previous video on that i'm not going
to link to it because soon it's not
going to be useful but anything in here
will be for the old text ads for
responsive search ads we'll want to go
over to add customizer attributes and
right in the middle we get a decent
explanation from google ads of what ad
customizers can do for your text ads and
they really hone in on the main benefit
if you have to consistently edit a ton
of ads within your account with new
prices new offers potentially updated
value messages it's easier to create
attributes for each of those components
i just mentioned and update the
attributes in this section of google ads
instead of having to create new text ads
every single time we used to have to do
that and that was a massive pain even if
you have editor it's still time
consuming so using ad customizer
attributes or uploading a feed can make
those changes a lot easier if you only
have a few attributes you may not need a
feed you can go and click the blue plus
button and start manually creating an
attribute yourself i understand a name
is required but i want to go over and
show you the data types first because we
have four options
there is text
number price and percent so for one
example i can choose text and i'm just
going to name this one product category
now for any attribute name exactly what
i just typed doesn't matter which data
type you've chosen you cannot use any
special characters for the attribute
name no dashes no plus symbols no
slashes asterisks dollar symbols it's
got to be pure text if i go down and
click create there i see one attribute
of product category and now i want to go
and add in a partikular value and it's
letting me know it has to be text so i
save that one under review making sure i
have proper formatting that's fine let's
add another one this time i'll choose a
number this is one of my favorite
examples i'm going to call this
attribute subscribers created and then
edit the account value we've used this
one before for a proof point we've
worked with many sas clients and a good
amount of them are subscription based so
one of the proof points we have used
within a few of our headlines and
sometimes descriptions is the amount of
people who have signed up for that
partikular service call it like the
mcdonald's effect right how many we have
sold gives the mentality of wow that
many people have used it this must be a
good product i should sign up for it let
me get the free trial so instead of
going to each ad that's using a headline
calling out the amount of people who
have subscribed
whenever we hit a new milestone or a
good round number we can go back to the
value click the pencil edit button and
then just change the number and then any
ad that's referencing this attribute in
an ad customizer will update to our new
number i only have to update the
attribute not the x amount of ads that
we have out there in the account so
hopefully that helps you understand how
we can save a ton of time those are some
really basic examples and you can see
how something as simple as just a
subscriber account is easy enough to
just create one attribute by yourself
but understand there are accounts out
there like big e-commerce stores that
have lots of product names prices are
changing consistently sales or percent
off numbers are changing very
consistently it still would be kind of a
pain in the butt to go in and create a
ton of different manual attributes
especially if your sku count is very
high so what you can do is still go
within the same section i move my mouse
and i'm hovering over this template link
let's click on it we'll hop into
microsoft excel and we'll see what this
template is so we can upload it into
google ads
so here's the example if you download
the template i'm going to put a short
link right here that you can click on it
and it'll automatikally download the
template this is coming directly from
google ads help the first two rows the
ones that start with the pound sign
they're going to be ignored by google
ads when you upload them they're pretty
much notes for the user you can add your
own just make sure they have the pound
sign in them pretty much giving you
instructions on how the feed can operate
so you don't get errors when trying to
upload them and the template does have
to be structured like this we see in
columns abc there's attribute data type
and account value when we start looking
at columns d all the way through j they
have to stay below rows four five six
seven so we look at columns g h i and j
we get an example of each of the data
types here's text price number and
percent and these are on their own
because they're not at the account level
these customizers are made for a
specific campaign and in some instances
a specific ad group or keyword so the
very bottom row we see the name of the
product pro whip standard mixers that
name customizer as well as row 12 for
the price the count and the percent can
only apply to the keyword budget mixer
in ad group number one of campaign a and
we're gonna play with these more once we
get into an actual ad group and start
creating a responsive search ad but for
now i'm gonna head back into google ads
and we're gonna upload a feed and i
apologize for the weird jump cut and how
i got here my file is already uploaded
i'm going to show you how i did it but
there's a good time in between from when
i showed you the template because a
bunch of errors popped up some tik
issues on google side who knows what
happened but to upload your sheet you
can go back to tools and settings under
bulk actions you'll want to click on
uploads and then what i did i clicked on
the blue plus button choose your source
file upload google sheets a few
different other options i chose the csv
from the template i got in the link i
shared earlier and then i chose just to
select it from this account then i
clicked applied don't need to do another
file so i can cancel and now this feed
is uploaded so i can go back up into my
tools and settings let's go back into
business data and then look at add
customizer attributes we see some more
attributes were added a couple different
account values and a few different ad
groups are using this partikular
attribute i'm just so used to using the
template it's a lot easier to attach
what you need to any partikular campaign
ad group or keyword but i'm going to hop
into an ad group and start creating a
responsive search ad so we can start
seeing some examples of how ad
customizers can be used
i opened up a new responsive search ad
and when you're creating your content
whether it's a headline or description
you can open an ad customizer by typing
in an open curly bracket you may call
them open curly brace and we do see the
other ad customizers there there's
keyword insertion for dynamic keyword
insertion you can watch a video on that
one here there's the countdown
customizer which we already have a video
on that one still applies to responsive
search ads so you can watch that video
on countdown customizers right here
location insertion haven't done a video
on that one yet that's another idea but
the one that we want that we've been
pretty much been toking about this
entire video is add customizer now
you're gonna have to choose an attribute
i toked about the subscribers one i'll
choose that one for now and then you can
enter default text this can be specific
text that will show if nothing triggers
the customizer and then i can click
apply i'm gonna pause the preview just
so we can go back up and finish it and
the ads don't change so we can see what
this customizer looks like so now in
this example i'm using the headline of
120 000 have subscribed the number is
pulling in from the customizer that was
one of the first examples i showed maybe
i want to leave that number in until we
hit 150 000 subscribers all i have to do
is go back into business data go back
into the add customizer attributes and
just change the one attribute of 120 000
to 150 000. when i save it in the
attributes i don't have to change my ads
it'll automatikally be applied to any ad
using this partikular attribute in a
customizer this is going to be a very
mixed ad now i'm going to go for a price
point example notike how i started using
text first you can enter an ad
customizer at any point within the
character limits of your headline or
i'll choose add customizer again after i
set the open curly bracket choose a
different attribute this time
this time i'll choose price don't need
default text in this one so i'll just
hit apply and now you see the second
headline is using my price customizer
now only 25 dollars if i have room to
make it a better sale now it's only 22
dollars i'll go back into the attribute
and edit the value from 25 to 22. pretty
sure you're getting it now it'll be
applied to every ad using this price
customizer let's do one more for this
frankenstein ad
starting off another sentence another
opening curly bracket add customizer and
then for the attribute let's check out
percent i'm going to skip the default
text again and then i'm finishing the
rest of my headline so in the preview
this new headline is in position two i'm
letting people know that it's a fifty
percent off deal but i'm gonna have to
remember if my price attribute changes
for this partikular ad group i'm gonna
need to go in and adjust the percent
attribute and that's because i'm using
both within this ad and these are things
that you will just want to keep testing
i honestly recommend going within your
expanded text ads and trying out a few
different ad customizers now so you can
get more information with an expanded
text ad before they take it away and
michelle explains in the video how we
get less information on how each of the
components of our ads are performing
with the responsive search ad but just
dropping down to descriptions added
another open and curly bracket and there
we see the options for the same four
customizers there's still a lot that we
could do with customizers in a
responsive search ad format but if you
use ad customizers a lot for your
expanded text ads you probably notike
that if functions are missing right now
if functions have never been available
for responsive search ads and i can see
why they may never be if functions were
great when you wanted to show a
partikular headline to one audience and
a different headline for everybody else
it pretty much was an either or thing
well now there's too many variables with
a responsive search ad so i honestly
don't expect it functions to be around
once the change hits next year ad
customizers can be really valuable they
can speak to exactly what you're trying
to promote to a user but also it gives
you ad copy that competitors cannot
match they have no idea what attributes
you set up so this can make your ads
stand out when you have custom text and
custom fields in here that'll be
completely unique in the search results
but like i said before i would recommend
testing them in your expanded text ads
now see which ones perform so you can
get more information and make you feel
confident about which customizers you
will want to use when we only can create
new responsive search ads i understand
this was a pretty high level demo so
even after you checked out some of the
other videos that we called out within
this video if you still have questions
please let us know in the comments below
thanks for watching our video if you
found it useful give us a thumbs up
below we release a new video at least
once a week so if you want to see more
from the paid media pros channel be sure
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