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google ads status eligible

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Google Ads Approved But No Impressions [FIX HERE]

You know, the question I get asked all the time is people wondering when they're running Google ads. you have your Google ads approved, but no impressions. What do you do? What are the causes? What are the reasons? In today's video, I'm going to show you exactly what some of the causes are and how to be able to overcome them. Hey everybody, I'm Richard Cruz, the founder of WSI Priority Media. In our agency, we run Google ads and we're discovering every single day things that are working best, And I create these videos for the purpose to be able to help you get better performance and give you advanced tips on helping you do well with your own Google ads. So let's take a look at that. Google ads, but no impressions. What are some of the things that you can do? Well, #1 is check the status of your ad groups and the corresponding ads. make sure that they're available. So oftentimes you could be working at the campaign level and, as you've created the ad groups, the ad groups won't be active, especially if you're duplicating ad groups, And that's something that I just want to make sure and just double check on those and make sure that they're doing okay. Another thing, too, is that make sure that you've got your keywords in your ad groups when you're setting up. If you're using the dashboard, it's so easy to be able to skip those steps, And if you don't have your keywords in there again, that's another reason why you have your Google ads approved but no impressions. Another thing as well, too, is your budgets. If your budgets are too low, of course you know you're going to see that it is not feeding out. In addition to budgets, the same thing with the bids as well, too. Give it a couple of days, you know. let it, let it run. It's not unusual. once your ads, you know, are going through the approval phase, They're in that learning mode, And so it could take a couple days, you know, for it to start feeding out. But if not, really just take a look at you know how you're bidding, you know what those budgets are and make sure that you're doing okay there. And then #4 is: make sure that your targeting is not limited or it's too narrow for the ads. Open up that targeting window, take a look at the maps, take a look at the radiuses, take a look at you know where you're at. You'll get account up on the top right-hand corner in your targeting and we'll show you what that demographic count is. So it could be, say, the number of searches that are available, the targeting, the demographic, the areas, check all those things. make sure that you've you've set everything up and there's nothing here that's choking or constraining your ads from being able to run. #5 is: just try to extend you know the targeting a little bit more, so to broaden the. you know the placement location So you can expand. you know where you have your placements. You can make sure that you're really covering you know the right area as well too. And then, finally, is the bid, And this is probably the most common one that I see is that you know your bids, just not you know where they need to be. It's possible that your bids, you know, are just too low for your ads to enter the ad auction. A lot of people worry about bidding too much, and you don't have to remember the way that the Google algorithm works is that if the average CPC is a $8 and you were to bid, say, $15, they're not going to charge you $15. What they'll do is they'll charge you a penny over the next competitor that you've just beat in the auction. And so give that a try. You'll see that you know it'll be safe. But that's you know, real common area, something missing from your ads: your geography, your targeting or your bids- And usually number one is the bids. That's the place that I check, So hopefully that helps you If you're in that situation where your Google ads are approved but no impressions are running, And if you need any help with your own Google ads, feel free to message me, reach [email protected] And um, we have a 45-day challenge that we will beat your Google ads within 45 days or less. uh, or else it doesn't cost you. So you can click the link below and find out more about our 45-day challenge. goodbye for now. Thank you for watching, Watching.

Google Ads Bid Strategy Learning

the google ads bid strategy learning indicator can be a little bit confusing if you're not exactly familiar with how bid strategies work. so let's dive into what bid strategy learning is and how you can tell exactly what's going on with your campaign. so if you're in your google ads account and you have some campaigns pulled up, so you can see here we've got some campaigns. so this first campaign has been running for a bit. so it's the status is just eligible, which just means nothing's really happening to the bid strategy at the moment other than it's running. but you can see this one here says bid strategy learning- eligible learning. and then it says new bid strategy and google ads is optimizing your new bid strategy. performance may improve further. no action is needed at this time. and then it also tells us how long is left in the learning phase. you can also click this button here and i can't right click it. when you click this button it's going to give you some further information. so you can see that it's in learning and there's four different types of learning phases. there's new strategy, which is when you've recently created or reactivated a bid strategy. so the google ads is adjusting to optimize your bid because you just set up a new campaign or a new bid strategy. so when that happens, when you switch the bid strategy or set up a new campaign, it takes about five or six days or so for it to learn how it wants to bid effectively to get you the best results right. there's three other learning phases, so to speak. there's a setting change, so that's when a setting for your bid strategy was changed, which kind of is implied in the name, and google ads is working on adjusting to optimize your, your bid strategy. so if you change a setting within your account and google has to relearn based on that new setting, then you'll see, instead of it saying new strategy, right here it'll say setting change. and then there's also conversion action setting change. so again that would display here and basically that means you've added or removed a conversion action recently in, uh, one of your campaigns and so it's relearning, uh, how it wants to bid most effectively to get you the best results based on that change. and then there's also composition change, which again would show up right here, and that's essentially when you've changed your campaigns, ad groups or keywords. uh, you've either changed them, added new ones, removed them, um, you know from from the campaign, then google is going to take some time to adjust and optimize your bids as well. so composition changes when you've added or removed a campaign, ad group or keyword from that bid strategy. so that's kind of an overview of the learning phases for google ads bid strategies. if you do have any questions about how the learning phase works, don't hesitate to reach out. you can always drop your questions in the comments section below. i'll be sure to get back to them there and until next time, take care, look, if you're the type of person that just doesn't even want to deal with google ads anymore, then you can always reach out to me. my company is missoula seo geek. i'll leave a link to my website down below. but we do manage google ads for different companies in different industries and you can come learn about what we do, what makes us unique. you can even read some of the testimonials from some businesses that we've taken from zero to over a million in revenue- like this one here- and really just see that you know this is the type of thing that's going to explode your business growth. so feel free to reach out. you can always give us a call or contact us through our website and look forward to working with you. [Music] you.

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Google Ads Statuses - What They Really Mean - Limited Google Ads

if you are new to google ads, one of the things that might get you worried is the status of your ads. in this short video, i will tell you what the status is all about and whether you should be worried or nulls. there are different status depending on the type of product you are advertising on google. for example, if you set up your ad and you see the status as eligible, what this implies is that your advert has been approved and it can run absolutely without any limitation. but when you set up your advert and the advert status is limited, this implies that the advert is approved but cannot run 100 the way it should run, and this could be because the advert is against some policy or probably the advert has some limitation, such as age. for example, if you are selling adult products on google and you set up the advert and the advert is approved, you might see the limit status in front of the address because the advert is not eligible to show to every audience on google's network. so your advert will still show to people, but it won't be to everybody. it might not serve to people in certain regions, depending on the country you are and the loss that governs the product you are selling in that partikular location. that is the second status you might see on your ads. if you are advertising on google, the toasty toks is disapproved. when you set up your advert on google, it's gonna go through the review status before you can know whether your advert is eligible to run or not. if your advert is not eligible to run on google's network, the advertisers will turn from review to disapproved and when your advert is disapproved, you either go ahead and update the advert or you create a new advert from scratch. so that is showing that the advert is disapproved, probably due to one or two reasons, but definitely google will tell you what the reason is all about and you could go ahead to update your advert to comply with the policy. that can get approved. another thing is, when you set up your advert on google, before the advert can start serving- or maybe it will be rejected- the advert will be in the review state and when the advert is in the review state, it shows that you have created the advert and google is currently reviewing the advert and whether they will appropriate or not. if they approve the advert, the status might turn to eligible and if the advert has some limitation, it might turn to eligible with limitation. so these are some of the status you might see in your google. as i can, i believe this short video helps you understand what the status of google ads is all about. so once again, let me quickly recap what is the status all about. when the status is eligible, it means that your advert has been fully approved and it can serve 100. but when your status is eligible with limitation, it shows that the advert has been approved but cannot serve 100 percent due to certain limitations. it could be due to policy violations or it could be due to certain restrictions, such as age or legislation in that partikular country you are targeting. and when the state of sales disapproved, it means that the advert has been revealed but rejected, and in this case you might need to go ahead and update the advert or create a new advert from scratch. i hope you learned something in this video. don't forget to like the video and share with your friends and family and subscribe to my youtube channel. thanks again for watching and bye, bye.

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Google ads status is misconfigured

hello everyone, welcome to my online ads. today we will discuss about why your campaign status sees misconfigured. so I usually see with people who are just getting started with Google ads, they generally set up the whole campaign and they don't see their as running, because they're champions leaders- is misconfigured. so let's go see an example like how it looks like if your campaign has misconfigured. so you will see the campaign name here, you'll see the budget and you'll see the status. so under status, you will see misconfigured and you will see your bid strategy. so it all has to do with what your bid strategy is. so that is the one watches. that is a main, primary one that you got to look at. so this is something which is very important to fix your campaign status. if it says misconfigured, there is something wrong with your bid strategy. that's what you have to understand. so don't be confused with this interface. so this is the old AdWords interface. I haven't got any examples of the new one where it says misconfigured. so this is how the new AdWords interface looks like and this is my campaign, which I created. that is nesting and since my daily budget. and this is my status, where it say: is eligible because I am using the right vet strategy for for my conversions and, and you know, for my campaign. so why does your campaign sees misconfigured and why is? why are you not ads not running? so let's go and understand. why does this happen in first place? so when I go to my campaigns and go to the settings tab and here on the left hand side and see what my bidding is, I can see that I choose to maximize clicks as my bidding strategy. so if you want to read about maximize clicks, you can just put your mouse on this question mark. and he was no more about it. so what? usually people lures the checkbox- this one for enhance CPC, so you can again read about this- displays your mouse on the question mark. so it says the pets will get adjusted if there is a chance of a conversion. so by any chance, if Google algorithm sees that you have a chance of getting a conversion, your bits will go higher and lower according to it. so most of the people, without collecting the data of conversions, they check it, check this box. so that is the primary reason why your campaign status says misconfigured. so if you have conversion data, this is how you can check your conversion data, whether you whether or not you have conversions or not. so if you don't have any conversions in your conversion leader- this is my conversions tab and I have not any data. so far I haven't collected any conversion data. but if I go and choose my bit strategy- as, let's say, maximize conversions or a target CPA, our target ROAS- so all these bidding strategies that has target CPA, target ROAS, maximize conversions, enhance CPC- all of these bidding strategies- one, two, three and four- need to have conversion data. and even when you select maximize clicks, you don't need any conversion data for maximize clicks. but if you select maximize clicks and check box this, then you will have to need conversions again. whicker's. what this says is help increased conversions with enhanced CBC. enhanced CPC meaning simply means that it's going to increase your bets if Google algorithm sees that there is a chance of a conversion. so all those people where they status is misconfigured. all you have to do is come to your campaign settings, click on bidding and under bidding, just check what bet strategy that you are using. let's say you're using target CPA. you know, even for this you need conversions. if you're using target ROAS, you need conversions. if you're using maximize conversions, you obviously need conversions for this, even if you're using enhanced CPC, you will need to have conversion data, and how to check that I think I already showed you. you go to tools, click on conversions and see the conversion data. so you will need a minimum conversions of around twenty to thirty two to use any of these. strategies like maximize clicks, a target CPA are toking ROAS, so this is one of the main reasons why you're camping instead of ceaseless configured. I hope I helped you in fixing up your campaign status now and if you have any other queries regarding your Google Ads account, you can post in the comment section. and please do subscribe to my channel and if you want me to make any new videos on you know, any of the issues that you're facing in Google Ads, please feel free to you know. put it in the comment section. I will definitely make a video for all you guys and for now, thank you so much for watching the video you.

How Long Does It Take For Google Ads To Start WORKING? [Real Examples]

how long does it take for you to be able to start seeing results with google ads? and the short answer is seven days. and this is because, after the first seven days, you'll get some clear data indications of whether your campaign, with its current targeting and structure, will be successful. and in this video, i'm going to be taking you through the exact data that you need to be looking for so that you can tell, after the first seven days, whether your google ads campaign is destined for success or is going to crash into a huge failure. if we haven't met yet, my name is aaron young and i'm your 15 000 hour google ads master, and this is where i share with you all of my successful strategies which you can use to help you build a profitable google ads campaign. the reason for why i know that these google ad strategies will be successful for your business is because i've been testing them since 2010 in large campaigns and small campaigns. so if you want to use google ads to grow your own business, why don't you give my channel a quick subscribe right now? thank you. the reason for why we know whether your google ads campaign will be successful or not after only the first seven days is because the first seven days is when google ads completes its initial learning phase for your new campaign. and the learning phase in google ads is where google is testing your ads versus your competitor ads for the same search terms. and in this first learning phase, google is trying to work out two core things: one, will your ads actually be clicked on? and two, do people actually enjoy your ads and find them to be a useful experience? now, on the first point of finding out whether your ads will actually be clicked on, and this is highly important for google, and the reason for that is because google only gets paid when your ads are actually clicked on. so if google is showing your ads but yet no one is clicking on them, google is losing money every single time it shows your ads. so, for example, if you're willing to pay five dollars per click but you only have a one percent click-through ratio, that means for every 100 times that google shows your ad, google is only getting paid five dollars, whereas you might be going up against a competitor who is only willing to pay two dollars, but they have a click-through ratio of 10, and then this means that for every 100 times that google shows your competitors ads, they are getting paid 20. so in that situation, the choice is very easy for google, in that they would rather show your competitors ads because they know they're going to get 20 for every 100 searches, versus showing your ads, where they're only gonna get five dollars for every 100 searches. and this is one of the core things that google is trying to work out in the learning phase is that: will your ads be more profitable for google as opposed to your competitors ads? to illustrate this right now, i want to give you an example of two different campaigns throughout their testing period, and one of them was successful right from the start, whereas the other one didn't have a successful learning phase and it needed some extra work. now this is the campaign that successfully passed its initial learning phase through google, and, as you can see through here, is that these first seven days was the initial test and then, as it moves into its second week, is that the clicks and the impressions were at the same rate. now you don't need to worry about this little part is because this client actually paused their ads over the weekend. now, when we move over to the second campaign- and this is the campaign that did not pass the initial learning phase. you can actually see through here: in the first seven days this campaign got a lot of clicks and impressions, but then it rapidly dropped away. in that second week it had vastly reduced clicks and impressions. now the big difference between these two campaigns is actually the metric which is called the click through ratio, and this works on how many people see your ad versus how many people actually click on your ad. and you can see in this campaign whether it was not successful throughout the learning phase, in that after the initial testing phase, google lowered the rank of its impressions and its clicks. the click-through ratio was only 2.6. but when we move over to the second campaign, you can actually see that this click-through ratio was actually at five percent, and that is a big difference in google. and then the second metric, which google also does pay attention to, is this conversion rate. now, the reason for why this is so important is because the conversion rate sends a signal to google that users are actually liking your ads and that after they actually click on your ad, they actually have a positive experience because they're completing an initial conversion. and you can see the successful campaign. they had a conversion rate of over 10, at 13.75, versus the campaign that wasn't successful that actually had a conversion rate of 0. so the main difference between these two campaigns was that the campaign that failed the initial testing phase had a lower click-through ratio and a zero conversion rate, versus the campaign which actually passed the initial learning phase, which had a high click-through ratio of above five percent and a very high conversion rate of above 13. so the key data that you need to look for so that you know whether your google ads campaign is going to be successful in the first seven days is that you want to make sure that you're not seeing a large drop-off in the number of impressions and clicks from the second seven days as what you saw in the first seven days. so when you go to google ads dashboard, if you see a massive drop-off in those clicks and impressions, like we're seeing right here, this is a clear indication that your google ads campaign has not had a successful initial learning phase. the other big metric that you want to be looking at is that you should be aiming for a click-through ratio of at least five percent or higher in that first seven days, and then the final thing that you want to be looking for is looking at your conversion rate or the amount of conversions, and even if you only get one conversion in that first seven days, that is more than enough data to give to google to confirm with them that your ads are giving the users a positive user experience. so after the first seven days, you have your first question answered and that's whether you know that your google ads campaign is going to be successful or whether you need to restructure and work on your google ads campaign. and then step two- and this where it becomes important for us- is that after we've gone through that learning phase, it's all about optimizing our campaign to make sure that the campaign is profitable for us, because ultimately, we are running google ads campaigns not to make google money but to make money for our own businesses. so there are two possible next steps after the initial google ads learning phase. the first option is for google ads campaigns that did not have a successful initial learning phase, meaning that you've seen a rapid reduction in the number of impressions and clicks that you're seeing, you've got a click-through ratio of under five percent and you've had no conversions. and if this is you, it is very likely that you'll need a campaign rebuild, because the likely issues are that you have a low keyword quality score and you also have a low ad rank, and at the end of the video i will actually show you how you can go about to rebuild your campaign. now, if this is you, i do want you to keep watching this current video. because this next point is very important, because right now we're going to tok about what you need to do if your campaign does have a successful initial learning phase. now, if you're seeing those markers that your campaign has successfully passed that initial learning phase and in that second week of your campaign you're seeing that your clicks and impressions have either stayed th.

Google Ads Optimization Day 2 | Are Your Keywords Eligible?

- [Mike Mancini]. Mike Mancini, here again with our Adwords Optimization week number one, day number two, Something that you can take and use to help optimize a newer adwords campaign or a campaign that maybe has never really been touched. So for the next step, what I want you to do is log in to your campaign- We're here inside a campaign that we recently took over- And go to the campaign and then click on keywords. Now I want you to click on that status column. You might see a bunch of things here that say eligible, But click on it to resort it, And then what you also might see here are a bunch of red warnings. First of all, this ones says it's below the first page bid. So if we hover above that, it says the ad is showing but it isn't performing well because it's bid is too low. So scroll down to the next one. Now, this one is not showing because it doesn't have a high enough bid to basically get on the first page. So obviously these can be a problem and can give you an idea of exactly what you need to be spending on your keywords. So when I go in, I will look at this and maybe under brake rotor service I might be all. I don't know if I want to pay up to five dollars and 50 cents a click Now, depending on just because you bid. that does not mean you will necessarily pay that. It comes down to your click-through rate, the quality of your ads, the quality of your landing pages. There's obviously a lot of different factors that go into that, But what I want you to do is take a look in your accounts, because a lot of people don't realize that sometimes this is happening and some of their best keywords are not being shown. This is something you should at least check a couple times a week. Just go in, click on your campaign as a whole and click on the keyword area and see what comes up. Now this one, find a mechanic. yeah, Bidding 259?? Sure, I'm willing to up that. So let's up it. I will usually up it by at least 25 cents or so. So let's just say 276.. (mouse clicking) And save, and then you can see that now that keyword is eligible, And then I might go down to the next one, And so on and so forth. Now I'll also take a look at where maybe the average position is. Maybe it was running a bit low, And then you might see these other ones that are saying rarely shown due to low quality score, And if you hover above those, it's basically saying that you can see your quality score down here. It really has a below average click-through rate and a below average landing page experience. So one thing we could do to maybe switch this up right away is redo the ad for this specific keyword And if you go through you'll see different quality scores for different keywords And you might see a different diagnosis here as well. Then you'll find other ones here where it says low search volume. So it says this isn't performing well because not many people are searching for the keyword. But it has a great quality score, an eight out of ten, And it's got a great click-through rate. There's one conversion for 15 dollars. That's actually for this company that's not bad. I'm not gonna touch that keyword. If anything I might, because of the average position, I might up my bid a little bit. And here's an example where you can see we are bidding a maximum cost per click of five dollars sixteen cents, But we're only paying an average of three dollars and fourteen cents for that click. So just because you have a maximum CPC here- a larger amount- does not mean you'll be paying that. So in fact, what I'm going to do is I'm going to up this a little bit to hopefully improve this position. So at least twice a week I would go through and just double-check your keywords and make sure that they are working, Make sure they're operating, Make sure that they're actually eligible and showing to people. I can't tell you how many times we go into new accounts and when we go there we realize that some of their biggest keywords are not showing because they're not eligible. Perhaps there was changes made to the account. You might have a keyword that has been eligible ever since you turned the campaign on. Maybe that's been a year. but as time changes, as the campaigns change, that status might be updated And maybe it's no longer showing because maybe there's more competition for that keyword or maybe it's not performing as well as it used to. So take some time. a couple times a week, go into your account, make sure that that keyword status is eligible And we'll see you in the next video. Thanks so much for watching our video. If you enjoyed it, please like it and subscribe to our channel. Or if you know of someone else who this video could help, please take a quick second and share it with them. See you next time. (futuristik music).