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google maps ads

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

How We Optimize Ads for Google Maps | Ep. #5

hey everyone,this right here is one of our favorite,marketing hacks my name is david my name,is mitchell and welcome to a new episode,of essential marketing where our mission,is to provide these type of marketing,hacks tips and tricks to anybody who's,interested in marketing and so today,we're gonna be toking about like how,you can get an ad to be placed,on top of the three pack on google and,just why that's so powerful so mitch,let's maybe start with that why why is,this such a powerful hack why do we love,implementing this for our customers sure,so these days on google search results,oftentimes this three pack as we call it,of map results will show above the,organic web page results,and so obviously because it shows so,much higher on the page it's extremely,valuable if you can show up there,and you can actually take a shortcut to,get there with ads if you like we always,want to earn our way there eventually to,show organically too,but in the short term that's really hard,to do so google ads has tools to let us,kind of hack our way up to the top,that's right so,and whenever we get on a brand new,customer we're always analyzing their,current ad performance and setup and,that kind of thing well,most of the time,we will find maybe one out of ten,businesses that have actually,implemented this that means nine out of,the ten businesses usually by just,implementing this we can already move,the needle within 24 to 48 hours,oftentimes so it's a powerful tool and,you guys are going to love it so,mitch let's start with there's two,different ways of how you could,implement this depending on the type of,business that you are so let's say,you're a brick and mortar store what's,the what's the way to do it yep so that,makes it super easy because there's an,objective in google ads for just getting,directions um and so that's the perfect,one to select if your brick-and-mortar,store you take your sales mostly over,the counter,and that's really easy to set up,the second type is if you're more like,us you want leads over the phone or,through your web form,and for those you want to select the,leads campaign and you can still use,google maps but it's a little bit more,subtle about how you get there,that's right so,what i have on my screen right now is,a campaign that was optimized for leads,and actually just to kind of make sure,that this is clear to everybody is um so,in this,this uh example,i searched for marketing tacoma and so,what you'll see here at the very top,is let me get rid of this what you'll,see here at the very top is a text ad,and so that's really what you're,purchasing right so if you're so if,you're optimizing for leads you're,purchasing lead ads you're actually not,really purchasing map ads there is sort,of a workaround of how you can increase,the probability of appearing on maps as,well exactly exactly yeah so let me get,rid of this here and go back to the,setup of an example campaign so,where the magic happens,is under extensions so if you've set up,a lead campaign by the way mitch set all,this up i just happen to be driving,right now so all the credit goes to him,but um and you correct me if i'm wrong,here but under extensions what you would,want to select is,locations right correct yeah so pick,extension and then go hit the big plus,button and then choose the location,extension there's a lot of other,extensions in google apps but we're,looking at the location yeah so you're,going to come to a screen similar to,this one here what you guys can see here,and,what it's going to try to do is it's,going to pull in,any locations where you are the manager,of that partikular google map,and so this is what you would want to,import first now this is the first step,of how you're now,um really kind of bringing together the,google map world with the google,adwords world right so that's the first,step again we're toking about any kind,of service company marketing plumbing,roofing and you're trying to increase,the number of leads,through google maps this is how you,would go ahead and get everything set up,and so once that's done what's next,mitch yeah so what's done or what's next,after that is you want to,once you've got the google business all,hooked up when you go to the locations,area um any lead campaign you're always,using some kind of location targeting,even if it's just for the united states,or whatnot but what you can actually do,with the maps to increase the chances,that your map will show to your,customers or potential customers is to,go in the locations area and then you,can actually add a targeting option to,target,x number of miles radius around your,google business so you can say okay i,want to do targeting 20 miles i want to,try to get 10 miles five miles,and basically what that does is you can,say okay i want to show them for google,map ads um and you can even increase the,bid percentage that you're willing to,pay for those map ads to say google i'm,you know wanting to show in here and,here and here but i really want to show,for my google map that's right so here,on this example so you can see the,different settings of um that we have,put in place for a customer so there's a,20 mile radius there's a seven mile,radius there's an eight mile radius and,then you can increase the bid as mitch,was alluding to it so,you're not really purchasing,map ads per se but you're increasing the,probability hence kind of the verbage,that we're using that it's kind of a,hack and it's powerful and you're,stacking the deck in your favor to be,able to show up in this very valuable,space,so,hopefully that was helpful to you guys,if you are in the service sector you're,running ads you need to implement this,you will see an improvement in,conversions we guarantee it we've done,it many many times so hopefully,you found this helpful if you have give,us a thumbs up and subscribe to our,channel we'd love to see you in the,future take care and bye

Google Maps For Business | Rank #1 In Google Maps Within 5 Minutes (Google Ads Location Extension)

hey you guys Stewart here welcome back,today we're going to tok about Google,Maps for small business and how to rank,number one in Google Maps within five,minutes using Google Ads,and the location extension now this is a,paid search engine marketing strategy,that's ideal for local businesses they,want to quickly rank within Google Maps,and this is essentially in order to,drive physical traffic website traffic,as well as online leads through bookings,or phone calls through your Google my,business listing now before we get,started and if you haven't done so,already make sure you subscribe to this,channel tap that icon that way you'll be,notified when we upload new and,practikal videos about how to help your,local business succeed on-line all right,with that being said let's jump over to,my computer will dive into Google ads,and show you how to rank number one on,Google Maps,[Music],alright now before I show you how to,rank number one on Google Maps using,Google ads and a location extension you,need to have a Google my business,account you also need a Google Ads,account and you need to link both your,Google ads and Google my business,accounts together and this is what you,need to do before you can get your,business to show up on Google Maps,through paid search engine marketing,activities so the first thing we want to,do is create a label on your Google my,business listing that you want to show,up on on Google Maps so pop over to your,Google my business dashboard and here,you want to pop down to information on,your Google my business dashboard and,then what you want to do is head over to,advanced information and click on labels,here you want to edit this so this is,essentially your Google my business,listing that you want to show up on,Google Maps this just keeps it simple,and easy to link so you don't get too,confused if you have multiple listings,so I'm going to keep that as it is sin,do G in B and click apply once you've,set a label then what you want to do is,pop over to your Google Ads account,alright so once you've arrived at your,Google Ads dashboard here you want to,add your location extension now you,might not have any ads running you might,not even be using Google Ads so what you,want to do here is add your location,extension and then when you activate a,ad on Google ads your location extension,is going to show up with your Google ads,and this is what helps well this is what,it's going to show on Google Maps when,you have the location extension,activated so we'll show you how to do,that so what you want to do is you're on,your dashboard pop down to ads and,extensions then you want to move across,to extensions then click Add extension,now these are all the different,extensions that you can add to your,Google ads so what we want to do is add,location extension now here you might,not have any information because you,haven't or you maybe just added your or,created,or Google Ads account so what you want,to do is either find an account here so,what you can do is type in your domain,your website domain that you want to,shop that's listed that's linked to your,Google Ads account so for mine for,example this is my website's in do,concede this is the website there is a,link to my Google my business account to,my Google map listing and then so once,that's popped in its going to come up,with options down here now I want to,select this one because this is the,listing that I want to provide so what I,can do is click select now if you if,nothing shows up here you can go link to,account now here if you're already,associated with the email that has been,used to create the Google my business,listing or you have the email that's,linked to the Google my business listing,what you want to do is click it here if,you do not then what you want to do is,request access to the Google my business,account so if you know the email address,which is linked to the Google my,business listing that you want to use,then type that here and then all you,need to do is continue and you will get,sent the email that's going to,essentially allow you to become the,admin and manage this account so again,I'm just going to go find an account yep,that looks good for me I'm gonna slit,this one and I'm gonna go preview and,this is how it's gonna look so with your,Google Ad on the search Network what,basically is going to happen is you're,going to have your ad your text,obviously your domain here and then,below that is where you're going to see,your extension so this is a location,extension again they can click call now,but this is the extension or what's,going to happen also is it's going to,show up on Google Maps and that's going,to be powerful because you're gonna be,the first listing on Google Maps when,people scroll down and they can click on,your ad they can click on directions,they can call your business or they can,click through to your website so that's,why,location extension is so important so,what you want to do once you have,created that and you're happy you've,either linked to your own account or,you've found that account you can go,continue and then what will happen is,you will see the location pop up here,once the admin has accepted your request,so they'll receive an email and they,just need to accept that request for you,to manage to the listing so this is the,email that they'll receive because I,received the email because I'm linking,with my own account this is the email,all they need to do is click here to,reject or approve your request and what,that's going to do is take them to their,Google my business listing which looks,like this now another way to find this,location on your Google my business if,for example you're linking to your own,account is you just head back over to,your listing so we'll go Google my,business so what you do is you'll hit to,your dashboard like this and then you'd,come down to linked accounts then here,all you need to do is approve or decline,so again for me to see the location,extension for this Google my business,listing I need to approve this approve,that will take a moment and then what,you want to do is head back over to your,Google Ads account and there you have it,when you refresh your Google ads page,you'll see that the location has been,approved you now have the location,extension for this location Scindia yep,that's correct the address is correct,and that's the label we put in the,Google my business dashboard earlier,just to identify that we have the right,Google my business listing connected to,your Google Ads account so cancel out of,that and there you have it and that's,really all there is to it however if you,want this to show what you want to do is,add this to so you got the location,connected you want to add the location,to either your account campaign or ad,group so if you've only got a couple of,campaigns running or Ed groups but you,want your location extension to,be connected to all of them then go,account if you just want to connect to,one campaign type or one ad group then,click that so you can filter the options,in terms of where you want your Google,ads location extension to show and,that's essentially all you need to do is,either create an ad now which is quite,easy you can just head back to your,dashboard and head over to campaigns and,here all you need to do is create a new,campaign and once you've created that,again there's more information as we're,just toking about extensions here but,once you've created your extension so,once you've created your ad then you can,add your extensions to your campaign and,that's what's going to help show your,Google my business listing at the top of,maps but remember every time someone,clicks on your ad extension you get,charged and again this base this is,based on how much the cost per click is,per keyword for your ads and again yeah,there's a lot of different factors,involved but essentially that's how you,do it if you're unsure how to get that,Google my business listing at the top of,Goog

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Google Search: Reunion

這是我,那就是我兒時的朋友優素福。,在拉合爾, 我們的房子的前面有一個古老的大門。,一到黃昏, 我們會飛到那裡放風箏, 然後到優素福的糖果店偷 「Jhajariyas」。,什麼是 「Jhajariya」?,您好, 梅拉先生,你最近好嗎?,我很好...... 我遇見從孟買來孫女 。,您好, 你最近好嗎?,優素福,你的風箏被剪斷了! (兒童的聲音迴盪),哎喲, 優素福...,您好, 達累斯薩拉姆!,有沒有扎勒糖果?,有!,爺爺,有電話從德里打來找你。,您好!,優素福叔叔!,請問, 您是誰?,你好,我是從德里打過來的蘇曼拉, 是你的兒時好友 - 巴爾德夫的大女兒。,你還記得當你還是小孩時,你常跟他一起玩和偷「Jhajariyas」?,當分區發生了,,我們不得不搬遷到印度過夜。,爺爺...,我常常想起優素福。,請您你快點過來?,係啦...?,這是誰?,我的好朋友, 生日快樂!,優素福,優素福哦...,哎喲, 優素福...,哦...,哎喲, 優素福, 我的好朋友...

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Google Ads Tutorials: Setting up a Performance Max campaign for store goals

In this video, we'll walk you through setting up ,Performance Max campaigns for Store goals.,Implementation is simple and quick,once you have all of your assets ready.,To get started,,sign in to your Google Ads account.,From the page menu on the left, click "Campaigns".,Click the blue "+" button and select "New campaign".,In the "New Campaign" window, select,"Local store visits and promotions",,then select "Performance Max" as the campaign type.,Next, you'll be guided to add a conversion goal,or goals to your campaign.,It's important to note that,if you are eligible for Store Visits,,you will not be able to remove Store Visits,as a conversion goal,in the "Local store visits and promotions" construction flow.,In the next panel, select your business locations to target,either from your Business Profile account,or your linked location or affiliate location extensions.,If you select locations from your business profile,,you will have the option to select,all locations from your linked account,or a subset of locations,using new or existing location groups.,If using location or affiliate location extensions,use the “Edit business details” window,to select from existing location groups,or select “New Location Group" to create a new location group,from the linked business profile or affiliate location extension.,Note that when targeting business locations,,geotargeting is not available in construction,and is not recommended to add in post-construction.,Once you're done selecting,which business locations to target,,click "Continue", and enter the name of your campaign ,in the campaign field on the following page.,Click "Continue".,And enter your daily budget, and bidding settings.,You will have the option to select Maximize conversions,and Maximize conversion value bidding.,If you select the checkbox for,"Set a target cost per action",,the campaign will try to meet the target CPA you enter.,If you select the checkbox for,"Set a target return on ad spend",,the campaign will try to meet the target ROAS you enter.,Tip: If utilizing Maximize conversion value bedding,,be sure to apply conversion values to each,conversion goal associated with the campaign.,Click "Next".,And select the language you are targeting.,Note that Final URL expansion will default to be enabled,,but will not be applied to campaigns,optimizing to store goals only.,In the additional settings panel,,input your tracking and specific mobile URLs.,Create your first asset group.,Name the asset group and start adding your assets,,which will be featured in local ad formats.,Add up to 20 images and up to 5 logos.,Then upload up to 5 videos,that are at least 10 seconds long each.,If you do not upload a video,,it will be auto- generated for you,from the other creative assets in your asset group.,Add up to 5 headlines,at a maximum of 30 characters each.,And up to 5 long headlines,and a maximum of 90 characters,and a recommended minimum of 30 characters.,Add one description with a maximum of 60 characters,,and up to 4 descriptions,with a maximum of 90 characters.,Add your business name.,And finally, add your final URL options.,Click "More options",to add additional optional display URL paths.,Apply all relevant audience signals,to your Performance Max campaign.,Click "Publish Campaign",,and your new campaign will be ready!

how to create google maps location ads in your business | Google my Business Ads | Google Maps

hi all welcome to our channel,so guys uh today i discuss topic about,the google mapping listing acts,so how to create the google map listing,as how we can visible to the customers,for suppose if i'm searching for,digital marketing,company,in,hyderabad,so these all will be partikular ads will,be here,this option name is called google map,ads,that is visible by the your ads option,that is visible by the your ads option,in the visible purpose how to create,this type of ads this is called map ad,option the risk of listing us there is a,purpose i have to selecting down of the,website is called i am fit dot in,in this website you can select select,option name is called,business.google.com any map you can,create any option adoption name is,called,business.google.com,here we can creating for,google map location here coming to this,one,create an ad,create,an ad they will read it to the ad will,be go to this,google adwords account,they will be here google adwords account,so about your business business name,business category description phone,number everything will be here,click for next option,so here is the,partikular things,click for it,and click for,next,promoted page now they will be started,your business pro is almost already,so reviews will be here verify,everything will be done the visible to,customer will be about location photos,posts,services and reviews what are the,options here,everything visible to the partikular,customer,coming to the clip for next,we can show your phone number,how we can contact the customers by use,your phone number option,now click for,next,when i click next constant,let's estimate how many customers google,can bring you,so that you will be here,based on the budget,the monthly estimation 198 to 476,the average daily budget will be one,zero to,our,weekend option will be here start to,small boost your results,set your own budget own budget will be,start from,suppose i can go with the,50 rupees,so daily version must at least will be,26 rupees i can start from 28.,the monthly estimation is not for daily,estimation is a monthly estimation will,be,54 to 130 reach,if spending for budget will daily 28,rupees the month of,851 rupees the total month will be,reaching customers will be,54 to,when increase your budget,ultimate user will be increase,so how much you are maintained for month,6 000 daily 200 136 000,how new customers find your business,google search youtube and google partner,websites,these are three options how new,customers find out your business google,search youtube under,google partner website,next,after this one,the final go to option name is called,complete billing information,so everything will be billing you can,pay click for your budget and click for,submit your option,there will be go to your amount will be,added,complete will be fix your partikular,option,so,complete,got it,everything is ready,i reviews,page visit and,total action,this will be added will be,last 30 days,there's a showing for partikular option,here anything you can add will be your,funds anything there is a call add fun,option so without adding fun how to,create their ad there will be create,will be using for money transfer option,using for money transfer option,so here it is called,in this click for manage ad,so what are the you can update,everything they will update will be here,any option,this complete will be depend on your map,to this advertise your business purpose,so there is a higher setting option,so anything you want to change option,everything will be here,now we can go to,adwords,dot,google.com,sign in,so this will be without touching for,google adwords i will be create,automatikally find one is called,add your fund option how much monthly,budget will be 6080 rupees,daily 200 you are can spending the,estimation will be given to the,partikular customer innovative in range,always they can't give the exact results,they always showing for in between the,results,so 18 to 20 are 200 to 3 and 80 between,range they will visible to the customers,any campaign you can find out will be,here,so,in this,we have to show this partikular,campaigns,these are your partikular campus will be,created from the google adwords option,so here it is called so we can go to all,campaigns,you can show this all options,in this,so what are the campaign you're creating,for add new content get more for,calls get more websites sell these get,more visit your physical location is one,more ad will be created by the your,partikular option,or else,i can go for export mode nothing but,google adwords mode,previous one is called smart campaign,this is a complete adwords campaign,first of all we can certain goals our,with our goals will be created here here,one more option will be local store,visit and promotions there is a complete,will be depend on the mapping,which one here it is,performance max or drive customer to,physical location,here will be click,continue with the local campaign,use your business,i have only one listing is there what,the listing will be,the listing will be used from the,partikular option there's a listing,unless you can create by the local group,so in one listing click for here,if you go to click for performance match,there also will be dependent by google,maps,local will be,drive customer to your physical location,in this that option will be same here,also will be go to the same option if,you go with the adwords option,right google my business both are same,nothing will be a problem,here is called click for continue,how you can set up first option english,daily budget,i can go with,200 for daily budget,or else we can go with 50 rupees,anything is wrong they will show for red,mark,other the campaign will go for next step,this will be call click,driving direction so they will visible,your location or call click option,the charges will be happen started ended,what is advanced settings anything you,can add will be here at this option,simple setting option local services and,promotions,and here is option language selection,budget selection campaign will be call,click and driving direction on your,location you can mention will be started,and ended,save and continue,the first step second step set up the ad,group option,here ad group we can add your website,link little bit option will be changed,compare the first one and the second one,go to the adwords,and this option lot of things here,you're writing for headline one guiding,for total five headlines five,description call to action,call now,our subscribe now we can add any kind of,options contact us we can add videos,images everything will be visible to the,customer they will show for maps,display ad search and youtube all i am,showing for here also this ad visible by,the google search youtube under,display search partners,maps and display,search and youtube option for example,i'm adding image,take from the library,save,how can i show ad you can visible it,so,i can use,my own word,what other word you can use you can,visible by here,so map,here is this it is an option,now this one this will be displayed,you can show to the partikular,call to action,contact us,we can use this method,image one is to one ratio is not,suitable by here that is called we can,which is a suitable range we can,selecting from here anything which is,suitable by resetting for image will be,here,video we can selecting from in this,search from here,i am which,select each savage,this ad are visible by the your,partikular,display,search and youtube,but you can follow this guideline this,is a most of the things will be visible,by the mobile users,let's see this one gmail also will be,visible,but it is a most of the condition is,showing for only for mobile users this,preview show potential ads assembled,using your assist not only for,combination or show,and some of the shortest may also occur,in the sum format it will be visible by,only for,mobile user format they are will show,for,gmail youtube search disciplined,map,so this is one final conf

Google Ads Local Campaigns

google local companies is een verre,specifiek op een objectieve single uit,henry christ approach for traffic and,offline cells,de gebouw users looking for directions,een woning te koop uw business cm een,api for everybody budget great read,people who may be very close 2 you,working order locations ze beginnen,copperfield wit in this video,first beginnen overwonnen de ruwe kwam,in series kunnen bieden in 3 alle botten,van local knapheid,we denken na over hoe je red club hier,aan saville of de google proper is niks,will cover ga dit is het probleem,machine learning given camping time the,wild things you may not be of the,control of games die rss reader die we,use and still some in than ever tried to,scan control ze wil gewoon overal of,these elements en en lokaal zout en,samen de lokale conversion actions that,you will be able de truck voor uw logo,camping de vorige start setting up your,first google-logo campaign uw ieder,nieuw de havo en edge of location,extensie voor een active of vul je,location extension oliewinning de hebben,uw google mijn business account linked,with your google en te koud hebben we,gaan open it easy to find out if i,gewoon een doos 3 requirements actief,perth en aan over twee edge en,extensions nee monaco de han en chewy,extensions and just a safe and time and,a bunch of blood out scrolling very calm,down below and found your location,extension in deze categorie ardie hebben,chirruped zo high you okay van de,requirements tiptoi waarom binnen click,on this link just so you will be more,information sawyer de herten blair bank,of things out to be a die hem location,extension association connect it for,this account en in downloader for super,locations for this franchise en wie niet,steeds aan iets wil locations het is,brein nu toe uw inkomen klikt op uw,paspoort nu in eerste week en korey some,new location extensions in nairobi,simple enough for those of you,interested in creating nieuwe affiliate,location extensions het beperkte de,verre kapen workstations you click aan,de boer uw plas party en ander niet,logisch nick station usa of vul je,locatie-extensies piccolo piccolo,catcher general retail is lust choose,beseffen country en unieke star,researching een poncho jeans voor je,project may be sold justinian ipad ruzie,over twaalf hanger options for effort on,binnen kevlar de discus de spectaculaire,kanten zijn er project der marvel,walk-in service you looking for,information and higher link google my,business with google en je kom ik in dat,proces wanneer setting up the great,location extensions air force cupboards,op alle duizend mensen met na die we,ieder knack telefoon extension of your,google my business account twee uur,google apps account hierna lg botten,sterk rating google ads local campaigns,de goal of een google local camping is,to make it easier for een appetizer,to promote their products or services,across a variety of google's properties,and yes this is all really be download,in longchair enge slang show you some,examples for you and repair meteen op,google local camping bon option is,google maps maar we zullen een ander,chicago area,cuisine search bar in de upper right,corner edge search for flowers in a,search this area zo de first results de,budget art and you know the centre for,show zal lessen square icon en zoals de,zakken door de score icons artificon de,typical pen academici aan de map van,haver over en of de promotor results,wordt in de maat ik krijg steeds in de,business information page up dat deze,zijn er in effect lokale naar a-league,morgen zal per dag in more information,about the business klikken door,de website golla phone number get,directions and more dit is een ander,simpel snel en google search on just,right in the gaming in de fysiologie en,de lokroep er is een er in alsof je to,actions dus de website click on the,phone number,en makkelijk aan de air van de,google.com service als in open up maps,game met more information from the,companies google my business profile na,besides google maps en google search,your local campaigns kon haar placement,on youtube,jur google microsoft profile enig de,google display network what's up back in,de google-apps en mijn wachtwoorden,step-by-step sarah of op google logo,camping,een berk en de mijn overview green zo,beginnen klik aan uw camping en wat en,recap een week reed in google edwin in,de selectie specifiek camping objectief,in this case with a local store visits,and promotions zitten very bottom of,this box with a campaign tijd is lokaal,rijschool den onderbed ter verzending,van camping time lord john app te,selecteren dingen als en in egypte,choose your specific location you wanna,use for this campaign,en matchen earlier this account is een,ever feel good location sparta is een,option ze beginnen use our business,location wanneer in de location,extension die hij de boer had de pharo,en de for locations this business hij is,zo by default would you give all,locations and guitar guitar for,locations with dad 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