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google tv disable ads

Published on: August 4 2023 by pipiads

Are you tired of seeing ads on your Android TV home screen? Well, you're not alone. Many users have reported seeing advertisements after receiving the new Android TV update. In this article, we will discuss how to block these ads and customize your Android TV experience.


To block ads on your Android TV, you can follow these steps:

1. Install the Button Mapper app: Download and install the Button Mapper app from the Play Store. This app will allow you to customize the actions of your home button.

2. Choose a custom launcher: Select a custom launcher that suits your preferences. In this example, we will use the Wolf Launcher, but you can choose any launcher from the Play Store.

3. Enable accessibility service: Open the Button Mapper app and enable the accessibility service. This will grant the app the necessary permissions.

4. Customize the home button actions: In the Button Mapper app, go to the home button settings. Enable the option to customize the home button action. You will have options for single tap, double tap, and long press.

5. Set the single tap action: Choose your custom launcher as the action for the single tap of the home button. This will ensure that your custom launcher is launched when you press the home button once.

6. Set the double tap action: Select the recent action for the double tap of the home button. This will retain the functionality of the recent menu.

7. Set the long press action: You can choose to set the long press action as home if you want to switch back to the stock launcher.

By following these steps, you can block ads on your Android TV and customize your home screen with a custom launcher. This will give you a personalized TV experience without any unwanted advertisements. Enjoy your ad-free Android TV experience!

Remove Suggested Content From Google TV

I just rented a limousine for £300 and realized it doesn't come with a driver. All that money and nothing to show for it, right? So, don't forget to comment your jokes down below. Hello again everybody and welcome back. Today, we're going to show you how you can clear up your Google TV on the new Chromecast devices. I'm getting a lot of messages at the moment about this device, and one of the main topics is the amount of suggested content on the home page. So, in this video, we're quickly going to show you how you can remove that and make your Chromecast look a lot cleaner.

- Just rented a limousine for £300 and realized it doesn't come with a driver

- Frustration with the amount of suggested content on Google TV's home page

- In this video, we'll show you how to remove the suggested content and clean up your Chromecast

Method 1: Apps Only Mode

- Go to Settings > Accounts > Apps Only Mode

- Enable Apps Only Mode to remove suggested content

- Access only your applications on the home page

- Voices search may not work in Apps Only Mode

- Disable Apps Only Mode to restore suggested content

Method 2: Connect to a VPN

- Use IPVanish servers for this method

- Connect to a London server

- Enable Apps Only Mode to remove suggested content

- VPN may not work with all streaming services, but third-party apps will still work

- Disconnect or connect to a different server to restore suggested content

- Two methods to clean up your Google TV and remove suggested content

- Use Apps Only Mode or connect to a VPN

- Share any other methods you know in the comments

- Stay tuned for more Chromecast videos with tips and features

- Don't forget to subscribe and have a great day!

Remove ads on Nvidia Shield (Android TV Devices)

What's up guys, it's Lee here from egtvnews.com! In this video, I'm going to show you how you can roll back your Android TV device to remove those annoying ads that you find on the latest Android TV OS updates. Now, I'll be using the Mecool KM6 which is loaded with Disney ads and such, but don't worry, it's really simple to fix. There are other methods, but for now, I'll show you the quickest way by rolling back the system update which should remove the ads. If you want to stay on the latest version of the Android TV OS and want to know other methods, let me know in the comment section down below and I'll make a tutorial for you.

Now, let's talk about the ads I'm talking about. We have Legally Blonde, Monsters at Work, and 101 Dalmatians. None of these three interest me in any way, so let's roll back the operating system. We know we're on the latest version because we have the Discover tab right here. Anyway, let's go to the settings button and click on apps. Scroll all the way down and click on show system apps. Now, scroll down to Android TV home and click on that. Then, uninstall updates and click ok.

But wait, there's one more thing we need to do. We need to stop the auto updates so it doesn't happen again. To do this, we're going to head on over to the Google Play Store. Open the Play Store and click on your profile picture at the top right. Then, go to settings and across to auto updates. Click on the auto update apps option and select don't auto update apps. Make sure you click ok.

And there you have it! We're now back to the original Android TV layout with no ads. It looks nice and clean, even though I do like the look of the new Android TV home update. But those ads are just annoying. Now, there is another way you can block them, but it just leaves a blank space.

Anyway, make sure you subscribe to this channel because I'm going to show you how you can also change the launcher to make it look completely different. Now, let's stop the auto updates. Head on over to the Google Play Store and click on your profile picture at the top right. Then, go to settings and select auto update apps. Click on don't auto update apps and click ok.

And that's it! It's super easy. Just roll back the update and you'll have no ads on your Android TV box, Nvidia Shield, or Mecool devices. It's back to the look we're used to. Hopefully, this video helped you. If it did, it would be great if you could help me out and subscribe to my new channel. Check out egtvnews.com for more Android tips and tutorials like this. I'll see you in the next one!

How To Remove Adverts From SMART TV In Only 2 Minutes

Hey guys, what's up? My name is Adam and this is my new channel. Today, I'll be talking about technology, gadgets, and more. English is my second language, so go easy on me. In this video, I want to discuss the annoying issue of ads on smart televisions. Every time you try to watch something, you're bombarded with ads. But don't worry, I'll show you a simple solution to stop this madness. All you need is your TV remote and internet access. Let's get started!

Solution to Stop Ads:

1. Open your smart TV and choose what you want to watch.

2. Let's take ITV Hub as an example. I'll select American Dad to watch.

3. Press play and you'll notice the ITV logo, which is normal.

4. However, before the show starts, you're hit with a commercial. It's frustrating, right?

5. As I drink my coffee, more ads play. It's such a waste of time.

6. In just one minute, we've already wasted time on four ads. And it doesn't end there.

7. Finally, after six ads and almost two minutes, the show starts. But this is just the beginning.

8. Even in the middle of the show, you'll encounter more ads after about 10 minutes.

Another Example:

1. Let's try another example. I attempt to watch Real Housewives, but the same situation occurs.

2. The ITV logo appears, and boom, the same commercial plays. It's relentless.

3. Fed up with this, I decide to go elsewhere.

How to Stop Ads:

1. Go to your TV's settings using your remote.

2. Look for Network Settings (this is available on all TVs).

3. If you use Wi-Fi, select Wi-Fi, if you use LAN, choose Advanced Settings.

4. Edit the DNS server and change it to the recommended address:

5. DNS acts like a phone book for computers, making it easier for us to access websites.

6. This DNS server has a blacklist and blocks all ads, making your viewing experience ad-free.

7. Connect and double-check if everything is set correctly.

Enjoy Ad-Free Viewing:

1. Now, go back to the ITV Hub (or any other app) and select the same video.

2. You'll notice that there are no ads at the beginning, nor in the middle of the show.

3. Enjoy uninterrupted viewing!

4. However, there is a downside. If you use this method, you won't be able to rewind or pause the video.

5. This is a trade-off, but if you despise ads like I do, it's worth it.

6. Remember, you can use other DNS servers for ad-blocking. Just do a quick Google search for famous DNS servers.

That's it, guys! I hope you found this video interesting and helpful. Consider subscribing to my channel for weekly videos about technology, gadgets, and making your life easier. Whether you love or hate ads, this method gives you the choice to enjoy uninterrupted viewing. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next episode. See ya!

Watch Youtube for free with no Ads on Google Chromecast TV

Are you tired of ads interrupting your YouTube videos on your Chromecast device? Well, I had the same problem, which is why I decided to get the Google TV. Today, I'm going to show you how you can enjoy YouTube without ads and without paying for it by installing custom software. Let's get started!

To begin, make sure you have set up your Chromecast and connected it to your TV. Then, go to the App Store and search for an app called AFTV News. You can either type it in or use voice command. Install the app and open it, granting any necessary permissions.

Next, you'll need to type in a specific URL: kutt.it/sdn_beta. This will take you to the website where you can download the beta version of the custom software. If you prefer the stable version, the URL is kutt.it/sdn_stable. Once you've chosen, install the ROM by following the prompts.

If you encounter an error saying the APK could not be installed because the source is disabled, it means your developer option is not enabled. To enable it, go back to the home screen, then go to Settings > System > About > Android TV OS build. Keep clicking on it until you reach the developer option and enable it.

Once the developer option is enabled, go back to Settings > Privacy > Security & restrictions. Enable Install from unknown sources for the downloader app. Now, go back to the home screen and open the AFTV News app again.

This time, the installation should proceed without any issues. Open the app, and now you have YouTube without ads! This app not only removes ads but also allows you to skip sponsors in videos. You can even log into your YouTube account by scanning a barcode.

There is one drawback, though. If you click the YouTube button on your remote, it will still open the default app with ads. To fix this, you'll need to install another app called Button Remapper. This app allows you to reprogram any button, including the YouTube button. Open the app and follow the prompts to enable accessibility services.

Once accessibility services are enabled, go to the app and select the plus icon. Choose the Other option and click on the YouTube button. Then, go back to the Button Remapper app and select Open an app. Choose the YouTube app with no ads (SDN Beta) and save the settings.

Now, when you click the YouTube button, it will launch the ad-free YouTube app that we installed. Enjoy your ad-free YouTube experience!

If you found this helpful, don't forget to like, subscribe, and leave a comment.

10+ Chromecast Google TV Tips & Tricks - Get The Most Out Of It!

In this video, I'm gonna go ahead and show you some awesome features and some tips and tricks I recommend everybody to also be aware of if you just recently picked up the Chromecast Google TV. What's going on everyone? Hope everybody's doing well. So yeah, I recently picked this gizmo up and so far I am very impressed. So for anybody who owns a Chromecast that is not 4K and you're debating if you should upgrade to the Chromecast TV, go ahead and do so because this nifty device is definitely worth its asking price based on everything that I've seen. So far, I see a lot of value out of this device compared to an Apple TV or even a Fire Stick TV by Amazon or other streaming sticks that plug in via HDMI to your television. But in today's video, I'm going to go ahead and show you the cool features and shortcuts you could do with this little nifty device. Let's get started.

Starting off with the remote, the layout of this controller is really simple. It's available in three different color choices. The one you see here is just clearly white, and what I like about it is that everything is really simple to use. This top part will allow you to basically navigate the menu. The center wheel is just how you select. Below that, you have the back arrow. You have the virtual voice assistant button right here, which, when you hold that, LED goes on. When you see that LED, the built-in microphone in the controller means that it's listening. Below that, you have the home button, which will take you back to the home menu. And a cool little trick about that home menu button, whatever application you're using, if you press and hold it, it'll give you quick access to the little notification side menu. So from here, if you want to take your display to ambient mode, you can just tap on it. It will start playing those weird wallpapers. And when ambient mode is enabled, you can actually use the right or left side click wheel to select two different images in case you selected personal photos you may have already on your device. And then, of course, next to that, you have your mute button as well as the shortcut for YouTube and Netflix. Then only the YouTube button can be configured with another substitute YouTube application like YouTube TV, YouTube Music. You can do this by holding down the YouTube button. So if you have a personal preference you want to switch them, swap it with, you can. And depending on the TV, this arrow with a little box around it, if you find yourself in a different auxiliary input and you want to quickly go back to the Chromecast, just tap. This will automatically set you back to the Chromecast menu. And right next to that, one, of course, you have the general power on and off button. Oh, and since we're covering all the buttons, volume rockers are right here on the side.

Now, the home menu of this Chromecast TV is really cool, but there are some additional settings I recommend others to at least be aware of. If you're not a big fan of this cluttered display and you just want to see the apps that you have installed and that's it, there's a simple way you could clear this menu. If we quickly just hop into our settings, go into here, and go ahead and enable apps only mode. Once this is enabled, now if we hop back into our main menu, the only apps we get recommended are the apps that we have already installed as well as some of those popular titles. So if you're looking for a simple, minimum menu, that's how you could get this clean layout. And by hovering over an application, if you actually hold down the select wheel for a couple of seconds, you can rearrange them however you like.

Now, the cool thing with this Chromecast TV is that you can add additional profiles. So if you live in a household with multiple users, you can allow them to add their profile right here. The process is exactly the same as how I walked you through when you first pair your device. Now you may have noticed that this Chrome controller is able to control the volume as well as power on and off my television. And depending on your TV, you could also control your television and the Chromecast with your standard television remotes. And in case your device isn't doing that, you have to go ahead and enable CEC, which is really easy to do. Simply just hop into your settings section, go here, and in here, just make sure you have enabled HDMI CEC. Now, no matter the controller you're using, since this is a Chromecast, if you have your television turned off and you're watching a video on an app that supports the Chromecast, by tapping this little square, you can still select your television, and notice that it will automatically turn on your TV and cast everything to the television without you having to manually get up and turn on the television or search for your remote. Now, another thing I recommend enabling is match content. By simply going into here, go in here, just make sure to enable this right here to give you the best color accuracy that your TV can deliver as possible. Now, if your television does support 4K, I recommend going in here, go in here, and make sure you change it to 4K. Now, whatever platform you're on, if the video supports 4K, it will automatically be set to default to 4K. Now, enabling game mode will also may also benefit you because this will eliminate any latency delay when watching something with a fast refresh rate. So I like to leave this personally on.

Now, if you don't like the remote constantly making the selection sound, you could easily go ahead and disable this by simply going into here, going in here, and system sound, go ahead and disable. And now, the remote doesn't make that feedback noise. Obviously, this is a personal preference, but if you don't like that noise, that's how you can disable that. Another thing that's worth mentioning in the settings is the energy-saving mode. Now, by default, if you leave your TV on pause, your television will go off depending on the time that's already selected and will switch to the ambient wallpaper. If you'd like to extend this time, just simply go in here, go in there, and go ahead and select the time that you're comfortable with. So now, whenever you pause a movie and it takes you like 30 minutes to get back, you don't have to relaunch the application. It will immediately resume back. Now, in case you have this Chromecast plugged into an older TV, a feature that I recommend others to also be aware of is enabling high contrast. This would just technically enhance the text by giving it a larger border around the text. So to quickly enable this in case you have a hard time seeing the text, just go ahead and hop into your settings, go into accessibility, and enable high contrast. And now, the text and such you may have noticed is a lot more broader and easier to read.

Now, in the ambient mode here, I recommend to personalize your device as much as possible. Ambient mode is basically this wallpaper screen saver, and you can actually adjust certain things if you want it to show the time, the weather, and all additional stuff. This is where you can find that and enable or disable some of that. If you want to give your device a cleaner layout, if you want to check the battery stats of the controller, you can simply just go into here, go in here, and right there is where you can check that. But if the Chromecast does notice that your device is low on batteries, I'm sure it'll send you a notification on the screen. So you don't really have to check on this constantly unless you notice that your remote isn't responding. If that's the case, this is where you could actually manually check the battery life stats. Oh, and here you can also change the title of your remote if you want to give your controller a different name for some reason. Now, if you have like an external soundbar or other receivers and you want to pair this controller to it, by simply going in here, going into the controller settings, right here is where you can actually go ahead and pair those additional devices. But in here, there are additional settings that you can actually change and adjust. One of which, if you have a receiver or something, you can actually change the input button to be something else so that the receiver could also switch to different auxiliary ports by being controlled by just this simple button on this remote. You can also change the power button to turn off your soundbar instead of your television, or you can select CEC to power on or off all your devices at once. You may also change the volume controls in here as well. So


So, as expected, my Android TV device has now received the latest update and now one third of my home screen is showing me a large advert. This was covered last year in various news articles, and I even did a video explaining that this is coming on certain devices and some of the things you can do to stop seeing those adverts. Now, I'm going to get this out of the way straight away from a legal perspective. From a Google policy perspective, this is completely within their rights to do. As you guys can see on the official Google policy, we are constantly developing new technologies, new features, and because of this continuous improvement, we can sometimes add and remove features, functionalities. They can increase or decrease limits to their services or start or stop offering services. So basically, it's completely up to them when they want to add things like those home screen adverts or take those things away. So, from that perspective, they are completely allowed to make that change to our Google home screen on these Android TV devices. The question is, should they? The way I see it is, it's all about expectation. So somebody may have seen in the past that, Oh look, the Fire Stick has adverts, the Roku device has adverts. I'm now going to buy this Android TV device because I'm not seeing any adverts. Similarly, for example, with Amazon Kindle devices, they actually have two price points. The cheaper price is actually advertised that it does come with adverts. So every time you start the device, you do see an advert, whereas a slightly more expensive one doesn't have any adverts. So, in terms of expectations when you buy the device, if you're already told that you're going to see adverts, then you really can't complain too much. But just imagine that the people that paid the premium price for that Kindle without the adverts, if they now started seeing adverts, and that's exactly what's happening to people on their expensive thousand dollar or even more expensive devices, which didn't have any adverts when they first bought them, but they're now seeing large adverts on the home screen. And even the adverts, guys, I mean, we could argue that if I'm subscribed to Netflix or to Disney Plus or to Amazon Prime, then seeing recommendations of content in those applications because I'm already subscribed to them, it's maybe not as bad because I already have access to the services, and this is not just showing me some new content in those services. The trouble is, as you guys can see on the home screen, I'm now seeing adverts for The Zone and I don't have a subscription to that. So why am I not being subjected to seeing adverts from that service when I'm not subscribed to it? And that, I think, is the real crux of the issue, where Google is now forcing you to look at these other services that you're not subscribed to and showing you big adverts for the services directly on your home screen. Now, with that, the question then arises, is the Nvidia Shield going to start getting adverts? And for that, the article on 9to5 does actually have a direct picture on the Google Play Store showing an Nvidia Shield with the new home screen layout. Now, the layout does look a little bit different, as you can see, compared to the Chromecast, but as there's a discover tab, you may end up seeing adverts for services that you're not subscribed to. So what can you do? Well, there are two fixes or two things you can do on your device to stop seeing those adverts. Now, the quicker one, which is probably a temporary one, is you can actually uninstall the latest update to the home launcher. Now, just for clarification, the way that the update works is it's actually a two-part process. First, you need to get an update to the Android TV launcher installed on your Android TV device, but then also, Google has to enable something on the server side on their end. So both have to be done before you start seeing the home screen on your device. Now, with that being said, if I go over to my settings, for example, I'm actually on my Dynalink box, which does cost about fifty dollars. I can navigate over to my settings, go to applications, let me look at all applications, and I'm now looking for the Android TV launcher. Now, let's scroll down, let's go to system applications. Here is the Android TV Home. I can now click on that and click uninstall update. So let's do that now. Click on OK. Give that a second. Let's now press the home key, and there we have it. No more adverts on my home screen. But it does mean that I'll have to block those updates coming onto my device, otherwise my device will just update to that again. But also, the reason why this is a temporary fix is because there will come a time where the Android TV will just not support the older version of that home screen. So you'll be forced to have the update, and when that happens, you won't be able to use this particular workaround. Now, the other workaround I recommend for Android TV devices if you don't want to see these adverts is to use a custom launcher. Now, typically, I recommend the Wolf Launcher on all my Amazon devices, but personally, I would say for Android TV devices, I would recommend using the latest version of the Leanback Launcher. Now, this was only updated a few days ago, and if I activate that on my device... And this is the custom Leanback on File Launcher, which again was only updated a few days ago. And as we can see, guys, no adverts, no sponsored content. I can quickly zip through all my applications and start whichever application I want. Also, because it's Android TV, I can use my voice and say, What's the weather in London? Give that a second, and we get the answer straight away on top of our custom launcher. So, very easy to use, supports Google Voice. Okay, so if you don't want to see these adverts on your home screen, and you want to try that new Leanback Launcher, just open up your favorite browser. In my demonstration, I'm going to use Downloader, and just navigate to my website, which is just techdoctoruk.com, or you can also type in the shortcode 53402, and this will take you directly to my website. And let's click on Go. Now, when you get to my website, if you head over to the hamburger menu, which is one of the three lines, click on that, and you want to then click on Tutorials. And this will take you to my Tutorials page, and I've already covered launcher managers or using custom launchers in a previous tutorial. So, we can just scroll down and find that one again. And I've added the latest version of Leanback to that tutorial. So, keep going down until you see this Launcher Manager for Fire OS 6 and Android TV devices. So, let's click on that. Here we are. We can scroll down and just underneath the step-by-step instructions, we're looking for two applications. One is a Launcher Manager, which allows you to disable your stock launcher and use a custom launcher. And the other thing is the actual custom launcher. So, just underneath all of that, and for most Android TV devices, you can use the Launcher Manager for Shield TV. But only if you have the new Chromecast with Google TV, then you want to download this one. But in my example, because I'm doing this on a Dynalink box, I'm going to click on the first link here. Scroll down, and you want to click on this green Download button. And with this process, you don't have to type in any kind of manual ADB commands or anything like that. Literally just one click, and this will then disable your stock launcher, allowing you to choose a custom one. Let's click on Install. Click on Done. You can now press the back button, and you can now choose whichever custom launcher you want. In my example, I'm going to use Leanback on Fire, which is version 1.26, which is the latest one. So, let's click on that and also download that as well. Once you've downloaded both those applications to your device, you want to now press the home key, go to Device Preferences, click on About, and you want to click on your Build Number seven times until eventually it says, You are now a developer. When it says that, you can now press back on the remote, scroll down, and we can now access these hidden developer options. Let's click on that. If you don't know what you're doing, don't mess about with the settings in here because they can cause serious issues on your device. The only thing we want to do is just enable the USB Debugging. So, make sure that's turned on. Click on OK. That's now all done. I can now press the home key. I can now start the Launcher Manager, which has

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