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Published on: June 29 2023 by pipiads

As a beginner in drop shipping, it can be overwhelming to navigate the world of e-commerce and find the best apps for your Shopify store. In this article, we will discuss the top Shopify apps that can help you boost your conversion rates and drive sales.

1. Looks Review

- Easily import reviews from AliExpress to your Shopify store

- Establish trust with potential customers by displaying reviews

- Reviews are essential for sales in today's market

2. Lucky Orange

- Allows you to see how customers interact with your website

- Helps you understand data and make changes to your store

- Great for beginners to get a better grasp on website optimization

3. Page Speed Optimizer

- Free app that increases page speed

- Slow loading times are a major turn off for potential customers

4. Easy Musical

- Adds music to your website to create a unique and memorable experience

- Helps set the mood for your products and brand

By utilizing these apps, you can improve your conversion rates and drive sales on your Shopify store. Don't forget to continually analyze your data and make changes to optimize your store for success.

How To Get Fast Shipping Shopify Dropshipping in 2022 (SAME DAY DELIVERY)

How to Get Same-Day Shipping for Your Shopify Dropshipping Business

Are you tired of long shipping times for your dropshipping business? Do you want to provide your customers with the convenience of same-day shipping? In this article, we will show you how to get same-day shipping for your Shopify dropshipping business.


1. Think outside the box

- Traditional dropshipping can be effective, but it also comes with long shipping times.

- To make customers okay with long shipping times, tell them your products are handmade and made on demand. This can work in a testing phase, but when you're ready to scale, consider other options.

2. Use a dropshipping agent

- A dropshipping agent can provide faster shipping times than traditional dropshipping.

- Get it Agent is a good option, with shipping times ranging from four to ten days.

3. Find products to promote

- Check out the website idplr.com to find free products to promote.

- Look for products that are not commonly promoted, such as underground traffic sources.

4. Download the product and create a product page

- Download the product and use the high-quality photos provided for your product page.

- Uncheck the box that says this is a physical product and track quantity since you won't be dealing with shipping.

- Use the description provided or write your own, and add a photo.

5. Promote your product

- Share your product on social media and other marketing platforms.

- Focus on a niche market and use keywords that your target audience is interested in.

By thinking outside the box and using a dropshipping agent, you can provide same-day shipping for your Shopify dropshipping business. Find unique products to promote and use high-quality images and descriptions to create a successful product page. With these tips, you can take your dropshipping business to the next level and provide excellent service to your customers.

How To Start Dropshipping on Shopify As A Beginner in 2022

How to Start a Successful Dropshipping Business from Scratch

Starting a dropshipping business can be overwhelming, but with the right strategy and tools, it can be a profitable venture. In this article, we'll show you how to start dropshipping from scratch and achieve success in the process.

1. Choosing a Website Name:

- Use a website name generator to find a broad and general store domain name.

- Avoid names that are tied to a niche, as a broad name can be turned into a brand for any niche.

2. Finding Winning Products:

- Look for products with a wow factor and solve a problem or have a passionate audience.

- Use myip.ms and commafeeds.com to find top dropshipping websites and products.

- Add as many stores as possible to your free comma feeds account to keep track of new products.

- Research products on Google Trends, Tick Tock, Facebook, and Instagram to see if they are trending or have potential.

3. Designing Your Website:

- Use free Shopify tools to design your website.

- Choose a color scheme that matches your niche and use popular songs to create an experience for customers.

4. Marketing Your Products:

- Use Facebook or Tick Tock ads to market your products.

- Research and learn how to set up effective ads.

- Consider joining a mentoring program for additional guidance and support.

Starting a dropshipping business requires careful research and planning, but with the right strategy and tools, it can be a profitable venture. By choosing the right website name, finding winning products, designing your website, and marketing effectively, you can achieve success in the world of dropshipping.

I Tried Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY, NO ADS (Start With NO MONEY)

- The author tried drop shipping with zero dollars using Big Cartel instead of Shopify.

- They used a product they've been showing on their channel and created a website using Big Cartel.

- The author will share their strategy to get free traffic on their website without paid ads.


- The author posted over 100 videos of people using the product on Pinterest within an hour.

- The goal was to see if the algorithm would pick any of them up and go viral.

- The author got almost 100,000 impressions, and over 700 people went to their website.

- The conversion rate was over 1%, and the author made over $300.

- The author suggests finding a bunch of videos of a popular product, posting them all at once on Pinterest, and forcing the algorithm to make the posts go viral.

- The author's strategy worked, and they were able to get free traffic to their drop shipping website.

- They suggest trying out their method and watching their free course to learn more.

- The author gives away drop shipping tips and tutorials for free on their channel.

How I Found a $1M Winning Product (Shopify Dropshipping)

In this article, I will be sharing a secret method to find winning products that have made over one million dollars collectively. This method is unique, and even beginners can use it to find profitable products.

Two things to look for:

When searching for products, the first thing to look for is a wow factor, and the second is a solution to a problem or a passionate audience. Passionate audiences can be found in various niches, such as relationships, sports, etc.

The secret product research method:

To use this method, you need to go to two websites, MyIP.ms and Comma Feeds. On MyIP.ms, enter the IP address belonging to Shopify, which will show every Shopify drop shipping store on the planet. Then, go to page 500 to find smaller drop shipping stores. Open as many stores as possible and copy the URLs of the ones doing well.

On Comma Feeds, add as many stores as possible by copying the website URL and adding /collections/all.atom for the feed name. Every morning or night, check the stores with a number next to their name to see if they added a new product. Then, research the product on Google Trends and social media to see if it's trending or has potential.

This secret method can help anyone find winning products that can make crazy amounts of money. By following the two criteria mentioned and using MyIP.ms and Comma Feeds, you can stay ahead of the competition and turn a product into a six or seven-figure success.

How To Find Winning Products FAST For Shopify Dropshipping

Do you spend hours scrolling through your phone every day? You might be missing out on hidden opportunities. In this article, I'll show you how to leverage social media as a product research machine to find winning products every day.


There are three main social media platforms I use to find winning products: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. One of these platforms helped me find my very first winner that made over $30,000 in one month.

Criteria for winning products:

To find winning products, look for three things: a wow factor, a passionate audience, or a problem to solve. Products that are new to consumers or do something crazy usually have the wow factor.

Finding winning products:

To find winning products on social media, follow as many meme accounts as possible. Dropshippers and e-commerce business owners usually pay influencers, specifically meme pages, to advertise their products. So, you'll definitely be able to find winning products pretty much every single day.

Example of finding a winning product:

One day, while scrolling through Twitter, I found a bracelet that said, You're my person. It looked cool, clean, and was a passionate product. I also knew that it was a quote from a super huge show, Grey's Anatomy, which I've seen in the past. I targeted people who watched the show and knew the characters, and the ads made over $30,000 in the first month.

The dropshipping concept can be simple but not easy. Think outside the box and keep your eyes peeled because products are being shown to you every single day on social media. Don't overcomplicate the process of finding winning products, it's right in front of you. Follow meme pages on social media, save products that catch your eye, upload them to your store, and test them. You too can find winning products and make a profit.

How To Make Dropshipping Work in 2022 (Shopify, Amazon, eBay)

Title: The Ultimate Marketing Strategy for Boosting Online Sales

Are you struggling to increase your online sales? Do you want to learn the secret to converting more customers? Look no further! In this article, I will share with you a marketing strategy that helped me increase my conversion rate from 2% to over 10% instantly. Whether you use Shopify, Amazon, eBay, or any other platform, this strategy will work for you. So, let's get started!

Step 1: Install the Popped In App

Head over to the Shopify app store and download the Popped In app. This app will allow you to create pop-up announcements that will grab your customers' attention.

Step 2: Create Two Identical Product Pages

Create two identical product pages, but with one small difference - the price. The first page will have the original price that you were planning to sell the product for. Let's say it's $24.99. The second page will have a more discounted price of $19.99. This small change will be significant in the next step.

Step 3: Create a Pop-Up Announcement

Using the Popped In app, create a pop-up announcement that will appear after six seconds of your customer being on the product page. Make sure to set the display frequency to everyone every visit. The pop-up should have a catchy headline like Want it for $19.99 instead? Click here! and a time limit to create urgency, like This special offer ends in two minutes and 13 seconds. The pop-up should redirect to the second product page with the discounted price.

Step 4: Mirror the Same Information on Both Pages

Make sure that the second product page has the same information as the first page, including product description, images, and reviews. This will ensure that your customer does not feel cheated or tricked into buying the product.

Step 5: Watch Your Sales Soar

With this marketing strategy in place, you will see a significant increase in your conversion rate. Customers will be more likely to buy from you because they feel like they are getting a better deal.

In conclusion, the marketing strategy outlined in this article is a simple yet effective way to boost your online sales. By creating a sense of urgency and offering a more discounted price, you can increase your conversion rate and attract more customers to your business. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try and watch your sales soar in 2022!

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