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grocers replace freezer doors screens ads

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

LED Freezer Bar Installation

Els installation. lockout and tagout the refrigerated case electrical lighting circuit when possible. turn off individual refrigerated case lighting service switches secured in off position if possible. remove existing fluorescent lens and closure or cover if applicable. remove existing fluorescent lamp. remove retaining strips that hold the door mullion plate in position. remove the door mullion plate to access the existing fluorescent ballast and wiring. disconnect the power supply to the existing fluorescent ballasts. utilize the cut and cap procedure to ensure the electrical circuit is de-energized. disconnect remaining wiring going to and from the existing fluorescent ballast. remove the existing fluorescent ballast. install new 24 volt power supply. remove existing fluorescent sockets and retaining clips. you will be utilizing e to the top or the bottom existing socket wiring for the new els system, which varies by door frame manufacturer. LED fixture installation. Els system has three potential mounting methods. one, free-floating bolts that slide into a track in the back of the LED stik and attach to the mullion with lock nuts to self tapping hex head screws drilling from the outside into the track located in the back of the LED stik. three and plate mounting tabs with self tapping screws. this video demonstrates method number one for the anthony door frame: drill a quarter inch hole, approximately six to twelve inches from the top and bottom of where the LED stik is to be placed. Center mullions should be drill center of mullion. end mullions will need to be drilled where places the LED stik edge close to the inside mullion edge. remove the end mounting tab from the LED stik without the power lead and insert the bolt heads into the track. hold the LED stik to the inside of the mullion door and line up the mounting bolts from the back of the stik to the holes drilled. slide up or down to proper position. making sure you have inserted wiring leads through the existing socket wire hole and attach stik with the locking nuts. make sure you have the power leads from the LED stik in the proper position for wiring. most installers utilize the top socket wiring for the electrical connections but it can vary by doorframe manufacturer. occupancy sensor installation, if applicable. remove the retaining strip and plate from the top electrical wiring raceway closest to the center of the case. drill a quarter inch hole in linear center of the refrigerated case door frame. make sure you drill through the frame and not the refrigerated box. feed the occupancy sensor cable through the hole from the top side down, leaving the cat5 plug in the connector on the top. mount the occupancy sensor to the door frame with self tapping screws. the sensor lens should be slightly extended over the door frame. DC controller modules can be mounted in either the vertikal door mullions or the horizontal wiring raceways with the adhesive tape on the back of the modules. this video shows DC modules without leads and each stik has its own module. new versions come with 6-inch leads and modules can operate multiple stiks. Els wiring connections with the occupancy sensor: utilize the proper wired diagram as provided with the product shipment. connect input side of DC modules to the output side of the 24 volt power supply utilizing approved wiring connectors. connect 24-volt lead of DC modules daisy-chaining as required to the occupancy sensor. connect the output side of the DC modules to the LED stiks. wiring connector should be done inside the mullion or raceways. connect the input power to the 24 volt power supplies. reactivate lighting circuit at panel if lockout tagout was performed. turn on lighting switch of the case and ensure the new system is operating properly, including occupancy sensor dimming. reattach all Raceway and mullion plates utilizing the retaining strips. occupancy sensor adjustments: the watt stopper FS 705 sensor comes with a coverage area switch and time delay functions. refer to the watt stopper sensor installation instructions with the product shipment.

Teen Titans Go! | Fooooooooood! | DC Kids

you want some shredded coconut on that, bro, you know it says: keep that coconut coming [Music]. [Music]. I am done now with the coconut rage Titans. we need a new food source fast. but all we got here at his garbage- coconut. maybe we should check the other side of the island, mmm, but that is the unexplored side of the island. who can say what mysteries await us there? the mysterious side of the island? who do is where the mysteries? [Music]. it is the different from marbles away. the mystery sure awaits the play. [Music]. whoo - whoo - whoo - that's good start to the other side of the island. [Music]. [Music] in here this whole time. so much better than the diabolical coconuts. it's like a flavor explosion. yo, you know, I bet these would be really good fast. hmm, okay, check out those dinosaurs. yeah, frog them. but we're currently focused on the potatoes. huh, okay, just wanted to make sure. you know, I kind of feel like having pie. perhaps it's my job to know, and cuz I love pie too, when I say I want, you say pie. I won't cry, I won't. when I say yummy, you say ha, ha. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. one pie, I mean, of life. yep, he's gonna love my gift. [Music]. you still like food? well, you're gonna love it even more. this tax tastes so much better in my human belly. [Music]. if you think that's good, wait till you try this. once every 300 years, all major food groups align in the cosmos- taco. maybe we overdid it just a little. that's the verdict, Otto, you need help. it's been a while since I've used one of these, okay, [Music]. [Music]. time to get up. hide on you guys really like pie. who doesn't what you got there? [Music]: blueberry gross. relax. I just wash my hands and I've lost my appetite. the mother mae-eye makes the best pies in all of jump city. I wonder what his secret is. I hear she bakes people into her pies. I suspect the secret ingredient is love time. we toked about something really important. okay, let me see what we're working with. you call those bellies is shameful. what do you have to say for yourself? well, I for one out you your belly. Oh, what about you six-pack? I'm up for the challenge. sir, you ready to get juicy tangerine? well, first things, first turn in your smile bones. please just put them in the bucket. seriously, do you want to learn how to eat enough? will those be stored in a sanitary manner? yeah, I put them in the bucket. [Music]. those bellies are looking ripe. here's your smile. bones back, y'all. you earned it. oh, that's not right. that goes to you, Robin. have you considered eating less of the fish? huh, noted, I'm starving. I left a big Bagatelle food chips right here on the table. looks like someone beat us to it. don't worry, we've still got a tub of ice. cried thanks for the snacks. they put the top back in the freezer, even though it's empty. us apparently forget the snacks, we'll just play some video games. he looks like he is in the pain. I thought you'd be more excited. we have no idea what you just said. Oh, I'm ordering you a pizza. what I was trying to say is I didn't have the money for toppings, so it will be plain cheese. [Music]. now, before we dig in, I want everyone's assurance that we will enjoy this pizza responsibly. what are you even toking about, brah? for some reason, every time we eat pizza, we end up fighting over it and running around silly and everything that does not sound like us. well, a little pizza makes you all do both kooky, hooter and goofy random humor. I don't want any of that understood. you are the overacting Robin. it is only the pizza. [Music]. you're doing? you're running around, silly and everything. look at what you've become: Titans, running around, silly and everything. you have to stop this, because I haven't gotten a slice yet. [Music]. [Music]. oh man, that was some good pizza, maybe too good. is it too early for the breakfast pizza? it's too early and it's too late. what does that even mean? [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Music] so much delicious food? yes, this world would be very easy to conquer. it's time to teach those bellies how to eat. Starfire Raven, you know what to do. [Music]. nice try, but how will they see where these delicious treats without their smile bones? how are we going to caber our food now? take ours. [Music] quick - give people your smile bones. you no way. you do it star very well. [Music]. well, I sincerely hope we all learned a little bit about the importance of favoring your food. we sure did. thanks, Robyn. it's just one more thing. seriously, you guys eat like animals. what wavin? well, I guess you get a pass, but you two are disgusting. hmm, sorry, it's just. Robyn makes the best sandwiches, it's true. I've developed a sandwich design that will take your mouth on a flavor journey, her journey, where it's a journey of its own. oh yeah, I'd crawl over a hundred miles of broken glass for the sandwich. I Drive across the country, the car that smelled like cyborgs be all for this sandwich. keep me away from this sandwich. incredibly difficult stuff for that sandwich, actually. so you're saying you'd leave this tower if I told you where to find a good sandwich? sure, but it would have to be a legendary sandwich. you like mine. there is an ancient sandwich of power, hidden away from those who would use its power for evil. okay, first of all, that's dumb, and you made it up. second, even if it is true, my sandwiches are the best period. Oh, but it is true. behold who is it? story time in an age long forgotten, and old kings summoned his sandwich wizard. the king commanded him to create a sandwich of power. the sandwich wizard labored in his tower for six days. on the seventh he brought the sandwich before the king and it was glorious. it would grant him eternal life, so he could rule his kingdom forever. it was also delicious, yes. one night the prince betrayed the king and tried to steal the sandwich. the old king was heartbroken. he realized the sandwich was too powerful. it had to be destroyed. so the ingredients were hidden away in the far corners of the world, watched by the fierce sandwich Guardians. legend says it can be reforged if all the ingredients are brought together. we got to get that sandwich. oh man, I want to eat it twice. the sandwich will look beautiful in my hair. no way can atop my sandwich. science. what are we waiting for? right, let's go. finally, birthday party. hey Raven, I thought you were making a sandwich. we have no idea where to look. there are four ingredients. the mystikal bacon is here on the lava lake. I got the heat resistors, baby, I'm on it. the next ingredient is the King's lettuce, buried deep underground. I can dig it. the next ingredient is the stellar tomato hidden among the stars. I shall retrieve the tomato. okay, let's do this. I assume you saved the most dangerous ingredient for the leader of the Titans, oh yes. the last ingredient is pretzel bread. it can be found at the supermarket. here's a coupon. as you can see from these science drawings, vegetables make a line that keeps going up. yes, cyborg, what's up with that weird little purple carrot? that? that's a rutabaga? oh, of course. and that round, leafy green carrot? that's just lettuce. and the brown lumpy carrots, the potato. you know, all vegetables aren't just carrots? right then, what's this point here? orange carrot, that's a carrot. I am so confused. this is a lot of information to process Beast Boy. but aren't vegetables still just gross, tasteless rabbit food? yeah, why should I eat like a rabbit? I'm not a rabbit. it is true, vegetables do not give my mouth the deliciousness in the same manner as the meat. you don't think vegetables can be tasty? huh, for Robin the carrots do. Starfire broccoli, Raven, falafel and hummus and cyborg spinach bro. [Music]. whoa, that's good, really good. I thought this would taste like dirt, don't taste like. [Music] crime alert. you guys ready for a vegetable powered victory? no, the Titans. [Music]. thanks to spinach, I'm stronger than ever. [Music] these carrots are giving me super sight. [Music]. [Music] under your shirts. whoa, what's this? that's your vegetable gut. yes, we'd like another pizza. I know, we just had to deliver. of course we can pay for it, but we won't have to because there's no way you'r.

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Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge Review

hey, what's up, guys? soldier knows best err. so if you asked me at the beginning of the year to make a list of tik that I would want to use, a smart refrigerator would not have made the top of that list, just being honest with you. but Samsung sent over one of their family hub refrigerators and this is part of their lineup of smart refrigerators and I have to tell you I like it. so I'm going to show you some details about what this thing can do and also some things that I like and don't like about it. and this is the four door French door version of their family hub refrigerators, and I put the official model number down below in the description. but anyway, let's head to my kitchen and see what this thing is about. all right, so now I'm in my kitchen and I know, before we get to this big huge screen here, this is kind of the brain of the smart refrigerator. let's tok about the regular refrigerator parts first. so this entire fridge is broken up into two different zones, which they call their twin cooling plus zones. so this means you have this part in this middle drawer here which is going to be the refrigerator, and then the bottom section is going to be the freezer, and both of these sections are going to be independently cooled, and you can also control the cooling right here on the screen. but I'll show you that in a little bit. but let's first get into the main part of the refrigerator here, and one of the first things I really like is just the LED lighting that it has up here at the top, so you can kind of see everything clearly, and then it's broken down to about three or four different zones here. so at the top you have some storage here. I put a little bit of water up there, and I also like the fact that this left side of this can actually flip up, so if you do have something tall, like a bottle of wine or champagne or whatever, you can place that back in there because you have that extra space. now on the second level, you also have something that can give you the same option, because on the right hand side you have this little slide and thing there where you can push that back, and now I can play something tall right here as well. now, something that could have been better for this section is that if Samsung would have just doubled down on this and made this side, exactly like this side, so you can have that extra storage space because this panel is just like a regular panel, which is good. but I definitely like that extra functionality that this side, and I just wish that it was on both sides. now, below this, you have just another level here for storage and then below that you have two different drawers here that you can pull out and you can put things like your vegetables or your fruits inside of them, and then each one of these do have their own individual humidity controls so you can slide them from low to high and, I think, can refer to the manual to see which one would be better for partikular items that you're storing this out of there. but one thing that I did find is that these are a little bit loose so they're very easy to kind of just knock out of the setting that you have them on. so if you are pulling something out you may accidentally kind of slide that over to the left and the right. hasn't happened to me that much, but it did happen to me once where I think that it they just were to make these a little bit stiffer, it would be a lot better, and then you have plenty of good storage on the inside of the doors. so you have three different levels on each side and you have at least one really good deep size. you can put some tall things over here. and then also you have the icemaker, which they call their ice max, and this can hold about 2.7 pounds of ice inside of it. so that should be plenty for you know, a little get-together, a little party here and there, and then on the front of the left door, you do have an icemaker here so you can change between getting some cubed ice and crushed ice and also water, and has a little light there that lights up when you do put a glass underneath. I'm moving down to this middle portion here, which is the bottom portion of the refrigerator. part of this- and this is one of my favorite pieces of this entire refrigerator because it's it's really ingenious and it's called their flex zone. so this is a zone that allows you to adjust the size of this rail system here to accommodate four different things. so I have a bunch of different bottled waters here and I can adjust this by turning the knob to the left and I can move it left and right and up and down to add more water bottles in here, or I can leave it like it is and keep it separated. so if I do want to put some Gatorade bottles in here or some other different types of juices, it will all be kind of separated in their own compartments. and in these software you can let the refrigerator know whether or not you're storing beverages in here, like I'm doing now, or if you put some deli meat inside of there or you put some bottles of wine in there, so it can kind of keep them cooled the best way possible. and then now to the bottom section, which is going to be the freezer. you do find that you have a decent amount of storage here. so, yeah, this top part to put a lot of different smaller things in there. then at the bottom you have two separate kind of containers there which are pretty deep, so you can put a lot of good stuff in there to keep frozen. Oh, a real quick. let me tok about the handles, because the handles actually pull out and up a little bit so they come out at an angle which makes it easier to open these type of sections that may have a lot of heavy stuff in them. I find it to be really easy just to kind of pull it up and out and pull it out, and now you're able to get to these sections without have to exert a lot of force. oh, one more thing that I forgot to tell you earlier, and this deals with the cooling inside of the refrigerator. so on the back you see this big stainless steel piece here, and this is part of the metal cooling system. so this entire thing spans from the top and the bottom, and this is going to help evenly cool this entire refrigerator. so not only does they help keep everything cool, it looks cool. I know, as corny- as I get older I make corny jokes like that, but yeah, it is cool-looking, all right. so now we have made it to the tikie part of this smart refrigerator. so the big thing that we have here is a big 21.5 inch 1080 by 1920 display, and it's a really nice looking display. it's bright enough to, you know, work in a lot of different environments if you have the lights on or off, and I have the brightness turned down just for this video. so it does get a lot brighter than this, and so there's a lot of stuff to cover here, but let's start with this main screen here, and this is called the family board, and so this is a area where everybody can add content to, so everybody who has an account on this refrigerator- like your parents, the kids or anybody else living with you- they can add stuff to this right from their phones. so you can download the Family Hub app- and it's available on iOS and Android- and now you can add to the family board just by tapping on it and you can hit the little plus button and so I can add another photo on here and once then add it. I can kind of pinch and zoom and move it around and then, once I hit save, it will go ahead and sync over to the refrigerator in just a matter of seconds and boom, there it is. so this is cool. so, say, your kids are off at college and they took a really nice picture and they want to share with you. instead of just texting it to you, they can just add it to this board and then when the parents get home, they can come back and see it and it can make for a really good moment. and you can also add a memo here on the screen, which i think is really useful because you can let people know if something that's going on or something is happening. maybe you're gonna be running a little bit late or something, so you can add a memo here- I'm running late and it will show up from that. partikular pe.

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KitchenAid 5 Door Refrigerator Disassembly (Model KRMF706ESS01)

since repair clinic encourages you to perform this procedure safely, a warning icon will appear when you should use caution. many refrigerator repairs will require some disassembly of the appliance. before you attempt this, be sure to unplug the power cord. to reach the circuit boards or components behind the lower rear access panel, you will need to pull the refrigerator away from the wall. to do this, first open the freezer drawer and pull the base grill forward to remove. next, use a quarter inch socket or nut driver to rotate the break feet counterclockwise to raise them. you can now roll the appliance forward to access the circuit boards. use the quarter inch socket or nut driver to unthread the screws to release the access panel. cut the retaining tape if necessary. then use a small flat-head screwdriver to depress the tab to detach the plastik cover to reach components like the condenser fan motor and the primary water inlet valve. unthread all of the screws to release the lower rear access panel. if you need to replace the fan motor, first pull the fan blade off of the motor shaft. use of 5/16 inch wrench to unthread the two mounting screws securing the fan motor to the bracket. pull the old motor free and disconnect the wire connector. install the new condenser fan motor by first connecting the wire connector, then align the motor on the bracket and thread the screws to secure. slide the fan blade onto the motor shaft until fully seated. reinstall the access panel. push the refrigerator back against the wall and lower the front break feet until they are in contact with the floor. replace the base grille by aligning the ends of the grille with the leveling assemblies, then snap the grille into place. if you need to release the dispenser user interface assembly, use a small flat-head screwdriver to depress the tabs on the bottom. disconnect the three wire connectors to fully uninstall the assembly. to uninstall the ice door assembly, use a quarter inch socket or nut driver to unthread the four mounting screws securing the assembly to the housing. unhook the wires from the retaining clip. release the dispenser waterline from the assembly. disconnect the ice door motor wire connector. release the tabs on the left and right sides and you can pull the assembly out. if you need to replace an actuator paddle component, first remove the drip tray, then unthread the two lower screws and the two upper screws securing the dispenser housing. pull the housing free. if you need to replace the paddle, use needle nose pliers to detach the actuator spring. you can now release the tabs to detach the actuator paddle. install a new actuator paddle by aligning it in the housing, making sure the arms snap into place on the tabs. realign the actuator spring. reposition the dispenser housing and thread the upper and lower screws to secure. replace the drip tray keeping the wires and water line in front of the ice store assembly. reposition the assembly in the housing and snap it into place. thread the screws to secure. connect the motor wire connector and hook the wires behind the retaining clip. snap the dispenser water line into place. reinstall the user interface assembly by first connecting the wire connectors to the appropriate terminals. insert the upper tabs into the slots in the housing and snap the assembly into place. to access components like the water filter housing and reservoir, first depress the water filter cover to release it. then rotate the filter counterclockwise to remove using the quarter inch socket or nut driver. unthread the two screws securing the reservoir access panel. pull the panel down using a flathead screwdriver to help detach the mounting posts. disconnect the LED light wire connector and set the panel aside. to remove the ice box, first use a small flat-head screwdriver to pry off the waterline retainer. depress the retaining ring to release the icemaker fill tube from the valve port. disconnect all of the ice box wire connectors for easier access. to uninstall the ice box, remove the upper-left shelf. use a putty knife or a flathead screwdriver to depress the tabs to release the ice boxes front cover, then disconnect the wire connector. now unthread the two mounting screws securing the ice box. pull the ice box forward and down to fully release and you can access and replace the ice box fan motor and the icemaker. reinstall the ice box by aligning the hooks on the top with the notches in the liner and push the ice box back. replace the screws. reinstall the front cover by first connecting the wire connector, then align the top edge and snap the cover into place. replace the upper shelf if required. reconnect all of the icebox wire connectors. reinsert the fill tube into the valve port until fully seated. snap the waterline retainer into place. reinstall the reservoir access panel by first connecting the LED light wire connector. insert the three tabs at the back into the slots, then snap the mounting posts into place. rethread the screws. reinstall the water filter and close the cover. if you need to replace any freezer components, fully, open the freezer drawer and use a quarter inch socket or nut driver to partially unthread the two top screws securing the drawer front to the glides. lift the drawer front up to detach it from the glides. next, use a large flat head screwdriver to help detach the left and right drawer stops. lift out the center drawer. detach the main freezer drawer pin assembly from the glides and set it aside. release the support bar collar and you can remove the support bar to remove a manger or slide assembly. use a quarter inch socket or nut driver to unthread the two front mounting screws securing the assembly. pull the assembly forward to remove to reach the evaporator. depress the tabs to release the upper freezer drawer and set the drawer aside. next, unthread the front screws securing either the left or right upper drawer slide assembly, depending on which main drawer slide assembly you removed earlier. pull the assembly forward and set it aside. now unthread the screws securing the evaporator cover. detach the thermistor cover and release the thermistor from the cover fully. remove the evaporator cover. remove the insulation block as well to access the fan motor assembly. before reinstalling the evaporator cover, realigned the insulation block. now align the thermistor wire in the knotch as you reposition the evaporator cover. secure the cover with the screws. secure the thermistor in the thermistor cover and snap the cover onto the evaporator cover. reinstall the upper drawer slide assembly and thread the front screw. replace the upper drawer. reinstall the manger slide assembly by positioning it on the lighter and mounting posts, then pushed back. thread the mounting screws to secure. reinstall the support bar and snap the collar into place to secure. replace the manger bin assembly. reinstall the center drawer then snap the left and right drawer stops into position. with the free searcher or Clyde's fully extended, you can reinstall the drawer front by aligning the plastik studs and the mounting screws with the bracket slots. tighten the two screws to remove the refrigerator doors. use a Phillips head screwdriver to unthread the screws securing the two top hinge covers. lift off the covers. to remove the left top hinge, you will need to lift up the clasp and detach the dispenser water supply line. depress the catch to disconnect the wire connector and unthread the screw to release the grounding wire. use a t25 Torx bit to unthread the front and rear mounting screws securing the top hinges to the appliance. leave the two side adjustment screws intact. support each door as you remove the hinge. open each door to a ninety degree position and have an assistant help you to lift the doors off of the hinge bushings to access components behind the evaporator cover in the refrigerator compartment. you will now need to remove the center hinges by unthreading the three mounting screws. remove all of the shelving from the refrigerator.

What Happens To Your Body After You Die? | Human Biology | The Dr Binocs Show | Peekaboo Kidz

[Music]. [Music]. i understand, little kitty. after all, a cemetery is where all the dead bodies are kept as they begin their decomposition process. well, that's a spooky question, but let's look at it from the perspective of science and allow me to explain to you and our lovely friends what happens to our body after we die. zoom in: that is inevitable and so far nobody has managed to escape this natural process since the dawn of humanity. yes, although the thought of death frightens everyone. but what happens to our body after is really fascinating to know. [Music]. once a person stops breathing, his heartbeat stops and his brain dies. the doctor declares the person dead and the body immediately begins the decomposition process. as soon as the person dies, the body begins the first stage of decomposition, called primary placidity, in which the person's muscles relax as the jaws fall open, while the eyelids lose the tension and close down. at the same time, the body starts to lose heat as its temperature lowers down to match with the area around it, in the process with a spooky name known as the death chill. [Music]. then, within minutes after that, the blood flow stops and it begins to settle in the lower most part of the body, and after few hours we begin to see the first visible sign as the skin in those areas starts to turn purplish in the stage called liver mortis or post-mortem stain. after that, within three to six hours, the once relaxed body starts to contract in the process called rigomortis, and this stiffening spreads through the muscles, and its speed depends upon the person's age, gender and environment. but this contraction lasts only till 20 to 84 hours, after which the body again goes back to relaxed mode in the stage called secondary facility. after this begins the decomposition process. but what happens to the body next depends on many factors, one of which is the environment in which the body is stored. yes, for example, let us assume three different bodies with similar characteristiks and factors are stored in different environment. in that case, the one exposed to air will decompose twice as fast as the one immersed in water and eight times as fast as one buried in mud. [Music]. but no matter what the outer condition is, the internal aspects tend to remain the same, as the body could no longer intake oxygen or clear the toxic gases like carbon dioxide, which continues to build up inside the cells and is very acidic. this acid raptures cells sac, which contains enzymes that begin to eat the cell from inside out, creating fluid-filled blisters on the body, and as this fluid is rich in nutrients, it attracts the microorganisms like fungi and bacteria already present in our body. and as there is no immune system to fight these inner germs, they go on an eating spree and in the process releases nearly 400 different types of chemicals and gases. the smell of these gases attracts various insects that feed and break down the tissues until only the skeleton is left, which, with time, also decomposes into the mud. trim your time. did you know? when a person dies, their sense of hearing is the last to go? [Music] also, lack of physical exercise is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths worldwide, so it's crucial to stay away from cell phones, to play and exercise if you want to live longer. hope you learned something new in today's episode. until next time, it's me, dr binox, zooming out you.

Walgreens Cooler Data Collectors Could Become Smart Ad Network / RBDR

welcome to research business daily report made possible by our beady arse exclusive community at the crowdfunding platform known as patreon calm. we encourage you to visit patreoncom forward slash rbdr to find out how you can work with us to continue our series of these videos. I'm Bob Lederer. it's always rbdr special pleasure to focus attention on research innovations, especially since verifiable, meaningful, game-changing innovations really are very few and far between. so let's take a look at what the Wall Street Journal published last week concerning the testing of cooler screens tiknology. it's ongoing in Walgreens stores in Chicago, San Francisco, and it'll be spreading to New York and Seattle later this month. they've proven to be worthwhile. cooler screens could become a new network of smart displays that marketers can use to target ads as specific shopper targets. cooler screens embeds cameras, sensors and digital screens in cooler doors. Wall Street Journal reporter Lara O'Reilly wrote that this system can be seen as providing brick-and-mortar locations with a capability that's in the vein of online advertising. the camera and the sensors inside the coolers connect to face detection tiknology, which can determine those items that shoppers first look at and then decide to grab and take with them. that activity delivers information for advertisers taught by evidence of the persuasiveness of their on-screen promotions, and cooler screens alerts each locations store manager when a product goes out of stok and I can tell you from firsthand experience. you can't place a high enough premium on that kind of in the moment information. 15 major advertisers are part of this test, a group that includes Nestle, Miller, Coors and ConAgra Foods, brick wall or Miller core senior marketing man. you told the Journal that the brewery appreciates how cooler screens raises the profile of beer in drug chains and how it can influence shoppers. in-store Cantor global head of media, Jane Ostler, emphasized cooler screens unique delivery of in-store digital advertising, but at the same time she underscored the need for the process to properly balance targeting versus intrusiveness. cooler screens business model is providing intelligence to brands and retailers for a much better shopping experience. that's the word from cooler screens co-founder and CEO arson Avakian. data capture and compasses the size and audience demographics of each retail location, and shoppers can read a posted privacy statement as well as get answers about the data that's being collected from them and others from a concierge who is located near the coolers. that's your research business daily report has been made possible by members of our exclusive community on the crowdfunding platform patreoncom. our videos produced thanks to the interest and the support of our viewers, who take and use our daily news videos, and I make reference to taking and using our videos because we like to acknowledge our new patrons, and our thanks go out to Tom Johnson, the director of consumer insights for Del Taco restaurants. he is one of many who have decided to pledge their support for rbdr because they have deceit for themselves that it is a very, very normal to pick up something almost every day or every week from rbdr videos and, since we produce a video report over 45 weeks during this year, that's a lot of valuable information that's at their fingertips and yours. so please join our community, which has been made very easy for you to do at patreoncom forward slash rbdr. you can select the level of patronage that's most suitable for you, and no amount is too small. have a great research day and we will look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow. [Music]. [Applause] [Music].