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grocery weekly ads

Published on: January 14 2023 by pipiads

Grocery Prices at Walmart Freshco in Canada Weekly Flyer

In this weekly video, we will be discussing the deals and offers available at Walmart and Freshco flyers in Canada. Let's take a look at some of the great deals this week.

Walmart Flyer:

- White all-purpose flour for $1.97 (2.5 kg)

- Juice can/jar for $2.97 (1.75 L)

- Celery sticks for $0.97

- Sugar bag for $0.97 (2 kg)

- Peanut butter for $2.97

- Can of tomato soup for $0.67

- Plastic hangers (set of 30) for $7.77

Freshco Flyer:

- English cucumbers for $0.99 each

- Plum tomatoes for $0.99/lb (around 2.18 kg for $0.99)

- Iceberg lettuce for $0.99 each

- Broccoli crowns for $0.99 each

- Classico pasta sauce for $4.99

- India Gate Basmati rice (4.5 kg) for $7.99

- Pack of paneer for $2.99

- Pack of rusk for $0.99

- Nutella (725g) for $3.99

Don't miss out on these great deals and offers available at Walmart and Freshco flyers in Canada. Remember to check out Walmart's online grocery for promotions and save time shopping. And if you need some hangers, Walmart has a great deal on plastic hangers. Happy shopping!

Grocery Store Ads | Weekly Sales| Memorial Day Weekend

In this article, we will be discussing the different sales ads of various stores for the Memorial Day weekend. We will be covering the deals and discounts offered by Raley's, Save Mart, Safeway, Costless, and more.


- Foster Farms chicken breast for 97 cents a pound

- Five deals for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

- Memorial produce savings, including California-grown cherries for $1.99 and corn for 88 cents

Save Mart:

- Buy one, get one free meat

- Super coupons for Oscar Mayer meat franks and hamburger buns for 99 cents each

- Memorial produce savings, including Driscoll strawberries for $2.50 per pound


- Pick four or more and save on any red tag items, including tri tip roast, Jennie O ground turkey, and New York sausages for $2.99 per pound

- Drumsticks, thighs, leg quarters, and Ballpark Frank's for 99 cents

- Mix and match sale for peanut butter, brown and serve, and more


- One pound of strawberries for 99 cents

- Extra large mangoes for 38 cents each

- Tri tip for $2.68

These sales ads offer great deals and discounts for Memorial Day weekend. Make sure to take advantage of the sales and stock up on your favorite items. Happy shopping!

Watch This Before Stepping Foot Inside Aldi Again

Aldi may have a smaller selection compared to larger grocery chains, but it caters to a wide variety of diets with its own gluten-free and organic lines. The store brand, Never Any, offers meat that is free of steroids, added hormones, and antibiotics. Aldi also has a vegetarian and vegan line called Earth Grown, and a large selection of protein bars and powders under the brand Elevation.

Twice as Nice Guarantee:

Aldi's return policy is called the Twice as Nice Guarantee, which allows customers to return an item, get their money back, and receive a replacement product. This policy only applies to food, and not alcohol or non-food products. Walmart and Costco may refund money for returns, but they don't offer replacement products like Aldi does.

Speedy Checkout:

Aldi is famous for its speedy checkout, estimated to be about 40% faster than other grocery stores. This is due to several barcodes on Aldi products, including produce, so cashiers don't have to look for one before scanning. Groceries are put into an empty cart beside the cashier, and customers bag their own groceries in an area away from the checkout line.

Home Goods and Aldi Finds:

Aldi also sells a wide range of home goods, including decor, furniture, tools, clothing, shoes, and pet products. Its seasonal items, known as Aldi Finds, aren't available for very long, and items are changed weekly. Aldi circulars can be found on its website, and the current Aldi Finds can be previewed for the following week.

Keeping Prices Low:

Aldi keeps prices low by putting products on the shelf while they're still in the box, and choosing to save shoppers money rather than have non-essential grocery store services. Its emphasis is on having rock bottom prices, which has won over shoppers who want simplicity and affordable groceries.

Impressive Wine Selection:

Aldi offers at least 37 wines for less than $10 per bottle, including reds, whites, rose, sparkling wines, and specialty flavors. Aldi's wine has even won awards from several different organizations, with nearly 30 award-winning kinds of wine listed on its website. Prices and selection may differ between locations.

Environmental Consciousness:

Aldi asks its shoppers to bring their own bags to reduce its impact on the environment. The company is dedicated to reducing its impact on the environment and has a bring your own bag roll to prevent the use of plastic bags.

ALDI * WEEKLY AD PREVIEW FOR 10/05/2022 - 10/11/2022

Music: Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Thanks for tuning in. Today, we're going to go over the latest finds in the grocery section for October 5th through October 11th. I hope you're all excited!

Here are the upcoming Aldi finds:

1. Beaumont pumpkin spice cappuccino or hot cocoa cups - $5.79

2. Emporium selection Halloween cheese assortment - $4.29

3. Mama Cozy's Pizza Kitchen 12-inch broccoli cheese deli pizza - $5.99

4. Boston Market chicken parmesan entree - $3.09

5. Breakfast Best pumpkin spice or cinnamon waffles - $2.49

6. Fremont Fish Market large raw peeled or deveined wild stuffed shrimp - $7.19

7. Water severe battered fish fillet - $5.99

8. Mama Cozy's Pizza Kitchen Halloween pumpkin or ghost pizza - $5.49

9. Motor City Pizza Co five cheese bread - $7.44

10. Pipsqueak sweet potato crinkle cut fries - $3.99

11. Season's Choice ginger lemongrass or turmeric functional smoothies - $5.99

12. A Village Pie Maker premium apple or pumpkin pie - $12.97

13. Never Any fresh butter fruit flies lamb legs rosemary garlic or unseasoned - $7.99 per pound

14. Tyson fresh pork sirloin roast - $1.79 per pound

15. Fresh stuffed Atlantic salmon - $9.99

16. Cheetos bold and cheesy macaroni and cheese - $1.38

17. Oregano Halloween pasta - $2.69

18. Simply Nature green or yellow lentil lasagna sheets - $3.79

19. Specially Selected pumpkin and butternut squash or pumpkin chipotle pasta sauce - $3.49

20. Benton's chocolate haunted house cookie kit - $7.99

21. Create a treat Day of the Dead cookie kit - $5.99

22. Created Snacks apple cinnamon or pumpkin pecans granola drizzlers - $4.49

23. General Mills Cheerios pumpkin spice - $3.48

24. Nabisco boot Oreos - $4.25

25. Slaters of pan over Halloween pretzel snack packs - $3.99

Wow, those are some great deals! If you found this video helpful, please subscribe to my channel to help me grow. Thank you in advance!

And now, for something completely different - let's talk about the top 10 places to buy inventory to sell on Amazon or eBay. Here they are:

1. Thrift stores

2. Garage sales

3. Estate sales

4. Craigslist

5. Facebook Marketplace

6. Auctions

7. Liquidation sales

8. Retail arbitrage

9. Wholesale suppliers

10. Online marketplaces

So, that's it for today's video. Thanks for watching and don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to my channel. See you next time!

Gulf Coast Market, Weekly, Grocery Ad.

It's Tuesday morning and time to go over the latest deals in the Big Store Gulf Coast Market's circular ad. The ad runs from the 8th to the 14th, with great deals on meat, produce, snacks, and more. Let's take a look at what's on offer this week.


- Fresh pork butt roast for 99 cents a pound

- Lord leg quarters for 39 cents a pound

- Pork loin back ribs for $5.99 a pound

- Rib eye steaks for $10.99 a pound

- Avocados for four for a dollar

- Fine ripe strawberries for two for five dollars

- Sweet baby back ribs sauce for $1.99

- American craft single cheese for two for five dollars

- Peeled shrimp for $3.99 a pound

- Zataran's boil for cooking crawfish for $2.99 a pound

- Sweet pig farm classic vegetables for 99 cents

- Nabisco crackers for two for six dollars

- Bluebell ice cream for $5.29

- Mayonnaise or ketchup for two for five dollars

- Tony Chachere's dinner mix for two for four dollars

- Lacroix sparkling water for $4.49

- Kraft cheese for two for five dollars

- Land O' Lakes butter sticks for two for seven dollars

- Dean's dips for two for three dollars

- Silk almond milk for $2.99

- Hot dogs for Hormel no beans chili for two for three dollars

- Rotel diced tomatoes for 89 cents

- Velveeta loaf cheese for $6.99

- Pizzas for four dollars

- Craving flavor snacks for two for five dollars

- A1 and 57 sauce for $3.99

- Cheese at snacks for two for six dollars

- Craving flavor baked potatoes for two for five dollars

- Food club yellow mustard for 99 cents

- Red Diamond tea for $2.89

- Kraft dressings for two for four dollars

- Tony Chachere's marinades for $2.79

- Craving flavor sandwich cookies for two for five dollars

- Chocolate milk for $1.99

- Simply Done plastic cutlery for 79 cents

- Bounty napkins for $2.99

- Don dish soap for $2.99

- Crest toothpaste for two for three dollars

- Tide laundry detergent for $5.99

- Round roast for $4.99 a pound

- Round steaks for $5.99 a pound

- Ground round for $4.99 a pound

- Hillshire smoked sausage for two for seven dollars

- Bryan cocktail sausages for two for seven dollars

- Bryan wieners for $1.79

- Corn dogs for $2.99

- Hills Farm lunch meat for $4.99

- Bryan slice bacon for $3.99

- Yellow onions for $1.99

- Bell peppers for three for three dollars

- Romaine tomatoes for 99 cents a pound

- Lemons or limes for three for a dollar

- Fresh tender asparagus for $2.99

- Kings Hawaiian pretzel bread for two for six dollars

- J Skinner sweet rolls for breakfast for $3.69

The Big Store Gulf Coast Market has some great deals this week on a variety of products. From meat and produce to snacks and household items, there's something for everyone. Be sure to check out their website for the full ad and plan your shopping accordingly. Happy shopping!

ALDI * AD PREVIEW FOR 7/31/2022 - 8/6/2022

In this video, Amy gives a sneak peek of the ad for Snyder's of Hanover Season Twisted Pretzels, Season's Choice Hashbrown Stiks, Nabisco Pokemon 12 Pack Cookie Assortment, and Mamikaze Pizza Kitchen Biscuit Crust Pizza Assorted Varieties.

Product Highlights:

- Snyder's of Hanover Season Twisted Pretzels for $3.38

- Season's Choice Hashbrown Stiks for $2.99

- Nabisco Pokemon 12 Pack Cookie Assortment for $5.29

- Mamikaze Pizza Kitchen Biscuit Crust Pizza Assorted Varieties for $5.49

- Angie's Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn or Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn for $3 each

- Peanut Delight No Sugar Added Peanut Butter for $2.25

- Earth Grown Chick and Maple Waffle Sandwich for $4.99

- Cattleman's Ranch Prime Rib or Pub Style Beef Patties for $8.49

- Pure Being Pure Cat Treats Assorted Varieties for $1.69 each

Other Products:

- Good Food Made Simple Original Pancake Puffs for $3.99 each

- Cheetos Flamin Hot Crunchy Cheese Snacks for $3.98

- Organic Banana Milk for $3.99

- Powerade Berry Blast or Mixed Berry Zero for $0.98

- Lacroix Sparkling Flavored Water for a price not available at all stores

- Gold Peak Assorted Varieties for $2.38

- Wicked Grove Green Apple Hard Cider Cans for $5.99 for four cans

- Huntington Home LED Novelty Lamp for $9.99

- Huntington Home LED Curtain Lights for $6.99

- Easy Home Collapsible Laundry Basket for $14.99

- Honeychome 20 by 39 Comfort Mats for $9.99

- Huntington Home Five Pack Makeup Removing Class for $4.99

- Huntington Home 50 by 70 Royal Plush Throw for $9.99

- Huntington Home Wardrobe or Shoe Organizer for $29.99

- Easy Home Compactor Strainer for $9.99

- Huntington Home Decorative Glass Candle for $4.99

- Huntington Home Layered Stone Candles for $6.99

- Huntington Home Ceramic Desk Decor for $4.99

- Four Inch Foliage Assorted Varieties for $3.49

- Easy Home Mini Humidifier for $9.99

- Pure Being Whole or Split Antler for $7.99

- Heart to Tail Three in One Pet Shower Sprayer for $19.99

- Heart to Tail Dual Sifting Litter Mat for $8.99

- Hair Elastiks and Accessories for $2.99

- Crane Men's Four Pack Boxer Briefs for $9.99

- Crane Men's or Lady Six Pack Fitness Socks for $6.99

Amy showcases a wide range of products in this video, from snacks and drinks to household items and pet supplies. Customers can find good deals on items such as the Snyder's of Hanover Season Twisted Pretzels, the Earth Grown Chick and Maple Waffle Sandwich, and the Pure Being Pure Cat Treats. Additionally, customers can spruce up their homes with the Huntington Home LED Curtain Lights, the Easy Home Collapsible Laundry Basket, and the Huntington Home Wardrobe or Shoe Organizer.

Weekly Ads MATH

Due to current circumstances, many students are having to learn from home. In this article, we will explore a math lesson plan that can be done from home using grocery store catalogs.

Math Lesson Plan:

- Start the day with a morning announcement to set the tone for learning

- Use grocery store catalogs to complete a math worksheet

- The worksheet includes categories such as produce, dairy, meat, and drinks

- Find pictures of items in the catalogs that fit into each category

- Glue the pictures onto the worksheet and write the total cost

- Use the dollar up method to round up prices to the nearest dollar

- The lesson plan can be done on paper or on a computer

Learning from home can be a challenge, but with creative lesson plans like this one, students can continue to learn and grow. Using grocery store catalogs to practice math skills is a fun and interactive way to keep students engaged and learning.

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