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gun ads

Published on: February 17 2023 by pipiads

Today, we will take a look at the unique ADS 5 45 mm amphibious assault rifle, a weapon that has no analogues in Russia or the world. It is designed for special forces, navy, and special paramilitary tactical units.

Design and Features:

- It is a three-in-one weapon that combines a regular assault rifle, a weapon that can fire underwater, and a grenade launcher.

- It fires the same caliber on land and underwater, using standard Kalashnikov cartridges and magazine.

- It has an aimed firing range of 600 meters above the ground and up to 25 meters underwater.

- Its ejection system reduces gas contamination near the user's face.

- It has an integrated grenade launcher with a firing range of up to 400 meters.

- It has a bullpup layout, with the trigger mechanism hidden in the buttstock.

- It has a Picatinny rail for mounting various sighting devices.

- It is perfectly balanced, with its mass centered in the area of the pistol grip.

- It can be equipped with a sound suppressor and an attachment for firing blank cartridges.

- It is equally well-controlled when shooting from either shoulder.


- It reduces the weight that special forces have to carry, replacing a conventional Kalashnikov rifle, an underwater rifle, and a traditional Makara pistol.

- It is well-designed and versatile, adapting to different combat situations.

The ADS 5 45 mm amphibious assault rifle is a breakthrough weapon, designed for special forces, navy, and special paramilitary tactical units. Its three-in-one design and unique features make it a versatile and effective weapon for various combat situations. Visit our website for more information and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

How Guns Are Advertised In The U.S.

Gun Control Debate Reignited by Marketing Strategies

- Recent mass shootings in America have led to renewed debates on gun control.

- The focus is usually on production, distribution, and consumerism as avenues for intervention, but what about marketing?

- Although there is no federal regulation on how guns are advertised, many media companies have strict policies against ads that promote or sell weapons.

- However, firearm companies and influencers are still able to post content across social media, using fear, sex, and hypermasculinity to influence consumers.

History of Firearm Marketing:

- Exhibition shooters in the late 1800s, such as Annie Oakley and the Topper Wines, were sponsored by firearm manufacturers.

- Gun advertisements used to circulate in major US papers and magazines throughout the 20th century.

- Following the Cleveland school massacre in 1989, the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban was enacted, but production surged leading up to the ban and stopped completely after it was enacted.

- The ban expired in 2004, leading to a resurgence of assault weapons on shelves, now the center of firearms industry marketing.

Current Restrictions on Firearm Advertising:

- Gun control activists launched the National Campaign to Close the Newspaper Loophole in 2001, leading to 33 newspapers changing their policies to prohibit classified gun ads from unlicensed dealers.

- In 2013, Comcast, NBC, Time Warner Cable, Fox, and ESPN banned firearm and ammunition advertising in most of its channels.

- Many companies now turn to digital marketing, using social media for advertising.

- Platforms like YouTube allow for content surrounding safety and education.

Debate on Regulating Firearm Advertising:

- Some believe limiting the marketing of assault weapons could translate to fewer gun-related deaths.

- Activists have urged the FCC to impose restrictions on gun ads similar to those of tobacco.

- Gun advocates point to other potentially dangerous substances with fewer advertising restrictions, such as alcohol.

- California enacted a law in 2022 prohibiting firearm companies from marketing to minors and allowing citizens to sue companies for marketing guns to kids.

- Firearm marketing has a long history, and current restrictions are imposed by individual companies and platforms.

- The debate on regulating firearm advertising is ongoing, with some believing it could lead to fewer gun-related deaths, while others point to other potentially dangerous substances with fewer advertising restrictions.

- California has taken steps to restrict firearm marketing to minors, but the issue remains contentious.

Why are there so many guns in US campaign ads? – BBC News

The 2022 election cycle in America has been marked by a series of controversial TV ads from both the Republicans and the Democrats. The ads have focused on issues such as gun rights and abortion, and have used various tactics to appeal to voters. This article will explore some of these tactics and the effectiveness of the ads.

Republican Ads:

- Use of guns in ads to show support for Second Amendment and conservative values

- Focus on fear of losing gun rights and individual freedoms

- Personal anecdotes and family values to appeal to voters

- Example of Ted Budd's ad highlighting his fight to secure the border and tackle inflation

Democratic Ads:

- Focus on abortion rights and the Supreme Court's decision to take away control over women's bodies

- Highlight the idea that more elected Republicans means less access to abortion

- Play on fear of losing another right and putting pregnant women's lives at risk

- Example of a warrant for arrest for unlawful termination of pregnancy


- Both parties have spent over six billion dollars on TV ads, but few voters are actually open to persuasion

- Republicans and Democrats use different tactics to appeal to voters, but ultimately, the effectiveness of these ads remains to be seen until the election results are in.

The 2022 election cycle has been marked by controversial TV ads from both the Republicans and the Democrats. The ads have focused on issues such as gun rights and abortion and have used various tactics to appeal to voters. While the effectiveness of these ads remains to be seen, it is clear that both parties are willing to spend billions of dollars to try and sway voters to their side.

50's & 60's Toy Gun Commercials

Are you looking for some fun toys to play with? Look no further than Mattel's latest releases! From the Tommy bursts detectives set to the Thunder burp and Dick Tracy snubnose 38 pistol, Mattel has something for everyone. But that's not all - they even have real trophy wall plaques for your room. And if you're interested in crypto currency, you can create your own wallet with Trust Wallet.


- Tommy bursts detectives set with automatik bolt action and shooting shells

- Secret Sam's periscope with hidden camera and message missile

- Mattel Thunder burp with real fibrous sonic sound chamber and adjustable flip site

- M appelle Tommy bucks with smoking burst or single shots

- Dick Tracy snubnose 38 pistol and special belt holster


- Real trophy wall plaques featuring macumba lieutenant and Red River

Crypto currency:

- Create your own portefeuille crypto monnaie with Trust Wallet

Mattel has a wide variety of exciting toys and decor options for kids and adults alike. And if you're interested in investing in crypto currency, Trust Wallet is a great option to keep your funds secure. Don't wait - get your hands on these fun and innovative products today!

Military Ray Gun • ADS Electromagnetic Radiation Weapon

The article discusses the Active Denial System (ADS), a non-lethal weapon that the Department of Defense (DoD) is developing to protect the troops. The ADS uses radio frequency millimeter waves to produce a focused beam of directed energy that can deter and turn back suspicious individuals with minimal risk of injury.

Features of ADS:

- The ADS system is controlled by a person who uses a joystick to pinpoint the target.

- The system can be used on a crowd to move them in a specific direction.

- ADS is non-lethal and does not cause any harm to the skin.

- The system is an effective weapon that has a broad range of applications, including crowd control, perimeter security, patrol, and convoy protection.

- ADS uses radio frequency millimeter waves that engage the subject penetrating the skin to a depth of only about 1 64th of an inch.

- The beam produces an intolerable heating sensation compelling the targeted individual to instinctively move.

Advantages of ADS:

- ADS provides a non-lethal option to stop and deter suspicious individuals.

- The system is designed to protect the innocent and minimize fatalities and collateral damage.

- ADS can be used for both force application and force protection missions.

- It can be used in a wide range of operations, such as enhanced combat mobility in dense urban areas or to deter unarmed but suspicious civilians.

Development of ADS:

- The ADS advanced concept technology demonstrations succeeded in demonstrating a large-scale version of the system.

- A smaller scale more mobile version of ADS is being developed by the US Army and DoD's non-lethal weapons program utilizing solid-state technology.

- The system will demonstrate and prove out the critical technologies for a follow-on tactical system that can be installed on a range of tactical or support vehicles.

- The system will have an azimuth drive for full 360-degree coverage and e-steering and elevation with an invisible beam speed of light targeting and silent operation.

ADS is a revolutionary non-lethal weapon that the DoD is developing to protect the troops. The system uses radio frequency millimeter waves to produce a focused beam of directed energy that can deter and turn back suspicious individuals. ADS provides a non-lethal option to stop and deter suspicious individuals, protects the innocent, and minimizes fatalities and collateral damage. The development of ADS is ongoing, and a smaller scale more mobile version of the system is being developed by the US Army and DoD's non-lethal weapons program utilizing solid-state technology.

Protect Your Child: Gun Safety

Music has the power to heal, soothe and bring people together. It can also be a lifesaver, as one individual's experience demonstrates. This person's father used music as a means of communication and a way to connect with his child. Music played an instrumental role in helping this person overcome a dark period in their life, and it all started with a fishing trip.


- Early memories with dad

- Fishing trip as a bonding experience

- Sense of adventure sparked

- Feeling of safety and protection instilled

- Growing up with dad

- Lessons on responsibility and making good choices

- Encouragement to face challenges on one's own

- Dealing with struggles

- Feeling alone and unsure

- Finding it difficult to open up to family

- Seeking outside help

- Music as a lifeline

- Importance of photos and gun safety

- Father's protection even when away

- Second chance at life

The power of music should never be underestimated. For this person, it played a significant role in their life and helped them through a difficult time. Parents should take note of the importance of bonding with their children, teaching them responsibility, and ensuring their safety. And, as this story shows, sometimes it takes just a few things, like photos and gun safety, to make all the difference in the world.

15 years of gun control ads

Gun Control Advocates Fight for Change

In April of 1999, a violent shooting took place at Columbine High School in Colorado, leaving many dead and injured. Since then, gun control groups have been fighting for stricter federal gun laws, but little has changed. In the wake of recent shooting incidents, gun control advocates are reworking their messaging and pushing for change.

Key Points:

- Gun control groups have been fighting for stricter federal gun laws for years, but little has changed.

- The Virginia Tech shooting in 2007 sparked a push to close background check loopholes at gun shows.

- In the aftermath of the Newtown shooting in 2012, the focus shifted to access to assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

- Gun safety has become a major issue for groups like Everytown for Gun Safety, sponsored by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Gun control advocates continue to fight for change, pushing for stricter federal gun laws and highlighting gun issues on the ballot. The message is clear: America needs gun safety measures to protect our communities and prevent further tragedies. Our elected leaders must hear from us and take action to make our schools and public spaces safer.

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