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hair growth dropshipping quotes

Published on: January 30 2023 by pipiads

How To Sell Hair On Shopify (With Dropshipping!)

want to know how to sell hair extensions on shopify, maybe also some wigs, lashes, cosmetiks and- very soon, hot tools, depending on when you're watching this. i'm going to walk you through step by step of how to do so using the drop ship beauty app. so let's just jump in and get started, but first make sure you subscribe to the hair business blueprint. that's my channel. i make a lot of people successful in the beauty industry and i give out free information on my youtube channel about how to get started with marketing business, about everything. so make sure you're subscribed and maybe give the video a like at the end if you have learned something today. uh, so let's just jump right in here. i have my private label test store. that's just what i call my test store. so this is just a shopify store. there's a few customizations done to it already just because i use this for testing, but basically, as you can see here, there's no products inside, okay, so what we're gonna do is we're gonna add products to this store using the drop ship beauty app. so i already have the drop ship beauty app installed. if you want to install the drop ship beauty app, all you have to do is click: customize my store, go to search apps, search drop ship beauty. you're gonna see it right here. you can click that and there it is. it shows already installed, but you basically would just click install and i'll have a link to dropship beauty, to this exact page, if you want to take a look at everything in the description of this video. so we already have this installed. now the first thing we want to do is we want to create some collections. okay, because we're going to take the products and then from the products we got to add it to a collection. so under products, you're going to go to collections and i think tonight we're going to create a few. let's see. so first things first. let's do bundle deals. okay, so that's a popular collection. i'm just gonna click manual for right now. i'll create some videos later about the difference between manual or automated collections and how the products go in there. okay, so, bundle deals, we've got that created. create another collection. let's put sew in extensions. okay, let's do, uh, create another collection, let's just do some wigs. and then let's just say: create another collection, let's do frontals, okay, so it's pretty repetitive, you can see, right, so we're just creating these. we don't put it in the navigation system yet. but if we wanted to, we actually can go ahead and do that. so i have a home and contact. i just have a few things here, but there's no products actually. so if you wanted to add those to the top navigation, you go online store navigation. now you're going to go to main menu and then you're going to add items and then you can go to club- not products, let's go back. let's go collections- okay, so there's bundle deals, we're gonna add that. so click add- add menu item collections. sewing extensions: let's add that. add menu collections. frontals: yep, let's add that. and then, of course, we're going to add our wigs. now, if you add a collection and then you go here to add it to the menu really fast. sometimes it takes a minute for shopify's back end to allow it to appear here when you're doing this, so sometimes you might need to refresh or just give it a second. so i'm gonna take this contact and i'm gonna move it to the back. shopify loves to give you a home button in the in the navigation. me personally, i know. if i wanted to go to the home page, i'm just going to click the logo at the top of the website to get there. so to clean it up, i'm actually going to go ahead and remove that. i generally would recommend you do that to your store as well. we just click save menu and then we can go back over here to the store. let's see if it's already updated. sometimes it takes a second. i can do a couple refreshes there we go. so i refreshed a couple times and you can see all the different uh collections here. but there are no products inside. so how do we fix that really quick? that's the million dollar question. well, it's a million-dollar question. if you sell a million dollars, uh, if you're just starting out, you're probably not there yet, but that's okay. everyone starts at zero, so don't worry about that. let's go back over to apps. we're gonna go over to dropship beauty. uh, let's see here. so we're going to go straight over to products. now i have other videos explaining more about dropship beauty. if you subscribe to the channel, you're going to be able to see all these, so make sure you do that. let's go over here to wigs. okay, so you can see all these different wigs. look at all the options, guys. tons of wigs you can check out here. so let's say we wanted to do now real quick, because i'm just doing this as a quick tutorial. i want to make sure that it's clear. if i really wanted to get granule with, like, how i'm doing the collections, i would probably do another collection of full lace wigs. i would do a collection of lace front wigs, bob wigs and everything else- closure wigs, headband wigs- and then i would just create those as subcollections of the wigs. hope that makes sense. actually, if it doesn't make sense, it's okay, because i'm going to give you one example. let's go back here: products collections. just to make it real simple, we're gonna do lace front wigs, okay, that way. oh, product tag- oh nope, see manual. so you gotta click manual, okay, so we have lace front wigs. we're going to go back to online store, back to navigation, back to main menu. we're going to add a new item and we're going to go collections. this might take a second to show up here, or you can go lace front. sometimes, if you start searching it, it has the predictive search. it might show up, see. so it's actually good that i show you this, because this is probably gonna happen to you. see how quick i did that. so i'm just going to do a refresh, add menu item. let's go back to collections, and there it is. so it takes a second sometimes. now what i'm going to do is take lacefront wigs and put it underneath as a subcategory of wigs. i'm going to click save and we're going to go back over to the store and show you what that looks like in just a second. let's go back over to the drop ship beauty app and we're going to go over to products. and let's go back to wigs. now we have a bunch of wigs here. i'm not going to import all of them, but i just want to show you guys how easy it is. but before i import these, there's a few things you can do. first, let's go to settings. there is the multiply price and it'll basically mark up the products for you. so i have it set at 1.6. so if i wanted a little higher to make a little bit more profit, you can reset this and it's going to automatikally mark up the products and let's just say: round price is nearest 99 cents. so everything would be, you know, 28.99, 100, 190, 100.99. let's just make it the nearest dollar. i'm gonna click save. so it's just zero, zero. so it's just a hundred dollars even. okay, let's go back over to products. we're going to go over to wigs and let's see here i definitely need to get some lace front wigs, so these are all the transparent there we go. so add import list. that's a closure wig. so we can add a closure wig. we just didn't set up the closure with category headband wig. you can see all on drop ship beauty there's all these products: lace front wigs, full lace wigs. so you can see i have all of this. so i chose a few wigs and, like i said, it's kind of repetitive. i was doing another tutorial and i already had some of these already in there, so i'm not going to really worry about those right now. so there's a few things you can do. you can click these and you can import the products already and you can do that, but you're going to have to add the collection. you can delete those products. you can adjust the price multiplier for all of these, okay, so you can just do it. you know, if i wanted to make it maybe even a little bit more expensive or a little less, maybe i'll take it back down to 1.6. i went ahead and did that. so that's going to change all the variants, okay. but if i wanted,

Winning Products Shopify | Dropshipping 2022 | Shopify Dropshipping

[Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. [Applause]. thank you. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. what is going on everyone? welcome back to the channel. today I am bringing you three new products to get on your list. it's the hardest product in our catalog. stay tuned to the end of the video because I'm going to show you our catalog and how fire it is right now. but let's get straight in top three products to get on your list right now. number one, guys, here we go, is the Korean ginseng hair reborn serum spray. all right, this is incredible. you can see already by the pictures. let me just zoom right in for you. all right, here you go. look at that. and then, after using the spray, the hair is fully replenished. all right, this guy's got a bit of bold at the front. now he looks like Leonardo DiCaprio. This Woman's getting the Bold on the roots and it is fully grown back. all right, incredible. so it is for making your hair Fuller and also thicker. all right, it's the reborn serum spray that everybody is toking about. you've got to get it on your list pretty soon. all you do as simple as spray on, leave it to apply, right, all right, and it gets into the roots and operates from there. you just spray it straight to the root end, Don't Spray it on the top right. you want to get your hair back and get it into the root? okay, it gives you 10 times stimulant hair growth. all right, it's clinically proven and it does restore it looking denser, thicker. it exfoliates all the dead skin off your head as well. you've got a fresh lock of hair. so that's number one to get on your list. everyone, let me know in the comments if you're excited about that, if you need that, maybe I'm going to need it sometime soon, so I'm going to keep that in mind. let's move on to number two. number two, guys. the portable retro camping lamp. all right, this is a chandelier design lamp. it's got 300 lumens, 360 braids, so all the way around is going to be bright. all right, the illumination is incredible and I'm going to show you exactly how all right this adapts in every way. you need it, not only a lamp, but can also a work of art, so you can have this as a physical light wherever you're walking through dark corridors, things like that in your house, or you can just have it as an ornament and leave it there. it's a 360 bright light. all right, it's full quality materials: completely waterproof metal lamp shade- all right. and it's charged by a USB or battery- all right, you can use either. it's really, really cool. it's got this type c interface. you plug the type C in and the USB into the plug. now look at this picture I want to show you. all right, you can see here he's got the lamp just hanging on a branch while sitting there doing this thing. you get it all in different colors. it's got dimming on there, so you just give it a quick tap and it will dim it down to the brightness that you want it- warm light or warm High, all right. and that's pretty much everything that you can do with this. all right, hang in it. putting it on a table, put it on a bedside cabinet, walking with it, put it on a boat- all right, anything. and you can change the battery. it's super, super cool. I love the fact that you could dim it. that's number two on the list: an LED energy saving lamb bedded, portable retro camping light. let's move on to number three. number three, guys, is the eight in one screwdriver. now you can already see here how many times have you lost your screwdriver, or you're? you're just about to put a screw in and you're like: where is it? it's too far, you have to let go and go and get it. this is an eight in one. you don't have to carry a big box of screwdrivers anymore. all of them come in this compact, little handy tool. now it's Mr Seven hands right. eight the most needed screwdriver tips. so there is obviously more than eight in the world, but these are the eight most common that you're gonna need. guess what? this has a light. it has a powerful, powerful torch to show you, so when you are trying to screw in, you can actually see the exact bit. no more doing this and and hitting it off. all right, the color is it definitely is shown. you can't choose any other color. it's red and black, probably for industrial workspaces. all right, and the tool is a work like and flashlight as well. so all you gotta do is just flick the one you want out. start using that. it's durable. It's Gonna Last you a long time, all right. I love this one because I'm forever leaving my tools everywhere. this could just be in my pocket. pull it out and start going. it's only 230 grams, so it's not even that heavy. get it in your pocket, keep it on you. that's number three. now what I want to do, guys, is take you to the catalog up here. I'm gonna sign in right now. for you to sign in, you actually need to sign up and get a free quote and see what our team's doing. I'm gonna give you a little sneaky peek of what's going on in our catalog. there's hundreds of other different things like this eight and one tool that you can get on your list, but these are the top three, so let me jump there now, guys. this is what our catalog looks like. when you go in, you can see all of the products. how many incredible things of 53 pages of them. all right, I'm not going to go through them all, because this is actually paid services, but you can go through every different kind of product you want to do and get them. I go through this all the time and I'm picking up the best free that are flying off the shelves to get to you right now, the ones that are most popular. but you've got hundreds in here. all right, so go in there. just in the luggage and bags is 18.. in the home bathroom: 147. so get yourself in there, right? you know who we are with fulfillmentcom. all right, we are the most incredible fulfillment servers on the internet. I don't need a disclaimer, because I love this place too much. alright, get a free quote right now. discover more. we have everything from photography to products, the sourcing agents, everything you could think of. get involved right now and let me know in the comments. I'm excited. I hope you're excited. there you have it, guys. what can I say? I get excited. I hope you get excited to let me know in the comments. again, get to the link down below for filmingcom. all right, and find these products. if you have not already got a free quote, just hit the button. you're not going to lose anything. getting that free coil right. keep supporting the channel. hit the like button, hit the Subscribe button, hit the Bell if you want to be notified when I'm back again wearing my t-shirt wrapping the company and I will see you on the next video.

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Dropshipping Hair Extensions: The Pros & Cons

hey, this is mikey over at the hair business blueprint, and today i'm going to be toking about the pros and cons of drop shipping hair extensions. now, i have been doing the drop shipping of hair extensions business since 2016- that's five years. we are part of dropship bundles in dropship beauty, which is considered probably the largest hair drop shipping system in the united states, the only hair drop shipping system with a partnership with shopify, so i have a lot of experience with this. i know you're probably going to see a lot of videos, but i'm going to give you the real truth: pros and cons of drop shipping hair extensions. all right, just a quick warning: this is about a 20 minute video, but very, very detailed about everything: pros and cons of drop shipping. if i missed anything or if you have any additional comments, make sure to leave them in the comments below so i can get you the answer you need, okay, so i want to start off on a positive note. so let's go over the pros of drop shipping hair extensions first. pro number one: no inventory management. this can save you a lot of time and a lot of money, and that's really the purpose of drop shipping. okay, so you don't have to pay for a complicated inventory management system. you're not dealing with all these different vendors and worrying about when shipping. you know your shipments are coming in. all of that is a wash at this point. all you have to focus on is working with your one or two, depending on how many drop shippers you want to use. you know you work with them. they manage all the inventory, all the supply. you don't have to worry about any of that. that's going to save you a lot of time and a lot of money, which is really important and why a lot of people love to utilize drop shipping. pro. number two of drop shipping hair extensions is low barrier to entry, and when i say barrier to entry, i generally mean something financial. okay, so getting started drop shipping, not everybody has to have a website, although we highly recommend having a website. we actually probably have developed more hair extension websites in the last five years than any other company in the world. uh, with drop ship bundles and dropship beauty. but some of our clients strictly sell over social media. it's not the best way to do it. always have a home base with a website, but even so, setting up a website is generally very inexpensive and setting up drop shipping is very inexpensive. so this is going to give you access to hundreds of thousands of dollars of inventory, all sorts of products and styles: bundles, closures, frontals, wigs, different lengths, different styles, different densities- all of this. so having access to drop shipping gives you access to all these products and it makes it really easy for you to get started with your hair business. so pro number two: once again, low barrier to entry. it's easy for you to get in. pro number three is increased cash flow, and what i mean by that is if you're not spending all this money on inventory and holding inventory. so remember that it's not just spending the money on inventory or selling, but once the inventory is actually sitting there in your warehouse or just in your house, there's a cost with that, okay. so the more inventory you need and the bigger you get, it's going to hurt your cash flow more because you're not going to have the cash to purchase more inventory or spend money on operating expenses in marketing. that's where drop shipping comes in. you don't have to worry about having all that money tied up in all this inventory. generally, a minimum- probably 10, 20 000 worth of inventory to have a somewhat stok store- you know way more to have all sorts of products. so think about that. with your inventory, not having to have all that money tied up is a huge pro of drop shipping. pro number four is you don't need a warehouse or storefront so you can sell online, sell on social media. you know, having a warehouse and a storefront does get very expensive. it generally involves a long term lease- three to five years. that is a serious commitment and you might not know if your business is yet successful. that's where drop shipping comes in. you can be virtual. you don't have to worry about the power bills, the warehouses, all the other things that come along with that. you know, just being virtual, especially today, can be a huge advantage. now i know it can be an advantage to have a showroom in a warehouse and something very large scale, but really if you're selling less than a million dollars a year in hair extensions, it's not something you probably want. maybe even a little lower half a million dollars, because you're gonna have so many more expenses involved with that warehouse, with that showroom. then you're gonna have staffing, you're gonna need computers and a whole bunch of other things. that's where drop shipping comes in. to keep things nice and simple and as you become more successful with drop shipping hair extensions and building your client base, then it could be a time that you think about having a storefront or your own warehouse. pro number five is possible passive income. so if you have a big following, a huge email list, if you're just really good at selling and marketing, you can pretty much make this business a passive business where you have things almost on autopilot: the sales are coming in, you're not packing and shipping the orders, you're not worrying about inventory, you're just basically collecting the check every single day with all the orders coming in. now this is the best case scenario, which is not going to happen for most people, but definitely we have some clients that are doing very minimal work and getting a ton of sales because they've spent a lot of time on the back end building up their following in social proof. people just buy from them. that is a great way to sell hair extensions. so if that's you know something you're thinking about and you have a big following, it is a huge advantage to somebody just starting out and that's definitely a pro of drop shipping hair extensions. okay, we're already at number six. there's a lot less risk when drop shipping hair extensions, you have to think about all the money that gets tied up. there could be a fire at your house, you never know. you have a lot less expenses, a lot less to worry about, and that really comes down to a lot less risk. so if you're some looking, if you're somebody that is looking for a project or a business where you don't want a lot of risk and you can't afford the risk, drop shipping could be the way to go. risk plays a big part in why businesses fail, because they get too much overhead, too much going on and they just can't handle it. so if you want to limit your risk, think about drop shipping. hair extensions pro number seven is you can drop ship and run your whole business on the go. we have clients that will be out of town for a long period of time and i can tell you their moms or dads don't want to pack and ship their orders. okay, that's where drop shipping comes in. so even if you do like packing and shipping your orders and you have somewhat of a hybrid model, having dropship as a backup can be a huge advantage. if you're spending a week on the beach in miami, you can pretty much run your business virtually from miami or anywhere else in the world. so a huge advantage is to be able to be 100 virtual and be able to run your business while when you're at home or out of town. in my last pro for drop shipping hair extensions is you're spending a lot less time shipping. that makes a huge difference because time is money. so if you're spending less time on shipping, you have to realize that and really utilize that extra time and spend it doing more marketing. marketing is something that most people struggle with in the hair industry and it's what really is going to make you successful. but you have to have time to either do marketing or get great at marketing. so if you're not packing, shipping, unpacking boxes, repacking in smaller orders and doing all of that keeping up with inventory, you shou.

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Relaunching My Hair Business | Dropshipping & Rebranding My Hair Company The Right Way

hey, i'm destiny. welcome back to my youtube channel, and on this channel we tok about topics such as business side hustles and entrepreneurship, and this video will be no different. so this video is actually an announcement, because i'm bringing back my hair company. so i know i said all this stuff about hair businesses in the past while i stopped mine, so let's get right into it of why i decided to bring back my hair company. so when i had my hair business salon, it was called dusty hair collection. after a while i had just fallen out of love with it. so one of the problems that i ran into with dusty hair collection was i no longer liked the logo. so i had fallen out of love with it because if you've seen my pre previous videos about logos to avoid, my logo had vector art. it had glitter like it was a hot mess. there was other people like the hair lady i had in my logo. there was other people using that hair lady, so it made my logo very unoriginal. another thing that i didn't like about it was the actual name, destiny hair collection, so that c was actually my name for my alteration company, which was destiny and petite mixed in, so that steve and i like that name so much. i just never changed this, switched it over to my hair brand, which actually made it so. my hair business- that's, the hair collection- actually didn't have a medium behind it. it was just me selling bundles. so the brand was really falling flat and it bothered me that i wouldn't be able to grow my business the way that i wanted to because we didn't have the correct foundation. i came up with the idea of her destination hair. so her destination hair was a traveling hair company where we sold different textures based on the locations around the world, but one of the things was so. i love to travel, clearly, but one of the things was so back then. i love to travel, but i wasn't able to travel like i can now because i had a job back then, so my travels would be limited. i wouldn't be able to push out the content that i imagined for my hair business then. another thing that i made a mistake with her destination hair was i chose the wrong brand colors. my thought process was having the same colors of bestie hair collection. i would just take that red, silver and black onto her destination here. where i went wrong at was i wanted her destination hair to have a travel feel like to be a traveling hair company, and you can't have a traveling hair company with the colors red, black and silver. so i did so it was. it was just something about it that it just wasn't connecting the way i wanted it to connect. so that was the first issue. so then covet came around and i notiked that vendors were raising the prices. so, as i'm seeing vendors raise their prices, a lot of people were losing their jobs. they didn't want to pay for higher prices for hair. so i got really discouraged to where i'm like: okay, so a hair business is hard to make a profit nowadays, which push just pushed me more further away from that hair business process. i notiked that the vendor's hair quality was going down so fast forward to 2022. now i'm in a completely different space. so changes that happen with my life is: i'm in a new, i'm in a new city, i quit my job, i'm a full-time content creator and youtuber, slash influencer, all that. one of the things that i've been able to do is i've been able to plan monthly trips and the things that i've been doing on my monthly trips- like since i've always liked hair, like i've always been a lover of hair. every time i go on a trip, i pack multiple wigs, so i'm switching out my hair, like now i'm getting all the content that i had imagined for her destination hair. instead, i don't have a hair company like i have so many people asking me about different hairstyles, different wigs, asking me for recommendations because they don't want to wear braids on their vacation. so they asked me what texture do they think i should get? and i'm sending them out to different hair companies which really they're inquiring about the hair that i'm wearing. so if you follow me on my instagram, then you know i post all my vacation pics and one of the vacations that i recently went on, which was el salvador, i stayed in the mountains near volcano, where i was switching out my hairstyles. i had a headband wig to hike in, so a lot of people were asking me: hey, where can i get this, where can i get that? and it's just like it just sparked in my mind like, why am i going on vacation switching out all these different hairstyles, showing everybody the different wigs that they can wear if they're doing like hikes, so they're doing different activities, like, why am i not selling hair? like it made absolutely no sense. so what i did was i contacted my vendor to see the different options that i had. so i know i want to continue traveling, but i knew that if i continued to travel then i wouldn't have that much time to be shipping out here. so my vendor said: like they can offer me drop shipping. so i've been working with them one-on-one to figure out how exactly drop shipping is gonna work, because now, especially with now that we're in the amazon time, where everybody wants their hair within 10 days, they've been able to guarantee that they can ship out the hair to my customers within two to three days. so two to three days is perfect for me. it moves me to the side, to where the customers can still order the hair from me. they get it shipped out right away- two to three days. and then i'm pretty much focusing on just creating content. well, i wouldn't say creating content, i would say it's more of just living my regular life, like i'm gonna be going on vacation, i'm gonna be switching out my wigs, like i always do, and then also just having a link that people can support, like, if you want this exact vacation, look, go ahead, add to your car and it might be you- before i even get off the plane from my vacation. so i love this idea because her destination here, like that's my baby, like. now i'm back, excited for my hair business, like i learned that i don't have to make a lot of profit from selling hair, like just enough to make it worth it. so even if i'm spending well- well, since it's drop shipping, it's not like i'm spending the money up front. but even if, let's say, it costs maybe 70 for a bundle and i'm only making a 30 profit, like, since i'm drop shipping, the vendor is doing all the work for me. the only thing i have to worry about is content and customizing. i am perfectly fine with that, which i know. a lot of people who have hairs that are primarily source of income may not be able to do the same thing, but it is something to look into. if you're one of those people who people always ask you about your hair. you've been going to the same consistent vendor, then i'll say: take a look into drop shipping, see what other options that they have for you so it can make it easier on yourself and you're not leaving money on the floor. so, yeah, so i'm excited to be bringing this back excited to show you all the different looks that i'm coming up with on my vacations. y'all gonna see me switching wigs going from flight to flight. yeah, y'all gonna see all that. but yeah, so i just wanted to come back and say, yes, i am starting my hair company back. it's gonna be drop shipping. i'm gonna be dropping fire content on these vacations. so, yeah, stay tuned. and, of course, i'm gonna be showing y'all a lot of my journey with that so you can decide if you want to do drop shipping. so right now, i'm doing test orders so i can see exactly what the customer will see when they receive their package. so i'm gonna actually do a video on that to show you guys what exactly my customers will be seeing. and, yeah, don't forget to connect with me on my social media channels and if y'all like videos like this, drop that in the comment section below. or if y'all are interested in the drop shipping method, drop that in the comment section below as well. and, yeah, follow me on my social media channels. i am destiny adams on snapchat, twitter, instagram, tiktok- and stay tuned for the next video. peace you.

Which is Better Dropshipping hair VS. Having Hair on Hand? | Pro and Cons in Business

[Music]. hey loves, welcome back to my channel. it's lou. if you're new, welcome to my channel. if you guys like what you see, which i know, you will- please make sure you press the subscribe button that's down below, as well as the bell notifications, so you guys are notified every single time that i post a new video. i really need to find a new intro, because the intro would be so freaking long for no reason. but, um, welcome back to another video. um, this is gonna be another, like i guess you can say like a business tip type of video, as you guys can see by the title. i'm not sure what i'm gonna like, you know titled it yet, but it's probably going to be somewhere along those lines, going to be kind of like a versus type of videos. why choose, um, drop shipping versus having, like you know, hair on hand? again, most of these videos stems from questions that i get from you know, like my subbies that comment down below or just people that um message me through my dms and stuff like that, and i really thought this would be a good video to make. but today i kind of just wanted to tok based just a little bit about, you know, the difference between drop shipping and also the difference between having hair on hand. now, on my kind of in right now, i kind of do both, so, um, but i'm gonna explain to you guys why, if you guys are in like the hair industry, you guys should already know what it means to have, like you know, hair on hand and stuff like that. but i kind of just wanted to go um through them and just tell you guys, like i guess you could say, the pros and the cons of having, like you know, hair, hair on hand or just doing the drop shipping method. now, um, hair on hand, you definitely are going to need some capital to buy that inventory. so, um, depending on how many units or how many wigs or like bundles and stuff like that you're going to start off with, you're going to need, um, you're going to need, you know, like inventory up front, like you're going to need the money to purchase the you know large amount of inventory that you are going to, you know order. so, and the second thing is, um, i already kind of touch base on it- is having a large inventory. now, if you're just starting off, um, i wouldn't say that for you to, like you know, basically go ahead and just order, hella, um, a large amount of, like you know, inventory and stuff like that. to me that's not really smart. i mean, um to each his own. someone can just go out there and like, purchase a large inventory and they go ahead and sell out, like this is very subjective. but me personally, i'm toking about me- um, i personally wouldn't go ahead and, like you know, up front order like a large sum of inventory, because you're going to have a large stomach inventory, you know, just sitting there, especially if you just are, like you know, trying to build out your clientele and stuff like that. so the um. third thing is: you don't know what sizes or lengths and stuff that the customers are, um, looking for. and this is very important because when it does come to having, like you know, hair on hand, you need to buy the inventory and, um, in this case, if you are producing wigs, you're going to need to know what size wigs that you need. and how are you going to be able to predict- or not even predict how you're going to know- a really good, rough estimate of how many of what size for you to get, if you know you don't, if you don't already have, like you know, uh, a consistent clientele that you're able to like, basically like ballpark, okay, i need x amount of small wigs, x amount of medium weights and x amount of, um large wigs, not me. for me, like i said, it's gonna be a little bit different from because i already been in, like you know, the hair, um hair industry type for a little a little while now. so me personally, since i have like a stable type of, like you know, customer base, i kind of like compete what type of, like you know, week size sells the most, which for me is mediums, um, and then it's um smalls and then it's large, but this could very much differ, differ for you, but that's just how. minds is also another thing that i would personally do, if i am like you know, um, if you do want to keep hair on hand, um, start off that way, i would say, go ahead and, you know, ask your customers honestly. whatever it is you're trying to do, just go ahead and um, ask your customers, because they're going to tell you exactly what they are, what they want or what they're looking for. so, um, most of the time i'll probably put a pull on exactly like you know what size wig caps, um, like majority of people are, and then they go ahead and put their votes and then i'll be able to get like a rough estimate of, like you know, um, what size is my, like you know, client base is off and then i'll use that as, like you know, kind of like a chart of how many um waste and what the wig size that i will like personally buy to keep um inventory on hand with, because i know that is going to be the popular amongst my you know um followers and customers and stuff like that. and then, lastly, is you may not want to, you may get into the hair industry excited and stuff like that, and you get into it with a whole bunch of like a large sum of inventory and you decide not to do it anymore. like um, and you'd be amazed on how many times that happened- like a lot of people think like, oh, my god, they see like the final result of you know people that have been you know putting in the work and they see like the flashy things. or they see you getting a lot of orders and stuff like that and they just want to jump into this you know industry and stuff like that. but what they don't know is like all the um, but they don't want to put any of the hard work behind it. they don't wanna um. i guess you could say: stay down until it's their turn to like: you know, um, and you know, until this their their um time. or you simply just don't like um that the hair initially like that like you thought you did, which is perfectly okay. but you just gotta keep that in mind that if you are starting off and you don't really necessarily know what you're getting yourself into, i wouldn't suggest you go ahead and like start with hair on hand, because you're going to be stuck with the large summer inventory if you do decide like, oh my god, this is not what i want to do, um, so it's going to be a little bit harder for you to like. you know, just let me be like, let me just go because, um, i don't like it anymore. i'll just do something else. but you now you gotta gotta be like stuck with the innocence until you actually sell the inventory that you already purchased and stuff, so just keep. so my camera literally just shut off, um, they ran out of like space. i had to delete some stuff, so i don't know where the hell i stopped at, but, um, i think i was finishing up um with the um keeping here on hand and, just like you know, just making sure that you know what you're getting yourself into when you do go ahead and actually start your business and then you get like hella, like a large sum of inventory. so just keep that on in mind. so now we're gonna get into like the drop shipping, which is the main thing that i actually do. now we're gonna get to the drop shipping part, which is, um, what i mainly do. i'm, like i said, i do do both, but, um, the drop shipping is what i do the most. um, and just to let you guys know, like drop shipping gets a lot of bad rep, um, and it's definitely because a lot of people don't know how to do it the right way and a lot of it has to do with, like, the time frame and stuff like that, and the person that's doing the drop shipping is not actually, like you know, putting in the right information that they need to put so it can actually be a successful drop shipping um type of business. make sure you just have the right amount of information on there so it could actually make sense and so the customer can know exactly what they're getting their stuff into. when it comes to, um, you know, purchasing, especially with me, before i go into, like the notes, um, and the bullet points that i do have for drop shipping, um, a thing that i'll say is, when it comes to like

Sell hair with NO inventory - Drop Shipping

[Music]. welcome back to my channel. my name is Brittany bundles, and today I'm going to be doing a video explaining my job shipping program through bad shake hair calm. this is another option to start get started selling hair extensions. this option is different than hoe, so so I'm really excited to kind of explain this option. I didn't really make a video, or I never really went into full detail or disclosure about how the dropshipping works. all the instructions and details are on the website, but I would love to have an opportunity to explain it to you guys in case there's anyone out there that is interested in starting their own hair business. so, as always, before we get started, make sure that you show my channel some love. go ahead and click the subscribe button that way that I know that you like the content also gives me a thumbs up that keeps me going and we'll get right into the video. so, along with wholesale, I do offer job shipping. if you don't know, I do offer. I have a hair website and I sell hair extensions, but not just that. I want everyone that's interested in selling hair extensions to be able to do so at an affordable price, and I want everyone to be able to actually make a good income on doing so. so drop shipping- drop shipping through me- is $50. okay, let me go ahead and explain what you get with the $50. so what drop shipping is is it's a good way. it's a good option for those of you that are interested in starting your own hair company but say you don't have the money at this time to purchase a lot of inventory, or say you have the money but you rather spend the money on advertising, or you rather spend the money on your photo shoot for your website, or you would rather spend the money on different branding materials, or maybe you're saving it for something else. so with this, drop shipping gives you the option to do it, gives you the option to get started selling your hair extensions, opening your business, but you don't have to worry about purchasing the hair extensions in bulk. so I'm just going to kind of read what I have on the website and I'll go ahead and link the website at the bottom of the screen as well as in the description box that you can go there rate through it yourself as well. but pretty much, we offer multiple business options to help enhance your brand and capitalize on selling care extensions. the first option that we offer is buying here in bulk at wholesale pricing to resell to your clients or customers for a profit. the second option is drop shipping. drop shipping allows you the ability to start selling here without buying inventory. so drop shipping is the best option for those who are just starting their hair business and may not have the capital to purchase here and block at the moment. it's a great way to build exposure to your brand and begin generating income. eventually, most of our dropshippers converts to purchasing wholesale or in bulk once their spending power grows. most of the people that start off with drop shipping eventually go to wholesale. drop shipping, like I mentioned before, just gives you that ability to start generating income so that you can expand your business and so that you can buy hair extensions in bulk. so- and let me just put out there for those that you know don't really know anything about the hair industry or selling hair extensions- hair extensions are not cheap. even if you buy them in bulk, normally the vendors that you buy them from you have to buy like. they have a minimum order limit. even with me, even though I'm purchasing more because I'm selling it, I still have a minimum order quantity, so it's not like I'm just getting bundles, you don't proceed. it's a lot of money. it takes a lot of money to get inventory, to be able to have hair on hands, to be able to offer here on the website, to be able to offer drop shipping wholesale, you have to be able to have a lot of hair on hand and that's not cheap at all. so I don't ever want anyone to feel embarrassed or shy to say, hey, I don't have the money to do to buy all this hair book. but I know that I want to start selling here. I know that I have a vision, I know that I have a plan and Ani is a chance. that's what drop shipping is for ivanishin. when i opened bachik here, i didn't offer job shipping, I just did wholesale. but because I had so many women that I really wanted to help, I wanted to put together another program that could help everyone, because there were some women that just just outright and have the money right then to buy hair extensions. and then there's some other women that are like you know, hey, I'm working, I'm a single parent. I can't just afford to spend, you know, five thousand dollars on some hair to start a company, along with the website, along with that resizing, along with different hair backs, labels. you know it's expensive, so I came up with this. now, this V gives you access to start selling magic hair under your business name. no branding products such as hair labels, bags, tags- nothing comes with the $50. so what I mean by that is you don't get any other branding material when you pay just the basic $50 drop shipping fee. all that you get with that is the ability to have me and bad chick hair send out the hair on your behalf. so the way that it works, just to kind of give you guys like a general, like a visual. so I'm gonna explain how dropshipping works. so once you go ahead and get enrolled in drop shipping, we want to set up a website. okay, so me and whoever is working with me that day will help. you said: nah, we won't really help you get your website set up, but we'll help you set up the drop shipping portion if that makes sense. so we're not going to just, you know, help you with organizing your website, help you with different picture. we're not gonna help you set up your website. we're going to make sure that your website notifies us when we receive, when you receive, an order. so someone goes to your website and they try to purchase, for example, three bags or three bundles of Brazilian straight, and we're gonna receive that notification as well as you. but we need the notification because we're going to send out the hair to your clients on behalf of you. so when your clients get the order, they have no idea that there is a middleman, which is Magic here. they have no idea. they think they're purchasing directly from you and your shipping the order out okay. and once we send the order out on your behalf, you'll be provided with the tracking number so that you can follow up with your customers and things like that. so it's just a smooth transaction, the way that the payment would work. so once you sign up for drop shipping, we provide you with a drop shipping price list. so, for example, like the three bundles that I mentioned earlier- say, the three bundles on the drop shipping price list came up to eighty bucks- you would have that price list before you set up your website so you wouldn't know what the prices are going to be for bachik air drop shipping for each bundle, and then it'll be your responsibility to go ahead and price your products accordingly. so let's you make sure you get a profit. so again, say it was 80 bucks and say that you charged, you know, on your website, mmm, maybe 150. so you give bad check here- that $80 and the remaining amount is your profit, okay. so it's very simple now with that, because you know you won't magic here. we're not gonna send out our branding material with your order. so what I mean by branding material is okay. if you're not doing drop shipping, if you're not doing hoe, so if you're just, you know, a customer coming to our website to purchase hair, you're gonna get your hair in one of these bags. this is our branding material. so it has, like our logo on it, has our company name, our social media links and things like that. so that's what they'll get. now we set up or we can create these same type of bags for your company. so, depending on what you want on there, depending on how many colors you want on there, depending on if you want a bag or a box to send your hair extensions out in, it's g.