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handshake dropshipping

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

How To Add Handshake On Shopify | How To Sell Products On Handshake | Shopify Tutorial

hey guys, it's your girl happiness together here. welcome back to my channel. if this is your first time, hey there, welcome. so in today's video i am going to be toking more about handshake and i'll go ahead and show you how to add the handshake channel on your shopify stuff. so, pretty much handshake is a wholesale marketplace made by shopify and with a handshake channel you can list all your wholesale products for retailers to purchase your product and resell them. so pretty much installing a handshake channel on your shopify store is very quick, easy and simple, um. so i'll be going and show you guys how to do it in few minutes and what you need to know before going ahead. installing a handshake is pretty much like an application. so once you install it on your shopify, so you'll have to wait for 10 to 14 business days for handshake team to review your application and then get back to you and let you know if they accepted your application, if you meet all the requirements or you didn't. i have another video that i went a little bit in details about what is handshake um, and i will leave it up around here on my channel so you can go ahead and watch it and learn about what are the requirements and what you should do in order for you to be qualified to have a handshake on your shopify store. so now i'll go ahead and show you, step by step, how to install your handshake on your shopify store. but, as always, before i jump into the tutorial, please don't forget to smash the like button, leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think about this video and subscribe on my channel. if you haven't done so, and without further ado, let's jump in today's video. now, here we are on our shopify admin page, so we'll go to the apps, which is located on the left hand side on your shopify shop. i'm going and click apps and then customize your store. after that, i'm going to type handshake- handshake for suppliers, so hand shake supports, and i'm gonna search it and this is the one. so, basically, there is handshake for supplies and handshake for the wholesale. if you want to buy for the wholesale, you can go ahead here, and if you want to sell on a wholesale and reach new buyers, you can go ahead and download this one. so, basically, i'm going to get the handshake for supplies and it's free, actually, both of them. they're free. so i'm going ahead and click handshake for suppliers, then add up. so pretty much, you can go ahead and read all these informations. after reading all the informations and you feel like everything is okay, you can go ahead and click here, add cells channel. okay, and after that, now we have to go ahead and click this one that we are going to ugly so like by applying to handshake. i confirm i will not be reselling products from brands other than my own and i agree shopify private policy and handshakes terms of service. so after that, you can go ahead and click box right over here and then click continue. after that, now the only thing we have to do is just we are going to have to wait 10 to 14 business days, because that is the amount of time. handshake will take time to review our applications and they'll send us an email with an outcome of either they accepted our applications or they didn't accept our application. and, as you can see right over here, these are all myself channel and handshake is right over here. it has been added automatik, but we really can't go ahead and use handshake because our application is still on the review. so yeah, guys, that's how you add handshake sells channel to your shopify store. yeah, that's it for today's video. guys, i hope you enjoyed this video and please don't forget to like this video. subscribe on my channel if you haven't done so, and i'll see you guys on the next video.

What is HANDSHAKE? Shopify Wholesale Marketplace Explained

handshake by shopify. what is it? how do you sell on it? how do you buy on it? how do you use it to make more profit? everything you need to know about handshake is going to be in this video. remember that. in this video i toked about how b2b should be keeping your lights on, and btc is kind of the cherry on top, but most businesses survive on b2b. yeah, wholesale is important. now, finding wholesale customers can sometimes be really tough, and that is why shopify kind of wanted to help out with a marketplace called handshake. now, first i'm going to go over how you can buy from handshakes. so if you are a shop and you want to buy from different suppliers, handshake might just be the place for you. after that, we'll tell you on how to sell on handshake. but before we touch about that, i just want to launch one last thing, which is handshakes competition. they come in a couple of different categories. first you have the ones that are really similar to handshake, which is faircom and tundracom, which is basically wholesale marketplace, and then you have the second category, which is everything that's drop shipping, and we covered a bunch of apps already for that. so you want to make sure to check out these ones as well. but all right, back to handshake. how do you, as a store owner that wants to have more inventory, buy on handshake? first of all, you must be located in the us. you must not resell the products on things like amazon or etsy. you must have a seller id number and then you must do the classic things, as you know: agree to their terms and conditions and give valid information about your business- and oh, i actually have a business as well. it doesn't need to be a shopify store, it needs to be, you know, a pop-up or some sort of store. now you can sign up for handshake. you don't need a shopify store, as i mentioned, but you have to sign up with your shopify idea. in order to buy, to sell, you need a shopify store, but we'll get to that later. i'll show you right here. you just quickly go to the sign up process, you get approved, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah and boom, you arrive on the actual handshake marketplace. now remember, this is only for us based people and right now they're not really expanding. but once you're on here, you can browse by category or by search, or use the filter. it's a pretty common shopping experience. there's not really much to add. you can contact different sellers and you can add a whole bunch of things to your cart. now let's say you add the yoga pants from seller a to your cart and the candles for seller b. that's going to be two separate transactions. each seller has their own minimum orders, their own shipping fees and rules and their own return rules, so be careful of that. so you might wonder: why would i use handshake to buy stuff? why not juice, fair or any of the drop shipping apps? well, the main advantage is that everyone that is selling on handshake is certified by shopify, so shopify knows there is specific, certain standard. it's also free of charge and you know it's easy. there's a whole bunch of different products in one area. but another big advantage is it's independent, us-based stores, so you don't have some random dude that you think is in switzerland but turns out to be in korea buying from a north korean selling to a chinese going to colombia, ending up in your store. no, it's pretty straightforward: it's probably a couple of states away from you. now, of course, there's also a couple of cons to be buying on handshake. first of all, obviously, it's only us, but i've mentioned this 10 times already. so most items, pretty much all items, because it's wholesale, 99 of the items have minimum orders, which okay. there's also no drop shipping, so don't expect to find like drop shippers in this. they're not going to be drop shipping you anything. you have to order in bulk and get it shipped to you. and there is no payment terms. now, this might change in the distant future- not in the near future- but for now you just have to pony up the entire amount and there's no one here to give you a loan or to break up the payments. that's kind of the downsides. okay, now you understand how to buy on handshake. but what about selling on handshake? well, as we mentioned before, you need to be approved. so you need to go to your shopify store. you need to have a shopify store to start with, with a minimum of one sale. i also know like there is a certain quality standards they will be looking at when they approve you. the approval process to be able to sell on handshake is about 10 days to 14 days, and you know it can be tough. you know there is a bar. you need to meet a certain amount of requirements, including like pictures and stuff like that. you can't just dump anything on it. another thing to note is you cannot resell products on handshake. like we mentioned before, these need to be your own products and in addition to that, it needs to fit the categories that handshake already has, so that maybe, is a little limitation for the people selling really strange stuff out there. in order to set it up, you just go into your app store, add it as a sales channel and then that automatikally brings up the approval process, which again is going to take somewhere from 10 to 14 days. now you might be wondering what are some of the pros of me adding handshake as a sales channel? why no, i'll tell you what i think afterwards. what are some of the objective pros? first, it's it's easy to set up. there's no fees, no commission. that shopify takes it, integrates directly into your shopify. you can build solid relationships because you know your communication isn't monitored or anything. you're free to communicate with your buyers. they also have the widget, but that falls and they're easy to integrate. and then also your payments. they immediately come into your store, just like any other payments. so you know those are some big advantages. some of the cons of using handshake is that, you know, apparently people are saying that there's not a lot of sales on it, although the ones that do say there would be sales, would they really be posting it online? so you're not going to break sales records with handshake is what we're under the impression. the customization of the templates is also very limited and, like we mentioned earlier, there is no payment term. so if you're selling really big pro products that are expensive and you want to sell them wholesale- no payment terms- it makes it a little bit difficult. and finally, there is very little data about how much your page is being viewed, or like how much it gets clicked, or there is really no analytiks, so you don't know if the platform isn't that great altogether or if it's your listing. that's not fantastik, all right. so should you use handshake to buy products? yeah, sure, definitely sign up and go take a look what people sell on there. it might be very useful for you to sell products. why not sign up if there's no fees, no commission? however, we do see people being like: hey, i'm not getting accepted for handshake. oh, my god, my life is over. no, don't break your head over it, like. if you're not getting accepted or if it's too long, whatever. just start to sign up process and if it's too complex, in the end, just okay, it's gonna be one sales channel less and if you pass, it's gonna be one sales channel more. there's really little maintenance to do about it. the bet that i'm taking- and this is a bet you're not guaranteed success- on why you should probably sell on handshake if you can- is that you know it's in the early stages or it's not getting a whole lot of attention of shopify for the moment. but shopify did purchase handshake and they put down what i assumed to be a pretty penny- i'm assuming it wasn't free, we don't know how much- and so there is an assumption or a bet to be taken that maybe one day shopify is going to be like: okay, we're gonna push this to the next level. shopify, after all, has been pushed a lot to do marketplaces to be pushing more marketplaces, so maybe handshake is going to be a part of that, if shopify does decide to focus on handshake and doub.

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How to buy products on Handshake || Shopify Help Center

Handshake is a marketplace made by Shopify where you can buy wholesale products from Shopify merchants for your retail store. Wholesale suppliers on handshakecom are selected by the Handshake team, so you deal with independent creators and not resellers. Keep watching to learn more about buying on Handshake and what the process is like. Hey everyone, I’m Aly from Shopify. If you want to browse products and suppliers on Handshakecom then you don’t need an account, But if you want to see wholesale prices, contact suppliers and buy products, then you need to sign up for a Handshake retailer account. To buy on Handshake, you must meet these requirements. Your business must be located in the United States. If you’re not located in the United States but you’re still interested in using Handshake, then sign up to the Handshake retail blog and find out when we expand into more regions. You need to have an active physical or online store. This includes pop-ups and booths, But you are not required to have a Shopify store. You need to have a valid reseller ID. You can’t sell on third party marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy And, finally, the products that you sell must comply with the Handshake Terms of Service. For more details on eligibility and requirements, see the links in the description. If your business meets these conditions, then visit handshakecom, click “Sign up” and enter your email address. To sign up for a Handshake retailer account you need an email that links to a Shopify ID. A Shopify ID, also known as single login, single sign-on or SSO, will act as your login information for different Shopify resources. A Shopify ID belongs to an individual user and their specific email address, not to a store. If you already have a Shopify ID, then login to continue signing up with your existing ID. Otherwise, click Create a new account and enter your details. Creating a Shopify ID does not create a Shopify store for you. Should you later decide to open a store, your new ID will be automatikally linked to your login. Next, enter your business details and contact information. Make sure that your business details and address are valid and up-to-date, otherwise your Handshake retailer account might be deactivated. Then click the checkbox after reading through the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. When you’re ready, click Create Account. Now let’s see what it’s like to shop on handshakecom. To browse products, start by selecting a product category. Then you can narrow your search by using different filters like minimum order price. If you want to source local products, then you can filter products by state. You can also check out Handshake’s thoughtfully curated wholesale collections in the “Collections” area From the marketplace. use the search bar to type in keywords to find specific products or suppliers. When you open a product or supplier page, you have the option to contact suppliers if you need more information. Replies from the supplier will go to the email address that you used when you signed up for a Handshake retailer account. It’s best practike to review the supplier’s shipping and return policies before you make an order. This ensures you are properly informed of their business practikes. Remember each supplier will have their own individual policies in place. You also need to meet the minimum order value set by the supplier, which you can find on the product and supplier page. Remember, in order to buy products on Handshake, you need to have a valid reseller ID, shipping and billing address in the United States and a credit card. When you find products you’d like to buy, add them to your shopping cart. If your cart has products from more than one supplier, then you’re prompted to place a separate order per supplier. During checkout, you’re required to submit your reseller ID before you can move forward. Then enter your shipping address information, Then select a shipping method, Input your credit card details, Review your order And click Buy now to make the purchase. Back on the home page, you can review and manage your orders by clicking Account, then Orders, To see an order’s current status and tracking information. Click View order details. And that’s how Handshake helps you source and buy wholesale products for your retail business. Visit handshakecom to sign up and start buying today. For more information on everything covered in this video, visit helpshopifycom.


How to sell products on Handshake || Shopify Help Center

Handshakecom is a wholesale marketplace made by Shopify. With the Handshake sales channel, you can list your wholesale products for retailers to purchase and resell. Keep watching to learn how your business can get started on Handshake today. Hey everyone, Sam here, Let’s get started with requirements to sell on Handshake and how you can apply. Your business must be located in the United States. Your store must use USD currency. You need to have a payment provider enabled in your store. You have to have an active store on Shopify that’s made at least one sale. You cannot resell products from other businesses. Your products need to comply with the Handshake Product Guidelines and the Handshake Terms of Service. Your product images must comply with the Handshake Photography Guidelines And all the products that you sell need to comply with the product categories on the Handshake marketplace. To get notified when Handshake becomes available in more regions, subscribe now to the Handshake blog for future updates. After you confirm that you meet the seller requirements, you need to install the Handshake sales channel in your Shopify admin. Installing the sales channel is also your application to the platform. When you add the sales channel, the Handshake team reviews your eligibility within 10 to 14 business days. If you’re approved to sell on the marketplace, you receive a notification and the sales channel will become available on your Shopify admin After your business is approved. the next step is to set up your Handshake supplier profile and preferences. You can find Handshake under the “Sales Channels” section of your admin. The first page is your “Profile”. Your products and brand information aren’t available on Handshakecom until after you publish this profile. You can customize your profile by adding a header, image, logo and other details. I’ll come back to the “Profile” page later, when everything is ready to be published. For now I need to set up preferences, products and marketing. From the “Preferences” page you can set your shipping rates, order minimums and shipping policies. For shipping, you can use the same shipping rates already set up in your admin - whether that’s Shopify shipping or any flat rates you created. But if you use your Shopify store for both retail and wholesale, then you might want to set up custom shipping rates specifically for Handshake orders. This lets you have separate shipping rates for your retail orders and for your wholesale Handshake orders. You can set up either a flat shipping rate for Handshake orders or you can add 3 conditional shipping rates based on order value, like the example shown here. Next, it’s best practike to set a minimum order value to ensure that you’re making a profit. This is especially important to sell more inventory and if you offer incentives like free shipping. And finally, you need to add information about your shipping and returns policies, Like order processing time, returns and refunds policy, shipping fees, shipping options and any other important information to set proper expectations for wholesale customers. The next step is to set up and price your wholesale products. The products that you have in your Shopify admin are automatikally synced to the “Products” page in the Handshake sales channel, But if there’s ever a product that you don’t want to list on Handshake, then you can remove it. To remove a product from Handshake, start from the Shopify admin, click “Products” and open an item. Click “Manage” beside “Sales channels and apps”, then uncheck the Handshake checkbox. Click “Save” to finish. Now this product is available to sell on my online store for retail customers, but not available to sell on Handshake for wholesale customers. Now let’s move back into the Handshake sales channel. Click “Handshake”, then click “Products”. This page gives you an overview of all the products that you have available on the Handshake sales channel. From here, you can manage product status, prices and product categories. You can do these tasks through bulk editing, like in this example Or, if you prefer, you can edit each product individually. From here, you can set up a separate product description and add product images that only show on the Handshake marketplace and not on your online store. If you decide not to edit the products, then Handshake will use the existing Shopify product images and description by default. You can also select what category this product will appear in, set the pricing structure, the minimum order and how many items are sold in a case. For example, I need to sell 30 t-shirts to make a good profit from my wholesale price, So I set my "Minimum order" at 30 items. Each case has 15 t-shirts, So I set that as my "Items per case". When a customer shops on Handshake, they have to buy at least 30 t-shirts, which equals 2 cases. If they want to buy more, then they have to buy full cases in sets of 15.. So 30,, 45,, 60 and so on. When you’re done setting up your products and preferences, you can publish your supplier profile and make it live on handshakecom From the “Profile” page. click “Publish profile” and then confirm in the pop up that you’re ready by clicking “Publish”. To see what your profile looks like on handshakecom, click “View Profile”. Your products are now officially available for purchase. When your products are purchased on handshakecom, your orders will appear on your Shopify admin where you can fulfill them. Now that your profile is live, it’s time to start promoting it so retailers can find it. On the “Discounts” page, you can create, manage and delete automatik discounts for your Handshake products. Discounts can be used for limited-time promotions or to encourage a certain amount of products per order. Your discounts are advertised to customers on your product details pages and on the product cards when browsing the Handshake marketplace. And finally, from the “Marketing” page, you can embed a “Shop Wholesale” button in your online store. This button directs customers to your Handshake supplier profile. To learn how to copy and paste the code in your Shopify admin, see the link below. You can also download Handshake-branded social media templates to edit and use in marketing campaigns. The social media templates are PNG files that you can edit using third-party image editing software, And that’s how Handshake connects your wholesale business with retail customers. If you want to know what Handshake is like for your retail customers, then watch our next video, “How to buy products on Handshake”. If you have any questions, then visit the help artikles linked below or visit helpshopifycom for more information.

Earn $5,000 a month by starting a dropshipping Jewelry Business -Spocket | CHRISTINA FASHION

hey everyone. it's your girl, christina fashion, and welcome back to my channel. this channel is all about leveling up and growing our business together, and you'll love it here. in today's video, i'm going to tok about how to start a drop shipping business. this long, weird video is finally here. i'm going to tok about how you can drop ship if you're interested in building another stream of income. i think about a year ago i introduced this topic and it catched on like wildfire. you guys were dming me about how to start one or some of you went ahead and actually tried to start a drop shipping business. maybe you couldn't figure out how to sync your products to your store, how to properly communicate with the vendors that way they're making sure that they're fulfilling each order in your store. but the biggest problem you probably had was how do you sync everything so that way you can get all your orders automatikally fulfilled and that the items do get delivered to your customer? well, i got you. i got all the tea. i'm gonna be dropping them today in this video. that way, you know, the easiest way to do it was just one click. like i said, one click, okay. so that's why i have partnered up with spock it to show you how to start a drop shipping store. i will actually be showing a tutorial on how i open the store, how to find a winning product, especially if you're looking to figure out what jewelry is winning at this moment. and keep watching to the end of this video because i will be doing a surprise giveaway. one lucky winner will have the chance to win one free year of sparky. doesn't that sound amazing, y'all? so? spaghett is an online marketplace that connects retailers or small business owners like you to suppliers and products that can easily sync to your store in just one click. so they have a lot of amazing features, such as integration to your stores that you're using, whether it be shopify, wix, bigcommerce or anything like that- and they have other features like your branded invoice, in which you can create an invoice that looks like it's coming from your store. that way, your customer won't know that they're buying from a drop shipping business- and as well as using features like ali scraper and where you can import products from abroad in overseas, like china or other countries. what's so great about spake as well? they primarily focus on working with suppliers in the us, so that means faster shipping times for your customers. that way, your customers don't have to wait 30 days, you know, to receive their items. that used to be in the past. your customer can get their items in five to seven days, or 14 days, depending on what product you're importing to your store. to build our drop shipping store, we first need to find our winning product. what i like to do is go on pinterest and tiktok and i will look up videos or trending jewelries for my market research and, from what i have found, my top three trending products are the pearl necklace, the initial necklace and the signet rings. then we'll head over to spock it, to browse around and shop around, see if there's any items that we like, and then we're gonna click on each item and then you can read the description, read the return policy, their shipping time, their processing time. after browsing around, i found this beautiful evil eye pearl necklace and once i click on the image and i browsed around, i wasn't too sure if i really wanted this necklace or how it would look like in person. at the bottom of each product image there is a product description in which you can read about the material type and the length of the chain and more information about the type of jewelry they sell. now, to order a sample, you'll click on the order sample button. from there i'll pop up a screen and then you can order how many samples you want, whether it be one or two, and you can enter a note for your vendor if you have any specifics you want to include. if you want the 18 inch, if you want the pink version of the pearl necklace or the green version, whatever variation they have, you can always order a sample. that way you can sample it at home. there is a separate product variation button. you can click to see how many colors this vendor carries in that item and it will also show you how much of that specific color that they have in stok. so for this one they have about three per necklace. now, if you're looking for a specific country or price range, you can always filter your products by clicking at the top page next to search, click, filter and from there you can change the shipping country. you can look for a specific supplier, you can look for a quicker shipping time and then filter it to how you see fit. at the top of the product description you can click the green button: add to import list. to import now to see all the items you have imported, you're going to click on the import list button on the side. this section is where you can customize the product title, the category, you can add it to a specific collection. you can change the images, change the description the way you want it to appear on your personal website. now, once you're done customizing the title and description, you're going to click on variants and from variants we are going to price our product. once you click on variants, you'll be able to see all the different type of product images and styles on the left side. on the right side, your inventory, the shipping price and the sales price. from there you're going to add in your sales price and, for an example, i'm going to do it times two and use 15, so that would leave me with a profit of and 7.72 cents. you can always mark it up to the industry level. i see necklaces like this going for like 30 to 50.. so they do all the calculation for you. all you have to do is just play around with the numbers depending on how much your expenses are and then how much you think your item is worth. to view all the products you have pushed to your store on the left side, you're gonna click my products and from there you can see all the products you have, and you can always remove any products from your store if you need to. now that i have added all my product, here is my product page. everything flowed and synced nicely to my website, so now, if you click on the product images, you'll see how our description looks like when we customize the earlier. everything just looks really, really good and our store is completed now that you're officially open for business. thank you for watching the tutorial with me and following along with me and opening up your store. okay, we're about to get to the bag, so now let's tok about how are you going to be able to market your product? so the biggest thing when it comes to job shipping- i highly recommend video marketing. so i would recommend ordering a few samples from your store. bash creating 30 pieces of content a month for your target audience, and you can use that in combination of trending videos, trending sounds or even storytelling about your products, or i also recommend creating a problem solution video as well. so, let's say, your target audience is having a hard time finding a vintage piece of jewelry, a video with a hook letting know what problem they're having and then explaining the solution that you have this new piece of jewelry that's a vintage looking, that's high quality and that you ship fast, and that could be your hook to the video. that way, you're creating a problem solution that your customer is looking for and you're filling a gap in the market. if you're interested in signing up with pocket, i will leave my link below, and now let's tok about the giveaway. so one of you have a chance to win one free year of pocket, your one free year of drop shipping. who doesn't want that, right? what i want you to do is, of course, sign up to my link and, as well as comment below, spock it giveaway and once you comment that, a winner will be announced at the end of this week, and i will be announcing it below in my comments or on the next video. i really hope you enjoy this tutorial and learning more about.


hey guys, it's your girl happiness here. welcome back to my channel. if this is your very first time on my channel, hey there, welcome to my channel. so in today's video, i am going to be toking with you guys about what is handshake and why people are selling on handshake, what are the requirements to use handshake, what do i like about handshake and the good things of using handshake. so i'll be telling you all of this in today's video. but before i go ahead in today's video, please don't forget to smash that like button. subscribe on my channel if you haven't done so. um, also leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think about today's video. and, without further due, let's jump in today's video. [Music]. so handshake is a new wholesale marketplace build and operated by shopify, and it has been a very big game changer to the wholesale marketplace entirely for both suppliers and the retailers, which is a good thing. and with handshake, you can actually list all your whole sellers products for the retailers to go ahead and purchase from your website. now let's go ahead and tok about the reason of why i like handshake. number one: i like handshake because it gives retailers an access of thousands of products from handshake suppliers. second, it brings new businesses- like so many businesses- to brand that sells in a house. and third, i like handshake because it connects the retailers as well as suppliers to create a lasting and scalable relationship. and one more thing, the good thing about handshake: when you actually install handshake on your shopify, handshake can operate all its activities within shopify and all your shopify customers information as well as what comes from the handshake. they're all going to integrate together as one information. so if you're already using shopify, your inventory, billing and orders will all be on the same place you are using on shopify. so you really don't have to worry about having, like different things, different orders, different inventory in separate places. now how about the requirements to use handshake? the thing is, not everyone will be eligible to use handshake. in order for you to be eligible to use handshake, you must meet certain requirements, which i'm going to tell you today. the first requirements: your business needs to be located in the united states. so basically, according to shopify, until now as today of um october 20, 2021, only people who are located in the united states will be able to use handshake. so if you're not located in the united states, then you really can't use a handshake, but they're actually planning to expand. i really don't know how long it's gonna take, but yeah, and the requirements. number two: you need to use us dollar as a currency in your store. so basically, if you don't have us dollar as a currency on your, still, you really can't use handshake. number three: you need to have a payment provider. and about a new start. another requirement: you need to have an active shopify style that is active and at least it has made at least one sale. so if you don't have an active shopify and let's say you have a shopify store but you haven't made any sell, then you really can't go ahead and use. and another requirement: you cannot resell the product from other businesses. all your products that are available on shopify must comply with the handshake product guidelines, as well as the handshake terms of service. also, your products images must comply with handshake photograph guideline. i will recommend you to go ahead and read all their guidelines and for you to be aware of their policies and what kind of photograph they want and if your products really are meeting their handshakes guidelines. and lastly, all the products that you're going to sell needs to comply with products categories listed on the handshake marketplace. so, yeah, pretty much, there are so many requirements that you need to meet all of them for you to be eligible to use handshake on your shopify store. so, basically, before having handshake on your shopify store, you'll need to go ahead and do an application for the handshake and, um, the handshake team will go ahead and review your shopify store and see if you really meet all their requirements, and it actually takes like, um, i guess like 10 to 14 business days before they get back to you. um, so yeah, guys, that's it for today's video. i hope you liked all the informations i gave you about handshake. so if you liked this video, um, please don't forget to go ahead and like this video. leave me a comment down below and, um, subscribe on my channel if you haven't done so. and that's it for today. i'll see you guys on the next video.