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health food dropshipping suppliers

Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

How to Easily Find Wholesale & Dropshipping Suppliers for FREE [5 Methods]

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8 Canadian Dropship Suppliers (WITH FAST SHIPPING) to Work with Today

hey guys, sean here from cell, here today i'm going to give you eight free canadian dropship suppliers with their contact info and why their products are great to start dropshipping today. they are from eight different niches that have fast delivery times within canada. if you're looking for suppliers that ship quickly to a partikular country, just comment below and we'll be sure to make a video just like this for suppliers that have fast shipping to that country. just remember to subscribe so you don't miss the video. if this is your first time watching, welcome here at salehu. we are dropshippers and business owners ourselves who have scaled multiple five, six and seven figure businesses. throughout the team, and using our knowledge and experience, we have helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs grow their online businesses with our e-commerce tools and our expert online education. before we get started, i want to remind you guys of the lucky draw this month, where you'll have a chance to win a one year free membership to sell your directory or sale to dropship. all you have to do is comment below and tell us what is the biggest issue you're currently trying to solve in your dropshipping journey. at the end of the month, we'll choose two lucky winners and announce them in our latest youtube video. now let's get into the eight canadian suppliers. [Music]. use the chapters in the description box to skip to the suppliers if you want to jump right to the 8 suppliers and their winning products. i just want to go over why having dependable local dropship suppliers is so important right now. high quality suppliers with quick shipping times are critikal because they have a direct impact on the customer experience you provide. an unreliable supplier can hurt your business by providing your customers with long shipping times, low quality or damaged products or even sending the wrong size or color, resulting in back and forth returns and a lot of wasted shipping expenses. ok, here's all the suppliers and their contact info, which i will be going through in the video. you can take a screenshot to get all their contact info for each supplier. i will also go through why their products are great to sell. the first supplier, boogie cosmetiks, is in the beauty and cosmetiks niche. the beauty and cosmetiks niche is a niche that is popular amongst dropshippers, especially since it is evergreen, so there is always demand for products in this niche. bougie cosmetiks is a great local canadian dropship supplier, especially if you want to have fast shipping times in canada. they also can arrange international shipping, but it's only limited to the following countries: uk, usa and australia. this is their contact info- email, phone number and website, which you can take a screenshot of and contact them directly. you can find the contact info of other suppliers too, using the salehoo directory, by the way, but wait a second. sure you have the supplier now, but what makes them so special and what about their products make them good to dropship and they seem great and all, but how do you know you can trust the supplier? well, our cellular directory already did the research on their reliability for you. as we can see on the supplier page in the salehoot directory, they have been in the business for six years. their site is ssl secured, which basically prevents criminals from stealing information that you are providing to the site, and they, just like all the suppliers in the salehoo directory, have been tested and filtered out by the salehoo team, and the customer service is great, as email inquiries are replied to within one to two business days. now let's take a look at their product catalog. they sell all sorts of cosmetiks that you can dropship, like these false eyelashes, which is an old winning product by other online sellers. the next supplier is in the travel niche. their name is eco-ride distributors and here is their website, email and phone number. the reason why i decided on featuring this supplier is because travel, sports and adventure is also an evergreen niche, as seen on google trends that you can tap into all year round. also, summer is fast approaching, so these type of products will likely see a spike in demand as people are preparing for their summer trip. by the way, if you want to find out about other products that are about to explode this summer, check out our youtube video on 8 trending products. i found this supplier through the salehoo directory by clicking find suppliers and go into the travel and outdoors category, so i can only see products and suppliers for that niche here. i filtered by canadian suppliers that do drop shipping. now i can see all the products in this niche. now let's check out ecorite distributors- who is the supplier for some of these products, by the way- and see whether they are a good fit for us. based on the supplier information on the sailor directory. we can rest assured that you are in good hands. if we take a look at the safety analysis, we can see that they have been in business for at least 24 years and their site is ssl secured. we can dig deeper and find out what it's like working with them through the overview section and supplier information section. in the overview section, we can see that they have great customer support, as email inquiries are usually answered within one to two business days. we can visit their product catalog, too, and see that they do indeed sell all sorts of bags that can be used for any travel, sports and adventure activity. also, their items are eco-friendly. some of their products are even biodegradable. you can use this as a selling point when promoting these products. by the way, finding hot products using facebook is something that was toked about in one of our youtube videos- five strategies to find low cost, high profit products, so you might want to check that out all of. you can then email the supplier with the info i provided, or, if you already have the sailor directory, you can just contact the supplier from within salehoot by clicking contact supplier, then send email. the next supplier, echoverde, is in the fashion niche. here's their website, email and phone number. they are a great supplier to work with, as fashion is an evergreen niche. we can see that i've bookmarked them as a favorite supplier so that i can easily find them. i made a note about them saying what niche they are in. let's check the supplier in detail now by clicking view listing. we are familiar with this type of page. if we take a look at the overview, we will find out that this supplier has been around for 12 years, has a 30-day return policy and are the manufacturers of their own clothing too. these are all very reassuring signs that they are a great dropship supplier. now let's check out their website. we can see that they mainly offer clothes around loungewear, like sweaters, knits and intimates, but their unique selling point is that they come from organic materials like bamboo. the next supplier is in the home improvement niche, and their name is cool straw. the reason why i chose to showcase them is because home improvement is an evergreen niche also, with a work from home setup becoming increasingly common, it only makes sense to tap into this niche. this supplier was easily found in the sale here directory by going to the home and garden category, and here we will find a trending product that i actually toked about in one of our youtube videos. it to dropship products that are about to explode, so make sure to watch that video if you'd like more training products like this and want to know what makes it a trending product. now let's check out the supplier for that product. we can see that cool straw is reliable, as they've been around for three years and are even bbb listed. if we take a look at the overview section, we will see that they even have exclusive discounts for salehoo members: 25 off for orders of 25 products or more, scaling up to 40 wholesale discounts. this is great if we need to scale and want to increase our profit margins.

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Canada's Best Dropshipping Suppliers That You Need To Know About

hi everyone, my name is neely and in this video i'm going to cover canada's top drop shipping suppliers. a [Music]. canada's e-commerce industry is on the rise and reached a record 29.9 billion dollars in 2021, making it, without a doubt, one of the more profitable markets to jump into. but in order to really succeed, you'll need to team up with the best suppliers that can handle canada's high demand. with that being said, let's get to our list number one: amazon, canada. i think by now, amazon doesn't need any introduction, and if you don't know what amazon is, i can only assume you've been trapped in a block of ice for 70 years like captain america. there's no other explanation. here are amazon's best features that are definitely a worthwhile investment if you choose to use them as your supplier. they have multiple warehouses in canada, which means fast shipping, typically getting packages to your buyers within one to two days. quick tip delivery time plays a significant role for drop shippers because customers want their orders fast. faster delivery options can actually lead to more sales. next, they have an endless range of products, with millions of choices within any niche you can think of. if you wanted to sell socks for dogs, you could probably find a whole bunch of them on amazon. they also have reliable customer service and, lastly, they offer super easy 30 day returns. next on our list is printful. printful is a niche drop shipping supplier who specializes in print on demand products, which is a great niche to dive into, just because there isn't too much competition yet. they offer print on demand customization for a lot of products like pats, shirts, laptop cases, mugs and much more that you can customize per your buyer's request. next, there's no minimum order needed to make a purchase from them, so you don't need to worry about ordering anything in bulk. they also have fast shipping. ontario customers can expect deliveries within two days and the other canadian regions within four days. additionally, the canadian dollar is offered as a payment option, so that means if you're canadian, you can avoid those annoying conversion fees when using a foreign currency. quick tip: the goal of this video isn't for you to choose just one supplier from this list. you can actually benefit a lot by working with multiple suppliers, whether it's for having a larger variety of products or just having suppliers as backups in case something goes wrong with one of them. our next supplier is cj drop shipping. they're a leading chinese supplier from china, but don't worry, they also have warehouses in canada, so you don't have to compromise on shipping times. that's just one of the many benefits they offer. they also have a large variety of products, with over 400 000 options to choose from. they offer print on demand services, which, like we mentioned before, means you can list custom designed products. they've got white label branding so you can customize your brand packaging and increase brand awareness. they also share their own high quality product videos and images which can help you take your marketing to the next level. and, lastly, they have free product sourcing, so if you want to list a product but you don't see it on their site, you can send a request and they quote you a price within 24 hours. number four on our list is etsy, which is an online site where you can shop for handcrafted products. here are their top benefits: you have endless niches, such as home supplies, furniture, jewelry, toys and much more. they offer fast delivery- typically two to three days, because next day delivery isn't always possible. if you're buying something that's custom made- and the best perk is the potential for high profit margins- quick tip. anything that's handmade or handcrafted has a higher price tag, which shoppers are aware of, so you'll have the opportunity to set higher profit margins and earn a bit more with these kind of products. next on our list is wayfair canada. this platform specializes in a home niche and was created by dropshippers, so, as a result, they offer many shipping friendly perks, like a massive selection of products. their selection contains over 14 million different products to choose from. they also understand the need for fast and free shipping for orders over 50. but in case you don't always spend 50 on every order and you don't want to pay that shipping fee, they have something called the my way program, which is a 35 yearly membership that grants you free shipping for almost all products. lastly, they support paypal, which is known to be a fast and smooth payment method. our next supplier is overstok. like wayfair, this platform also focuses mainly on the home niche, which is one of the more popular niches. here are the top reasons you'd want to use them. most of the products have fast and free shipping, since they have canadian warehouses. overstok also has a reliable 30-day return policy and sometimes, even when you pass the 30 days, they'll still offer you a partial refund. they have a price match guarantee, so they want you always to get the fairest price, so they'll even refund you if you find an exact product somewhere else at a lower price. overstok has a club zero program, which is their loyalty program that allows you to get certain perks like free shipping and five percent cash back on all purchases. all you need to do is pay the yearly fee, which is twenty dollars, and, lastly, their customer support is really great. quick tip: all the suppliers mentioned in this video are compatible with auto ds, so if you want to implement any automation tools while using these suppliers, you can, and it's even highly recommended if you wanted to save yourself some time. our last supplier in this video is costway, but if you want to see our full list of the top 17 canadian drop shipping suppliers, make sure to check out our full blog by clicking the link in the description. costway is a top drop shipping supplier that has high quality products and competitive prices. first, you can earn higher profits because of their coupons, deals and three percent refunds. another perk is their 90-day return and refund period. costway also offers free shipping and they have over 8 000 self-branded products. lastly, causeway offers a dropship certification and this allows dropshippers to register and obtain approval to dropship with costway. there we have it. in this video we covered seven of the top canadian suppliers, but if you want to know our full list of 17 canadian drop shipping suppliers, check out our blog link will be in the description below. if you learned something from this video, make sure to give this video a like. thank you, guys for watching and i'll see you next time. you.

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$10,000 In 24 Hours Shopify Dropshipping With (NO PAID ADS)

so this is how we were able to achieve ten thousand dollars in 24 hours with a brand new Shopify Drop Shipping Store using no paid ads, only using tiktok organic traffic, meaning the profit margins were around about 70 percent. hey guys, welcome to the YouTube channel. my name is Camille Simon is the econ King and in today's video I've got a very special video for you guys, because I'm gonna be showing you exactly how he took a brand new Shopify dropshipping store- me and my business partner's side in Oscar and achieved ten thousand dollars in 24 hours using no paid ads like Facebook ads, Google ads, tiktok ads- and the profit margin was around about 70. our tiktok organic is a complete game changer for beginners, especially if you're on a low budget, because you can literally start a Shopify Drop Shipping Store with around about 100 to 400 and go viral on tiktok and generate tens of thousands of dollars with really high profit margins, which can make you a lot of money. and in this video, we're going to be showing you guys exactly how we did this process in terms of how we found the product, how we knew the product was going to do while on tik tok, how we create the content, how we actually scale, the product, the do's and don'ts of what you should be doing, and this is going to be a general update on tiktok organic, because I haven't made a tiktok organic video for a few months and a lot of things have changed and I'm going to be updating everything in this video. I'm also going to be bringing inside an Oscar back onto the channel and interviewing them and asking them the most important questions about tiktok organic right now, so you guys can Master it and replicate the same results now. I also want to announce that we're going to be doing a massive giveaway in today's video. this is going to be one of the biggest giveaways I've ever done this YouTube channel in the last three and a half years, so you want to get prepared for this. we're going to be giving away 10 available spots to our tiktok mentor and organic blueprint, so 10 of you guys are watching this can literally win mentoring with us for completely free if you like the video and you leave a comment on the reason why you want to win this, and as soon as this video hits 3 000 likes, I'll be picking 10 people to get that exclusive organic mentoring. what we're also going to be doing is we're going to be giving you guys a free cheat sheet for those that don't win the giveaway. in today's video you're going to be getting exclusive cheat sheet with the step-by-step tutorial and how we generated the success, and you're also going to see the cheat sheet throughout this tutorial. so make sure we hit 2 000 likes so everyone can redeem that for completely free. so, guys, if you want to learn this tiktok organic strategy, make sure you strap yourself in, get a notebook and Pen, get your laptop, get your phone, follow along with this video, because we're going to be showing you the exact strategy we use to generate ten thousand dollars in 24 hours with no paid us, just using tiktok organic traffic [Music]. so, guys, let's get straight into the strategy and, as you guys can see on the computer screen, I've got the free cheat sheet open and you guys will get access to this once we hit 2 000 likes on this video. so you can see here, the first thing that we need to do is what did we do to find Our Winning tiktok organic product. so this is what we did, step by step, step. one search for tiktok made me buy it and filter the videos to the most popular, most engaged of the week. you want to do this to the weed out, all the saturated old products. now I'd recommend that when you do this strategy, guys, you do it on the mobile device, on tiktok, as you're going to get all of these cool filters like filtering it down but the most engaged videos by the week. now, as this is a demonstrational video, I'm gonna be doing it off my desktop so it'll be slightly different to the mobile version, but it's pretty much the same thing. so, as you guys can see, I've opened up tiktok and I've typed in tiktok made me buy it in the search bar. now, if you're doing this on desktop or laptop makes you change it by top, not accounts or videos. always go by top and if you're doing, got on the mobile version, filter it down by the most popular by the week. now step two is click on all the top video products that you've notiked and see how many views they are getting, monitor their engagement levels and see if they are having functioning stores and see if they're still uploading consistently frequently. you want to do this because if they are still posting, still have good engagement, the odds are they're still generating sales. so if we go back to tiktok and scroll through some of these videos that are popping up as the most popular videos for this search term: tiktok. maybe buy it. what we're going to want to do is we're going to want to look for videos. I've got over a million views, so between 1 million and 10 million views, so you can see this. one's got 13 million views, so I'm not interested. this one here has got 7.1, so this could be a good opportunity, but I found one here that's got 1.5 million views. so what I'm going to want to do is I'm going to want to open up the video. see the dates you can see. here's the date, the 21st of November, so that was around about two weeks ago, so are still valid now. anything that's too old would be anything older than three to six months, so this fits in with a recent video, so you can see here. now what I'm going to want to do is I'm going to want to check the engagement, which is the likes to comments. so we're going to want to read the comments to make sure these are real comments and to make sure that they seem like they're coming from genuine people, and to see what people are toking about the product. now, once everything checks out and everything looks legit. you're gonna want to go to their page. you can see here. if you go to the page in the top right, you're going to open up their page and what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to see how long have they been uploading videos of this product. so you can see. this was their first video and it's got 1.5 million views and I believe that's the video that I've just watched. now we're going to want to see when the second video is uploaded literally the same day. now we're going to want to check when the most recent videos updated. now, the most recent video was uploaded 11 hours ago. so when you go onto these Pages, you're going to want to make sure that they're uploading recent videos because, let's say, they uploaded this first video here but they have stopped, let's say, four weeks ago. there's a very high chance that the product has died out and they're not seeing sales with it, so they're no longer trying to promote it organically on tiktok. now, if you download a Chrome extension called vid IQ- it's completely free. it's going to help you show the engagement level of the overall page, which is really important because you guys can see here, the average engagement rate for this page is around about five percent and, as you guys can see on my computer screen, it says with the average engagement rate by views of around about 6.7. so that's what we call the industry standard for tiktok. that's what you want to look for. anything between 5 and 10 is a very good sign, but if you scroll down you're going to see the engagement rate here, so you can see a lot of these videos are between eight percent and five percent. so that's actually really positive. now the next step is you want to go to the profile description and see if there's a website for it. so you can see here there's a link to the website as soon as you open up you want to make sure the website is valid and you can still get to it and you're not getting a 404 redirect saying it's not valid. now, as long as the website is still valid, that means that they're still selling the product and there's a high chance that they're still receiving orders, because the last thing that you guys want to do is find

Can you drop ship food [ 8 Steps to Drop Shipping Food Online Business ]

all right. so can you drop ship food? in this video, we're actually going to get into a subscriber question who emailed us about starting a drop shipping food business and wasn't sure if you could actually do that. so getting into can you dropship food is what this video is going to be all about. i'm going to give you eight specific things that you need to be aware of if you're going to drop ship food. [Music]. all right, so welcome back to marketing food online. it is damien roberti from market food online, and in this video, i'm going to cover a specific question we had from a subscriber that was actually actually asking about drop shipping food products. now, if you're not familiar with the process of drop shipping, drop shipping is a hugely popular concept, especially in e-commerce, where you actually do not inventory, you do not care, you do not handle any of the products. you actually get another company to sell their products and you get a portion of the profit and then they ship out the item to the customer. they handle all the customer service and all that good stuff. so drop shipping is a very simple concept, but it's not always successful if you don't execute it properly, if you don't have the right setup, if you're doing it through shopify, that's one of the best platforms to incorporate the features that you need, the different apps that you need for drop shipping. shopify is one that we actually use as well for another one of our websites. but keep in mind that drop shipping a food product is a much different process or proposition than actually drop shipping, let's say, t-shirts or hats or any other thing. reason being, of course, is that it is a edible product. it is a product that can be consumed by people and they can either get sick or they have allergic reactions to it. so these eight specific things i highly recommend you look into before you start signing any agreements or creating websites to dropship food, and they're going to be very, very important to the profitability of your food business. okay now. number one: where is it being shipped from? there is a lot of companies that are online who offer food products, so you want to definitely be aware of where your product is going to be shipping from. why? for multiple reasons. number one: transit time. when you work at drop shipping or the concept of drop shipping, you need to be aware of how long it takes for the product to get to the customer. many people and young guys, young men and women who start ecommerce businesses that do drop shipping. they have a tendency to fail very early because they don't realize that a lot of these products are being shipped from overseas- maybe not necessarily from china, maybe from just a different country. and if that's the case, the transit time a lot of customers within the us are expecting products being that we still would sell them on amazon, for instance. i'll give you an example. on amazon, our customers expect our products to be within three to four days. we don't actually offer next day or express mail, but within three to four days. if you're getting a product from overseas, that could be anywhere up to seven to ten days, or even 12- 14 business days. no customer is going to appreciate having to wait two weeks for a product, maybe even potentially, because it's going to be a gift for a certain period of time, so they need to have that product. so know where the product is coming from. okay, especially with food number two- best buy dates, make sure that the source that you're getting your drop shipping food from- no matter if it's in the us, no matter if it's in canada or china, wherever it may be- make sure that they are delivering fresh products that give the customer a window of time to enjoy the product. a best buy date is on every single food product, obviously, so you want to make sure that it's not something that the customer is going to get and they've got three or four days to eat it. some customers may buy a product and they use it over a period of time, having having a an assurance that those products that those customers are getting are going to have a longer best buy date, or they're just been produced, they've just been manufactured. they haven't been sitting in a warehouse for months. make sure that the supplier you have does have a good reputation for having products that are not expired or a very small best buy date. all right. number three: reviews. if you have the ability to see the reviews of the supplier- and you should most like, for instance, on alibaba, like on ebay or etsy or even amazon, sellers have reviews- make sure that you're finding a source for your food product to dropship that has very good reviews, very good feedback, and you want to look for a seller or supplier not only just has really good reviews but has a lot of reviews. many new sellers may have five or six reviews and they're all five stars. but there's a way that, unfortunately, can be manipulated. online you can get a lot of companies, a lot of people, a lot of friends to buy stuff and then leave reviews. so if you're finding a supplier who has a product you like but they've got four, five, six, seven, maybe ten reviews that are five stars, i would move on to someone who has maybe 50, 75 to 100 or more transactions that's going to ensure that those those reviews are real. they're not fake. a lot of fake reviews can be put up on any website, on any platform at any given time, and they can just be manipulative in the sense that you think that the product and the supplier are very good. they're on ball, on the ball, they're accurate, they've got great products, it's fresh, which is false. make sure you find a seller who has the large amount of reviews. it's always a good thing to do. number four: damage product and how they handle it. make sure that you understand how the supplier of your food product, when you begin to drop ship food, they handle the damaged product. they handled everything. you're going to be the one who's going to be getting the cut of the profit once it's sold and you're not having to do anything on the end as far as customer service, shipping, logistiks, storage and all that. that sounds great, but you want to make sure you find a supplier who can handle a situation where, if it happens to be a glass jar of a product and it breaks when you have a product like that, that happens and it comes through, the customer gets it and it's all over the place. how is that? how's that drop shipper going to supply a good customer service on the back end and make sure that that customer gets taken care of, either by a refund or by reshipping a new product? so make sure you ask them that and make sure that that's in some type of guidelines when you agree to use them as a drop shipper, because that's going to happen. there's going to be damaged product. but you need to know how they're going to handle that, because it's your name, it's your reputation. when you begin to drop ship number five- how many vendors do they carry? when you begin to drop ship food? as an example, we use alibaba. there are hundreds of thousands of sellers from all over the globe, believe it or not. actually in the food category, there are hundreds of. there's a few thousand actually within the food category as well. how many vendors do they represent or do they offer? is it going to be a company that has maybe three or four items from maybe two or three different companies? if you can find a company who is reputable, who has a lot of vendors- a dozen, two dozen, 24, 36, 48 different companies, or so that they have a ton of big variety to choose from- that gives you a better understanding that you know what this business, this drop shipping business that's offering a multitude of products- is going to be: more of a professional- uh, better off- type of deal that you want to work with company that you want to work with than somebody who only has a couple. so the idea is that you're looking for a multitude of vendors that that company represents, because that tells you that they've been in business for probably a while. they have a good

Best Dropship Supplier & How to Sell Branded Products wholesale system 28Mall

hi everyone. this is film tan from even a calm and 28 model calm. today's topic is about 28 Malcolm dropship program for global brands. the presentation will take about 30 minutes, so in this seminar that you see live, you will be learning about new ways of making money online. so have you started your online business or are you still thinking? well, if you fall within one of this criteria, then this is the perfect solution for you. are you looking for extra income? maybe you've got a job but still not having enough to pay for the bills. or you have a zyxin business and you want to expand into new products range or even a different industry. are you a work from home housewife, house, husband and you're looking to get extra income? or you're an investor who is looking for it for a 24/7, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, global business without expensive rental staff and definitely no stoks. most importantly, are you looking for multiple sources of income? then the internet could be the solution for you. a little bit about myself. I started my online business many years ago, in 1999, and at the point I really hated my job. I could still remember I was working in a financial services industry in Malaysia and every morning I will sit at the corner of my beat and I tell myself: today I don't want to go to work. have you experienced that? well, after cooking about one and a half years, I decided that I wanted to be my own boss, but I did not have any money. so what did I do? I actually started a business plan for four pages of paper and read the paper I had. I went around to meet new business people and I managed to get people to invest- new friends, new people that are met from business events, networking events- and they gave me twenty six thousand US dollars to tata business. and because of doing the online business, I managed to met my first median ring: get 1 million ringgit at age of 23, so you can actually go to even a calm. every more about well, press or media interview. we've been in all the major media for TV, newspaper, online media, radio, you name it- not only Malaysia, but also in Hong Kong, Singapore and even the Asian ones as well. so that was how we can go started. in year 2000, we started our first company, uwah Netcom, and after I made my first million, a lot of customers would come to us and ask: can you help us with some training. I want to learn how you can do it as well, because back in those days in year 2000, there was the dot-com era. everyone wanted to do a dot-com business and after we start to make money, people, a lot of customers, come to us and say: how can you help my website to get more traffic, increase my sales and monetize it? so we started the e-commerce hands-on training. you can see, everyone comes with a computer and it's our best-selling internet marketing workshop that we had since 2003 until now. so you want to go for a once. cautious, if you've got no product ideas, that's the one for you is what we call the internet success coaching program. then 206, we start our Hong Kong office, China office, and we upgraded our software. we even have a book. so you have you check out on Amazon or you can get the internet millionaire chat leesburg from us. that's a special offer as well. and of course, 2:01, for what kind of made us decide to do 20, Amal comm or what was the change? because a lot of times people say, hey, I do it online business, I'll just start and sell a product. that is what I call the first level. and after doing that for a while and when we started doing training for the Alibaba customers- so Alibaba appointed us to be their training provider- I began to realize why Jack Ma was so rich and why he was very intelligent, because rather than just do a website to sell one product, he could have a portal to sell millions of products, and that was his benefit of doing Alibaba as a b2b. so September 30 2006, I went in my car as a b2c for original brand sony to help brands from Malaysia, from Asia, who wants to export to Hong Kong, to China, and we can do it together as their partner, as their marketing as well. so I'll stop a little bit about 20 more calm and what is this all about? because later on they'll be toking about drop shipping business. what exactly is drop shipping and how is our 28 multi option program different than what you see in the market? so 20 molar comm is a cross-border e-commerce and loyalty marketing platform which means that you can order from 28 more and get your products delivered to Hong Kong, to China, to Australia, anywhere in the world when they can actually send. so we have B to C and everything as originals can get consumer products and what's so special, you can actually get what we call a loyalty program. we call it the home pal system. that's our point system. one us dollar is one home pal. so what you do is you can check it out on Facebook- 28 more Asia- and then you click on the sign up and you'll get the first. wow, we should probably call the welcome bonus. the highest home bow already you can get is 28 US dollar points. so you get us 28 dollars to shop. wow, that's great number. two: just have to lock in every day and you actually increase your home power balance in your Evol it. and you can even reefer, send your own referral real link. okay, it's like some places where you have your app and say, okay, you download the, send your referral link to your friends and you can get paid in points as well. so for every member that you refer, you would get two dollars and 80 cents- yes, USD- in whole ball points. so what do you use the hope out for? you can actually use it as a cash discount. for example, maybe you want to treat yourself for a nice Christmas gift, a brand new, original Rolex. so if you have the points for eighty, eight points, you can actually take that as a discount and pay lesser cash so you can see there's a whole power dollar plus the US dollar in cash. or if you are the type who loves the loyalty program and you like to accumulate points, how many membership costs do you have, like? I have a lot. I have many from shopping malls, different departmental stores and, of course, even for credit cards. have you utilized the point you've received from all this? it's normally very difficult to even a change for eight dollar coupon because the value is very, very low. so what we have here is very interesting. for all the home powerpoints that you have in your wallet, you can't reuse it to exchange for 100% free products. for example, with 780 US dollar points, you can exchange for free iPhone- yes, brand-new, original Apple iPhone. so you want to find out more about that later? you can chat with us as well- and the benefit as a shopper is it's lower price because of the home pal discount. and we even give you a rebate ranging from 8% up to 28%. yes, example, buy a mobile phone from us and can get up to 8% in cashback points. so the intention for earth to do 20 and mall comm is for IPO purposes. we intend to make it based, so we need your help and your support. at the same time, we want to help more good brands to do export market. so you can see from the different media artikles, we are position as the online retail platform gateway for authentik brands. so, last thing, about starting a business, why internet? this is? I'm sure you're familiar with this book by Rubicon sake. the rich that pour that book and the concept that they were promoting. basically there's a quadrant, four quadrants. when you're a staff and employee, you're basically trading your time for money. each and every one of us would only have 24 hours. it's the same when you have business owner, a business order, whereby, for example, you are running a restaurant and you are even the chef. when you're not working, there will not be any income coming in at all. the other one, which is better, where you can build your wealth- that's what we call financial freedom, where you get money to work for you. how it can be in a form of business where you buy systems such as franchising systems or e-commerce systems, where you can she make money even while sleeping 24 hours a day. you won't have to be there and th.