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Published on: August 6 2023 by pipiads

Hello there! I'm Samantha Moreno, the Program Manager for Disability Bridges at HEB. Our mission is to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities in Texas. Since 1905, we have been dedicated to accommodating and empowering each and every partner to achieve their personal and professional goals. At HEB, we firmly believe that every person counts.


- My name is Georgina, and I'm proud to be an HEB partner. They have never seen me as just a person in a wheelchair or a disabled person. They go above and beyond to find what works for me and my situation. I feel valued and supported in my role here at HEB.

- When I met Georgina, all she wanted was an opportunity to showcase her abilities. After some volunteer work, she joined us at HEB. The transition was a bit challenging at first, but our partners have been incredibly friendly and supportive. I now feel more independent and have made more friends than I ever imagined.

- I'm Kelly Malcolm, a software engineer at HEB. Back in 2017, I joined the Bridges program for autism. HEB understood my weaknesses and made accommodations for me. Through the program, I improved my communication skills and made lifelong friends. HEB treats me with respect, and I never feel handicapped here.

Creating Opportunities:

- At HEB, we strive to educate and empower our leaders of tomorrow. We look beyond disabilities and focus on showcasing your abilities. When applying for a role, we value your qualifications and skill sets.

- We aim to be the retailer of change, providing equal opportunities for all. Our goal is to ensure that individuals with disabilities are employed based on their qualifications, not as charity cases. We value their skills and education.

- My brother and I both work at HEB. He is vision impaired, and he inspired me to join this company. Here, we are not defined by our disabilities; they are just another aspect of who we are. We support and help each other, just like any other partner would.

At HEB, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to succeed in life. Through Disability Bridges, we are committed to being the change and seeing the person first, not the disability. Join us at HEB and discover a supportive and inclusive environment where you can thrive.

2018 San Antonio Spurs - HEB Funny Commercials

Welcome to the H-E-B Natura Truth, where natural goodness is celebrated. In this article, we will explore the magic of quick and delicious meals, the beauty of natural meats, and the joy of tacos. So sit back, relax, and let's dive into the world of H-E-B.

Magic in Minutes:

Gentlemen, prepare to be amazed by the magic of H-E-B's quick and easy meals. Behold, steak house salmon and bacon-wrapped fillets with veggies, made in just minutes. But don't be fooled, it's not magic, it's just a simple meal made with love. How did they do it, you ask? Well, a magician never reveals his secrets, but H-E-B has over 200 choices of chef-inspired meals ready in minutes.

A Taste of Natural Goodness:

Welcome to the H-E-B Natura Truth, where artificial anything is a big no-no. Today, we celebrate the beauty of natural goodness. Through a series of exercises like words of affirmation, we appreciate the natural beauty around us. You look amazing, gorgeous! Let's garnish our lives with gratitude. And when it comes to food, H-E-B has you covered with their entire line of natural meats.

Tantalizing Tacos:

Let's talk tacos, my friends. H-E-B has taken tacos to a whole new level of tastiness. The bistec norteño taco will turn your taste buds into a frenzy of flavors. And the el pastor taco? It's totally tempting and tenderly tantalizing. H-E-B knows how to take the tedium out of tacos and make them entirely delicious. With 6 authentic flavors of seasoned taco meats, you can't go wrong.

Texas Essentials:

Here in Texas, we have a few essentials that make life even more delightful. H-E-B brings you the best steaks, lobsters, and shrimp. And let's not forget about their HTV sauces, chips, and fresh guacamole. It's a party in your mouth, y'all. And for dessert, H-E-B has got you covered too.

H-E-B Brand Products:

H-E-B is synonymous with quality in Texas. Their brand products offer thousands of reasons to love living here. From Bruce's beef jerky to Kerry's taqueria salsa, they have something for everyone. And let's not forget about Adira's alligator marinade or Gabriela's burrata cheese. H-E-B truly captures the essence of Texas in every product they offer.

A Personalized Experience:

At H-E-B, you are more than just a customer, you are family. That's why they offer a personalized experience like no other. Come try out their Creamy Creation Station, where you can top your favorite H-E-B Prime one steak or burger with toppings galore. It's a taste of heaven right in your own backyard.

The Love for Texas:

H-E-B is proud to call Texas home, and they show it in every way possible. From their café au lait that tastes of San Antonio to their barbecue sauce fountain, they embrace the Texas spirit. Why would we want to go anywhere else when everything we need is right here at H-E-B? It's hard to leave Texas when you have H-E-B brand products at your fingertips.

In conclusion, H-E-B is a magical place where quick and delicious meals come to life, natural meats reign supreme, and tacos are taken to new heights. With their wide range of products and personalized experiences, H-E-B truly captures the essence of Texas. So next time you're in Texas, make sure to visit H-E-B and experience the magic for yourself.

San Antonio Spurs Funniest Moments All H E B Commercials

In this article, we will be discussing various topics and conversations that have taken place. From discussions about prime steaks to post-workout drinks, we will cover a range of subjects using contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms.

Topics Covered:

- Prime steaks and fancy restaurants

- Trying out new HIVrobles

- Power of whites and colors in clothing

- Dancing and working out

- Using Lizzie's hand movements

- Trying out CBmeatopia as a post-workout drink

- Sauce preferences at dinner parties

- Chocolate heb meatopia for muscle rebuilding

- Organic items at HEB

- Cooking and eating HEB specialty burgers

- Testing the strength of HEB Texas stuff products

- Boat naming and seafood meals

- Bringing HEB prima picks to LaMarcus

- Cream cheese and bacon jalapeno poppers

- Using knives in the kitchen

- Local and natural chicken at HEB

In conclusion, these conversations and topics showcase the range of discussions and interactions that have taken place. From food preferences to fitness routines, HEB provides a variety of options for individuals to explore. Whether it's enjoying a delicious steak or trying out new flavors, HEB has something for everyone.

H-E-B Be the Change: Julio's Corn Chips and Salsa

The article will discuss the story of the owners of Huge Corn Chips, Miguel and Pedro Garcia, and their journey in carrying on their father's legacy. They will share their experiences of starting and growing the business, the importance of family and tradition, and their dedication to maintaining the quality of their product.

Main Body:

- Miguel and Pedro Garcia are the owners of Huge Corn Chips.

- They use their mom's recipes and try to mimic her flavors while adding their own touch.

- Attention to detail is crucial in ensuring the taste and quality of their chips.

- Miguel and Pedro's father, Julio T. Garcia, was born in Crystal City, Texas, and raised in Santa Rosa.

- Julio did migrant work before settling in Del Rio, Texas.

- Julio's cheerful and friendly nature attracted many customers.

- The idea of making chips and salsa came about when someone requested an appetizer.

- They eventually opened a small kitchen for Julio, where he made chips and salsa.

- The customers loved the chips, which led to the growth of the business.

- Miguel and Pedro worked together with their father, mother, and the rest of the family.

- Julio's motivation came from his desire to provide for his family.

- He always encouraged them to do things right and strive for improvement.

- The business expanded from a 500-pound line to a 1500-pound line.

- Julio was initially skeptical about filling the larger space but eventually saw its success.

- Making corn chips from scratch involves a labor-intensive process, from cooking the corn with lime and water to grinding it into masa, shaping, baking, frying, seasoning, and packaging.

- Miguel and Pedro are determined to carry on their father's name and legacy.

- They are grateful to Heb for giving them a platform to grow their business.

- The success of the business has surpassed their expectations.

- People from out of town appreciate the taste of Huge Corn Chips as it reminds them of home.

- Del Rio, Texas, is the ideal place for their business to grow, as it is where they are from.

- Family gatherings and traditions were an essential part of their upbringing.

- The legacy of their father is a driving force for Miguel and Pedro.

- They want to continue the business for the people who love their chips.

- The support they receive from their team and customers is invaluable.

- Miguel and Pedro are determined to continue striving for more and expanding their business.

Miguel and Pedro Garcia have successfully carried on their father's legacy through their dedication, hard work, and commitment to producing high-quality corn chips. They are grateful for the support they have received and will continue to strive for further growth and success.

All San Antonio Spurs Funny H E B Commercials

- KGB presents road tripping with the Spurs

- I Spy game on the road

- Agreed on something outside the car

- Introducing the experiment with HEB products


- Test subjects and their opinions

- Flavor profile and chemical analysis

- The fight over testing all products

- Loneliness of being a Spurs player

- Reaching for HEB Meatopia for protein and calcium

HEB Products:

- Describing HEB Meatopia milk and its benefits

- Choosing who gets the ice cream

- The smoothness and creaminess of HEB drinkable yogurt

- The freshness of washed uniforms with HEB Bravo 2x

- The Spurs as a force to be reckoned with

- The fully cooked brisket from HEB

- Tim's HEB brisket poem

Spurs Trying HEB Products:

- The Spurs trying HEB M1 products

- Impressive results from the deep scrub body bar, intense repair cream, shaving cream, and two-in-one body wash

- The enjoyment of HEB Meatopia chocolate milk after a workout

- Recovery process after a workout

- Painting and relaxation

- The deliciousness of fully cooked burgers from HEB

- Appreciating the quality of HEB products

- The healing process and playing with teammates

- HEB Prime 1 steaks and fancy restaurants

- Sorting laundry with HEB products

- Enjoying HEB sauces and Greek yogurt

- Cooking HEB specialty burgers

- Discovering HEB organics and feeling one with nature

- Testing HEB Texas Sell products against coyotes

- Local and natural chicken from HEB

- Bringing HEB products to LaMarcus Aldridge

- The HEB oven ready seafood meals

Top Ten Houston Texans HEB Commercials

- Texas is known for its tough and resilient products.

- HEB offers a wide range of Texas tough products.

- This article will explore the various HEB products and their appeal to Texans.

Texans Love Prime One Beef

- Prime One beef is the most exquisite and scrumptious beef available.

- It is comparable to the beef served in fancy steak houses.

- Prime One beef is available at HEB, making it accessible to all Texans.

JJ Watt Endorses Texas Tough Products

- JJ Watt, a tough Texan, endorses HEB's Texas tough products.

- He emphasizes the durability and quality of these products.

- HEB offers tough food bags, aluminum foil, and trash bags that can withstand any challenge.

HEB Meals and Chef-Inspired Options

- HEB offers simple and delicious meals.

- These meals are quick and easy to prepare.

- Customers can enjoy chef-inspired options like garlic pesto salmon.

HEB Products Made for Texans

- HEB has a range of products made specifically for Texans.

- These include HEB prime one beef, creamy creations ice cream, and primo picks.

- These products are designed to make Texans feel right at home.

Brock's Experience as a New Texan

- Brock, a newcomer to Texas, discovers HEB's products.

- He realizes that shopping at HEB is all he needs to fit in.

- HEB offers everything a Texan could want, including HEB prime one beef and creamy creations ice cream.

Meal Prepping with HEB

- HEB offers a variety of chicken options for protein.

- Customers can choose from Chibis natural or organic chicken.

- HEB also offers vegetable options like Italian herb rotisserie chicken and lemon pepper chicken.

Grilling Memories and HEB Burgers

- Grilling brings back childhood memories for Scott.

- He recalls cooking burgers with his dad and engaging in father-son activities.

- HEB's primal burgers remind him of those good times.

Scott's Thanksgiving Essentials

- Scott shares his Thanksgiving essentials from HEB.

- He mentions turkey, ham, and brisket as must-haves.

- Pecan pie is also on his list, which he humorously refers to as pecan pie.

Tailgating with HEB

- HEB offers tailgating favorites for any game day.

- These include prime one burgers, jalapeno poppers, brisket, and sausage.

- Tailgating is a popular pastime for Texans, and HEB provides all the essentials.

- HEB offers a wide range of products designed for Texans.

- From prime one beef to chef-inspired meals, HEB has it all.

- Texans can rely on HEB for their tough and resilient needs.

HEB Weekly Ad Preview *7/18*

Hey y'all, this is Sanela from the Mom Blog and I'm uploading my other video. I didn't want to wait, so I'm just using my camera to record the matchup for this week. Hope you don't mind!

This one is starting on 7/18 and we have some great deals at Hill Country Fair.

- Drumsticks are only a dollar a pound and the dice is ninety-seven cents.

- Pork loin country style ribs are also on sale.

- If you want some cheap bacon, it's only $2.43.

- You can also get cheap cheese for eighty-seven cents each, along with Bologna. All of these are the Conallnext brand, which HEB has started selling.

If you love Big Red or 7Up, they're going to be 3 for $10.

Here's a great stock up price for Colgate. The four ounce bottles are only 48 cents or tubes are 88 cents. And with the 75 cent off coupons, you can get them for as low as 13 cents a tube.

Charmin Basic and Bounty Basic are 2 for $10. There are different coupons available from the PNG insert from mailers that can make it even cheaper.

HEB has a combo deal where you can get ketchup, mustard, and BBQ sauce for free.

Good Humor ice cream is also on sale. If you buy Good Humor, you get the HEB pizza for free.

There are coupons available for Dole salad. If you buy it, you get the Cormac Super Slaw mix for free.

If you buy the 7Up cream cake, you get a 7Up two liter for free.

For razors, if you buy the Gillette Venus two or four count, you get the shaving gel for free. If you buy Satin Care L'Oreal, you get free hair elastics from HEB.

There are also some good deals on produce this week. Two pounds of fruit for a dollar. Red or black plums are 88 cents a pound. Kid-sized red delicious apples are 4 for a dollar.

And as always, HEB has their everyday prices on various items.

In the health and beauty section, you can save $3 on Revlon face or lip cosmetics. There's also a $2 off coupon for eye shadow, nail polish, or tools.

Colorsilk hair dye is $2.46 and there are coupons available for $1 off.

Garnier hair products are also on sale for $1.98.

NYC products have a 50 cent coupon.

Suave body wash is $1.83, and if it includes Sunburst, there's a 75 cent coupon.

Baby Magic has a store coupon for $1 off.

Visine is on sale for $2.62 if you use a $2 off coupon.

Those are the best deals I see this week at HEB. If you have any questions or know of any other coupons or unadvertised deals, please let me know! Thanks, bye!

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