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henry county advertiser ads

Published on: August 5 2023 by pipiads

Music, ah, do you remember when there were two genders and only one and a half of them had to shave their mustaches? Oh hi, I'm Jeremy Boring, CEO and god king of the Daily Wire. Harry's Razors used to advertise on our shows - they're a great product and we were happy to do it. That's before some peon who works for me went and said that boys are boys and girls are girls, and that was just too much for Harry's. They condemned our views, views held by millions of Americans and virtually every human who's walked the planet until about 15 minutes ago, as inexcusable, and they dropped their ads from our network because of what they called values misalignment. You're damn right our values are misaligned, and it's not just Harry's. Either Gillette razors used to be the best a man could get, then they decided that men are too toxic unless you're the kind of man who teaches his daughter to shave her beard. If that makes sense to you, keep buying Gillette. But if you've had enough of the woke, and you're tired of paying companies like Harry's and Gillette to hate you, and buy my new razor instead. Behold, Jeremy's Razors. Yes, they're real. Yes, they're fabulous. But Jeremy, you say, you're a stealth silver fox with a salt and pepper beard that's the envy of lesser men. You're damn right I am. And I want to be clear that shaving with the Jeremy's razor won't actually make you look more like me. Could make you look more like this guy, though. And that's the most homoerotic moment you'll ever get from a Jeremy's razor commercial. What kind of man shaves with a Jeremy's razor? I don't know, how about cowboys? Firefighters? Those guys have shot Osama Bin Laden. I mean, no, none of those guys have ever even heard of a Jeremy's razor, but imagine how much more manly they'd be if they had, right? Now you're probably wondering if this whole thing is a joke. Sure, it is. That doesn't mean it isn't real or that it won't be the best shave of your life. Harry's razors doesn't want your business, I do. They seem to hate you, and I, well, I can't say that I love you, but I don't mean you any specific harm. Our country's in trouble. Conservatives are being cancelled by Hollywood, the media, universities, and now Harry's razors. Stop giving your money to woke corporations who don't think you deserve their product. Give it to me instead. Head over to ihateharrys.com and pre-order your Founder's Series razor and shaving cream set today.

Music, you deserve a razor that doesn't shame you for being a man. You deserve a razor that doesn't cater to the woke crowd. Jeremy's Razors is here to give you that. So, ditch the brands that don't align with your values and support a razor that supports you. Pre-order your Founder's Series razor and shaving cream set from ihateharrys.com today. It's time to take a stand and shave with pride.

Pawn Stars Has Officially Ended After This Happened

It seems like the end of an era is approaching as the popular show Pawn Stars may be coming to an end. In this article, we will delve into the events that led to the potential discontinuation of the show. From lawsuits to legal issues, the Pawn Stars have faced numerous challenges throughout their journey. Let's take a closer look at what may have contributed to the potential end of Pawn Stars.

1. Lawsuits:

The Pawn Stars have been no strangers to lawsuits, with more than a dozen lawsuits from customers and employees. One notable case involved a man named David Walters, who sued Pawn Stars for melting down his gold coin collection valued at $50,000. Another lawsuit came from a Vietnam veteran who was roughly taken out of the shop by security. It seems that the more money the Pawn Stars make, the more lawsuits they face.

2. Interference with the Shop:

The success of the show has attracted tourists to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, making it difficult for the shop to conduct regular business deals. About one in a hundred visitors are actual customers, hindering the shop's ability to function as a traditional pawn shop. Instead, it has become more of a gift shop for tourists to buy memorabilia.

3. Lack of Presence in the Shop:

Due to the show's filming schedule and the need to schedule customers, the Pawn Stars rarely work in the actual shop. They only pop in when it's time to film the show, and the shop is temporarily closed during filming. This has made it challenging for genuine customers to interact with the Pawn Stars.

4. Legal Issues of Chumlee:

Chumlee, one of the Pawn Stars' beloved characters, has faced legal issues in recent years. In 2016, his home was raided by the police, and narcotics and an unlicensed firearm were found. Although most charges were dropped, it has undoubtedly affected viewers' perception of Chumlee.

5. Corey's Troubles:

Corey, also known as Big Hoss, has had his fair share of troubles, particularly with alcohol. He has been involved in incidents where he was arrested for resisting arrest and engaging in a bar fight. These incidents have raised concerns about his ability to control his alcohol consumption.

6. Lack of Credibility:

Despite being an educational show, the Pawn Stars have been accused of lacking credibility. It is believed that the show only wants to feature the most exciting and expensive items, even if they are not always honest about the items' value. The use of experts on the show has also come under scrutiny, with some experts facing legal issues or providing false information.

7. Dark Secrets of the Experts:

The experts on Pawn Stars have their own dark secrets. Some have been involved in domestic abuse cases or have falsely identified items for personal gain. These revelations have raised questions about the authenticity of the items showcased on the show.

8. Failure of the Pawn Plaza:

Pawn Plaza, a shopping center near the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, failed to attract customers and had to close down several of its stores. This failure has cost the Pawn Stars financially.

9. Costly Losses on Items:

The Pawn Stars have experienced significant losses on items they have purchased or sold. From purchasing fake memorabilia to losing valuable items at auctions, their financial losses have been substantial.

10. Lack of Interest from Rick:

After 15 seasons, Rick Harrison, the star of Pawn Stars, has grown tired of the show. He has expressed his desire to slow down his involvement in the shop and the show. The longevity of the show is now in question.

The Pawn Stars have faced numerous challenges throughout their journey, from lawsuits and legal issues to interference with the shop and personal troubles of the cast. The lack of credibility and financial losses have also impacted the show. With Rick's waning interest, it seems like the end of Pawn Stars may be approaching.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Can Really Do Anything

In a recent interview, James challenges Zlatan Ibrahimovic, one of the greatest football players in the world, to a series of fun and quirky challenges. Let's see how Zlatan fares in what they call Can Zlatan.

Challenge 1: Name Three Kardashians

- Zlatan confidently names Kim, Lou, and Kendall.

Challenge 2: Opening a Jar of Pickles

- James presents a jar of pickles that has been sitting in the fridge since the start of the show. No one has been able to open it. Can Zlatan open the jar?

- Zlatan attempts to open the jar but fails, blaming his inability on the size of his hands.

Challenge 3: Flossing

- James asks if Zlatan can floss, a popular dance move.

- Zlatan tries to floss but struggles, admitting he's not very good at it.

Challenge 4: Saying Zlatan Ibrahimovic with a Mouthful of Marshmallows

- James challenges Zlatan to say his own name with a mouthful of marshmallows.

- Zlatan takes on the challenge and successfully says Zlatan Ibrahimovic with some difficulty.

- Despite being one of the greatest football players, Zlatan faces challenges outside the world of football with varying degrees of success. It's entertaining to see him attempt and sometimes struggle with these fun tasks. In the end, Zlatan's skills on the field remain unmatched, but it's refreshing to see his lighter side in this interview.

Rowan Atkinson - Interview with Elton John

Good evening and welcome to the National Theater for this, the third in our series of informal conversations with major performers. It has been a very exciting season so far, which has encompassed such performing giants as Ian McKellen, Dame Judi Dench, and of course, Christopher Biggins. But tonight, we have to welcome a man who, although not a giant, has nevertheless made a huge impression in his chosen field. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Elton John.

Elton's Funny Name:

- How did Elton come up with his name?

- Was John Elton ever considered?

- Did Elton feel awkward with his name?

Early Albums:

- Elton's early albums, including Elton John

- Did Elton ever feel the name was printed the wrong way around?

- Elton's focus on the music rather than the name

Bernie Taupin:

- Bernie Taupin's influence on Elton's career

- Did Elton ever consider changing Bernie's name?

The Old Songs:

- Discussion of Elton's classic songs

- Forgetting the color of someone's eyes in a song

- Elton forgetting Elton is a surname, not a Christian name

Being a Stage Performer:

- Elton's thoughts on watching other performers

- Jealousy towards other performers, like Ben Elton

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road:

- Considered Elton's masterpiece

- Discussion of the song Candle in the Wind

- Clarification of Marilyn Monroe's name

Achieving Success:

- Elton's solo British number one with Sacrifice

- Questioning the delay in achieving a number one

- Criticism of Elton's name affecting success

In conclusion, Elton John has had a remarkable career despite the challenges and criticisms surrounding his name. From his early albums to his chart-topping hits, Elton's music has captured the hearts of millions. While his name may have raised eyebrows, it is his talent and dedication to his craft that truly defines him as an iconic performer.

Pawn Stars Chumlee Sentenced To Life In Prison After This

Pawn Stars is a captivating show that revolves around the lives of grown men running a pawn shop. They strive to find interesting items that can make them a substantial amount of money. With a family dynamic and the inclusion of Chum Lee, the show has managed to captivate audiences for over 11 years. However, if we take a closer look at the history of the shop, we uncover some unfortunate incidents that shed a negative light on the Pawn Stars.

1. Chum Lee's Legal Troubles:

- Chum Lee, often mocked by Rick Harrison, found himself in serious trouble when his home was raided by Las Vegas police officers.

- The raid led to the discovery of illegal substances and an unlicensed firearm in his possession.

- Although he managed to avoid jail time, the incident caused stress on the set and strained relationships among the cast members.

2. Corey Harrison's Bar Fight:

- In March 2011, Corey Harrison was arrested and held in custody for several hours on suspicion of battery with serious bodily injury and resisting the law.

- The altercation occurred during a verbal dispute with another patron at a bar, and Corey was intoxicated at the time.

- While Corey's lawyers claimed he did nothing wrong, the incident tarnished his image and showcased the flaws behind the scenes.

3. Corey Harrison's Public Urination Charge:

- In 2014, Corey Harrison's drunken state led to an incident where he publicly urinated in a bar in Missouri.

- Harrison initially posed for a photo, but later apologized for his actions.

- This event further highlighted the pawn stars' behavior outside of the show and raised concerns about Corey's drinking habits.

4. Littering:

- Both Rick and Corey Harrison were fined for littering at a campground in Glamis, California.

- Trash bags filled with garbage, including cans and a barbecue grill, were left behind.

- Despite Corey's claim that their friends were supposed to clean up, the incident portrayed the pawn stars in a negative light.

5. Rick and the Diamonds:

- Rick Harrison was scammed when he unknowingly bought stolen diamonds.

- Despite following standard procedures to prevent such incidents, the police confiscated the diamonds after receiving a report.

- This left the pawn stars in debt and caused a significant loss for the pawn shop.

6. The Shekel of Tire:

- The pawn stars encountered stolen goods when a seller brought in a shekel of tire, claiming it could have been the infamous silver coin used to betray Jesus Christ.

- The coin was later revealed to have been stolen before being sold to the pawn shop.

- While they were allowed to keep the coin due to insurance payouts, they paid more than its actual value.

The Pawn Stars, despite their successful show, have faced numerous challenges and scandals behind the scenes. From legal troubles to poor decision-making, these incidents have tarnished their image. While some incidents were resolved without severe consequences, others resulted in financial losses and strained relationships. It is clear that the reality behind the Pawn Stars differs from the persona they present on the show.

An American Coach in London: NBC Sports Premier League Film featuring Jason Sudeikis

Hey, how are you doing? This is Ted Lasso, the new head coach of the Tottenham Hotspurs. I'd like to talk to the Queen, please. I'm here to implement my coaching style and bring my expertise in American football to the game of soccer. Football is football, no matter where you play it. Let's dive into the similarities and differences between American football and soccer.

Main Points:

1. Coaching Style:

- Grass, cleats, and helmets with masks, football is my specialty in the States.

- Soccer has a different kind of football, but there are small similarities.

- Circle them up, put on their pads, let's start playing for real.

2. Playing for a Winner:

- In American football, teams play hard for all four quarters.

- In soccer, they play hard for two halves, but there can be ties.

- Ties in American football are rare and might be seen as a sign of the apocalypse.

3. Goals for the Season:

- Our goal is to win a lot of games and make it to the playoffs.

- But in soccer, there are no playoffs, making my job easier.

4. Tackling in Soccer:

- Tackling in soccer is different from American football.

- Sliding around is considered a tackle in soccer.

5. Learning the Game:

- Reading books and watching game films is helpful, but playing the game is the best way to learn.

- Square goal, second tall, I got you!

6. Silly Soccer Rules:

- Some of the things soccer does are a little silly, like passing the ball backwards.

- Offside can be confusing, and referees sometimes struggle to explain it.

7. Comparing English Teams:

- Using flashcards, I linked English teams to American counterparts.

- Manchester United is like the super-rich Dallas Cowboys.

- Liverpool used to be great, like the Dallas Cowboys, but hasn't won a title in a long time.

8. Challenges and Learning Curve:

- There's been a learning curve for me in this job, but I'm adapting.

- Understanding the rules and tactics of soccer takes time.

I may have been new to soccer, but I gave it my all. I learned to appreciate the game and the players. I tried different coaching techniques, gained respect, and even earned some nicknames. Although my time as the head coach of Tottenham Hotspurs didn't last, I'm grateful for the experience. You can catch Premier League matches on NBC and the NBC Sports Network. And hey, maybe I should look into a third kind of football.


Welcome to the 2011 Chelsea Player of the Year Awards live from Stamford Bridge! Tonight, we gather to honor the players who proudly wear the blue of Chelsea. The big question is, can Didier Drogba win the top award again? In just half an hour, we'll find out.

Main Points:

- Foreign fans are slowly but steadily joining us since our last update.

- The power of social media is evident as fans tweet their support.

- Let's take a look at this incredible home run. Wow, what a kiss!

- The team has faced its fair share of ups and downs.

- We love our chances and believe we can achieve success on the field.

- The split throw by the pitcher adds excitement to the game.

- Where do we go from here? Let's discuss Prince Peace's surprising performance.

- Offense coordinator Tom took me to a dangerous place during our conversation.

- Our team has a lot of work to do, and it's not just about talent.

- Let's celebrate our victories and continue to support the team.

- Derek Jeter, what's next for you?

- The team is done celebrating, so what's next for the Red Sox?

- There is magic in the boots, according to Pablo Sandoval.

- Today was a productive day for him, and he is close to returning to the field.

- It's just a matter of time before he makes a comeback.

The 2011 Chelsea Player of the Year Awards is a night of celebration and anticipation. The players have faced challenges, but they continue to give their best on the field. We eagerly await the announcement of the winner and look forward to the future of the team.

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