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Hibu Ads: Boost Your Business with Digital Marketing

Published on: May 10 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be discussing various topics related to marketing, including SEO, Google AdWords, online marketing, and more. We will explore the importance of having a solid marketing strategy and the different tactics that can be used to attract and retain customers.


1. The Importance of SEO and Google AdWords

- How SEO and Google AdWords can improve your online presence

- The benefits of using SEO and Google AdWords together

- Tips for optimizing your website for SEO and AdWords

2. Effective Online Marketing Strategies

- How to reach your target audience online

- The importance of social media marketing

- Using email marketing to engage with customers

3. Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

- Common marketing pitfalls to watch out for

- How to avoid making mistakes in your marketing strategy

- The benefits of learning from past marketing mistakes

4. The Power of Branding

- Why branding is important for businesses of all sizes

- Tips for creating a strong brand identity

- How to maintain a consistent brand image across all channels

5. The Future of Marketing

- Emerging trends in marketing

- How technology is changing the way we market products and services

- Preparing for the future of marketing

Marketing is an essential aspect of any business, and having a solid marketing strategy is crucial for success. By utilizing tactics such as SEO, Google AdWords, and online marketing, businesses can effectively reach their target audience and build a strong brand identity. By avoiding common marketing mistakes and staying up to date with emerging trends, businesses can prepare themselves for the future of marketing.

A Former HIBU Customer Holds Nothing Back In This Review Of HIBU Websites & Marketing

- Mike Batista, owner of Monique's Bath Showroom, and Austin Pike from Team Ally Advertising Group discuss how Haibu can help businesses.

Discovery Session:

- Mike had a discovery session with John from Haibu, which helped him reflect on his business and sales cycle.

- Through the session, Mike realized the limitations of his marketing system and the need for a flexible website.

- Austin highlights the pitfalls of Haibu's system, such as the lack of an opt-in box for email and the limitations on the number of pages.

Power Triangle:

- Team Ally Advertising Group helps businesses transform in three areas: traffic, conversion, and economics.

- They aim to drive targeted traffic to landing pages that convert and increase short and long-term ROI.


- Mike's website redesign and implementation, along with social media ads, helped him gain more customers and increase sales by 25%.

- He can now focus on getting customers in the showroom and treating them well.

- Businesses can gain more control over their development efforts with Haibu and Team Ally Advertising Group.

- By taking action and utilizing their services, businesses can ultimately reach their goals and achieve success.

Hibu Webinar | Facebook Advertising for Small Businesses

Hello and welcome to today's joint webinar with Hi Boo and Marketing Bits. This article will explore Facebook advertising for small businesses, latest updates, and tips for success. Dana Cutler and Nick Hopkins from Hi Boo will be presenting today's material.

- Marketing Bits is a resource for small businesses to learn about important digital marketing issues.

- Hi Boo is a digital marketing company that offers solutions for hundreds of thousands of local businesses.

- Today's discussion will focus on Facebook advertising for small businesses, latest updates, and tips for success.

Facebook Privacy Changes:

- Facebook has been under scrutiny for privacy issues in Europe and the US.

- Facebook has made changes to their systems to make it easier for consumers to understand and see their privacy settings.

- Facebook has started limiting the amount of data that can be shared back and forth with third parties.

- Facebook has tightened controls on how apps can access and use consumer data.

Changes in Facebook Newsfeed:

- Facebook is prioritizing posts that spark meaningful social interaction.

- Facebook wants to reduce passive scrolling and increase active time spent on the platform.

- Businesses should focus on building strong Facebook presence and personalizing their posts.

- Responding to comments is important for meaningful social interactions.

Tips for Effective Ad Campaigns:

- Choose the right objective: reach, traffic, leads, or messaging.

- Keep your audience broad but relevant.

- Use optimal ad types and test what works.

- Use a Facebook pixel on your website to optimize your ads.

- Posting alone is not enough to grow your business on Facebook.


hibu's Complete Digital Marketing Program

The internet space has become a complex landscape where businesses are constantly fighting for a stronger online presence than their competition. Small to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and home businesses are seeking a way to increase their visibility online and drive traffic to their websites. But they are still trying to crack the code of increasing conversions. When we talk to business owners about the internet space, many reactions come to the surface. Some are excited, others interested, and many are frustrated because of the confusion created in the marketplace and less online products. Different messages delivered from different companies. The key to success is establishing a solid foundation, which is your website, and then building on top of that.

Why Hi Boo:

So why Hi Boo? Hi Boo is a leading company in the digital space with nearly 500,000 websites sold since 2008. We have built a solid and sustainable digital business by offering complete online solutions to small to medium-sized businesses like your own. It's important when selecting the right online marketing partner you select one that has credibility in the marketplace and one that has your best interest in mind. Hi Boo is a trusted partner and preferred provider. We are the first and only company in the US that is badged as both a Google premier partner and a Facebook marketing partner in the small business solution specialty. Having these two connections with the two largest powerhouses in the digital space, Google and Facebook, demonstrates our knowledge and dedication in helping businesses like your succeed.

Building a Solid Foundation:

Now keep in mind that your website serves as the center of the marketing universe. All the advertising you do will ultimately drive back to your website. It truly is your last best chance to turn shoppers into customers. So what are the steps to building your online business? You have to first lay down the foundation, which is built on establishing yourself across the tired internet, which starts with your digital listings. Then it's about having a modern and professional website and a mobile off of my site that is built to convert. Finally, you need to drive targeted leads to your website by building your brand online within your target market and make sure you're found where it matters the most.

Our Website Solution:

Let's start talking about our website solution and how we can develop a strong foundation online for your business. You see, our website solutions are fully loaded and built specifically to bring the greatest value to your table. From a 10-page website with responsive design, which provides an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors. How about professional copywriting and an amazing design to build the most modern, professional website in the market today? All of our websites include a sticky header. Now, what the sticky header does is that it remains in the view at the top of the browser rather than moving out of view when scrolling. This provides easier navigation for your end-user, as well as keeping important contact information in view at all times. Our websites also include what we would call a fat footer. The purpose of a fat footer is to help visitors by providing more important information on the bottom of web pages. And since we're adding relevant information about your business, which shows up on every page, this is great for SEO. We will also include a 30-second photo motion video to deliver the message you want to get out to your potential clients. We even include our digital listings management tool, Hi Blue Wave. We will claim, correct, and protect your online listings across hundreds of sites to not only help you be found but also to help you become an authority. And we know the importance of social media and the role it plays in today and staying connected with your audience. So we're going to create a professional business page for Facebook and Twitter. You'll also have the ability to integrate most third-party widgets to your website to really enhance the user experience.

Upgrading to Website Pro:

Now, we believe in 100% transparency, so every website that we develop comes with enhanced analytics so you can track actions on your website, which is crucial in knowing your website's performance. You also have the option of adding on a photo gallery, online forms, and a blogging interface. And the best part yet, every three months, as a token of appreciation, we are going to build, write, and design an additional page for your website. So as your business grows, we'll grow with you. And finally, we'll make it easy and convenient for you as a business owner when it comes to making changes to your website. You can either call us, chat with us on our website, or send out a quick email. You see, these features are all included within the standard website. But for those business owners out there that want to ensure an even greater user experience and increase conversions on your website, then you have an option to upgrade to our Website Pro. The Website Pro is having a website on steroids.

Website Pro Features:

Let's take a look at features included within the Pro website. First off, included in the Pro website package is unique device configuration. So, what is UDC? Different devices mean different customer needs. When customers land on a mobile site, they don't necessarily need to see the same information that you have on a desktop version. So you will have the ability to opt for elements to not appear on specific devices. A unique experience for every user. Who doesn't like to save money? We all do. And you as a business owner can influence the next action a visitor takes by providing interactive coupons right on your website. You can control the amount of discount, the duration of that offer, and what device you want it to appear on. And better yet, all the coupons are trackable on your analytics dashboard. Now let's talk about an amazing feature that you're going to be thrilled about. The whole idea is to create and to customize your website to personalize the user experience in order to increase conversions. With Hi Boo Insights, a visitor lands on your website and

hibu Independent Sales Agent position

Welcome to the Hibu Independent Sales Agent presentation, where we will discuss the benefits of partnering with our organization and our product offering.

Who is Hibu?

- Hibu is a leading digital company in the online space.

- Since 2008, we've sold over 500,000 websites and hundreds of thousands of digital marketing programs to Small to Medium sized businesses across the nation.

- We are the first and only company that is badge both as a Google Premier Partner and a Facebook marketing partner in the small business solution specialty.

Benefits of Partnering with Hibu:

- Improve client retention by broadening your product offering and bringing greater value to the table.

- High commissions and bonuses paid to Independent Sales Agents.

- Top-of-the-line training and continued support from local management.

- Simple and easy processing with very little input needed from our agents.

- No customer service follow-up or chasing money.

- High commissions paid every two weeks.

- Regional Managers will help you on sales calls via webinar or in person.

Product Offering:

- Only 21% of internet activity is spent on searching for a product or service or local business.

- 79% of internet activity is spent surfing social media sites like Facebook, online shopping, multimedia sites whether music or videos, emails and content-based sites.

- We help our clients with their online visibility and build their brand recognition.

- We put our clients on hundreds of top-visited sites on the MSN and Google Network.

- Remarketing or retargeting is also included when an online consumer lands on our clients' website.

- We also provide a complete website solution and give the biggest bang for the buck to our clients.

Commission Structure for Independent Sales Agents:

- Website sales a la carte, you'll get paid $400 per sale.

- Advertising bundles pay more:

- $650 per sale for the $279 standard program.

- $731 dollars per sale for the $529 package.

- $814 per sale for the $629 package.

- New Independent Sales Agents that finish training will receive a 60-day progressive pay plan.

- Requirements for Independent Sales Agents include having a current book of business or strong business connections, good appointment setting skills, strong closing skills, and two new accounts per month.

Partnering with Hibu is a great opportunity to broaden your product offering, earn high commissions and bonuses, and receive top-of-the-line training and support. Our product offering includes a complete website solution and display advertising to improve our clients' online visibility and build their brand recognition. If you're interested in becoming our next Independent Sales Agent, please contact our Regional Partner Manager.

Hibu Local Ranking – Dominating the Search Results

Search marketing is about more than just paying for ads. It's about dominating the search results and pushing your competitors right off the page. When people search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, they see two kinds of results: paid and organic.

Paid Results:

Paid ads are usually found at the top of the search results. When you pay for ads, you're renting space at the top of the page.

Organic Results:

Organic results are non-paid listings that Google finds relevant and reliable. This is the space your business can own.


If you want to dominate the search results, get better ranking, more visibility, clicks, and leads from people searching for what you offer, you need to rank well in both paid ads and unpaid results.

How Hibu Local Ranking Helps:

Here's how Hibu Local Ranking helps with the six main factors that help your business rank higher.

1. Accuracy:

Google ranks you higher if your business information is accurate across the web (phone, address, hours, etc.). The more consistent your information, the higher your ranking. Google also looks for customer reviews, so Local Ranking works with our online foundation solution to manage your online reputation, generate more feedback, and share your positive reviews.

2. Technology:

Google looks for how well your site is built. With Local Ranking, we check your site often to make sure everything is working the way it should.

3. Relevance:

You want your website to match the keyword phrases that are most important to your business. We'll add detailed information to your site to make sure Google sees content that matches those phrases.

4. Quality:

If other sites with high-quality content matching your keyword phrases link to your site, this increases your ranking in Google's algorithms. We'll create this content for you to generate backlinks and build your ranking.

5. Activity:

A steady schedule of posts shows Google that your business is highly engaged online. Local Ranking creates blog and social posts for you tailored to the keywords that you're targeting.

6. Built for Voice:

More people today are searching for local businesses with voice search like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home. We add a customized voice FAQ page to your site written to get you found with voice.

Search page dominance doesn't happen all at once. It builds over time as you improve your ranking. You get more visibility, more clicks, and ultimately more targeted high-quality leads for your business. And remember, Hibu Local Ranking works best when it's part of an integrated marketing solution. Combine Local Ranking with Hibu Search and Hibu Smart Online Foundation, and the result is search page domination. So get started now, beat your competition, and be the obvious choice online.

Hibu Sales Success Series

Title: Tips and Tricks for Converting Print Clients to Digital

Hi, everyone! My name is Adam and I work as a senior Account Executive in Southwest Florida. I've been in sales and management for the last five years, and today, I want to share some of the tips and tricks I've learned to help convert print clients to digital.


1. Conduct a complete audit of the client's online presence

- Look at their listings, reviews, and website ranking

- Build a mock ad and run a budget estimate

- Be well-prepared for the presentation

2. Conduct a needs assessment

- Ask questions about their business nature, goals, and ideal client

- Inquire about their associations and brands

- Understand their motivations for getting into the business

3. Present a complete package

- Use all available resources, including slides from the presentation and Core Four materials

- Offer a full system package, not just one service

- Highlight the dashboard that houses everything

4. Be likable, available, and knowledgeable

- Set yourself apart from other competitors

- Be available within 24-48 hours and send quick emails to update them

- Pay attention to new trends and products and incorporate them into your sales pitch

Selling Hi-Boo is about being authentic, genuine, and friendly. By presenting a complete package, conducting a needs assessment, and being knowledgeable about our products, you can successfully convert print clients to digital. Remember to be likable and available to set yourself apart and show that Hi-Boo is the top-notch provider of digital services in your local area.

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