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high end dropshipping products

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

Top 10 Winning Products To Sell In 2023 (Shopify Dropshipping)

today I'm going to be sharing with you,the top 10 products that you need to be,selling in 2023 all of these products,are proven and validated products that,are currently going viral and I hand,picked each and every one of these so,you guys can succeed in your Drop,Shipping Store so with that being said,I'm going to be showing you the ad,that's currently going viral I'm going,to show you the competitors website plus,I'm going to show you the product price,on AliExpress so you have all the,information you need to go out and crush,it so with that being said let's get,into product number 10. product number,10 is an absolutely genius product as,you see this tiktok over here it's,only about nine seconds but it's blown,up nearly 450 000 likes 10 000 shares,but it's this scooper that also gives,you a weight every time you scoop,something up the reason why I think this,product is going to be such a winner is,not only can you advertise this product,as a food prep product so people can,accurately measure the amount of food,they want to eat but I also think this a,great pet product if you want to,accurately measure your pet food and if,we actually come over this competitor's,website you can see how poor they've,actually merchandise this product the,website's literally named Connor,store.com so it looks like someone who's,about 16 years old probably just got,into Drop Shipping and his mom let him,create a store and he named it Connor,store now no hate to him but this store,could definitely be improved upon quite,a bit and I think how you're going to be,able to sell tons of this product is if,you actually merchandise this for that,bodybuilding community and brand your,website to feature information targeting,your ideal customer demographic now,another thing I notike is this,competitor is only selling this for,19.99 now when we do come over to,AliExpress the product is super cheap,it's 4.31 which means that the,competitor actually has a really solid,markup he's making about 15.50 50 cents,every time someone decides to purchase,this product now the genius of this,product is the fact that you would be,able to get away selling this for 39.99,if you're really honing down and,advertising this to your dream customer,so I think if you want to sell this,product create a custom experience for,your ideal demographic for this which,will be bodybuilders and weight lifters,and really create your messaging to,speak to that customer now with that,being said let's move on to product,number nine so product number nine is a,classic example of Click bait marketing,they're showing someone with frostbite,black fingers and then they're saying,hey here's how you can prevent it these,heated gloves and it shows someone going,into snow and actually using these so if,you aren't aware these heated gloves go,viral every single year and they also,are a pretty Evergreen product of course,they will do better in this wintertime,season but I think the potential to,advertise this right now is Limitless,especially because winter is still going,to be here for quite a bit longer now we,have 221,000 likes on this post 2500 likes from,this company called try hot glove so,they're getting a great reaction and you,can see their website over here it's not,a great website guys this is a very,simple website they don't even have,reviews on this website so I think that,pretty much anyone watching this video,can build a better website like this on,Shopify Shopify makes it super easy so,you guys can obviously use my link down,below if you guys don't have a Shopify,membership yet and it actually helps the,channel out a ton so thanks for doing,that now this would be my strategy if I,wanted to sell this product first I,would create a much better website than,this competitor has over here and where,I think they could use the most work is,in this description so make sure you,have a very compelling description I'll,leave a link above if you don't know how,to create descriptions yet this video,will definitely help you out ton but as,you see they're selling this for 45,dollars and if we do come over to,AliExpress you can find a competitive,product for,18.32 so there's definitely a decent,profit margin that means every time,someone goes onto the hot glove and buys,this product they're making about 28,profit so definitely a good profit,margin and this product would be really,easy to advertise doing organic content,just like this competitor has done I,think they figured out a really,compelling hook which is showing these,people with frostbite and then showing,this product it's basically a classic,here's the problem and here's the,solution type advertisement so if you,are wanting to sell this product just,rinse and repeat the content strategy,they've already developed and I think,this will also do awesome on paid,advertising as well now with that being,said let's move on to product number,eight product number eight is a product,I found on Facebook and I know this,product is going to do extremely well as,you see this video is showing this,windshield that's frozen over and it has,this device that basically unfreezes,your windshield and it also acts as a,portable heater in your car so this is a,two for one product it's going to help,you out with your windshield and when,it's also super cold in your car you're,going to be able to put this on and turn,it towards you and as you see this is a,paid ad that's being run right now and,it started October 17th over here but it,already has 10 000 likes over 3 000,shares on this product and if we come to,the comment you can see that a lot of,these people really love this product,people are saying I would love to have,this that would be good for my buggy so,there's a ton of people who already want,this product which is a great sign to,come over the comments and see that real,demand now if we do come over this,competitors website we can see that,they're selling this for 29.99 for the,air blower and if you want the bracket,as well it's 32.99 now in my opinion I,think they should have just grouped this,together and sold it as one variant,usually having three separate options,for such a simple product like this can,definitely cause some confusion but,overall they have a decent product,website they put some good information,in here but I think it's a little bit,clunky and as you can see the color,scheme is not very congruent and they,also don't have reviews on this product,which kind of shocks me reviews will,easily increase your conversion rate,dramatikally so if you are wanting to,sell this product make sure you have a,clean color scheme and make sure you're,having a solid description with those,reviews now if we do come over to,AliExpress the product is only 13 if I,was selling this personally I'd be,selling this at 39.99 you can get a,three times markup on this product,easily it just depends on how your,branding this and Merchandising it the,more high-end that you're branding this,the more premium price you're gonna be,able to command for a product like this,now with that being said let's move on,to product number seven product number,seven is a product I found on Pinterest,and as you see they're advertising this,as 10 times cheaper than the Dyson air,wrap and basically this is a five in one,curler and if we do come over to their,website you can see that they're selling,this for a pretty hefty price 99 and,honestly their website's actually pretty,decent you guys should be looking at,websites like this that have beneficial,gifts and are actually clean but there,is a lot you could improve here having,too many gifts can slow down your,website and they've also bolded a lot of,words that I don't think need to be,bolded and they could have simplified,this page quite a bit so take these,notes if you are wanting to sell this,product but overall it's good that they,have a lot of information on here,because when you are selling products,this High tiket you're definitely going,to want to make sure you

10 Best High Ticket Dropshipping Products for 2023

Showtime as they say,it's show time everyone Joe and Mike,build assetsonline.com,today we're going to be toking about,top 10 best Drop Shipping products that,you should be considering for 2023,oh my God Joe I have the window open,okay there we go I fixed it Joe you,sound a little bit under the weather you,look a little bit under the weather,what's going on with the weather it's,true it's true I'm currently suffering,from influenza,confirmed with a positive test,and um yeah that's that's about it,well this is like your uh Michael Jordan,Flu Game,what does that mean did he play with the,flu and like dominate or something yeah,that's exactly what it was,well let me tell you something I,remember when we were younger,and played hockey and I was sick once,and like I think I went I played anyway,I had like a fever and then I went to,play like on the weekend and once I was,out there moving like I didn't feel it,anymore,that's you know that's what was good,about the olden days,I can't get away with that anymore,because they'll just uh you know it's,frowned upon but Joe got the tissues,going,everybody wished Joe uh wish Joe well in,the chat Fernando says hello bow gang,so yeah like Joe said we're gonna tok,to you guys about the 10 best high,tiket Drop Shipping products for 2023,and this isn't just going to be some,canned list we're gonna go through,the internet and we're going to find,these together so you get an insight as,to how we approach finding products and,how we identify what's a good product,and what's not that way you don't have,to take it at face value,it's not about face value and yeah here,we are product number one Andrew Tate uh,calendars,entertain t-shirts,yeah so before the podcast Joe says mike,do you know who Andrew Tate is,show how out of touch Joe is with social,media,well the whole the whole thing was I I,had somehow saw uh his some of his,leaked course content on YouTube,I don't know how I ended up watching,this,but yeah and from what I saw I only,watched a short portion of it it was all,like rehashing all the marketing stuff,that like you would hear from I guess,any internet marketing Guru like you,know you got to sell to the same,customers over and over again,because those and which is I'm not,saying that that's false I'm just saying,it was kind of funny because having gone,through,how many so many courses since 2013 2014,doing this online you kind of hear the,same stuff over and over and over again,and so yeah it just was all the a lot of,the same generic stuff that you hear,yeah well so this won't be generic,I hope I hope our advice in and of,itself is not generic I think that's why,people like us Joe we're not doing the,cookie cutter stuff we're not saying the,thing the same things everyone else is,saying,we're uh we're again we're getting a,little bit more in the weeds so yeah the,way we're going to start this off is,we're going to pick you want to start,with a random word do we want to have,someone in the city well Mike this is,this is this is 2023. so let's try to,base this on what's 2023 what's,happening you know,2020,we had a good year,because a lot of stuff was going on with,the home,you know one of the stores we sold had a,huge Spike because it sold,a couple different uh expensive outdoor,Home Products,that you know basically took off during,the uh the covet era so what's happening,in 2023,are we gonna need like a nuclear fallout,shelter like how are we going to,determine,what's going to be a good product for,2023,you tell me what do you the future is,unpredictable Joe,but we're not too far off,well I do feel like there's a lot of,Doom and Gloom predicted so,why don't we just say 2023 is going to,be the Doom and Gloom year and let's,start with that,okay I'm not sure how much our uh,audience will be encouraged by that but,how do you want to approach it give let,me let me tell you this,uh one person suffering is your,opportunity,that's true so let's uh,let's come up with this,um so,let's say bomb shelter,stream's gonna get flagged okay here we,go,what the hell is it bomb shelter fly,double,all right so,whether you have a doom and gloom,mindset or not really we're just,starting with,just starting with an idea you say hey I,think I think the economy is going to,crash I think uh you know this is gonna,happen that's gonna happen,and I got another idea based off this,jump but we start we start with a search,well I think okay I mean we're seeing,this safe room,uh storm shelters Underground,you know I'm thinking inclement weather,uh lots of stuff going on like I I say,we go right into these safe rooms and,see where it brings us I want to do,another search for it but,um you know a safe room is there's a,whole movie about it I think in the,early 2000s I think with Jody Foster or,something,I think that's about right well Joe what,I was going to suggest is I like this uh,metikulous bomb shelter here by,uh this no right on the top left there,um I'm like matulius,and I I also like is it's coming from a,website that is more,um Niche down I'm not really sure what's,on backcountry.com but I know it's going,to be more uh specific than something,like Sam's Club so,so okay now it's would you click Outland,USA another yeah,yeah,so here we are we're on Outland USA and,this is their uh what is the boss this,is a this is a tent I don't know if it's,an actual,what protects against,no this is this is legit heavy duty,Junior ballistik abrasion skirt protects,the area on the Fly between the ledge,and the wall from abrasion window is,positioned on the fly to allow the user,to allow the user to view the conditions,outside without letting the weather,inside,reinforced um,I mean so if you're if you're in the,center of a of a bomb going off this is,not gonna,it's you know be as useful as like a,metal bomb shelter but I think this is,like a blast protection yeah yeah yeah,so here we are number one we just found,something I've never even heard of,before,so well why don't we look at what else,matulius has here,so I'm looking at this price point,um,can you keep a list on your end and then,we'll uh,oh so they make,well well you were just on that website,Joe that had a,what happens when you click matulius,yeah can we sort by it's shot McCool yes,I want to sort by like their top,uh most expensive products here,so highest price on the top there,we could do that,let's just do highest price,so they have another bomb shelter as,well,yeah so,I mean Joe what I'm thinking right now,the idea that I'm getting,so okay we have our first product here,matulia's bomb shelter and so,we can bomb shelters number one number,one product and so we can go deep into,all the different types this is clearly,one I've never seen before almost like a,you know a blast proof sort of tent this,is,I guess a similar thing here right so,for our,um podcast,listeners that aren't looking on video,this almost looks to be like a a cot but,it says uh,bomb shelter on it,so I'm trying to understand here what,this actually is,yeah I'm kind of questioning whether,this is a bomb shelter or not,like if,the other one definitely was it was,toking about like blast abrasions and,stuff yeah,okay John Francis says bomb shelter,hammocks,well,I mean Joe what I when I look at this,and my wheels start turning what I think,of is a store that's geared towards like,survival,so you have these bomb shelter tent,things as one part and then you can go,in a few different directions so what I,started thinking about when you're,toking about Doom and Gloom you have,let's let's think about this demographic,for a second right,these people they're probably going to,get some uh,some land in the back woods they,probably are you know maybe they're,doing some prepping maybe they want to,be able to live off the grid,so I started thinking about like water,filtration systems,okay okay filter out radiation or just,filter out you know water from a stream,we started what if you search water,filter or radiation or something,yeah I mean there's

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How High Ticket Dropshipping Changed My Life | My Story

I take a Drop Shipping drastikally,changed my life and it is easily the,best decision that I ever made for,myself what's up everybody my name is,Joe for sure I am 26 years old I live in,a suburb right outside Des Moines Iowa,called Waukee with my wife and our dog,and I own a multi-million dollar High,tiket Drop Shipping business I'm pretty,new to YouTube and I'm gonna get better,with time as far as editing and shooting,videos goes but the goal of this one is,kind of just to introduce myself give my,story and kind of illustrate how I went,several years ago from you know,graduating college going into Corporate,America and kind of realizing that I,didn't want to do that with my life and,transitioning to where I am today where,I have a high tiket Drop Shipping,business that generates anywhere from,you know 150 000 a month to 250 000 in,revenue and roughly 20 to 50 000 a month,in profit depending on the time of year,so I went to Iowa State University and I,graduated in 2019. after graduating I I,went right into Corporate America,working a sales job for the software,company that I had been interning for,during college and pretty early on in my,career there I realized that I did not,want to work for Corporate America for,the rest of my life I I loved the people,that I worked with I loved my boss but I,didn't love having a boss and I also,didn't love feeling like I was just kind,of a replaceable part of a machine over,time the work kind of just became less,and less fulfilling even though I was,making a six-figure job right out of,college and so when the pandemic hit I,started like a lot of people did looking,around on YouTube and on Reddit and,different forums online about how to,make money online and I came across,things that a lot of you guys probably,have if if you're on this channel and,you're interested in e-commerce and,Entrepreneurship you know I came across,things like day trading crypto the big,one in 2020 was Drop Shipping and,overall drop shipping kind of seemed,like the most viable route to go but at,the time I wasn't really aware of,anything but the the mainstream way of,Drop Shipping or what I consider the,mainstream way of Drop Shipping which is,you know selling cheap products from,AliExpress on Facebook and Instagram,things like you know wrist watch bands,or gimmicky exercise equipment generally,things with the concept of advertising,on Facebook and Instagram and hoping,that people buy those types of things on,an Impulse which a lot of people had a,lot of success with that except the,problem with it was it just kind of,seemed like it was gambling and wasn't a,great strategy for for real long-term,success because,um you know whatever I chose to do I,wanted this to kind of become what I did,for the rest of my life or at least,transition into what I wanted to do as,an entrepreneur for the rest of my life,and so one day I finally came across,High tiket Drop Shipping it was these,two guys on on YouTube that only had a,few 200 subscribers and up until that,point everyone else that I had found on,YouTube was clearly very theatrical they,sensationalized a lot of the stuff that,they toked about it and posing with,Lambos posting videos from a pool deck,in the Hollywood Hills and a lot of it,just seemed very disingenuous to me but,I came across these guys one day and,their whole model was called high tiket,Drop Shipping which more people have,kind of heard about at this point but it,still kind of remains the most,undiscovered and and unsaturated model,of e-commerce and so the whole idea is,you drop ship products but you are doing,it through wholesale accounts with,American or domestik suppliers and,instead of having to sell to hundreds or,thousands of customers every month you,only have to make a few sales and get,huge margins back and when I say big,margins I'm toking you know a thousand,dollars to upwards of five thousand,dollars per sale and kind of the biggest,selling point for me,aside from these guys is clear honesty,the fact that you are able to sell to,people that are specifically typing,these words into Google the whole idea,is you're putting these products in,front of people that have intent to buy,these products of all the e-commerce,models from affiliate marketing to drop,shipping cheap products to crypto to,everything this one was the first one,that really struck me as a viable option,because a of the customer intent and B,because of the profitability per sale,and so I ended up buying their course,which cost me around two thousand,dollars at the time and I can genuinely,say that that course changed my life it,was it was one of the best things that's,ever happened to me as far as my career,goes so I took the course and you know,learned kind of exactly what steps to,follow us as far as making a business,entity you know the very basic things up,to making a website and then presenting,yourself to American suppliers you know,literally really reaching out to them,and saying hey my name is Joe this is my,new business and you guys carry products,that would align very well with my,customer base I would love to open a,wholesale account with you and coming,from the world of sales I was used to a,lot of rejection I was used to doing a,lot of cold calling and meeting,customers that had no idea who I was so,it didn't surprise me when a lot of,suppliers either told me no or or didn't,reply at all but I was pretty encouraged,because I was able to get several,suppliers kind of right off the bat the,big mistake I made up front when I first,started doing this was I chose like six,different large product types of product,umbrellas,and because I just wanted to cast as,wide of the net as possible to see what,sold and then kind of hone in on that,which,I guess did kind of work out for me,because I did find the niche that sold,the most through doing that,um but it definitely gave me a couple,months of not really selling anything at,all because I didn't come off as an,authority in any partikular space I just,kind of looked like a large online,catalog that didn't specialize in,anything and aside from that my branding,was not very good my website design was,not very user friendly the product pages,were not set up in a clear concise way,for customers to have an easy time with,um there's there's a whole lot that I it,had I gone back knowing what I know now,I could have been successful within a,couple of weeks of doing this but you,know hindsight's always 20 20 and when,it comes to entrepreneurship and really,anything worth doing in life um,ultimately you kind of just have to,learn by doing it and fast forward to,today I've stuck with that initial Niche,that I came across after having tried,several different niches that didn't,work and I you know looking back I know,why now that they didn't work and that's,that's another conversation for another,video but now it's at a point where it's,it's generating Revenue anywhere from a,hundred thousand dollars to upwards of,three hundred thousand dollars a month,and like I mentioned earlier in this,video uh my profit ranges from anywhere,from about twenty thousand dollars to,fifty thousand dollars a month looking,back at my decision to leave Corporate,America it's one of the most,life-changing things that I've ever,decided for myself and you know this was,never by Design This was just kind of a,result of learning that I I didn't like,what I was doing and I wasn't interested,in working for a company and I wanted to,just do something for myself and it has,obviously made me considerably serious,income compared to what I was making,before,but it's also given me a lot of,Liberation as far as you know working,for myself being my own boss and and,kind of making my own schedule so I,don't want to be too long-winded with,this video but I'm just very encouraged,with uh where things are at e-commerce,wise for me and I've actually I'm in the,process of releasing a course I'll put,the link in the description below it's,called high tiket Mast

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$100K Per Month High Ticket Shopify Dropshipping [Step By Step Tutorial]

so this is how we were able to achieve a,hundred thousand dollars in ten days,with this high tiket shopify drop,shipping strategy hey guys welcome to,the youtube channel my name is camille,sutton as the ecom king and in today's,video i'm gonna be teaching you my high,tiket drop shipping strategy for 2022,and this strategy that we're using right,now we've been able to achieve a hundred,thousand dollars in 10 days with a 40,profit margin so what i'm going to be,teaching you today is what is high,tiket drop shipping what are the pros,and cons to it what are the best-selling,niches how to find the best silent,products in these niches i'm going to be,teaching you how to find logistiks and,suppliers for your high tiket drop,shipping products because i believe that,the suppliers and the logistiks is the,hardest part i'm also going to be,showing you some websites selling high,tiket products so you can understand,what makes a successful website in this,industry and then i'm going to be,showing you what the best platforms are,to advertise your high tiket products,to get sales now what i've done to make,your life easier is i've created a free,google doc sheet with all the,information in it and the most important,part of this free google doc sheet is,i've given you the links to each,supplier i'd recommend for these,different niches and that is the most,important part so if you want to get,access to that free google doc sheet,make sure we hit 2 000 likes on this,video and then i'll leave it in the pin,comment and in the description below now,if you've been wanting to learn high,tiket drop shipping then this is gonna,be the best video for you so make sure,you watch this video in full and you,watch it again to get all the,information out of the video and make,sure you get your pen and paper ready,and you get your laptop so you can,follow along let's get straight into it,so the first thing i want to show you,guys is a shopify drop shipping store,using this high tiket strategy and this,is me my business partner store verdank,and if you look at the draft orders page,there's only three draft orders and if i,go straight to the analytiks page you,can see it refreshes into showing 92 000,euros almost 93 000 euros and this is,from the 14th of february to the 24th of,february 2022 and you can see we,achieved just shy or just around about a,hundred thousand dollars depending on,the conversion rate of the day but as,you guys can see that is the shopify,store if i show you the average order,value you can see it's around about 137,euros which translates to around about,170 to 180 so now i've shown you my,shopify dashboard and showing you the,proof that this strategy works what is,high tiket drop shipping now high,tiket drop shipping is the exact same,as normal drop shipping the only,difference is you're selling more,expensive products now what i consider,to be a high tiket product is a price,range between 100,and a thousand dollars now this is about,how much you're selling the product for,on your website now you're probably,thinking can you go over a thousand,dollars of course you can go up to,around about five to ten thousand,dollars in terms of selling products but,i only recommend that you go up to a,thousand dollars because anything over,that then you're taking on way too much,risk and i personally wouldn't recommend,it and i don't even do that myself now,if you're selling a product let's say,for 500 or 300 but people have ordered,like six of them and your actual order,amount goes to let's say two thousand,dollars that's completely fine i'm,toking about the actual independent,product that you're selling for i,wouldn't recommend going over a thousand,dollars just because of the risk,tolerance so what are the pros and cons,of high tiket drop ships the pros are a,high profit margin of around about 30 to,60 percent now that store i just showed,you we're doing around about 40 to 45,profit margin which is insane another,pro is you can have better quality,customers the people that buy from you,tend to buy more from you they tend to,have a really good customer relationship,with you and they also tend to stay with,you for long periods of time which means,you've got a better customer lifetime,value the other thing is better shipping,times now this is a pro anacon because,shipping is harder but the actual,shipping times tend to be a lot better,and there's less competition so not as,many people do high tiket drop shipping,because it's a lot harder to do there's,a higher skill set that's involved so,there's less people doing it which means,it's actually if you were able to do it,a little bit easier to actually see,success so the negative points about,high tiket drop ship is you're gonna,need a bigger budget to get started you,need around about two thousand to four,thousand dollars to get started and the,reason why is because it costs more,money to advertise products in this,industry because you're competing with,other brands that are selling more,expensive products which naturally makes,it a little bit more expensive to,actually advertising and in terms of,like making a website a theme you're,gonna have to go more premium because,you're selling more premium products so,it actually makes it more expensive now,there's more risk to high tiket,dropshipping because your product value,meaning how much is costing you to buy,these products instead of buying a,product from aliexpress for 20 30 you're,buying it for let's say 200 300 so if,anything's to go wrong in the pipeline,pipeline or your store your actual,inventory value is a lot more because,you're selling higher tiket products so,let's say you're selling a product for,300 and something goes wrong they,receive the product and it's not what,they think it is you're gonna have to,refund them so there's more actual money,on the line and the products need to,match the actual price tag so if you're,selling a product for three hundred,dollars and they think it's only worth,two hundred dollars or a hundred dollars,you're gonna get customer complaints now,for dropshipping websites like,aliexpress weo and cj you can't really,use them for large items because they,don't have good shipping lines for them,so you have to find independent drop,shipping supplies that are specially,designed for that industry so it can,cause a few issues finding suppliers,that will actually work for you it's,also harder to advertise your high,tiket drop shipping products because,it's more expensive to use google and,facebook to advertise and when working,with influencers it's a little bit more,complicated and i'll be going over that,a little bit later now there's a high,demand for customer service so when,you're selling products for 500,people are expecting a 500 customer,service so you will need to get a really,good customer service up or a backend,setup or a virtual system setup or,you're going to have to hire va's and,the shipping prices can be a little bit,expensive so you will either have to,absorb that entire product price or,you'll have to start charging for,shipping these are the best high tiket,shopify drop shipping niches and the,first niche is going to be the extreme,sports niche and as you guys can see on,the screen there's something called,earth extreme sports and that's,considered skateboarding longboard and,sun boarding anything to do with the,actual earth and if you scroll down,you're gonna see that there's something,called water extreme sports and if we,look at the categories you've got things,surfing water skiing bodyboarding,there's loads of different ones that i,will leave a link to this in the cheat,sheet so you can see all the different,extreme sports there are that you can,sell in so if you go to alexpress you,can see that i've searched for,skateboard and i've sorted it by price,and you can see that you can sell these,different extreme skateboards to people,so this could be one of the products,that you might want to sell on your,website you can see i

Top 12 Niches for High Ticket Dropshipping - Best Products For High Profits

as a drop shipper it's always good to,adapt learn new strategies and even,build upon existing ones keeps you sharp,and it gives you an edge on the,competition selling high tiket products,is one of those strategies that might,seem intimidating at first but it's,really not drop shippers are building,successful online stores every day and,their products range from inexpensive to,very expensive products it doesn't have,to be one or the other but listing,higher tiket items does give sellers an,opportunity to earn higher profits and,who doesn't want that so in this video,i'm going to share 12 high tiket niches,that are perfect if you're looking to,make a little more bang for your buck i,chose the niches on this list because,based on our data and the current search,volume these niches are big sellers,before we get to that list make sure to,hit that subscribe button if you want to,see more videos with helpful drop,shipping strategies and trending,products,[Music],so first what is high tiket drop,shipping high tiket means expensive,products usually products worth a,hundred dollars and up using this,strategy sellers have the potential to,earn much higher profits in comparison,to low tiket items for example if i buy,a yoyo from amazon for two dollars to,sell in my store even when my profit,margin is set to a hundred percent,meaning i'm now selling it for double,the amount which is four dollars my,profit at the end of the day is still,only two dollars but let's say if i buy,a tv for a hundred dollars and then i,set my margins to twenty or thirty,percent well here my margins are much,lower but i'm actually going to make way,more in profits i can sell that 100 tv,for 130 and just pocket that extra 30,of course there are some other fees in,there but you get the idea so now that,we know what high tiket drop shipping,is and why it's worth our time let's get,to that list our first niche is sewing,machines not surprising that we're,seeing a rise in popularity in these,machines over the past year more people,found themselves at home and they needed,new creative outlets sewing was one of,those outlets for many people in general,when it comes to the quality of their,work tailors and at-home hobbyists don't,skimp out on this one and are usually,willing to pay for high quality machines,making this a great niche for high,tiket drop shipping our second niche is,baby strollers so if there's one area,where parents like to splurge on their,babies it's definitely with baby,strollers strollers have turned into a,lot more than just their original,purpose of rolling a baby from one place,to the other parents focus on many,different details like safety and,durability features does this stroller,have explosion proof wheels real thing,real amazon posts look at that over,there they also consider strollers as a,fashion statement this is something that,parents are gonna be pushing around all,day it might as well look nice and have,some leather seats that's why this is,definitely a great high tiket product,within the evergreen baby niche our next,high tiket item is ipl hair removal,this product is within the beauty and,personal care niche and has been,skyrocketing over the last few years,when it comes to hair removal many,people are willing to make that initial,expensive purchase because they know it,will save them money in the long term,they'll use this product now to achieve,permanent hair removal so they don't,have to continue with cheaper,maintenance options that really add up,over the years our next high tiket,niche is video surveillance cameras,what's great about this one is that you,can market it to many different groups,whether it's home surveillance systems,for families or surveillance cameras for,businesses you have an opportunity to,market to multiple audiences and that,can help you earn even more sales next,high tiket item is car dash cameras as,we all know accidents are inevitable,we're all bound to get our cars,scratched up or even scratch up someone,else's car sorry when it comes to,personal safety people don't mess around,and typically buyers are willing to go,high-end with these devices this product,is also great because it has a lot of,things going for it the drop shippers,can use to advertise for example high,resolution captures wireless,connectivity storage capacity ease of,installation compactness portability and,so much more i could keep going the data,is showing us that mini projectors are,only on the rise for 2022. they are,quickly becoming the go-to device for,businesses educational facilities and,home entertainment fans the beauty of,projectors is that unlike tvs they can,work on any surface rather than on a one,set screen you can hang a sheet outside,and turn your backyard into a theater,it's also portable so instead of,dragging a big flat screen over to your,friends you can just grab your mini,projector and all you need is a white,wall who doesn't like a good foot,massage that's why the next high tiket,product on our list is a foot massager,machine this is honestly the perfect,gift for friends or family and even as a,splurge for yourself because it's okay,to have some me time,speaking of self-care another costly,item that's on their eyes is hepa air,purifiers or hepa air purifiers however,you're supposed to pronounce it so why,breathe in dust and pollen when you can,get purified air that's so fresh you,feel like you're on top of a mountain,clean air matters and people are willing,to spend more again when it comes to,health and comfort our next high tiket,niche is memory foam mattresses your bed,is something you spend a third of your,day in crazy right that is if you sleep,eight hours a day which is usually the,average for most adults but considering,how much time is spent there many people,find it super important to invest in a,comfortable mattress because it,contributes to their overall sleep,quality and trust me if you start,selling this product the profits you'll,be seeing from it will definitely help,you sleep at night speaking of sleeping,arrangements couches with pull-out beds,have also been really trending lately,we've all crashed on our fair amounts of,couches before but this is crashing in,style it's also a great solution for,anyone with a small space but still,loves to host not everyone has a spare,bedroom so sometimes investing in a,comfortable pullout couch is the way to,go i don't know what it is but gamers,love led lights they will put that stuff,on anything with that being said our,next high tiket niche is led gaming,chairs,from what we've seen the gaming industry,is only growing and another led product,that gamers have added to their list is,the led gaming chair and i guess if,you're sitting in a chair for hours at a,time playing games it might as well look,cool our final product of the day in the,high tiket niche category is mini,fridges this product offers a great,opportunity to market to different,audiences it can be for beers in your,man cave it can be for that person that,spends all day in the office and could,use a place to store their food can also,be used to manage food allergies and,separate food from the main fridge or,even to store medications basically,there are a lot of different ways that,you could market this product and make,the most sales that you possibly can,alright we covered it that is our list,of high tiket niches that we think you,should start selling in 2022 let me know,which niche you'll be jumping into this,year and also let us know if we should,add any more niches to our list down in,the comments thanks for watching and if,you enjoyed this video make sure to hit,that subscribe button and give this,video a like see you next time,[Music]


these are my top 10 favorite products,the month of December 2022 and for the,new year 2023. and all the products I'm,going to be mentioning in this video are,going to be fire for the end of the year,and the start of the New Year hey guys,welcome to the YouTube channel my name,is Camille Simon as the e-com Kink and,in today's video I'm going to be giving,you my top 10 favorite products for the,month of December but they're also,designed for the new year and for q1 of,2023. so this is the process that I've,taken today to come up with this list,I've gone to the industry living,websites like cell account peakeda and,I've gone through all of their top,performing products and then I've gone,on to tiktok Google Trends and even,Amazon to do some more due diligence to,see how well the order volume is I've,even gone to the Facebook ad library to,see how many ads are running for them,and how successful Those ads are I've,even took time out to see how well,they're doing organically on tiktok,as that is the leading indicator for,this year and next year to see how well,the products are performing so buy me,spending hours and hours doing that due,diligence and research this is how I,come up with this list for you today and,what I'm all also going to be doing in,today's video is I'm going to be giving,you guys the AliExpress link I'm going,to be showing you the product website,I'm going to be showing you the Facebook,ads I'm even going to be showing you,some tiktok videos for some of these,products I'm even going to give you my,product price and recommendations ad,copy examples thumbnails everything that,you need so you can fast track your,success with each one of these products,now I'm not just going to be showing you,these products live on today's video,I've also created a free Google Docs,that's going to contain all of that,juicy information that I've just,mentioned and as soon as we hit 2 000,likes on this video it'll be in the pin,comment and in the description below so,if you appreciate all this free,information make sure you smash a like,button subscribe to the channel and,leave a comment and let's get straight,into this top 10 list of winners for,December and the new year,[Music],the first product on today's list is,going to be the funny shocking roulette,party game and if we look at the,AliExpress link you can see it's got 231,orders 4.9 star reviews so what this is,it's a six slot party trick game that,you play with your friends and you put,your finger into these slots and you,click here to start and it's basically a,roulette game where each person puts one,of their fingers in one of these slots,and if it picks you then your finger,gets a little shock to tell you that,you're out of the game the reason why I,think this is going to do extremely well,for the end of the end the start of next,year is because it's going to be,Christmas time and people only spending,a lot of time together and they're going,to want to play board games or fun,activities like this from home the,reason why I think it's going to do,really well next year is because people,are going to spend less money going out,and they're going to try and do things,from home to keep them entertained and I,think this is a great solution now this,is my product price recommendation I'd,recommend that you sell it for 32.99,it's gonna cost you 11.13 and your,profit margin is going to be roughly 20,so my overall recommendations you to be,making at least twenty dollars after,your shipping costs and after your,product costs on each one of your,products now the productscription reads,the most thrilling game of the season is,here this game is perfect for those fun,occasions where friends are getting,together and need some entertainment the,thrill starts when all friends insert a,finger into the bucket and the light,indicates start moving screaming starts,when the buzzing sound stops and one of,your friends get hit by a vertikal,current note this shock isn't very,intense but it's enough to make you jump,a little bit and nervous antikipation,that makes it so much fun make your Game,Nights Fun expecting and then it goes,over how the game works what's included,and the rules to play the game now if we,take a look at a Shopify Drop Shipping,Store selling this product there's a few,things on this site that are really good,that you can use for your store now the,overall store looks pretty bad but you,can see it's been recommended by twelve,thousand people is really good and then,it shows you how many people are,watching it right now then they've got,this giphy which really helps and,they've also got this stiky add to cart,button that I like and it's got some,images explaining the different types of,people and the different scenarios you,can use to play this game apart from,that the website is not very good and if,you want to make really good websites,I'll leave a link in the description to,one of my other videos teaching you how,to make professional looking websites so,make sure you check that out at the end,of the video now if we take a look at a,Facebook video ad for the product you,can see the opening scene shows six,people around the table ready to play,the game and it's a shocking roulette,and if we play the video you can see the,light glows red until it hits somebody,with the vertikal electric current and,you can see here they have a laugh and,they joke showing that they got hit with,the current so it shows loads of,different people having fun and laughing,at the shop feeling with them playing,this roulette game and when people watch,this ad and see the interaction and the,facial expressions it's going to make,them wanna buy the game so if we take a,look at a tiktok video for this,product you can see the opening scene,says tiktok made me buy this zap,roulette game and it's 50 seconds long,and it shows him unboxing it putting the,batteries into the game and it goes over,how it works and then he shows the,different options on the board and then,it shows them at the end playing the,game together with six people around the,table and then it gives them the call to,action at the end now the reason why I'm,showing you this tiktok video so you,understand how this video could work,really well on The tiktok platform if,you're going to run ads on this social,media platform now the countries that,I'd recommend for this product are going,to be the e-packet countries minus,Mexico Brazil and Italy as I find I get,a lot of high risk orders and a lot of,fraudulent orders now if you're going to,be doing Facebook ads you can do things,like ePacket monitors those countries,you can do the top five or you can do,European countries if you're going to be,doing tiktok ads I'd only recommend,Canada and the US and if you want to be,able to Target those countries you just,need to use a VPN and if you're going to,be doing Google ads I would recommend,doing the top five countries now the,recommended interest for this product is,house party alcohol board games home,entertainment and family and then you,can use suggested interests then the,ready to go example ad copy reads shock,roulette party game let the streams,laughs and jumps at the game nights,begin with the shot roulette get yours,and then it shows a thumbnail of,somebody putting their finger in it and,then showing electric current above the,finger so before I move on to the second,product in today's list I want to go,over some bonus features and things that,you guys can do to increase your sales,and some more product is going into,Valentine's Day and going into gift,Seasons like Christmas a great Niche for,you guys to get into is the customizable,Niche so that's basically creating a,customizable product let's say a t-shirt,let's say a coffee mug let's say a pair,of socks or you can put a quote on that,product that resonates between a certain,group of people but these personalized,gifts like canvases about people's pets,do extremely well during Christmas and,for Valentine's Day and the