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high end dropshipping suppliers

Published on: December 28 2022 by pipiads

The BEST 10 Dropship Suppliers For Shopify Dropshipping

in this video you'll learn where to find,the best Drop Shipping suppliers to work,with if you want to start a drop shipped,online store,now first off there are three main ways,to find a Drop Shipping supplier,depending on your budget time,constraints and the types of products,that you want to sell first off you can,use a Drop Shipping supplier directory a,Dropship directory is a database of Drop,Shipping suppliers organized by category,and the directory owner typically,screens out potential Dropship suppliers,to ensure quality and charges a fee for,Access you can also use a Drop Shipping,Marketplace a Dropship Marketplace is an,e-commerce site that connects sellers,with Buyers sellers can find interesting,wholesale products to sell and have them,sent directly to the consumer and then,finally you can attend a drop shipping,and wholesale trade show by attending a,local wholesale and Drop Shipping trade,show you can form a direct relationship,with wholesale suppliers by meeting them,face to face now there's no right or,wrong way to find a Dropship supplier,but each method has its own pros and,cons which will be discussed in depth in,this video by the way if you're,interested in starting your own online,store sign up for my free 60 mini course,below,now what do you want to look for in a,Drop Shipping supplier because finding a,reliable supplier is crucial to running,a successful Drop Shipping business,here's a list of criteria to look for,when evaluating your supplier you got to,check the supplier reviews make sure you,check online review sites like the,Better Business Bureau to view any,outstanding complaints or negative,reviews against the supplier you also,want to check customer reviews does the,supplier sell high quality products and,make sure you check the consumer reviews,for the products that you want to sell,you also want to ask about the return,policy always ask your supplier how the,handle returns defective merchandise and,shipping and how quickly are shipments,made once an order is placed you also,want to ask about drop shipping fees,drop shippers will often charge a per,order Dropship fee to pack and ship,individual orders and make sure you,understand all the extra fees involved,and how they will impact your bottom,line,you also want to check product quality,before you sell any product you should,buy it yourself to see the quality and,observe the Fulfillment speed firsthand,be your own customer and make sure the,shopping experience is exceptional,finally you want to check for inventory,automation now managing inventory and,stokouts is an important factor when,running a profitable Drop Shipping Store,higher tier Drop Shipping suppliers,support EDI which allows for real-time,inventory tracking now with this,criteria in mind here's how to find the,best Drop Shipping suppliers online so,method number one is to use a Drop,Shipping directory A Drop Shipping,supplier directory is a database of,prevented wholesale suppliers who offer,Drop Shipping for their products now,directory can save you time and energy,by giving you instant access to,pre-vetted drop shipping suppliers who,are willing to fulfill orders on your,behalf now most supplier directories,charge a small fee ranging from thirty,dollars to three hundred dollars now the,primary disadvantage of using a,wholesale supplier directory is that,many of your competitors will likely be,searching the same database and using,your exact same suppliers it's also,important to note that A Drop Shipping,directory is just a listing of companies,you are still responsible for creating,your own Drop Shipping business,relationships and negotiating your own,pricing and payment terms now the first,Drop Shipping directory is worldwide,brands worldwide Brands is a pre-vetted,directory of Drop Shipping wholesalers,that collectively offer over 16 million,certified wholesale products for sale,including a apparel consumer electronics,pet supplies beauty products home goods,and more they also offer training,classes that teach you how to run your,own Drop Shipping business now while,you'll find suppliers from all over the,world most of the Drop Shipping vendors,in the worldwide Brands directory are,based in the US as a result almost every,drop shipping hold seller offers fast,shipping it's also important to note,that you can Leverage The Drop Shipping,suppliers that you find on worldwide,Brands to sell the US customers even if,you live outside the US now worldwide,Brands charges a single lifetime fee of,299 dollars,the next directory is called cell who,now sell who is a Drop Shipping,directory that is based in New Zealand,and unlike worldwide Brands salehu,provides a directory of international,dropshipping suppliers outside of the,United States so in other words you can,find Dropship and wholesale suppliers,all over the world now currently there,are over 8 000 trusted drop James,suppliers in salehu's database that span,over 2.5 million products and brands in,various niches such as consumer,electronics Personal Care clothing pet,supplies and more so who also offers an,AliExpress Drop Shipping integration,which will be discussed in the next,section now access to salehoose database,costs 67 per year,the next directory is called doba doba,is a hybrid Drop Shipping Company that,acts as both a directory and a,marketplace now as a directory Joba can,connect you with thousands of Drop,Shipping suppliers to Source Products,for your online store in addition doba,provides a complete Drop Shipping,Solution by managing all of your,ordering and fulfillment operations as,well here's how adobo works you search,dobis catalog for products that fit your,criteria you add these products to your,eCommerce store and then once a customer,places an order you make a purchase,through doba doba then passes your order,to the Drop Shipping supplier who then,fulfills your order now the main,advantage of doba is that they act as a,bridge to legitimate wholesale suppliers,and handle everything for you the,downside is that doba hides your,supplier information from you so you,can't contact suppliers directly as a,result it's difficult to form a,relationship with quality suppliers and,you must rely on the dobell platform to,fulfill all of your orders doba can,interface with all the popular,e-commerce platforms including Shopify,big Commerce and woocommerce now doba,charges a monthly fee ranging from 24.99,a month to 299 dollars a month depending,on the plan,the next directory is called wholesale,2B wholesale 2B uses the exact same,online business model as doba and that,they handle your Drop Shipping needs,from end to end there's no need to sign,up with any individual supplier,wholesale 2B handles all orders returns,and correspondence from the supplier for,you order fulfillment is essentially a,black box all you got to do is sign up,connect your eCommerce platform and,import products from wholesale2b to your,shop at the click of a button when an,order comes in wholesale 2B charges your,credit card and delivers the product to,the End customer there's full order,tracking and syncing with your shop and,you can instantly get access to over a,million Dropship products now access to,wholesale 2B costs 29.99 a month to,connect an existing online store 39.99 a,month to connect to a Marketplace like,Amazon or Ebay and 49.99 a month to have,your store hosted on their platform the,next directory is called spocket now if,you don't want to drive ship any,products from China spocket allows you,to find Drop Shipping suppliers from the,US and the EU using in the spocket app,you can instantly add spockets products,to your online store at the push of a,button and spocket also offers print on,demand options similar to printful,spocket's main advantage lies with their,product quality fast shipping and,real-time order tracking and in fact,spocket handles your inventory by,electronically linking your shop to,their inventory management platform as a,result you'll never accident

EASIEST Way To Find The Best Dropshipping Suppliers For Your Online Store 📦

how to find the best drop shipping,suppliers for your ecommerce business,now do not mind my voice in this video,because i'm running a little bit of a,cold no it's not covered i've already,been through that but that will not stop,me from sharing with you how to find the,best dropshipping suppliers for your,drop shipping business with the best,shipping times and the best products for,your target audience we'll be going over,all of that and more in this video so,stay tuned quick intro and let's go,welcome back i'm lyron from autods the,content manager and in this video you're,going to learn about how to find the,best drop shipping suppliers for your,ecommerce business now once again i am,running a little bit of a cold during,this recording so i will try to keep it,brief but of course i will not leave out,any juicy info that you need to know so,let's get started one sec before that if,you haven't done so yet subscribe to our,youtube channel to always stay updated,on all of the latest and all of the,hottest topics that are coming out in,the world of dropshipping that being,said like and share this video if you,appreciate the value so let's jump right,into it how do we find the best,dropshipping suppliers for our ecommerce,business of course for those of you who,are not aware yet dropshipping is simply,a business model where you can fulfill,orders you can have your own online,store and sell anything that you want,without actually holding them in stok,as soon as you get an order you fulfill,them by simply going to your suppliers,website and purchasing the product and,shipping it directly to your end,customer but with all of this of course,we need high quality dropshipping,suppliers where we can actually list,their products and sell them on our,online store and we're also going to,need a selling channel like ebay shopify,wix facebook marketplace and there's,many others where you can actually host,your online business but the most,important thing here which is why you,are watching this video is how can we,actually find the best suppliers and why,is it important to have a good high,quality drop shipping supplier well for,one you're going to want to have a large,product base you don't only want to put,all of your eggs in one basket and leave,all of your work to one drop shipping,supplier if that drop shipping supplier,ever lets you down then you won't have,anyone else to work with and now your,business will be in trouble so we do not,want to have a single point of failure,which is what we will have when we're,only working with one supplier so it's,always a good idea to diversify and work,with anywhere around three drop shipping,suppliers at the same time and that way,if one ever causes any problems like,chinese holidays and now they won't be,here for two weeks so then you're gonna,go to your u.s suppliers or maybe just,any other shipping delivery info maybe,they have some bad quality products,which let some of your customers down so,you want to move over to someone else,there are many reasons why you'd want to,switch and shift between different drop,shipping suppliers until you learn which,ones are best for your business so let's,get into it what are some of the things,that make a good drop shipping supplier,before you begin your search you want to,look for these features and benefits,through your suppliers so first we want,to make sure that we have fast shipping,times and this of course is very very,important because you want to be able to,deliver your products really quickly to,your audiences nobody today wants to,wait two weeks three weeks or anything,above that to get their product as soon,as someone places an order they want to,have it as soon as possible if someone,placed an order today they want to have,it delivered by yesterday and that is,the now in demand era that we live in,and there's nothing wrong with that,because there are many high quality,suppliers where we can actually get fast,shipping from them so to provide the,best customer service to give our,customers a very good experience through,our stores to make them remember our,stores and remember our brand and come,back for repeat purchases we're going to,deliver fast shipping times and that is,what we're going to get when we're using,high quality drop shipping suppliers who,can also drop ship from into the same,region that we are targeting so for,example if you want to drop ship to the,uk audience then you want to find uk,suppliers that store their products in,uk warehouses so you can ship quickly,domestikally and that goes also for any,other region so fast shipping times the,second thing you want to look out for is,high quality products we don't want to,sell a low quality products we don't,want our customers opening up returns,every other item that we ship out and if,we sell low quality products if we don't,even take a look at what we're selling,then we are going to get those returns,and we will be dealing with customers,who are not very happy with the quality,of our products so another great benefit,that we're going to get from working,with high quality suppliers is that we,will have high quality products and,we'll have a way to check the quality of,the products without having to order it,or have any physical contact with the,product itself the next thing you want,to look out for in a drop shipping,supplier is competitive prices now there,are a lot of suppliers out there and,millions of products and some of those,products can be found through some of,those drop shipping suppliers the same,exact product at different price ranges,so that is why you always want to go,with the supplier who has the most,competitive price point for that product,and that is another thing that we need,to look out for when choosing our,dropshipping supplier for example you,can take a look at products on,aliexpress and then find them on amazon,at more expensive prices and the reason,for that is because that seller from,aliexpress or maybe a different seller,bought stok from that seller from,aliexpress or alibaba or anywhere else,and they shipped it to amazon's,warehouses so that seller on amazon now,needs to make a profit on top of what he,bought it from on aliexpress or alibaba,or anywhere else meaning the price on,amazon is now going to be higher than,where he bought it from and you can use,both of these suppliers as examples for,those that you can work with in your,drop shipping business so in this case,you can ship the more expensive product,from amazon from us warehouses or ship,the cheaper version from aliexpress or,alibaba but it comes from china and it,will take longer we're going to get into,all of that really soon don't get,confused yet i'm just throwing in quick,examples next is product reviews and,this goes with high quality products,because these suppliers that we're going,to be looking out for they have product,reviews for their products on their,website so this gives you an early,understanding or some type of insight on,the quality of this product and if it's,really matching its item description and,if people are overall happy with this,product that they purchased because,you're about to sell it also on your,store and you want it to be of high,quality you want it to be a proven,product that has been selling that has a,proven track record so that is what,we're gonna get when we have customer,reviews on our suppliers websites the,next thing that we want to look out for,is tracking information some suppliers,provide tracking information that you,simply cannot track anywhere except for,their website so if you share with your,customer that same tracking info they,won't really be able to do anything with,it because they will not be able to,track it so you want to work with,suppliers that have trackable tracking,information like ups usps fedex dhl many,types of international tracking that's,trackable and more you can track them on,websites like 17track.net and others and,we're also going to tok about that,furt

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Top 15 European Dropshipping Suppliers To Streamline Your eCommerce Business

finding local suppliers especially well,recommended suppliers is one of the most,essential steps to drop shipping in,europe therefore in order to win the,trust of the european consumers market,we need to look out for drop shipping,suppliers that provide quality products,with fast shipping speeds that's why in,this video we're going to provide you,with a guide that covers all the,blueprint for finding the top 15 drop,shipping suppliers in europe,so i know that we're really eager to,find out the best drop shipping,suppliers but before we jump into that,let's first cover how to choose a,european drop shipping supplier when,choosing a european drop shipping,supplier we should keep in mind the,following criteria whether the supplier,offers wholesale pricing product niche,drop shipping fees if any the minimum,order required shipping and delivery,times the shipping carriers that the,suppliers use the various payment,methods accepted and of course the,return policy now that we're aware of,what factors to consider,we can choose suitable suppliers that,offer the best possible terms for drop,shipping in the european market okay so,let's jump straight into the list of the,15 best drop shipping supplies in europe,that definitely will not leave you,disappointed so at the top of the list,we have drum roll please,a leading american e-commerce company,operating almost everywhere globally so,let's have a look at some of the pros,and cons of using this supplier amazon,has millions of products in almost any,category which means there is no limit,to what we can sell amazon also offers,comprehensive products and seller,reviews allowing us to verify the,quality of each product amazon is pretty,impressive when it comes to their,performance side overall they have 40,warehouses located all over europe and,for that exact reason amazon is able to,ship products at high speeds across,europe amazon currently operates in the,following european countries through its,dedicated websites uk france germany,italy and spain so we're able to,dropship in these countries as well as,their neighbouring countries using these,websites on the downside sourcing from,amazon essentially means that we're,competing with other drop shippers for,the exact same products another drawback,is that we face inconsistent shipping,and return policies on many of the,available products second on our list of,european drop shipping suppliers is,vanguard as we know banggood is a,chinese drop shipping platform that,connects over a hundred thousand,reliable suppliers to european consumers,let's take a look at some of the pros,and cons when working with this european,drop shipping supplier banggood has,provided us the opportunity to sell,millions of high quality products from,various categories their product variety,includes mobile phones and accessories,home products clothing and apparel,health and beauty,watches the list literally goes on and,on although banggood is a chinese,company they have various european,warehouses located in countries like the,uk,france and spain,as a result this supply allows us to,offer fast shipping times all over,europe they have a wholesale program,there are cashback opportunities and you,can qualify for special discounts the,only downside to banggood is that the,standard buying option offers various,payment methods however the drop,shipping program only supports paypal so,essentially this downside prevents,dropshippers from non-paypal supported,countries or those dropshippers who,simply don't have paypal from gaining,access to banggood's wholesale pricing,taking the third spot on the list of the,best drop shipping suppliers in europe,and i just add they are also one of the,top rated chinese suppliers ladies and,gentlemen i present to you aliexpress so,what are some of the benefits we can,look forward to when working with this,drop shipping supplier aliexpress has,one of the widest selections of products,that you're able to drop ship from,almost any category another great thing,about aliexpress is that on their,website they offer an excellent way to,find the most trending products to sell,through the aliexpress drop shipping,center aliexpress also allows us to,offer fast shipping in europe through,its extensive network of suppliers and,warehouses just like anything in life,there are some downsides to working with,aliexpress first off the bat this,platform has many low quality products,which would essentially negatively,impact our drop shipping store if we had,to source them aliexpress also sells,some knock-off products which are highly,prohibited to sell when drop shipping if,you do decide to sell these products you,can ensure to land yourself up in some,legal trouble aliexpress also makes it,really challenging to process returns,takes a lot of time to ship the products,back to the warehouse and even longer to,receive a refund coming in at number,four on our top european drop shipping,suppliers list is,cj drop shipping let's jump straight,into the pros and cons that you can,expect when working with this drop,shipping supplier so unlike the other,european suppliers out there cj drop,shipping actually tailors its product,selection specifically for drop shippers,therefore it offers trending items and,new products from multiple categories,and niches i mean could that get any,better in addition to this cj drop,shipping also offers wide label services,and a large selection of print on demand,products another great advantage of,using cj drop shipping as a supplier is,the fact that they allow us to post a,product sourcing request so this,essentially means that we can ask the,company to source a product that is not,yet available on its platform then once,the product is available on the platform,we can then source it into our drop,shipping stores and sell it for the best,possible profit margin cj drop shipping,is also a leader in european shipping,speeds they have a global reach with,warehouses in italy france spain germany,the uk and many other countries allowing,for fast shipping across the european,continent make sure to read the artikle,version of this video in order to find,the various ways to source products from,european warehouses the link to our blog,and this artikle is in our youtube,description below cj dropshipping also,has a couple of drawbacks one of it,being that its products are relatively,more expensive than its competitors such,as aliexpress the second one being that,cj drop shipping can improve its,outdated user interface and make it more,modern and user friendly next up we have,costway a famous drop shipping supplier,in american and european markets,supplying home decor products at,affordable prices so let's dive straight,into what we can expect when working,with this drop shipping supplier,causeway has over 8 000 self-branded,home deco items from more than 10,categories also crossway's local,warehouses are located in uk germany,italy france and poland which allow us,to drop ship these products all over,europe at fast shipping speeds another,advantage to working with costaway as a,supplier is the dropshipping program,that they offer this program grants,dropshippers to special promotional,pricing dedicated supports reward points,and so much more here are some of,cosway's limitations as a retailer they,do not offer a wholesale program for,drop shippers as a result drop shippers,do not have access to lower prices when,buying in bulk another thing that can be,very off-putting for some drop shippers,out there is that costway includes its,company logo on the packaging when,shipping products and because of this,consequently our customers may be really,unhappy knowing that we are not the,original sellers the sixth position on,our list of course goes to ebay ebay is,one of the pioneers of e-commerce,platforms equally popular in europe as,it is in the us,while ebay is mainly used as a selling,platform it makes for a great supplier,where we can source products from so,let's have a look a

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Best Dropshipping Suppliers - To Maximize Your Profits

hey it's Sam welcome to boring money,where money should be the only boring,aspect of your life well if you're,watching this video you're probably,wondering what the best Drop Shipping,sites are stik around because that's,exactly what I'm toking about,[Music],on my channel I always release videos on,digital marketing and passive income,strategies so consider subscribing,also if you want you can click on the,link below to get access to my recession,approved business model that'll teach,you how to build an online business from,the ground up so don't worry if you have,zero experience because you'll get the,best training that will make you the top,marketer,great let's get to the content so you're,watching this video because you want to,know what the best Drop Shipping sites,are well before I even get into that I,want to let you know that by the end of,this video I'm going to tok about a,better solution to making money online,doing business and this business model,is called affiliate marketing where you,just recommend other people's products,and then you collect commission based,off of how many sales you make I have a,full video of the pros and cons of drop,viewing versus affiliate marketing and,you can watch that here before you start,your own business online you can find,out which one is the Better Business,model for you so be sure to check that,out if you're really interested in,making money online and when you're,setting up a store online there's a lot,of platforms you can use such as Shopify,which is the most popular one to create,an online store so Wix also up their,game when it comes to e-commerce you can,build a store with Wix as well there's,other platforms like Weebly and,Squarespace but their e-commerce system,isn't as robust as Shopify and if you,have code experience or you want to save,some money then you could definitely use,WordPress now let's get into the best,Drop Shipping sites so when it comes to,is Drop Shipping you want to be able to,try to automate the best you can to try,to automate your business running by,itself right so when you're doing Drop,shaking nowadays all you really have to,do is just install plugins to your,website and then you can just start Drop,Shipping from there but there's so many,different supplier networks you can,choose from now because structuring got,really popular especially after the,pandemic happened right everyone wanted,to start making money with the comfort,of their own home Drop Shipping is one,of the bigger ones and that's why,there's a plethora of different apps you,can install into your website for Drop,Shipping and the first one most popular,one that even I use back then is,Aliexpress if you want the highest,margins doing Drop Shipping then you,need to choose AliExpress because a lot,of different items that people buy,online are really made in China and most,of the suppliers that use AliExpress to,sell their their items they're from,China while you can maximize your,profits with AliExpress with a low,starting cost you're gonna have to,sacrifice the delivery times because,it's going to take at least two three,weeks for for your your your item to be,delivered so next site is Alibaba,Alibaba is also a really big platform,where manufacturers and suppliers and,wholesalers use Alibaba to to sell their,products and most of the supplies are,also based in China as well but people,use Alibaba in a different strategy,usually when you're using Alibaba it's,going to be a bigger startup cost where,you actually have to buy a huge volume,of the supplies and then you get a ship,to whatever platform you're selling on,namely Amazon there's a lot of different,Chinese products from Alibaba that are,sold on Amazon and you've probably seen,this a lot before people just private,label them by uh branding their own,products that are everywhere you've,probably seen at least a dozen products,that are the same exact item right and,they're just branded differently they're,probably packaged differently too on,Amazon and that's all probably from,Alibaba so that's another site you can,use to do Drop Shipping so the rest of,the lists are going to be similar to,AliExpress where you just install plugin,and for each item you you've sold to,your client your customer,is going to be shipped directly to them,from the manufacturing or from the,wholesaler or whoever you're using so,the third one is Saleh cell who is the,app or Plugin that you can just download,install into your site and you can use,it from there to select all the products,you want from there and the same thing,could be said about spocket and,depending on what Niche you're in,there's going to be a lot of different,products from for different niches and,some may have more than the other,depending on which platform you use here,are a couple of more Drop Shipping sites,you can use such as modulus and CJ Drop,Shipping so check those out too there,are also other reputable drop sharing,sites such as worldwide Brands Boba,Sunrise wholesale wholesale to B Mega,goods and wholesale Central so these are,the top platforms and suppliers that you,can rely on when you're trying to do,Drop Shipping now Drop Shipping can be,worth it if you're beginner with a lot,of money to spend if you're gonna you're,gonna need at least five to ten thousand,dollars to start off with not only do,you need a website you need to advertise,your website too right you're gonna have,to spend a lot of money on ad campaigns,as well and you're probably going to,probably use Facebook ads for that and I,can tell you this right now Facebook ads,right now is not the best platform you,should be advertising on because they're,ads compared to five six years ago,they've skyrocketed you're gonna have to,spend a lot of money on ads before you,can even make a profit especially if,you're a beginner so customer service is,one of the biggest things of,dropshipping in order for you to find,the products that that have the highest,margin that that pay you the most is,usually products from China so this is,the con because most of the time,delivery from China usually takes at,least two to three weeks for your,customer to receive their product and,with the time frame that you're,competing with Amazon like two-day,shipping or maybe even one day shipping,that's that's a big con you're fighting,against Amazon a giant giant that's all,over the world you gotta keep that in,mind so not only are you competing with,Amazon you're also competing with the,suppliers and the manufacturers that put,their own products on sale in their own,website and Amazon and most of the time,these suppliers and these manufacturers,that are on Amazon can pretty much,undercut you easily even if your,supplier doesn't compete with you,there's other suppliers that probably,sell the same product that are competing,with you and definitely undercutting you,so making a profit there is kind of hard,too so you gotta keep that in mind,because of that you need to find,Reliable suppliers it's not just,suppliers in China that are that are,marketing their own products on Amazon,it's the suppliers in your respective,country that also do the same thing,because it's business they want to make,money and you're just pretty much the,middle person that's really competing,with uh with all these Giants that,actually can get the products at a way,cheaper cost than you so if you're still,on the fence about Drop Shipping take a,look at affiliate marketing starting,your own affiliate marketing business,costs way less money The Firm costs for,affiliate marketing is only a fraction,of what you need to spend on compared to,drop shipping so if you got some value,out of the session please leave a,comment down below and let me know if,you want to learn how to start your own,online affiliate marketing business then,be sure to click on the link down below,because you're going to learn how to do,it the right way there's a lot of crap,out there that you want to stay away,from because they're going to te

The Most Impressive Dropshipping Store I've Ever Seen | Shopify Store Case Study 2020

yo what's going on everybody welcome,back to another video are you here and,today we're gonna be looking at,something,pretty awesome now q4 is around the,corner literally in a couple weeks we'll,be,entering the fourth quarter of 2020,which is mind-blowing to say the least,i don't know about you but this year has,been going by extremely quickly like,way quicker than any other year in my,life which is a good and bad thing i,mean obviously with the virus and,everything i'm kind of glad that this is,sort of going by quick but it's also a,little bit nerve-wracking i don't feel,prepared at all going into this fourth,quarter,of the year when it comes to my,e-commerce business so today what i,wanted to do is do a little bit of a,case study around this one drop shipping,store that is extremely impressive to me,they've been around for pretty much as,long as i've been making youtube videos,and they still continue to kill it,without getting rid of the drop shipping,business model at all,this whole year i've been preaching so,much about building an actual tangible,brand,and some people may have misunderstood,that thinking that i think drop shipping,is not,viable anymore or something obviously,that's not true but i do believe that,it's important for everybody to have a,brand building mentality,even if you do build a drop shipping,brand still treated like a real brand,and hopefully the case study store that,i'm going to be showing you today will,give you a really good idea,and inspire you to actually start a,brand out of your drop shipping store,which is my main goal with this channel,i want all of you guys to start,amazing brands that provide value for,the world so go grab your coffee some,water some tea i don't know what you're,up there drinking but,i got my coffee ready here and i'm,really excited to dive into the store,with you,now as i told you i'm not extremely,prepared for this q4 when it comes to my,brand,but now that we're shipping everything,from the us i'm really excited to be,able to ship things out,to last minute when it comes to you know,the holiday season and if you follow me,on instagram you'll know that my brand,actually reached a brand new milestone,we reached a 2k day the other day which,was the highest day we've ever had on,this brand,and that was only through facebook ads,which is really amazing and i'm really,happy to be building up,a solid facebook ad system but without,further ado let's actually take a look,at this brand that i'm toking about,the brand that i'm doing a case study on,today is called warmly,now the brand name already is pretty,awesome i mean warmly it's so,clean and modern i just absolutely love,it i think it's such a good name,especially for what they're doing so,what this brand actually does,is they sell modern home decor so,as you can see right off the bat this,doesn't really look like a drop shipping,store by any means,they've made it extremely congruent and,whoever's running this,is either hiring a really good developer,or,brand designer or they know a lot about,brand design themselves because this is,extremely congruent,and even though this is all products,that they're drop shipping,it's still pretty impressive how they're,able to get really congruent product,images which is one of the biggest,downsides to having a drop shipping,store,is it's hard to really get congruent,images and that's why a lot of people do,one product stores but if you're running,like a,niche store or a general store this is,going to be very difficult to do,but they've been able to do it either,way i don't know how but maybe they just,take their own pictures that's what we,do at least with our brand,so i've actually toked about this brand,before because i found them like a long,time ago and i was like wow i can't,believe this brand is actually drop,shipping,and they're still at it if we take a,look at their traffic,we can see that they're getting over 200,000 monthly visitors,now the thing about similar web is that,a lot of times,which by the way similar web is the tool,that i use it's a chrome extension,and that's what allows me to see traffic,that different stores are getting,it doesn't always work but when it does,work it's relatively accurate,i do find that most of the time it,actually underplays,how much traffic a store is getting,meaning that chances are the store,actually is getting,more traffic than they are reporting,which would mean that they're also,generating more revenue than i'm,estimating right now,but due to their average order value i,think it's a conservative assumption,to say that they're doing at least a,million dollars per month and the reason,why i titled this the most impressive,drop shipping store and the reason why i,think it's the most impressive drop,shipping store it's because they're not,even using,facebook ads to do this if we actually,look on similar web because similar web,is actually like a website,it's not just the chrome extension we,can see the traffic distribution,meaning where they're actually getting,their traffic from and we can see that,99.64 of their traffic,is coming from pinterest so if we go on,warmly's pinterest profile we can,actually see that they're getting over,10 million monthly viewers,now i'm almost certain that this is not,all organic i'm sure,most of it is actually paid but that's,still a pretty ridiculous amount of,traffic and i know that the reason why,pinterest is so cool,is because with pinterest any link that,you link to your store from a pin,it's actually considered a back link now,a lot of you guys probably don't know,much about backlinks,i don't even know much about backlinks,but i do know that backlinks are,essential,to getting a really good seo score on,your website,and your different landing pages which,allows you to get a lot more organic,traffic,so chances are warmly is actually not,spending,that much money on advertising and,they're actually cashing in a lot of,profits,through simple seo and as you can see,their pinterest looks basically like an,extension of their store,which i think is super cool and it's,extremely clever considering that the,people that go on pinterest are actually,going on pinterest to look for,inspiration when it comes to home decor,fashion all these things that's those,are all great niches to go into when it,comes to pinterest,i've tested pinterest ads a little bit i,haven't dove too deep into them but,after looking at this i'm definitely,way more inspired to look into pinterest,ads especially with the weird,fluctuations that we've been,experiencing with facebook not just me,personally but,in the industry as a whole even brands,are experiencing inconsistencies so so,if you have a drop shipping store and,you've been experiencing a lot of,inconsistencies with facebook ads don't,worry you're not alone a lot of people,are dealing with the same things,like i said even brands and even,agencies,are dealing with this stuff so don't,worry about it too much at the end of,the day,this is why it's important to sort of,brainstorm different marketing ideas,different ways to reach customers,and pinterest might actually be a really,great alternative for you especially if,you're building a store,similar to warmly's now what i find,interesting is that they actually don't,link,any social media on their actual website,i think the main reason why is so that,people don't leave the website,when somebody leaves your site it's,gonna be extremely hard to get them back,so obviously run retargeting obviously,have emails in place to make sure that,you're recovering,your lost visitors at all costs but this,is a great way to do it is by just not,having any sort of distractions anywhere,to be found on your store,that's actually probably the best way to,get people to just stay on your store,now as you can see some of their,products are literally like six hundred,dollars,uh and they use quad pay here which,allows people to pay in installments,that's really clever especially,considering that

How to Find US Based Dropshipping Suppliers

in this video i'm gonna teach you how to,find us drop shipping suppliers now we,get this question a lot and in this,video i'm gonna show you exactly how to,find them in fact i'm gonna walk you,through the process,[Music],now if you want to learn more about high,tiket drop shipping click subscribe,click like show the algorithm you want,to see more of this content because on,this channel you'll find john and i,teaching everything you need to know,about high tiket drop shipping and one,of the main questions that we often,receive is this all sounds great,starting for less than 500 and be up and,running in 30 days or less,making big profit per sale building a,real business but how do you actually,find the suppliers in the us so let's do,this in real time i'm going to switch to,a screen share and i'm going to walk you,through this process all right so like i,said we're going to look for real brands,right you know we're not looking for,products we're looking for real brands,people are searching for these brands,they're searching for these products,from reputable brands that's what we do,in high tiket drop shipping so let's,start with a niche that is way,overexposed way too many people are in,here uh definitely wouldn't recommend,this snitch to anybody but uh it'll make,this presentation pretty easy uh and,that is electric bikes so i'm just gonna,put in ebikes for sale,and see what comes up i'm gonna go right,to the shopping tab and then i'm gonna,scroll all the way down here and i'm,gonna look at all of these sellers so,look at all of these sellers here right,like there's there's uh quite a bit,people selling uh these products right,under this search term and you can,search other search terms as well right,let's uh,let's go up here and just put in,electric bikes for sale click on the,shopping tab again come way down here uh,and let's take a look through here let's,just see what we find right i'm gonna,pick uh ecotrick and i wanna know what,you know is this a seller is this a,brand let's go to one of their ads right,sorry ecotrick we just made you pay for,that as we're doing research here uh so,eco trick let's go to the home page just,kind of look around here to me this,looks like a a brand right so i'm gonna,scroll all the way to the bottom and see,if they have look at that become a,dealer this was one of the easiest,videos i've ever recorded because we,found it on the first try look at that,so once google just searched e-bikes for,sale found a brand uh and immediately we,found a way to apply to become a dealer,now if you follow anything john and i,put out we're gonna tell you to call,these people certainly you can fill this,out but i would call them right away and,let them know hey i filled up the thing,in the forum on your website i would,love to become a retailer for your brand,and then go on with like your value,proposition of what you're trying to do,in your business and and what you can do,to help them sell more e-bikes and now,we've gone further in depth on this,process in our patreon podcast which we,actually just put out for free as i'm,recording this video on our main feed as,well so check that out,dropshippodcast.com if you want to check,out uh the calling suppliers three-part,episode on our free show or on patreon,all our back episodes are free you can,check that one out but that's the whole,process right we're going to find these,brands,and then we're going to go to their,website and and attempt to become a,dealer for them right so let's you know,let's take a look here uh through this,process here and see if we can find,somebody who's,selling these bikes i'm gonna say zoom,electric bikes is either gonna be a,brand or someone selling them let's find,out again sorry for clicking your ad,zoom uh just trying to feature so this,looks like a reseller to me and i only,know that is because bikes mobility,scooters and look at this here's a list,of all the brands they have if you,believe this is a reseller which it,appears to be you can go to contact us,or or about us and try to learn a little,bit more about them uh our mailing,address is a suite number likely a ups,store here and so,maybe looking about us if we can learn,anything about them,just browsing through here this appears,to be a reseller they're selling a lot,of other brands i'm going to guess they,drop ship a lot of these brands uh as,again most of the internet is is doing,drop shipping right that's how a lot of,the internet works uh and so i can just,assume that and i can just go right down,the list here i can look up american,electric keybikes uh i'm not even gonna,try to pronounce that one bike on it,ecotrick,as we found already that's a brand that,sells this stuff so let's just pick,another random one let's go random ram,excuse me rambo bikes we found this one,on eco trick let's try rambo bikes and,see what happens not gonna click their,ad this time save them a few bucks we'll,go to their organic listing here and so,if we scroll all the way to the bottom,again do we have something here that,toks about becoming a dealer they have,a dealer locator maybe it's inside of,here this is allowing us to look for a,dealer i don't see one here but we know,this is brand uh we know they have a 33,domain authority which means they've,been around a little while if you don't,know what that is that is a moz chrome,extension that toks about what they,believe google,is giving you for respect in in,in the search results right they have a,lot of links inbound here so they look,like they've been around a while their,website looks good they don't,necessarily have a become a dealer but,no look they do right here if they,didn't have this,i would tell you just call them just,call this number up here say hey,my name is ben i'm the founder of,mystore.com i'm wondering who i can,speak to about becoming a retailer for,your business and that's as simple as it,is we're just identifying these brands,making a list and reaching out to them,to become a retailer for them and we'll,slowly but surely put them on our site,same as this business is clearly doing,here with all of these brands now you,can do this in anything again i would,not recommend electric bikes as the,place you should start uh it was on the,top of every heavily air quoted gurus,list for a very long time and so there's,a lot of people in here and there's just,it's hard to differentiate yourself you,can do better than this i know you can,again look at our other videos on how,you can make lists of like thinking of,different ideas and then go to your,research find the brands that exist,inside of any one of these niches,electric bikes for sale electric bike,brands electric bike dealers just search,a bunch of terms where you're gonna come,across all of the information you need,and again we're selling these brands,like uh ecotrick is a brand and if i,owned you know my ebikestore.com i would,get a hold of ecotrick and say i'd like,to sell your products i'd like to become,a retailer for your brand here's how i,can add value by making a beautiful,website and representing your products,well,and doing content marketing to get all,of the information out there that needs,to be out there,and doing great seo and things like that,and so i want to get them on board i,want to get as many brands on board as i,can that fall into my niche but first,you need to make a list so hopefully,this helps you make a list and we do,have a free training on our website that,can help you go a little bit deeper here,just go to dropshipbreakthrough.com and,click the free training,choose your market and identify the,brands within that market that's what,we'll be selling in high tiket drop,shipping we're selling real brands who,already have real search volume people,are already looking for these products,we're not trying to find that winning,product on aliexpress and import it over,here or ship it with 45 day lead times,and hope we can burn out an audience and,turn and burn the store we're building