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High-Quality Ads Rater Jobs

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, the presenter shares information on how to make money by watching ads online. The job is available worldwide, and no prior experience is required. The website recommended to find this job is welocalize.com, which is a multilingual content transformation services company that deals with translation, localization, and adaptation for over 250 languages.

To apply for this job, one can scroll down to the bottom of the welocalize.com homepage and click on Careers plus community, then Explore We Localize Careers, and finally Explore Opportunities. This will redirect the user to a jobs lever co page, where they can find work-from-home job listings. One can find jobs such as business development, customer success, customer service, marketing, and more.

To find jobs that are more part-time or independent contractor-based, one can scroll down further on the jobs lever co page. The presenter suggests looking for jobs such as an ads quality rater, a search engine evaluator, or a maps quality analyst. These jobs ensure that ads are relevant to search queries and are meeting certain criteria on search engines or social media pages. The requirements for these jobs include fluency in the language one is applying for, an understanding of popular culture in the country one is applying for, web savviness, excellent online research skills, reliable computer system and internet connection, reliable antivirus software, ability to follow instructions in English, and compliance with project conventions and rules expected by the client. One must pass training and rigorous quality tests designed by the client before starting work. Any bachelor's degree plus equivalent work experience is usually required.

The presenter suggests researching the company before applying to know about the payment and reviews. For instance, We Localize pays well, and an ad reviewer can earn up to $38 per hour. Teamwork AI is another website that offers crowdsourcing jobs in different areas, including hardware testing, data entry, localization, translation, and search engine evaluation.

To find more work-from-home jobs, the presenter recommends visiting selfmadesuccess.com. The website categorizes the top websites for different types of work-from-home jobs and provides reviews for each website.

In conclusion, watching ads online can be an easy way to make money from home, and the jobs are available worldwide. One can apply for these jobs through websites such as welocalize.com and teamwork.ai. Fluency in the language one is applying for, web savviness, and the ability to follow instructions in English are some of the requirements for these jobs.

Make Money Searching on Google | Search Engine Evaluator Jobs Online From Home

Working for Google is a dream for many people. In this article, we will explore a home-based Google job opportunity that can help you earn thousands of dollars per month. We will discuss the job of a search engine evaluator and how you can apply for it.

What is a Search Engine Evaluator?

A search engine evaluator is a person who looks at specific search results and makes sure they follow Google's guidelines. This job is also known as an Internet analyst or a web search evaluator. It is one of the few home-based Google jobs available.


To work as a search engine evaluator for Google, you need research skills, knowledge of current events and pop culture, and proficiency in English. You should be able to work for a maximum of 10 hours per week.

How to Apply:

You can apply for search engine evaluator jobs on websites like Lionbridge, Appen, and Google itself. However, you can only work for one company at a time.

Job Description:

As a search engine evaluator, you will be given a specific search query and a set of parameters to evaluate the search results. You need to rate the results based on their relevance and usefulness to the user.

Working as a search engine evaluator for Google is a great opportunity to earn extra money from home. Although it can be difficult to pass the qualification test, with persistence and practice, you can become a successful evaluator and earn thousands of dollars per month.

Welocalize Review - How Much Can You Earn As A Search Quality Rater?

- Welcome to this video review of We Localize, a company that provides translation services and technology to help brands expand internationally.

- This article will discuss work from home opportunities with We Localize and provide an overview of the company.

Overview of We Localize:

- We Localize is a company that helps brands expand their international reach using translation services and technology.

- The company has been around since 1997 and has a 3.6 star rating on Glassdoor and an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau.

- We Localize serves big corporations like Dell, Uber, and Disney.

Work from Home Opportunities:

- We Localize has a variety of jobs available, including part-time, full-time, contract work, and jobs that require different language skills.

- The search quality raider position is a good entry-level job that pays around $16/hour and requires providing feedback and ratings on search engines.

- The remote maps integrator job pays around $24-25/hour and involves evaluating the accuracy and relevance of Google Maps.

- The ads quality raider job pays $38/hour and involves evaluating ads on search engines and social media.

- We Localize offers various work from home opportunities for those looking to earn money online.

- While these jobs can provide real money, they require trading time for money and may not be a sustainable income source.

- Affiliate marketing is a beginner-friendly business model that can provide high profit margins and automation. If interested, click the link below for free training.

Ad quality raters needed to work from home

Hi guys, it's Alisha from Workers Onboard. In this video, I'll be discussing a few jobs that are currently hiring and pay every week, as well as a transcription job and some apps that can earn you extra cash.


- I've changed my newsletter subscriber service, link below.

- For questions about jobs, direct them to Workers Onboard Ask and Answer platform.

- Workers Onboarding Insiders channel has subscription issues. Looking for suggestions on how to resolve this.


1. Zero Chaos - looking for quality raters to evaluate web advertisements. Pays $15/hr, one-year assignment, and you can set your own schedule. Link below.

2. American Support - hiring full and part-time outbound tell us telesales agents. Pays $9/hr, USB headset required. Link below.

3. IQ Trend Global - hiring US dollar transcribers and scopists to work from home. Pay is per word, and you need to type 70 WPM. Link below.


1. Google Opinion Rewards - earn cash to answer surveys that can be used to buy things on Google Play Store.

2. Screen Pay - earn cash by swiping your phone or tablet to view ads. Need $7 to cash out through PayPal.

Subscribe to Workers Onboard for more ways to make money from home and join the discussion on Workers Onboard Talk. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments below. Thank you for watching and see you in the next video!


- Newsletter subscriber link

- Zero Chaos job link

- American Support job link

- IQ Trend Global job link

- Google Opinion Rewards

- Screen Pay app link

Permanent Work From Home Job For Freshers | Job In Hindi | Flexible Working Hours | Welocalize

Hello everyone and welcome to my channel, Be a Programmer! In today's video, we are going to discuss a demanding job that can be done in Hindi. This job is perfect for graduates who are fluent in Hindi and looking for a permanent work-from-home opportunity.

Job Details:

- This is a freelance job that can be done on your own time.

- You can specialize in various fields such as backend development, business development, data analytics, content writing, digital marketing, HR, etc.

- The company, Welocalize, is hiring for a search quality rater who can translate English search queries into Hindi.

- This is a remote job, and you can work from anywhere in India for a minimum of 10 hours and a maximum of 25 hours per week.

- The salary will depend on the task, and you will get paid for the work you do.

- A bachelor's degree is required, and you need to pass a client-preparing training before starting the work.

Application Process:

- You can apply through LinkedIn or by submitting your resume on the company's official website.

- You need to have a reliable computer and internet connection to work from home.

- You will be asked about your native language, laptop, operating system, downloading speed, antivirus, and any previous experience in the field.

- The application process is easy, and you can apply by filling out a simple form.

This job opportunity is perfect for graduates who are fluent in Hindi and looking for a permanent work-from-home opportunity. You can apply through LinkedIn or the company's official website. The job details are mentioned in the video, and you can also check out the link in the description for more information. Don't forget to comment and like the video, and we will bring more such job opportunities in the future. Thank you for watching!

Telus International Work From Home - Best Side Hustles 2022 - Work From Home

Welcome to Efficient Side Hustles, where we cover side hustles that are remote, free to start and maintain, offer a flexible schedule, and have a high hustle efficiency. Today, we're going to do a deep dive into Telus International.

How much can you make and is it worth it?

The amount you can make varies from $200 to $1000 or more a month, depending on the job, your available time, and effort. It's worth it to apply and work one of these jobs if you're looking to make additional side income in your spare time.

Who is Telus International?

Telus International is a customer experience innovator that designs, builds, and delivers next-gen solutions for global and disruptive brands such as Google, Apple, Salesforce, Cisco, and others.

What are the different types of jobs available?

There are full-time positions such as customer service representative, recruiter, software developer, and more. But we're going to focus on AI community positions, which include social media evaluator, online task contributor, and media search analysis.

How to get paid?

Telus International uses two different systems, either their supplier vendor platform or Work Market. Both systems act like a middleman, and you can receive your payments through PayPal.

Pros, Cons, and Things You Should Know:

Some of the work may seem tedious, but it's not meant to be your main job. Task availability varies depending on the job, and some projects may only last for one year. On the positive side, Telus International has great customer support and provides opportunities for other job opportunities. High hustle efficiency means that you can make money with little effort and time commitment.

Telus International offers remote, flexible, and efficient side hustles that can provide additional income in your spare time. Apply for one of their AI community positions, such as social media evaluator, online task contributor, or media search analysis, and get paid through their supplier vendor platform or Work Market, with payments received through PayPal. Remember to use your time efficiently and make the most of these side hustles.

What Is a Search Engine Evaluator?

When you search for something on a search engine, you hope that the first result is the right result. Search engine evaluators help make this happen. In this article, we will define what a search engine evaluator is, what they do, and how to become one.

What is a search engine evaluator?

A search engine evaluator is an actual human who provides feedback and ratings about the search results that come up when searching for a specific term. This feedback helps designers improve the quality of results to ensure users are being directed to what they want.

Why is search evaluation important?

What might seem like a good match to a computer program may not provide the user with comprehensive, relevant, or accurate information. Therefore, search engine evaluators critique and rate the search results that return when searching for a specific term.

What do search engine evaluators do?

Search engine evaluators critique and rate the search results that return when searching for a specific term. Depending on the assignment, you might rate how useful the top search results are, if the map is correct, or if the search results are what you are looking for. However, the evaluation isn't as simple as saying it was super helpful. Your assessment is based on guidelines that outline exactly what you're looking for and how to rate each item.

Requirements for becoming a search engine evaluator:

Becoming a search engine evaluator does not require an extensive set of specialized skills or experience. The main requirements are owning a laptop or desktop (not a tablet), reliable access to high-speed internet, and the ability to follow directions. Superior research skills and bilingual skills are also helpful, as not all evaluator jobs are in English. You should also be tech-savvy, have excellent email skills, and be able to share documents. Lastly, you'll need to prove your skill set through testing.

Who hires search engine evaluators?

Search engine companies do not directly hire internet evaluators. They outsource the work to independent companies that hire for the positions. Some examples of companies that commonly hire for these jobs are Appen, Sykes, and Telus International.

Becoming a search engine evaluator is a great opportunity for those who want to work remotely and have a flexible schedule. It doesn't require specialized skills or experience, but it does require a laptop or desktop, reliable internet access, and the ability to follow guidelines. If you're interested in becoming a search engine evaluator, check out the job postings in the FlexJobs directory.

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