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highest paid ads

Published on: August 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey there, neighbor! My name is Marcusstone and today we're going to explore the top highest CPM categories on YouTube that you can invest your time into. So, let's get started!

## Introduction ##

- YouTube is a platform where content creators can earn money through ad revenue.

- CPM (Cost Per Thousand) refers to the amount of money a creator earns for every thousand ad impressions on their videos.

- It's important to choose high-paying categories to maximize your earnings on YouTube.

# Highest Paid Ads and Keywords #

1. Insurance: This category has a CPM of around 60 and offers great earning potential.

2. VPN: With the rise in online privacy concerns, VPN has become a huge market, offering a CPM similar to insurance.

3. Online college courses and universities: The high cost of education in the US has led to increased competition among schools and ads, resulting in a CPM of 100-200.

4. Gas and electricity: These utility services have high competition, making them lucrative categories for creators.

5. Loans and mortgages: Financial services like loans and mortgages offer high-paying ads due to their competitive nature.

6. Attorneys and lawyers: Legal services also have a high demand for ads, making them a profitable category.

7. Donation: Charitable organizations often advertise on YouTube, providing a good opportunity for creators.

8. Conference call: With the increase in remote work, conference call services have gained popularity, leading to higher CPMs.

9. Degree: Educational institutions and online courses related to degrees offer high-paying ads.

10. Credit: Credit-related services and advice attract advertisers, resulting in a good CPM.

# Other Profitable Categories #

- Industry niches: Tutorials on software programming, website building, and app development can earn a significant amount of money.

- Passion-driven content: Focus on creating content around your passion, whether it's fitness, music, or any other interest, as it will attract viewers who are more likely to engage with your videos and generate revenue.

# Finding High-Paying Topics #

- Use tools like Google AdSense and keyword research to find the best attorney-related keywords and topics.

- Exploit trending topics: Look for popular categories like fitness and create videos around what people are searching for.

- Focus on creating content that you enjoy and are passionate about, as it will resonate with viewers and lead to higher engagement and revenue.

## Conclusion ##

Choosing the right category and creating engaging content is crucial for maximizing your earnings on YouTube. While high-paying categories like insurance, VPN, and online education offer great opportunities, it's important to find a balance between profitability and personal passion. Remember, creating content you love will attract viewers who will support and engage with your channel, leading to long-term success. Thank you for watching, have a great day, and see you next time!

Best High Paying Ad Network With Instant Approval || Google AdSense Alternative

- In this article, we will discuss a unique ad network that is similar to Google Adsense but offers its own advantages.

- We will cover how to get approved for this ad network and how to implement it on your website or blog.

- By using this ad network, you can earn money through the ads displayed on your site.

Steps to Get Approved and Implement the Ad Network:

1. Sign up on Foremedia.net:

- Enter your first name, last name, email, password, and confirm password.

- Click the next button to proceed.

2. Set Up Ads.txt:

- Copy the code provided by Foremedia.net.

- If you are using Blogger, go to the Monetization settings and enable it.

- Paste the code in the custom ads.txt field and save.

3. Set Up Analytics:

- Copy the one-line code provided by Foremedia.net.

- In your WordPress theme, go to the Edit HTML section.

- Paste the code below the head tag and save.

4. Enter Your Phone Number:

- Enter your phone number in the provided field.

5. Enable Monetization:

- Install and activate the Custom CSS and JS plugin on WordPress.

- Paste the HTML code provided by Foremedia.net in the plugin's tab.

- Customize the title and paste the code.

- Close the plugin and copy the ads.txt code.

6. Enable Foremedia.net:

- Go to the Foremedia.net settings in the Business Manager.

- Paste the code in the provided field.

Earnings and Payment Methods:

- After implementing the ad network, you can check your earnings in the Foremedia.net dashboard.

- It shows today's earnings, yesterday's earnings, seven days earnings, and monthly earnings.

- You can also see the revenue for each country and the number of visitors from each country.

- The payment methods available are PayPal and bank transfer.

- Withdrawals are processed on the 15th of every month.

- Foremedia.net is a great alternative to Google Adsense with its own advantages.

- By following the steps mentioned above, you can get approved for the ad network and start earning money.

- Make sure to check your earnings and set up the payment method for withdrawals.

- Utilize the features and settings available to optimize your ad performance and revenue.

Earn $7.40 Every 30 Seconds WATCHING ADS (Make Money Online)

Welcome back! In this article, I will show you how to earn money by watching ads and clicking. It's a simple and easy way to make some extra cash. But remember, results are not guaranteed, and you need to follow the steps I outline in this video. So let's get started!

Step 1: Register on Oju.com

The first step is to go to www.oju.com and sign up for an account. This is the number one site that pays people to watch ads. It's free to join, and all you need is a phone or computer.

Step 2: Watch Ads and Earn

Once you've signed up, you can start watching ads and earning money. Click on Paid to Click Ads and start clicking on the ads that appear. They are short and only take a few seconds to watch. After watching, refresh the page to get new ads and continue earning.

Step 3: Try the Oju Grid

If you want to earn even more, click on Offers and go to the Oju Grid page. Here, you can earn money by simply clicking anywhere on the picture. It pays a bit more than just clicking on ads, so give it a try!

Step 4: Enter the Contest

Oju.com also has a daily contest where you can win $700. To participate, click on the contest link and start collecting points. The more referrals you invite to the site, the more points you earn. And with more points, you have a better chance of winning the contest and getting that $700 prize.

Step 5: Get Referrals

To maximize your earnings, you need to get referrals. These are people who sign up using your special link and start watching ads. You will earn a percentage of their earnings, which can add up quickly. Share your link in make money online groups on Facebook and other platforms to get more referrals.

By following these steps, you can start earning money by watching ads and clicking. Remember to sign up on Oju.com, watch ads, try the Oju Grid, enter the contest, and get referrals. It's a simple and easy way to make some extra cash. Good luck!

Get Paid $7.00 Per Ad You Watch *Unlimited $7* | Watch Ads And Earn Money Online

This article will guide you on how to earn money by simply watching ads. With just a phone or computer, you can start earning over seven dollars for every ad you watch in your spare time. Follow the steps outlined in this article to automate your earnings and even earn $35,000 per month on complete autopilot. Stick through till the end to discover the highest paying website for watching ads.

1. Step One: Top Three Platforms for Watching Ads

- GPT Planet: A legitimate site that pays you for completing simple online tasks, including watching ads. Register for a free account and navigate to Skippy Ads, the highest paying option.

- Prize Rebel: Sign up for free and start earning rewards, including PayPal money and Amazon gift cards. Watch videos in various categories to earn money.

- Why Sense: Log in to your account and go to Offer Toro, the highest paying network on this site. Click on ads to earn money.

2. Step Two: Automating Your Earnings

- Use the affiliate program on Why Sense to get others to watch ads for you. Share your referral link with friends, family, and on social media groups. Earn 30% of their earnings on complete autopilot.

3. Step Three: Building a Passive Income Business

- While watching ads can earn you some extra money, it won't make you rich. Learn how to build a real passive income business that can provide financial freedom.

- Building a passive income business allowed the author to afford their dream cars and travel the world. The business ran itself, providing a steady income.

While watching ads can be a way to earn extra money, it's important to explore other avenues for building a sustainable passive income. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can start earning money by watching ads and eventually build a business that provides financial freedom. Take action today and start on your journey towards financial independence.

Top PTC sites – Earn Money by Clicking Ads (3 Legit Free Options)

Do you want to know how to earn money by clicking ads? Are you interested in finding out what the top PTC sites, meaning Paid To Click sites, actually are? Then this video is for you! My name is Mikael, and I am often asked about the best PTC sites where you can earn by clicking ads. In this video, I will explain exactly how much you can earn by clicking ads, as there are a lot of fake claims around this. I will also show you three legit and realistic methods to actually earn by clicking ads.

But before we get to the three sites where you can earn money by clicking ads, let's first go over what you can expect to earn in general by clicking ads. Many YouTube videos claim that you can earn $1, $2, or even $3 per click, but that is just not true. These claims are clickbait to get views, and those platforms are not worth your time. Legit platforms will pay you to click ads, but you need to have the right expectations. You won't make a lot of money just by clicking ads, especially if you don't pay to upgrade or invite others.

In this video, I will show you three examples of sites where you can earn completely for free. They won't push you to upgrade or recruit others. However, it's important to note that while these sites are legit, the earnings won't be huge. It will take a lot of clicks to earn decent money, but it is free and accessible to anyone, no matter their background or country of residence.

The first option I want to go over is called TimeBucks. TimeBucks is not just a PTC site; it has multiple ways to earn. One of them is earning by clicking ads. You can simply sign up and go to the earning section to find ad clicks. You will be shown video ads, and for each ad you watch, you will earn a certain amount. Compared to most classical PTC sites, the earnings on TimeBucks are quite good.

The next option is called Cointiply. Cointiply has a classical PTC section where you can earn by clicking small website ads. You click on the ad, a new website opens up, and you have to watch it for a certain number of seconds to earn some coins. Cointiply also offers other ways to earn, but it's important to note that it is only relevant if you are interested in cryptocurrencies.

The final site I want to show you is called Think Opinion. It is a lesser-known Get Paid To site that offers different ways to earn, including Paid To Click Ads. It has several offer walls that allow you to earn by clicking ads. You can get paid in cash via PayPal and other payout methods. Think Opinion is also open to members from any country.

Overall, there are legit options to earn money by clicking ads, but it's important to have realistic expectations. You won't make a full-time income or get paid $0.20, $1, or $2 per click. The sites I mentioned in this video are some of the best free ways to earn by clicking ads based on my experience. I hope this video helped you figure out if clicking ads is the right way for you to earn money online and gave you some good ideas about how to do it. You can find the links to these platforms in the description if you want to get started. Don't forget to like the video if it helped you and subscribe to my channel for more helpful content.

2023 - Probable Cause Enters Third Year!

Welcome back! We took a break last week due to Christmas and other reasons, but we're glad to be back with you tonight. We had a great time skiing during our time off and I'll share more about that later. Happy New Year!

Recap of Recent Events:

Last night, we had a fantastic time celebrating the New Year. I can't go into all the details, but there was live music, delicious food, and we even watched the UGA game. Did you see it? It was an incredible game, and UGA won by one point. I honestly didn't think they would pull it off, but they did. It's amazing how the countdown to the end of the game mirrored the countdown to the end of the year.

UGA and TCU:

Congratulations to both UGA and TCU for making it to the championship. In my opinion, UGA is going to win hands down. They're the only team worth watching. But I guess they'll play the game for ticket sales and marketing purposes. Either way, UGA is going to come out on top. Go Bulldogs!

2022 Recap:

This is the second year of my YouTube channel, Probable Cause. It's been a great journey so far, with around 95,000 subscribers and solid viewership. The main purpose of my channel is to reduce the general aviation fatal accident rate, which I find absurd. Our government spends money to hide information and data instead of sharing it and learning from it.

What is AQP?

AQP stands for Advanced Qualification Program, a concept borrowed from the airlines. It recognizes that the maneuvers taught during pilot training are not necessarily the ones pilots will encounter in real-life situations. I've adopted this philosophy and created an ATP (Advanced Training Program) for general aviation. It covers important topics that every pilot should know to avoid accidents. This program has been successful and is available for free.

Looking Ahead:

In the coming year, I plan to continue spreading the message of AQP and general aviation safety. I'll be doing more speaking engagements and collaborating with flight schools and instructors to promote AQP concepts. It's crucial to go beyond what's outlined in the ACs and teach pilots the skills they'll actually need in the real world.

Personal Updates:

On a personal note, I've been on a weight loss journey and have lost about 35 pounds. It's made a significant difference in how I feel, and I encourage you to consider making healthier choices as well. Small changes can make a big impact.

Ferrying Projects:

In 2022, I had the opportunity to ferry two aircraft that hadn't flown in years. One was a Beach 18 that hadn't flown for 18 years, and the other was Mr. Douglas, a DC-3 that hadn't flown for 23 years. Both projects were successful, and I'm grateful for the support and donations that made it possible.

Airborne Animal Rescue:

My Airborne Animal Rescue initiative has also been successful. The concept is to use the DC-3 to transport animals from disaster-stricken areas to safety. The goal is to have the aircraft flight-ready, fueled, and stocked with supplies so that when a disaster strikes, we can immediately respond without worrying about funding. Your support through small donations has been instrumental in making this project a reality.

Thank you for joining me tonight and for your continued support. I'm excited about the year ahead and the opportunity to make a difference in general aviation safety and animal rescue efforts. Stay tuned for more updates and surprises in future videos. And don't forget to watch till the end for a special Christmas song recorded with a female Uber driver. Happy New Year!

How To Master Paid Social Media Advertising Like A Pro

- Advertising on social media is crucial for businesses to boost sales and reputation

- This article will provide best practices for succeeding in social media advertising

Choosing the Right Platform:

- Consider which social media platform is best suited for your business and target audience

- B2C products may perform better on Instagram, while B2B ads are suited for LinkedIn or Twitter

- TikTok has a wide age range of users, so consider targeting your ads by age

Understanding User Behavior:

- Most social media users spend time on multiple platforms each day

- Determine where your message will be best received before advertising

- Check out HubSpot's article on which social media networks to advertise on in 2021

Defining Business Goals:

- Determine the specific outcomes you want to achieve with your social media ads

- Consider increasing direct sales or signups, as well as promoting content marketing

Selecting Third-Party Tools:

- Major platforms offer native ad systems, but explore third-party apps for more effectiveness and efficiency

- HubSpot's free marketing hub allows ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and integrates with Twitter ads

Ad Creative Best Practices:

- Integrate platform native content tools into your advertising

- Use relevant landing pages to prevent customers from searching for offers and increase ad score

- HubSpot's free landing page builder can be used to create custom pages

Promoting Top Content:

- The top 1 to 3% of content delivers more than 70% of total content value

- Boost the signal and promote posts that resonate with your audience

- Test different ad variations to find the best performance

- Follow the best practices outlined to succeed in social media advertising

- Sign up for HubSpot's free Online Digital Advertising 101 course for more information

- Subscribe to HubSpot's marketing channel for more digital marketing strategies and tips

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