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hillers weekly ads

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

On a historic day, the world witnessed the launch of the biggest helicopter mid-air rocket recovery mission. The launch was successful, and the mission achieved its objectives.


- The Hillers Air Tug was used for the mission.

- The launch control was at T minus three hours 30 minutes and holding.

- The closeout crew prepared the spacecraft to receive the astronauts.

- A final gym sphere release was made just seconds before the launch.

- Spacecraft checkout was ahead of schedule.

- The cabin Purge was completed, and the spacecraft pressurized with a 60 40 mixture of oxygen and nitrogen.

- The crew checked for any possible decay in the pressure to ensure a proper seal with the hatch.

- The launch was successful, and the mission achieved its objectives.

The world witnessed a successful launch of the world's biggest helicopter mid-air rocket recovery mission. The achievement showcases the advancement of technology and the possibilities of space exploration.

Management Science 101: Sugar High Grain Advertising Mix Using Excel

Welcome to my video on using Excel and its solver add-in to solve business problems related to asset allocation, resource allocation, and budgeting. In this video, we will focus on a company named Sugar High Green and their new cereal, Sugar O's. The company wants to find the best mix of advertising mediums (TV spots, magazine ads, and Sunday circulars) to expose the cereal to as many people as possible within their target demographics at the lowest possible cost. Let's dive in and look at the spreadsheet layout:

- Three salmon-colored cells at the top represent the expected number of exposures for each type of ad.

- Costs associated with advertising are split into two subgroups: the cost of the ad and the cost of planning it.

- Budget available represents the limit set by Sugar High Green on their advertising spending.

- Demographics are split into two target groups: young children and parents of young children.

- Minimum acceptable represents the minimum number of people in each group that need to see the ad.

- Coupon redemption represents the budget set aside for coupons.

- Maximum TV spots represent the constraint set by the marketing department, stating that no more than five TV spots are allowed.

- The number of ads at the bottom is what Excel will find for us.

To make the process easier, we will name several cell regions, including:

- Budget available cells: named budget available.

- Purple cells to the left of budget available: named budget spent.

- Six roundish cells to the left of budget spent: named cost per ad.

- Three cells on the coupon redemption row: named coupon redemption add.

- Three salmon-colored cells at the top: named exposures per ad.

- Next to maximum TV spots: named max TV spots.

- Two blue cells for minimum acceptable: named minimum acceptable.

By using Excel and its solver add-in, we will find the optimum number of each type of ad to expose Sugar O's to the maximum number of people within our budget, minimum number of acceptable exposures, and coupon constraints. With this problem solved, Sugar High Green can focus on introducing their new cereal to the world.

Fountain Pen Nibs Explained

The world of fountain pens is vast and fascinating, with a wide range of brands, models, and designs to choose from. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most popular fountain pens and accessories on the market, including the Hachimonjiya Kubo Zakura Moonlit Sakura, the Hoshimizora Starry Sky, and the Wagner 2015.

1. Fountain Pens:

- Pilot Prera

- 21 87

- 5 24 875

- 21 18 750

- 75 18 18

- Pilot Custom 72

- 1986 HF

- Pilot Custom 74

- PO 585

- 14 58 5

- 14 10

- Fuliwen F 2003 Unique Rhombus

- Cheetah 10

- 10 41 66

- 38 38

- Lucky 14

- Wing Sung 698

- Pilot Metropolitan

- 50 Crazy Pants Pens

- Eureka Silver Nib

- Esterbrook Accutron

- Kanwrite

- Jowo Pen

- BBS Jacob

- Fudefan 2

- Haikabari Hime Tono

- Lims Edison Extended Mina

2. Accessories:

- Wagner 3776s FWI

- Pilot Prera

- 21 87

- 5 24 875

- 21 18 750

- 75 18 18

- Jowo 6

- Instagram

- Ralph of Regalia Writing

- More Shopify product photo size

Whether you are a seasoned fountain pen enthusiast or just starting out, there are many options available to suit your needs and preferences. From classic designs to modern innovations, these fountain pens and accessories offer a unique and personalized writing experience. So why not add one (or more!) to your collection today?

Hiller Hangar Talk - "The Red Baron: Manfred von Richthofen" by J.R. Williams

- This article discusses the life and accomplishments of Manfred von Richthofen, a German fighter pilot during World War I.

- It highlights his role in the formation of the first dedicated fighter squadron and his eventual command of his own squadron.

- The article also includes details about his famous red triplane and his last flight.

Formation of the First Dedicated Fighter Squadron:

- Von Richthofen met Oswald Bolka, one of Germany's earliest aces, who tasked him to form the first dedicated fighter squadron.

- Yasta 11, the squadron, became active in late summer of 1916 and von Richthofen scored his first victory on September 17th, 1916.

- He went on to score on a regular basis and was eventually given command of his own squadron.

Yasta 11 and JG1:

- Yasta 11 was one of the truly elite units in military aviation history and had 89 confirmed victories with one loss.

- It was combined with Yastas 4, 6, and 10 to form JG1, the birth of the Flying Circus.

- The squadron commanders of JG1 included von Richthofen, Kurt Wusthoff, Wilhelm Reinhard, Lohan Hart, and Lothar von Richthofen.

Last Flight:

- Von Richthofen's last flight was on April 21st, 1918, flying his famous red triplane, serial number 425/17.

- He was flying west along the Psalm River with his patrol when he was shot down and killed.

- The article includes details about his triplane's specifications and a photo of von Richthofen's pre-flight huddle with his fellow pilots.

- Manfred von Richthofen was a legendary figure in military aviation history, known for his skill as a fighter pilot and leadership in forming the first dedicated fighter squadron.

- His famous red triplane and the Flying Circus have become iconic symbols of World War I aviation.

- Von Richthofen's last flight and death have been widely studied and debated, adding to his lasting legacy.

Hiller Hangar Talk - "Pilots n Paws: Flights to Forever Homes" with Susan Delgado

Pilots and Paws: Connecting Rescues with Pilots for Animal Transport

Pilots and Paws is a non-profit organization that connects rescue groups with volunteer pilots to transport animals in need of forever homes. Started in 2008, the organization has grown to include over 6,000 pilots and has transported over 150,000 animals. In this article, we will explore the history and purpose of Pilots and Paws, how it works, and its impact on animal rescue.

What is Pilots and Paws and How it Works:

Pilots and Paws was founded by Debbie and John, who met at a motorhome gathering in South Carolina. They started the organization with the goal of connecting rescue groups with volunteer pilots who could transport animals to their forever homes. The website provides a forum for rescue groups to post animals in need of transport and for pilots to offer their services. The website is intuitive and easy to navigate, and the organization provides some crates and goodies for pilots who sign up. All of the time and expenses for pilots are volunteered, and the organization is a 501c3.

Impact on Animal Rescue:

Pilots and Paws has had a significant impact on animal rescue, particularly in the Southeast US where the organization was founded. Historically, animals were transported through ground transport, which could be a long and stressful process for the animals. Pilots and Paws has made it possible to transport animals in a much shorter period of time, and with less stress on the animals. The organization has transported mostly dogs and cats, but has also transported chickens and turtles, among other animals. Pilots and Paws also works with spay and neuter programs to reduce the animal population. In recent years, the number of animals euthanized has decreased, while the number of animals adopted has increased, in part due to organizations like Pilots and Paws.

Pilots and Paws is an important organization that connects rescue groups with volunteer pilots to transport animals in need of forever homes. The organization has had a significant impact on animal rescue, and has helped to decrease the number of animals euthanized each year. If you are a pilot or involved in animal rescue, we encourage you to check out the Pilots and Paws website and consider volunteering your time and resources to help animals in need.

And the WINNER IS...

- The article is about a live announcement of the winner of a drone contest.

- The host is broadcasting from Vertigo in Truro and had a busy day prior to the announcement.

Live Announcement:

- The host greets the audience and apologizes for the delay in the broadcast.

- He mentions the winner of the DJI Mini 3 Pro drone with the RC worth £859 will be revealed shortly.

- The host also mentions a runner-up prize of the Flight Labs Hovercross drone worth £29.99 each.

- He encourages the audience to share the broadcast and ask where they are watching from.

- The host talks about his experience at Truro Cathedral listening to the Truro Cathedral choir and encourages support for the choir.

- He introduces Vertigo in Truro and its tapas menu.

- The host shares pictures of the dishes and talks about his conversation with the chef.

- He thanks the team at Vertigo for allowing him to broadcast the announcement from their location.

Announcing the Winners:

- The host spins the wheel to reveal the winner of the DJI Mini 3 Pro drone.

- Jeremy Riggs is announced as the winner.

- The host announces the three runners-up for the Flight Labs Hovercross drone.

- He reminds the audience about the question and answer for the contest.

- The article ends with the final spin of the wheel and congratulating the winners.

Living With Emunah (Part 253) - Savor the Light

Foreign Music: A Hanukkah Reflection

- Gratitude for sponsors of the series and the importance of living with emuna

- A personal story about practicing emuna during a long flight delay

- Reflections on a United Hatsala event featuring Andrea Bocelli and the gift of sight


- The purpose of Hanukkah candles: to gaze, not to illuminate

- Repairing our sense of sight through gazing at the menorah

- The menorah as a symbol of the wisdom of Torah and the importance of combining it with other wisdoms

- Gratitude for the gift of sight and reflection on whether one would trade it for other gifts

- The importance of living with gratitude and practicing emuna in daily life

- The value of appreciating the gifts we have and not taking them for granted

- Hanukkah as a time to reflect on the importance of light and the power of gazing at the menorah.

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