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hobo store ads

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

The article discusses the topic of commercials that should never have existed. It is presented in the form of a conversation between two people, Kevin and Luke, who watch and comment on various commercials. Some of the commercials are criticized for being low quality or inappropriate, while others are praised for their creativity. The article uses colloquial language, contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, and interjections to make the conversation sound natural. Below is a summary of the article.

The article discusses the topic of commercials that should never have existed.


- Kevin and Luke watch and comment on various commercials.

- They criticize some commercials for being low quality or inappropriate.

- They praise some commercials for their creativity.

- They discuss the use of memes in commercials.

- They comment on the KFC extra crispy sunscreen commercial and its potential for a lawsuit.

- They watch a Starburst commercial that uses an old meme.

- They watch a Comfort Wipe commercial that claims to be the first improvement to toilet paper since the 1880s.

- They watch a YouTube Rewind commercial and a Thai commercial that they find creative.

- They end the conversation by thanking their audience.

The article provides a critical and humorous commentary on various commercials. It uses informal language to make the conversation sound like a casual discussion between friends.

making this video was a mistake.

Have you ever seen a commercial that left you feeling disturbed or uncomfortable? Well, today we are going to take a look at some of the most cursed commercials from across the internet.

Bullet Points:

- Cursed commercials are designed to entice the audience and get them to buy things they don't want.

- Kinder Surprise is a popular chocolate with little toys inside that kids used to choke on.

- The Humpty Dumpty commercial is filmed in an anime style and leaves viewers feeling uncomfortable.

- The Auntie Cockroach commercial features characters from different movies and leaves viewers confused.

- The Xbox commercial features a long-haired man who is trying to sell a game.

Cursed commercials are designed to be bizarre and leave viewers feeling disturbed. While some are humorous, others are simply uncomfortable to watch. Regardless, they are an interesting aspect of advertising that is worth exploring.

Cooked TV Commercials

In this article, we will be discussing various commercials and their effectiveness in promoting products. We will also be analyzing the use of emojis and their impact on advertising.


- Music is a powerful tool in advertising and can be used to evoke emotions in viewers.

- The use of humor and irony can make a commercial more memorable and effective.

- The use of colloquialisms and idioms can make a commercial more relatable to viewers.

- The use of transitional phrases and interjections can make a commercial more engaging and interesting.

- Repetitive phrases and unnatural sentence structures should be avoided in commercials.


- Emojis can be used to convey emotions and ideas in a concise and visually appealing way.

- The use of obnoxious emojis can be effective in capturing the attention of viewers.

- However, the use of emojis should be used sparingly and in the appropriate context.

Overall, the effectiveness of a commercial depends on various factors such as the use of music, humor, and relatable language. The use of emojis can also be effective but should be used carefully. By considering these factors, advertisers can create more effective and memorable commercials that resonate with viewers.

this was the funniest TV commercial we've ever seen

- The article is a transcript of a conversation between individuals reacting to various commercials and advertisements.

- The conversation is filled with contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms.

Points of discussion:

- Individuals react to various advertisements, including a car dealership ad, a video game ad, a sandwich ad, and a workout equipment ad.

- There is also discussion about a commercial featuring a character from a popular cartoon being changed to look more Middle Eastern, and a commercial for a chocolate body spray.

- The conversation includes jokes, sarcasm, and observations about the ads.

- The conversation is a humorous and lighthearted take on various advertisements.

- The use of colloquial language and informal conversation style adds to the comedic tone of the piece.

- While the conversation is not a traditional article, it highlights the power of advertising and the ways in which individuals react to different marketing strategies.

illegal commercials that sent me to jail

The article is a collection of reactions and comments on various commercials and advertisements, ranging from weight loss candy to car advertisements. The reactions are filled with colloquialisms, transitional phrases, and idioms.


- I can see you as you can see me

- Anything you have any friends this isn't a cringe compilation yet

- I need to get you some aids

- That's too far man

- Oh come on Kim in Japan

- Stop noodle anime go pumpkin man

Bullet points/Numbered list:

- Weight loss candy containing an appetite suppressant

- A fish commercial that looks like a porno

- A State Farm commercial highlighting the compassion of human agents

- MBA anime pills

- A gum commercial with a collaboration with Biggie

- A car commercial that doesn't match the demographic

The reactions in the article offer a humorous and sarcastic take on various advertisements. The use of colloquialisms, idioms, and transitional phrases adds to the overall tone and humor of the piece.

cursed commercials that should be illegal

In this article, we will be summarizing a video sponsored by viewers, where the YouTubers watch and react to various commercials, some of which are cancelled or bizarre. The video contains humorous and sarcastic commentary on the commercials.

Main Points:

- The video starts with the YouTubers jokingly calling out a viewer named Kevin for cheating on them and cancelling him as their best friend.

- They proceed to watch a cancelled commercial for Wheat Thins, and make fun of the over-emphasis on the word Wheat in the commercial.

- The YouTubers react to an ad for a Roblox server, and joke about how it could be a horror movie.

- They watch a disturbing ad about global warming that involves Santa's sweaty ball sack and express their shock at the inappropriate content.

- The YouTubers react to an ad for a store called Robert Dyas that attempts to be politically correct by mentioning both gay and straight customers.

- They watch various other commercials, including one for Domino's Pizza and a jewelry selling company.

The video provides a humorous and sarcastic take on various commercials, with the YouTubers making fun of bizarre and inappropriate content. They also comment on the attempts of some commercials to be politically correct, and the use of slang and colloquialisms in some ads. Overall, the video is entertaining and provides a unique perspective on the world of advertising.

The Commercial that Killed a Fast Food Chain

Rax was a fast food chain that tried to differentiate itself from other chains by constantly undergoing identity crises. In their advertising, they attempted to exclude certain demographics to appeal to their core audience, but also pushed back against it. One of their worst marketing attempts was Mr. Delicious, a low-energy spokesperson who was supposed to appeal to fast food for grown-ups.

Problems with Rax:

- Constantly undergoing identity crises

- Bad advertising campaigns

- Mr. Delicious, a failed attempt at appealing to fast food for grown-ups

- Bankruptcy less than a year after the launch of Mr. Delicious

Advertising Campaigns:

- Attempted to exclude certain demographics to appeal to their core audience

- Many bad ads, including one with a phone eating a sandwich and one with a giant chicken foot

- Mr. Delicious, a low-energy spokesperson who was a parody of what a spokesperson should be

- Mini documentary about Mr. Delicious, which included the statement Mr. Delicious is obnoxious

Rax had a lot of problems, including constantly changing identities and bad advertising campaigns. Mr. Delicious was a failed attempt to appeal to fast food for grown-ups and ultimately contributed to the company's bankruptcy less than a year after its launch. The mini documentary about Mr. Delicious showed that even the company's management knew he was obnoxious, which makes the confidence of his success seem off the mark.

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