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hometown iga weekly ads

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

IGA Grocery Retailer Prospecting Video

IgA- the independent grocers Alliance. as the name implies, IgA is about supporting independent grocers like you. since 1926, the name stands for outstanding quality, friendly service and a commitment to community. in over 4,400 stores around the world, IgA has an excellent reputation. they have good programs that allow you to market to the community. I wanted something that would give me longevity in my business. it's a name that is recognized by a consumer base. it's one that's not only know locally but internationally. the assessment program is going to make your store better. we like the IgA program because it has a great ad, it has great private label, there's wonderful training and it's an easy to use program. one of the great things about being an IgA member is the instant brand recognition that comes with placing the red oval on your building. the customers that come into your store are gonna know the ìhe a brand, they're gonna identify with it and they're gonna know that it stands for professionalism. when we first initiated the change here inside of our stores, I couldn't believe the number of customers that came up and commented IgA IJ. there haven't been that many around and they're glad to see the thing is still around. of course, we've been a red apple for 17 years and that concerned me. but it's really amazing to me they'd walk around town and go to the Chamber of Commerce, meetings, other meetings and to have the IGA label or an IG brand be so well and accepted so fast. well, interestingly, our customers picked up on it right away. the IgA logo to them means that we're here to stay. when you're a member of IgA, you are part of something bigger, a group that improves your ability to compete in a tough retail environment. one of the nice parts about belonging to I da is obviously the strength in numbers. we have roughly 1200 stores in the US and roughly 3200, for a total of forty four hundred stores worldwide. that puts us right up there as far as a change dough or acting like a change. oh, that's a pretty big number. that that's. that's sizable, and I can tell you that I've seen that a lot of the IgA stores, as the Walmart's have moved across the country, have not seen the sales decreases that some of the other competitors have, and I attribute that to the IJ program. the local vendors, as well as the national dinners, have really got behind the program and have just done an excellent job supporting a program here on the west coast. from my observation, many of those IgA stores, a year after Walmart open we're right back to where they were. one Walmart opened and I don't think a lot of people can say that staying competitive means staying clean, neat and shoppable. it means meeting rigorous standards every day. IG A's five-star assessment program means that its retailers take the time to evaluate every part of their operation through mystery shopper visits and revealed inspections several times a year. a thorough review of your stores will reveal any opportunities for improvement, translating to a better customer experience. and then, once a year, you get a revealed assessment and at that time the Assessor goes through the store, looks at your safety, looks at your cleanliness, looks at your IgA partikipation, your merchandising. it's a completely well-rounded assessment program and when you're done and have completed that, you know you're doing a good job. feedback and sometimes challenging to accept. yet it's also very valuable and we now look at those visits as a valuable part of our ongoing training program with our management team to make sure that we get a fresh set of eyes in looking at our store. what can we do to make our stores better? as a result of that, we've received a very lengthy report of things we could do better and we have peeled them off one at a time. we still have a long ways to go. they were all pretty pertinent things that would help us. it's very, very difficult to be a 5-star store and to get the rating. you really have to be perfect in just about every area. but it's definitely something that I've seen our managers strive for and if they're not a 5-star store, they take it very, very personally. I'm really proud to tell you that we have been 5-star IgA for nine out of the last ten years in both stores, and it's something that makes this cleaner. it's something we can brag to the community about. I think it makes a difference. people trust you more and Trust is what it's all about. creating that trust involves letting your customers know why you're in business: to serve them and the community. through IG A's hometown marketing program, retailers express their support for the local area, creating a deeper connection. what I was looking for- a rebranding- was reinforcing what I stood for: the IGA Pro with its hometown. proud that the hometown hero programs home campus really strikes to the core of what we've attempted to be and fit very well with our current operation. we like the hometown friendly, a hometown crowd signage. it shows people that we're part of their community. we're going to customize the signs. we've just put up the signs that came in but we have four firefighters working on our team here at the store, so we're gonna have their pictures on the sign. but getting shoppers into your store is only part of the challenge. having well-trained employees makes the difference. it means better service, a cleaner operation and more satisfied customers. there are many components to the IGA program. one of those is the coca-cola institute that gives the retailer the ability to do online training for all of their associates in every department that exists in the store, as well as in classroom training that is held by coca-cola semi-annually to where they can send their employees to help develop them and ultimately have have a stronger associate base that have been well trained. it's a world-class program that I think gives consistent training to the employees and at a fraction of the cost. you know we know what we've taught ourselves, but it's bringing experts into the equation. things like a customer service, deli management, produce management, meat management, safety- these are all things that you know. if we had to develop on our own, we just wouldn't be as professional that training program if you utilize it. in my opinion, that is, that will pay for the fee that you have to pay IgA annual basis. you know, when your people are better trained and do a better job with your customers, they're gonna be happier. the sales are gonna be better. it all sounds good so far. right, a clean and neat appearance, a strong retail brand, well trained employees. so what convinced these retailers to sign on with IgA? what really appealed me about you was the brand and its national presence. but it doesn't take away your individuality. you are still, it's still your store. you're just using IgA to help you do a better job in your community. the cost of being on the IJ program is very minimal in relationship to what I get out of the program. Bar None would be the educational programs that are readily available. the standards that the stores must adhere to are the two and three: the freedom to make sure that we're marketing to whatever niche of the country that we are in. well, we're still an independent, but working as a group on an ad is is really pretty easy and we learn a lot from what other stores put in the ad. we all work together. we work with our ad managers to make sure that we have the right items, but we don't specify what the prices got to be. we tok about the philosophy and the types of items and how many items should be in an app. so what are you waiting for? the sooner you join, the sooner you can reap the benefits of this strong retail partnership. my dream is to have three or four thousand IgA stores up and down the west coast and into the northwest and Southwest, where we are viewed by the customer as one single group, yet still be able to maintain the individuality that we all love by being an independent business owner. I think about all the decisions th.

Hometown Proud

we try to be as involved in the community as we can be, especially with the school's try to support all the different athletik department's academics- and we have a lot of the high school care to work here. I try my very best to go to their counselors to take on their grades and encourage them that you know, even though they're Michael that Money, the more the best thing for them to do is going to call it to get a college education. this community is my community. I love it, I'm proud of it. I want it to survive. we are the only grocery store within a like a 15-mile radius, so I think we're a good service for the people around here and I just think it's gift stability to our community. I was born and raised in red fox and I'm the baby girl of eight children. well, I actually graduated from car creek high school. I left and went to Lexington, worked in the factory for a short while and then my dad passed away in 74. when my dad passed away I moved back home to say with my mom. so I've been here ever since 74. when I came back from Lexington. I just needed a job. my best friend worked here in the grocery store so she helped me get a job here and I started working for the slums. it's a couple by the nightmare biking Sheila slowly on the store. in 1998 mr mrs Sloan decided that they would retire so they made it possible for me to buy the store. darling, so bought the store from him and been operating ever since. I actually received a letter in the mail from. I said that was promoting the energy upgrade, and I picked up the phone- they're called- and I toked to a guy by the name- I think it's less wrong- and I told him who I was and where I was at. he said: sure, I think we can do some things to help you. so he, of course, started the ball rolling for me, introduced me to Natalie and the other people and they were very, very helpful for me. I wanted to do the upgrades anyway and then found out through less or someone there that it was some incentives for rebates, and so that was one of the things that less help me do was to find those rebates, cuz I didn't know they were. indeed, I County back over the years. for instance, I've done some installation in the ceilings, we have done, you know, closing up the cracks in the ceiling down the ages, and I've even put on what they call it a reducer for the light so that when you turn them on they don't go full force even through the American Electric Power. we upgraded our electrical box and put something on there that supposed to make me be able to use energy as inefficient. is that good? so I have spent a lot of money to try to reduce the use electricity. one thing you're always looking for is you have to be profitable. you have to make money so you can pay your employees and, you know, keep your sword things running. but if I can save money on my electorate, then that means that i can reduce the pricing on my product and not be so expensive on certain things. yeah, thank you. we'll go right into the customers first. they walk in and they say something's different. i don't know what's different, but it's different and they enjoy it. i think it's even better form. i think they can see better. I think it makes the story look better. of course, it more efficient for most people and, just like me, i don't think that I can afford it until I start looking and finding out that ms rebates that it is a long time that you don't have to pay for it like overnight. you know that you can get a loan and pay for it a little bit of a nut and actually the mountainy money that i'm going to say on my electric bill, it's gonna pay for my life and i don't think a lot of independent people know that. they think it's gonna be extra money together payout and I think that's what keeps us all for doing this. you know you want to be, we want to pay your bills, so you don't want to get so far in debt that you've not able to do that. for them to understand that the savings that they're going to get from the energy- that great- will actually pay for the cost of the product. it's very important you

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Carlie C's Tiny grocery haul. "Hometown Proud" Do U remember IGA?

how you guys doing. I have a little hall and it's from a store called Carly seas. I really, really like this store. I think they, I think their statements- I can't think of the proper term- saying or statement it's as a hometown hometown feel, is that on the back? yeah, hometown crowd, a hometown crowd, and they really are. it's a smaller store, near the tree, the dollar tree that is, and I just wanted to share a tiny little fall. I absolutely, absolutely love this, the King's Hawaiian sweet rolls. you know we can't live without this. nancy has no idea, but mommy has gotten her a fresh, fresh supply, the nine lives this time. I think she'll like it. it's actually the car we seized is actually an IgA. do do, do you guys know about the iga stores? i'm sure some of you do. i remember them growing up. yes, I do. I'm just saying that because that's the brand of coffee creamer that I selected. and in an emergency situation, oh, yes, indeed, for a dollar and 33 cents, i think that was, and if you go into a bigger store it's going to cost you a lot more. I just slowly walk ahead and then into the store in about two years, picks up a bag of sweet potatoes- it was only two dollars- and change for these sweet taters. and, like you thought of the North Carolina grower, you guys like, like supporting your local farmers, I do this is a little unusual. it's it's turkey wings, but they're smoked. this would be an entire meal for someone like me. are cooking veggies, letting this oil up until the meat falls is just about off the bone, and then you can toss the frozen veggies in with that. that's a meal right there, at least for me. it says to broil or barbecue these new york strip steak burger patties. i thought that the sounded pretty good to me, the fact that it's got some new york strip with in it. for two dollars and seventy two cents. i have some sharp bone- pardon me, itchy nose. i have some sharp cheddar cheese and I thought having a burger but the sharp cheddar cheese would be oh so yummy. and certainly, last but not least, we have the butterball and this, a pound of butter ball, was a dollar in 99 cents. they also have: if you buy five meat products, sizeable meat products- you can get five of them for $45. I thought that was a pretty good deal. I just so enjoyed the quaintness of the store and also, uh, the young man bagging the grocery bags, the groceries, and he hands me the bag and says: have a blessed day. I haven't heard that in walmart, maybe some of you have, but it makes he'll granny feel good, feels like you're going back in time when you were a youngster and you could find someone before you had to ask to help you in an eye on. thank you so very much for watching and I'll see you in the next one. my friends love you.

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Try out IGA's online grocery service

intuitive, economical and quick. the new IgA online grocery service gives you access to almost 30,000 products. shop for groceries in just a few clicks, from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. to start your online shopping experience, simply create an account. this will allow you to see your order history and thus save time on subsequent visits. enter your basic information and then use the email you will receive to confirm your profile. once your profile is completed, start grocery shopping. choose delivery or pickup and begin selecting your items. to create your order, proceed by category, by theme or search using single or multiple keywords. the multiple search tool even allows you to look for several products at a time by writing a list of items in the search box. refine your request using the filters on the left side of the screen. add products from the search page or from the product page. you can also write comments to obtain even more personalized service. our Quebec products important to you, perfect. at IgA dotnet, you can also explore our vast selection of local products that were pleased to introduce to you online, just like we do in store. that's right. grocery shopping just got smart. in just a few clicks, consult your order history and look at items in the flyer that will save you money. and don't forget the products that offer airmiles take advantage - of current promotions and offers as you grocery shop online from any digital device. most IgA products, including frozen and fresh, are accessible online. when you have finished selecting your groceries, finalize your order by choosing your preferred payment method. credit card payments are treated using the most up-to-date digital security methods available. the order will be sent to your IgA store as soon as payment is completed. we've implemented important operational and logistikal measures in store personnel who are specially trained to prepare your order. we'll carefully select your items, including fresh and frozen products, according to your instructions. shopping online is like shopping in store, with the advantage of being able to order from anywhere you love the specialists who work at your local IgA. those same specialists will oversee your online grocery order. they guarantee the freshness and quality of every item selected. once the order is assembled, the items will be verified and weighed at the checkout. once the payment is made, the order is complete. your order is then stored in the appropriate place until delivery or in-store pickup. frozen products are placed in a freezer and fresh products refrigerated. if you opt for in-store pickup, just drop by your chosen IgA on the way home or when heading out to the chalet, want to save your favourite items. the shopping list option lets you select items and organize them by list, using a keyword search or even a recipe. you can then consult this list on your smartphone or tablet. you'll save time while discovering the joy of eating better, which is exactly what we hope you'll do while shopping at our new online grocery store. so, from absolutely anywhere, log on to IgA net. you.

IGA Decor Promo 102219

[Musica]. flash problemi: clinica medica: market share con il rating buy. [Musica].


[Music]. we travel these stores first week in december and we always conclude that it's the best week of the year for us as we get to get out and see the stores and see the people in the stores, meet the people who make your team's great. so we have a great time as we get to know you a little bit better and visit the stores and see what great things are going on out there. [Music] one of my favorite things is walking through the front end and hearing the laughter and the conversation that's happening between the customers and my team. it's the phenomenal makes me feel so good. we have a big summer crowd and we enjoy business in the morning, whether they come in and pick up a salad, a finger, sandwiches to bring to the beach, and at the end of the day they'll come back and they'll pick up hot foods. and you're right there. they're smiling, they're happy and it's a joy to watch them. it really is fun to see the mug. it'll be active and have fun in the store. we've come up with a program called the community cookout. we start in April, we finish in October. on Friday and Saturday we cook out. we serve a sandwich every 15 seconds. I get the biggest kick out of seeing Republicans tok to Democrats in the new car dealers toking to the used car dealer and prosecutors toking to defense lawyers. it's Americana at its best. we have a place called the Center for Creative Kids, which is a place that children with illnesses that can not usually go to camp or can't leave the house. they go to camp for a week and once a year for months. we collect donations for them and what's really? I'm really proud of my team. they do it all on their own time and they don't do it because we asked them to. they do it because they love our community and they want to be a part of it. we're all doing wonderful things and we're all being able to differentiate ourselves. the big boys, the ones that don't have the ability to adapt, do whatever they want. I'm convinced we're poised more now and these in these years ahead than we ever were because of the way people are shopping now. they want a little different experience, they want community. they aren't necessarily all looking at the big box stores anymore. I think the new, the new consumer, we're poised to capture that and I just think we have to remember we're probably a little bit better off together than we are alone. so my family has been in business for 101 years in Ketchikan and so we have very deep, deep, deep roots and I had kind of decided that I was didn't really want to take on the family business. I just wasn't there, didn't, wasn't really interested. I wanted to raise my family and and then at some point in time, something changed inside of me and- and I think it was that I grew as a person and matured as a woman so that I felt confident enough to take on the responsibility of carrying forward that legacy. since agreeing to take it on, since being in the store, I've just had this internal drive to do the very best that I possibly could for my community, for my employee, for my family, and to continue on that legacy. I can relate to Catherine because I'm third generation and there is there is a certain obligation- and I don't want to call it baggage, but there's. you know, when you're, when you're trying to extend the family business, it comes with a lot of pluses, but there's also some other concerns. a lot of things have to go right and you have to have a lot of great people behind you and you have to balance family and business, and we all understand it, probably sitting at this table, but I don't think the average person- save your customer- probably doesn't understand that. I'm believably lucky to have the team that I have at my store. my core team have been in the business for a long time. they're all unbelievably just, amazing people. if they do a wonderful job- and I couldn't do it without them- they're the ones that deserve the award. I mean I- I might run the ship a little bit, but they're the ones that do all the work- no, everything the deal, and then all of our success is on our feet. this might be interesting to people that only stores, but I don't carry a key to eat school and I couldn't do that if i didn't have top-notch managers. when i cook out on friday and saturday for three and a half hours, the reason i'm allowed to do that, the reason i can do that- because i got great managers inside the store right on the show. there's nothing better than, at the end of the day, looking at the team you created and the shopping experience that your customers have because of your team that you created. it's very much worth it and it's a lot of pride that we have to make this work. [Music]. I think it as a independent operator, that's. your only point of differentiation. that we have is customer service. you have to take care of the customers. you have to treat them like they're family. it just comes back down to the hometown crowd atmosphere that the whole store creates and tries to project. my success and my store success is not based on how much we can take from the community, how much money we can earn, what our bottom line looks like, but it's what we can give. I think the reason I J works is because of the simple connection that the customer makes. they pull in the parking lot. they see the IGA sign on the outside of buildings. they walk inside the store as their shop in the aisles they see iga green beans- I be a porn, they ciga milk and they trust it because they know we're proud enough to put the sign on the front of the building and you're proud enough to put a label on the shelf. you we're going to get it started with our first retailer who comes forth from Prindle, Oregon, where he and his wife run Wagner's market iga. so please help me. welcome to the stage iga unified grocers- hometown crowd retailer. very hard first and his wife down, and now we go to brookville iga in brookville, indiana, and please join me in bringing to the stage iga laurel grocery company, hometown crowd retailer Joe gesture and his wife Trudy. and we go to Adam compound market, IgA and Milford, Connectikut. please welcome to the stage iga pizzuto zinc, hometown proudly telefilm of fail and his wife Joanne. join us and bringing to the stage iga associated wholesale grocers, hometown crowd retailer got McIlroy and his wife Jennifer. our next retailer is the proud owner of best buy market iga in lemoore, california. please join me in welcoming to the stage iga CNF wholesale grocers, hometown loud retailers skip Nugent and his wife, missing all right now released again to Rody's iga market place in millersburg, ohio. let's bring to the stage iga merchant distributor inc. hometown crowd retailer kurt roading and his wife Michelle. and I was on Wayne orange, the Ketchikan, Alaska, where our next retailer and her family, and check this out, they have just celebrated their 100th retail anniversary. excess two days, I GA 100 years. how about that? join me in welcoming to the stage iga supervalu. hometown crowd retailer catrin's and sudha. your father bill, but are less home town prague retailer, as many of you know, IG a Spartan Nash hometown crowd retailer of the year, david smith passed away suddenly last month. we literally had visited his store. a couple weeks earlier, David, his wife, Cindy, ran to iga stores in Ohio, including the mint or die GA store that is being recognized here today. we have heard from Cindy that she will be continuing their life's work, which is heading up operations, so both stores go forward. from everyone at iga, we offer our most sincere condolences to those of you who knew and worked with David. he made great contributions to this alliance and he will be sorely missed. so please join me in recognizing the many accomplishments of IgA. hometown crowd. Spartan Nash, retailer of the year. David Smith- thanks area. every one of these retailers is great and these are the best of the best of this year. we are incredibly proud and honored to be associated with them. so please, please, give them all a super round of applause. one of them will come up later: the international retailer of the.